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    Art by Elliot Sather

    I realized something last night. I think I am really afraid of war.

    I was talking to a friend halfway across the world who asked me if I had watched the State of the Union address the night before. I told him that I had it on, but I hadn’t really listened to it. Suddenly I felt socially irresponsible, but I think he understood.

    I don’t watch the news anymore. (This coming from someone who used to want to be [CNN Newsanchor] Lynne Russell.) It is far too depressing.

    The concept of war has really changed. Hundreds of years ago, it was a spectator sport. Socialites sat on hillsides having picnics while watching the blue and grey battle it out. These days it is not just solider against solider. One person could decide to obliterate thousands of miles of countryside (be that in Baghdad or Nashville) and everything in it on a whim… at the push of a button.

    I am not afraid of dying. I just don’t particularly want to.

    I will pull my head out of the sand eventually, but for now please allow me be blissfully ignorant for a little while.

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  2. I think the crap is about to hit the proverbial fan. I would just like to state for the record that I am quite certain this is not my fault.

    *bangs head on desk*

    Oh, to be able to go back in time and record phone conversations to have for evidence…

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  3. Theme Thursday : Mirrors

    Me in my favourite clock.
    I also have a matching picture frame.
    I keep a picture of my parents in that one…
    I guess I am a reflection of them as well.

    Song of the Day:

    All the Things She SaidTatu

    The song has been haunting me for two days. It keeps… running through my head. grr.

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  4. This week the world was exposed to Zwan, a.k.a. Billy Corgan in a new band. Recently we found Dave Grohl banging around with Queens of the Stone Age. And then there’s the whole Audioslave thing with Chris Cornell. I bet if Layne Staley were still alive, he would be recruiting a new band right about now.

    It’s 2:30 am. Went to Michael’s to watch Radiohead’s Meeting People Is Easy rockumentary. (I just wanted to be able to use “rockumentary” in a post. Very “spinal tap”.) I thought it was pretty incredible. I loved the concept. I learned that big band or small band, the same personalities seem to exist in every band. Brilliant though he may be, I do not think I would have the energy to put up with Thom Yorke. As Michael said, “I would hate to be the guy whose job it is to make one of the most famous people convinced that he is not famous… just perfectly normal.”

    Okay, one little slap on the wrist for my messageboard kids, and I’m off to bed.

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  5. WARNING: I Tried It So You Don’t Have To — Uncle Ben’s Natural Select Rice

    The concept is great. The seasoning is “infused” into the rice eliminating the need for a separate, wasteful seasoning packet. Heck, I’d just be happy if they threw the powder in the same package with the rice… I never understood why they don’t. But yeah, I’ve tried this new variety twice now… and it just does not taste good. The rice has a weird consistancy and a disturbing aftertaste. I love Uncle Ben… he’s been feeding me for years. But Ben baby, you need to work on the formula for this one a little more.

    In honor of the upcoming holiday:

    What’s Your Romantic Personality?

    The Thoughtful Romantic

    The brand of romance that you subscribe to is considerate and intimate. You possess a great deal of emotional intelligence. The times at which you feel most romantic include deep personal discussions with your partner. Intellectual intimacy is what it’s all about for you. You’re very aware of and in touch with your partner’s thoughts and feelings, and you’re touched when they respond to you in the same way.

    Inspired by Newt.’s Recently Read List and by the discovery of other book lovers, I present my very own Recently [Within the Last Six Months or So] Read List. (To the best of my feeble memory anyway.)

    Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson : currently reading. I’m sad that it is not my favourite, because of my history as being an anglophile. I think I may just be too distracted to read these days.

    The Queens by Normand Chaurette : This is actually a script of a show that I did back in ’94. I was reminded of it on New Year’s Eve, because someone mentioned that the director still talks about it. “Believe me, Anne Dexter…”

    Desecration by Timothy Lahaye & Jerry Jenkins : I admit it. I’m caught up in the series.

    My Friend is Struggling with… Past Sexual Abuse by Josh McDowell : I hate that every fourth person I come across these days has had some sort of trauma in their childhood. It is just a little tiny paperback with some good suggestions.

    Last Breath by Peter Stark : Loved it. A tad bit on the morbid side, but good nonetheless.

    The Lost Continent: Travels in Small-Town American by Bill Bryson : Clever and fun reading… especially if you happen to be from Small-town America.

    A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail by Bill Bryson : Contains the funniest passage (about what he would do if he encountered a bear) that I have ever read causing much laughter and near-snorting.

    Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook by Joshua Piven : Did anybody not read this one?

    In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson : I think this remains my Bryson Fav. I have purchased three copies now, because I kept giving them away to Aussie friends.

    Shine: Make Them Wonder What You’ve Got by Newsboys : Okay, haven’t read it from cover to cover. I read chapters randomly as my roommate would take them home after they were written.

    Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight by Alexandra Fuller : Beautiful memoir of a girl growing up in Southern Africa.

    The Neverending Story by Michael Ende : Oh come on… you know you love the story.

    Song of the Day:

    NotoriousDuran Duran

    ~You pay the profits to justify the reasons

    I heard your promise

    But I don’t believe it

    That’s why I’ll do it again~

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  6. Happy Birthdays to Michael, Chris, & my bro-in-law Joe! Their birthdays are today, yesterday, and Sunday, respectively.

    (Hi Trevor! Very weird/cool that you found this place. Long time no see.)

    Cat New Year’s Resolutions (from Ern)

    ▪ I will not eat large numbers of assorted bugs, then come home and puke them up so the humans can see that I’m getting plenty of roughage.

    ▪ We will not play Herd of Thundering Wildebeests Stampeding Across the Plains of the Serengeti over any human’s bed while they’re trying to sleep.

    ▪ Birds do not come from the bird feeder. I will not knock it down and try to open it up to get the birds out.

    ▪ If I MUST claw my human, I will not do it in such a fashion that the scars resemble a botched suicide attempt.

    In a perfect world…. there would be no women driving around in pink pick-up trucks.

    ben·e·dic·tion n.

    1. A blessing.

    2. An invocation of divine blessing, usually at the end of a church service.

    3. An expression of good wishes.

    I decided that today I am going to close every email with a benediction. (I found a whole list of Chrisitan benedictions.)

    Strange Benedictions: not blessings nor good wishes… this site has some really interesting images. A must for anyone who loves the drawings in really old books. (I wish I had that sea unicorn thing when I was making my Risk map!)

    Song for the Day:

    Come Sail AwayStyx

    During a moment of temporary insanity last night, I gave up working on “the song” and started tinkling around on the keyboard. All of a sudden, I thought, “Hey, that sounds like the intro to ‘Come Sail Away’.” So that got this song stuck in my head.

    ~We lived happily forever so the story goes

    But somehow we missed out on the pot of gold

    But we’ll try, best that we can to carry on~

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  7. Items I Meant to Write Earlier:

    Predators Game? So we missed the first half of the first period due to a long wait for dinner… but hello… they came back from a two point deficit to win 3-2. Good times.

    Medea… I heard a wonderful story on the Broadway show starring Fiona Shaw. I would absolutely love to see it. To hear her tell about her method and to hear the passion in her voice as she recited the speech before Medea goes to kill her children… it was just incredible.

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  8. I’m preparing for Public Service Day: Part 2. But first I need to finish transcribing a song that one out of ever 5 visitors is looking for at my site.

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  9. I dislike Shania’s whining so much that I would have skipped watching Sting just because she was a part of the halftime show… but I know the guy running lights for the show, so I wanted to check it out for that reason. DAT comes through for her once again.

    No Doubt and Sting made it worth my while. Hello — “Message in a Bottle”? And does that guy ever age? He’s looking great, per usual.

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  10. I think as a Tennessean I am supposed to be boycotting the Superbowl. I’m not sure.

    I have paid attention to a couple commercials though.

    I’m not so sure about The Hulk. I guess I’m not into the super-cgi’d superheros of today. He kind of looks like a buff and angry Shrek. Lou, you can be my Hulkster any day.

    Now The Matrix: Reloaded & Revolution, on the other hand… oh yeah, sign me up, baby! I am so looking forward to that!

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  11. Yeah. I’m a catapult.

    Your Archetype is: The Catapult

    Handy in the real world manipulation of objects and events, this personality type is easily enthused by practical projects. Once gaining the interest of the Catapult, a project will be quickly and sometimes manically dealt with. That energy however will be invisible to those not witnessed to it. Abrupt is a watchword of this personality.

    And the shapes tell me…

    Shape Analysis Test

    1. Whirlwind: You greatly admire people that are flexible and easily handle change. This is a quality you would like to have more of in your life. You may be looking for new angles to tackle problems with or new ways of moving forward.

    2. Triangles: Your greatest strength is in your people skills. You have many friends and meet new ones easily. Finding balance in your life is easy for you. You are likely to have great intimate relationships as well.

    3. Circle: This indicates that the process of seeking oneness is fundamental to your very being. The struggle for independence and completeness is absorbing the whole of your being. Your natural drive and creativity will arise out of finding yourself.

    4. Square: Through lessons learned in the past you have managed to bring your words and actions into alignment. This hard work has given you the necessary motivation to tackle your main issue, which is indicated by the shape chosen in position three.

    5. Triangle: You may be ignoring your dreams or putting them on hold for the time being. Setting and pursuing goals may be outweighed by other concerns.

    Purpose Schmurpose: Are you sure this thing is right?

    What is your life’s purpose?

    You’ve wanted to be a mom since you changed your first doll’s diapers.

    In fact, you likely have been a mom for quite some time now, even without your own babes-taking care of your siblings, and even treating friends with those same maternal tendencies.

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  12. Ode to Dave

    There is a white house across the street from my office.

    That is where Dave lives.

    Dave has long, salt-and-pepper colored hair and a thick gotee.

    He is probably old enough to be my dad.

    He works construction and gets a ride to work from one of the other guys.

    I suppose carrying a tool belt and a lunchbox while riding a Harley might not be all that easy.

    On rainy days, he comes home early.

    On sunny days, he comes home later,

    But there is always time to sit on the porch and have a beer.

    Dave has an amazingly extensive classic rock collection —

    Much of which is on vinyl.

    Sometimes he leaves his curtains open after dark,

    And one can see the shelves and shelves of records in the living room.

    And he plays them loud.

    So loud I can hear the bass in my office

    And the treble as soon as I walk out the door.

    It makes me smile as I walk to my car at 6:45

    Knowing I should have left an hour earlier.

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  13. Song for the Rest of the Day:

    It’s in Our HandsBjork

    ~Well, now aren’t we scaring ourselves


    Aren’t we trying too hard~

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  14. I guess I made Michael feel sufficiently guilty yesterday for bailing on me to go to a hockey game. (Predators v. Rangers… hello, the Rangers are my team! I have a jersey and everything.) So he showed up here today with tickets for the game tomorrow night. (Preds v. Lightning… better than nothing.) I can officially move now… since that was the one thing I wanted to do before I left Nashville.

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  15. I was flipping through an ASCAP magazine that came here today, and I found an article about Rasputina. They are a chick cello-rock band with a unique look, a beautiful website, and an interesting sound. Extra credit: The girl who started it used to play cello for Nirvana.

    The mag also gave nods to Venus Hum (love these folk; do they still live in Nashville?) and Fischerspooner (who also has an aesthetically pleasing website).

    Blog with potential: The Rub. I haven’t had adequate time to peruse this one yet, but I think it could be a good one, kids.

    Thanks, Martin! He suggested this anti-spam measure that I have been using for a little while now. It’s called SneakEmail. You register at the site with a real email address. Then whenever you have to register for something online and are afraid of getting spammed as a result, just hit your SneakEmail bookmark (which helpfully opens in a little popup window) and have it create a new address under your account. You then use this address to register. When that party sends you email, it will go through the sneakemail server to get to you, and when you respond it will look as though it is coming from that address. Then later if you see you are getting too much email from this person — or worse yet, if you see that other companies are sending you emails through this address — then you just go back to SneakEmail and delete the address to stop it from reaching you. It’s great. — P2P Information Exchange. Here’s your chance to feel like your opinion matters. Go ahead. Review something.

    Special Delivery: Yay for international music festivals! Phil & Fi spent the day with some of their American musician friends from Nashville who are down there for festivals in AU & NZ this weekend. He said “hopefully Robert is bringing back a little package for you which you should get in the next few weeks (from us)!” I’m pretty sure I have no idea who “Robert” is though, but if it’s who I think it might possibly be, his label is a new client of ours. Yay — pressies! (Hope you had a super fun time, T! I know it’s not the same without Hutch and the sheep and Michael playing cricket, but I’m sure it was incredible based on the pictures I’ve seen. By the way, Mo is looking for footage from last year… did you have that or was that Dave’s?)

    Friday Five

    1. What is one thing you don’t like about your body?

    Not particularly fond of the freckles.

    2. What are two things you love about your body?

    Little feet. Nice nails.

    3. What are three things you want to change about your home?

    Move roommate out. Move into other bedroom. Set up perfectly perfect office space / reading area that I’ve been plotting since before Christmas.

    4. What are four books you want to read this year?

    Four I will read… Simple Social Graces by Linda Lichter (that I bought in Omaha over Christmas), Grendel by John Gardner (that came from Stephen’s collection), The King of Torts by John Grisham (that is being sent to me), and I’m a Stranger Here Myself by Bill Bryson (that I bought a couple months ago).

    5. What are five promises you have kept to yourself?

    (1) I moved. (2) I followed a dream or two. (3) I didn’t listen. (4) I stayed in touch. (5) I didn’t get back together with “the ex”. 🙂

    Song for the Day:


    ~There must be some misunderstanding

    There must be some kind of mistake

    I was waiting in the rain for hours

    You were late~

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  16. This is the best thing anyone has sent me in a long time. (from Mark… my pal from the midwest who appreciates how lucky we are to be in the snowy south… when our families woke up to temperatures of -20 this morning… not including windchill!) You can personalize it by putting your Send it to friends. Send it to family. Send it to anyone, because it is a real pick-me-up. *warm fuzzies* hehe. I think the music is what really does it… haha.

    Blast from the past… does anybody else remember New York Seltzer? I’m talking about back when it came in the little 10 oz. glass bottles instead of the run-of-the-mill plastic bottles. I used to collect those little glass bottles. I think I still have them above the doorway in my bedroom at my parents’ house.

    And on that line, hello! They still make Shasta?? (I love that their site is, since I come from the land of “pop” and not “soda”.)

    I ran across this fun little place again — Four Word Film Review. Some of them are really funny.

    Song for the Day:

    Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’Michael Jackson

    ~You love to pretend that you’re good

    When you’re always up to no good

    You really can’t make him hate her

    So your tongue became a razor~

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  17. “Angels can fly because they can take themselves lightly.”

        — G.K. Chesterton

    “Love is like an hourglass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties.”

        — Jules Renard

    I am so devastated. I just read a letter from a friend I used to work with in Michigan. He and his wife were so good to me, and I loved them like my own family. His wife has apparently had a personality transplant, and she just left him after like twelve years of marriage. She is apparently dating this other man she says she loves, and she says that she wishes they never had their son. It is so heartbreaking.

    Ugh… whatever happened to love that lasts a lifetime?

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  18. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned AARF before. That’s Artists Against R-Factor. What’s R-Factor, you ask?

    “R Factor is a vocal trend that found its way into the rockworld during the 1990’s. Many of us hoped that it would fade away with the turn of the new century, but to the contrary, it has gained much in the way of momentum, and its influence on modern rock threatens to strip away every last bit of dignity that rock and roll has been hanging onto for here in the dark ages of music. The end result is inevitable unless honest-to-goodness everyday people such as you and I take a stand and thwart its efforts.”

    Creed suffers from R-Factor. That should tell you everything.

    Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard — where retired ice cream flavors go to die.

    And on the note of discontinued flavors… this site has pictures of all flavors of Kool-aid… including the beloved Purplesaurus Rex.

    The Kool-Aid FAQ has lots of information, including some great alternative uses.

    Earthwalker: another website of something I wish I had had the courage to do first. This guy walked around the world. It started out with him and one brother, who was shot and killed while they were in Afghanistan. Another brother came out with him to finish it up. It is a pretty amazing tale of human conquest, if you ask me.

    Surprise, surprise.
    What’s your Inner European?

    Paul Made a Funny:

    I wrote an email to a guy I deal with at work that explained why we were having issues with the forum on his website. He and I have a weird relationship, and I have a hard time communicating with him. I think it is because he is a true artist and exists on a completely separate mental plane, and I don’t think he always gets when I’m joking. But this was his classic response:

    “I think it’s great that the majority of what you told me was over my head; it’s good to know I’m working with people smarter than me, but here’s my suggestion – I think we should check the manifolds as soon as the berrings yield to the square root of the O2 sensors.”

    And on that line… this is for anybody who knows who I’m talking about when I say “Roy”. I was listening to an inverview with Kevin Spacey on public radio the other night. If you hear his voice without thinking “oh that’s Kevin Spacey”, I think that it sounds exactly like Roy.

    It is not in my nature to be stern or forceful, but my roommate who is supposedly moving out is drifting into the realm of complete irresponsibility here. Nine days left in the month, and only a handful of her clothes have been picked up and only one phonecall to discuss the situation since before Christmas. I would love for her to stay. But if she’s moving out… well, move out already so that we can move someone in who is actually going to pay rent next month. s t r e s s

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  19. Judge rules X-Men are not human.

    (Have a listen.) — Doesn’t appear to have been updated all that recently, but the archives are worth a gander. Lots of info about the toys of yesteryear that are being re-released today. I mean, did you know that they are selling a voice-activated R2-D2?

    AnythingBut.comEntertainment, Pop Culture and Shiney Baubles, the world according to Dan. This guy posts ridiculous amounts of information each day on all things entertainment. This is definitely going to become one of my regular time-wasters.

    Reasons to love wireless networking… #262. When the boss is out for meetings all day, you can camp out on the couch in the conference room. Aww yeah. (Only as good as your battery life, unfortunately.)

    Song of the Day:

    Oh FatherMy Vitriol

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  20. Spring! Today was beautiful.

    Project:Denny’s – one man’s attempt to visit every Denny’s restaurant. Mmm… I could really go for some Denny’s grease right about now.

    My girlio Lisa called me tonight. I have officially heard from all of my Aussies this past week. Except maybe Drew, but Stephen’s good enough. (US Survival Tips for Aussies)

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  21. I made some darn good chili yesterday. You can make it too.

    Dani’s Darn Good Chili

    1 lb. Ground Beef, browned

    1 can Diced Tomatoes

    1 can Tomato Sauce

    1 small can Tomato Paste

    1 can Light Red Kidney Beans

    1 Tbsp. Sugar

    3 Tbsps. Chili Powder

    1 tsp. Garlic Powder

    Salt, to taste

    Mix together. Simmer for a couple hours. Serve with cheese and sour cream. Enjoy!

    This morning Karl asked if I was doing anything for “the game”. Okay, I knew that the Superbowl isn’t this weekend… but I was not aware that I was supposed to have plans for some other game. Sorry.. you can put a girl in Tennessee, but you can’t put the Titans into the girl.

    I just finished composing a beautiful review for Band of the Hand at The ’80’s Movie Gateway. The still have to approve it… but that site rocks anyway!

    Song for the Day:

    Stop the WorldExtreme

    ~All the world’s a masquerade

    made up of fools and philosophers

    Were it to rain on our charade,

    all washes away, except for our true colors~

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  22. I just finished watching A Beautiful Mind for the first time. I do think that it was deserving of the awards that it won. I was quite touched by it… again suggesting that I should one day work with mentally handicapped people. Plus I think Paul Bettany is quite a looker, so it was nice to see him in there as well. 🙂

    I thought the score was beautiful… which led me to the conclusion that I think I want to collect James Horner’s work. I’m already started, as I own the soundtracks to Glory, Apollo 13, Titanic, and Braveheart.

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  23. Listen to public radio this weekend for a debate on fair trade coffee on The Splendid Table.

    Go vote for your choices to be the New Seven Wonders of the World. Candidates include Sydney Opera House, Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, The Kremlin… even Timbuktu. Don’t say they didn’t ask you.

    And speaking of… check out the Eiffel Tower Webcam. Webcams: Making the World a Smaller Place.

    Just found a Great webstore! Daddy-O’s… for all your swing and retro clothing needs. Now if I could just find me a guy who would wear a shirt like this.

    Friday Five

    1. Where do you currently work?

    I work for an entertainment attorney who also does management and business management for artists, producers, and labels. Me? I just do whatever. My biggest project at the moment is developing some pretty major additions to one of our clients’ website. And no… I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is no. The only country singer I know is my awesome Starbucks guy… and I forgive him for that, because he gives me free coffee sometimes.

    2. How many other jobs have you had and where?

    Going backwards…. Teligent, Indianapolis; the band, Indianapolis; the ministry, Michigan; CFL Box Office, the caf, the theatre shop, Luther College; Subway, Iowa; my dad’s office, Iowa. 8

    3. What do you like best about your job?

    The days I work from home… the people I get to work with… the basically-anything-goes dress code… the free stuff. 🙂

    4. What do you like least about your job?

    Waking up to go to it.

    5. What is your dream job?

    Probably right now it is just artist management or something like that.

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  24. Not wanting to spark any sort of political/moral debate, I still think this (from my friend Chris) is funny:

    Execution (Alive & Well) by AmeriCo

    That sparked a lively conversation about the death penalty which ended up getting a little silly….

    D: I think they should consider giving the death penalty for smaller crimes

    D: drug dealer?

    D: death

    D: drunk driver?

    c: hahaha

    D: death

    D: idiot?

    D: death

    c: yes!

    D: genocide of the menaces to society

    c: i like that

    D: I should run for office or something

    c: on the platform of killing everyone who is dumb?

    c: i’d vote for that… lovely

    D: hahaha… well, when you put it that way… it just doesn’t sound quite right

    c: hey, i gotta split for a while… have a nice afternoon, my sweet little genocidal dictator

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  25. Theme Thursday : Green

    The only “green” I haven’t killed.
    My little bambooze are one year old and still thriving!

    What’s the dealio? It is snowing like crazy here. We didn’t even get this much snow in Iowa over Christmas. At least it’s that perfectly-falling-nice-packing snow… as opposed to the madly-blowing-ice-darts type. Will we really get four inches though? Check out the sky-cam.

    Song for the Day:

    Say You Love MeFleetwood Mac

    ~’cause when the loving starts and the lights go down

    and there’s not another living soul around

    you can rule me until the sun comes up

    and you say that you love me~

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