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  1. That’s Entertainment

    How to become an Internet Rockstar: “Internet Rockstar = All the fun with none of the pesky pressure to produce another top selling CD or make anybody rich or famous.” (On that note, you can’t be me; I’m a rockstar. *parental advisory*)

    I don’t know if I’ve ever expressed how much I hate Creed before… but this shirt is the best!

    Starpolish — I had to laugh reading the tour diaries. They are so right on.

    Analog Roam — music and musings. Could be cool.

    It’s Dancing Paul! Entertaining for a few minutes, at least.

    And I think I’ve linked to insound before… but I still like snooping around that place now and again.

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  2. Kiss Me, Kate was on public television tonight. Love it! It’s too darn hot.

    Name that Candybar — can you name the sweet treat by looking at the cross-section?

    I forgot about this one — (Also remembered as the Olympic Worker Blogger.)

    I need to get this for Thux and Michael. They are so pro-Mac.

    Song for the Night:

    Love Song

    I unashamedly admit that this song has been, and I believe always will be, one of my top seven favourite songs of all time.

    ~So you think that it’s over

    Say your love has fin’lly reached the end

    Any time you call, night or day

    I’ll be right there for you if you need a friend~

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  3. In looking for news about the accident, I came across this little story about Eulah and Beulah. I don’t know… I just thought it was cute.

    This article mentions the bus among the vehicles in the 15-car pile-up. Yeeks! (Mike has just a separated shoulder, by the way.)

    Song for the Day:

    Angie Aparo

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  4. I guess when the occupation of most of the people one knows involves traveling a good portion of the year, then it only makes sense that one would know a higher percentage of people who get into accidents. Mike’s bus was in an accident in the mountains of Colorado tonight. He’s the worst of the bunch — getting x-rays at the moment. Guitar/piano players with broken arms and shoulders are never in good positions.

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  5. I just watched Old Faithful errupt. Is it time to go home yet?

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  6. Home Remedy Day

    Hiccups… isn’t there an age when you are supposed to quit getting these? (That one with putting your arms straight out really works though!)

    Leg Cramps… woke up with a sore calf this morning. Oh yes, we need more bananas… we need more bananas today.

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  7. Read Pauley’s words on club safety. As a fireman’s daughter and granddaughter, I wonder if that makes us more consciencious of our surroundings and the potential danger… but she raises some excellent points. Don’t rely on others to take care of you — make sure that you are aware of your surroundings.

    A friend from the UK called tonight. (…with a new name for me… Rose Red.) He always has something interesting going on, and I’m never short of entertained by his calls. The potential war was brought up, and it was interesting to hear a first-hand opinion from that side of the world. And he left me wondering… yes, just where do all those anti-American middle easterners get their American flags? Is there a shop there whose specialty is making highly flammable American flags?

    I am such a sucker for beautiful wedding photography. Can I have this picture if/when I get married, please?

    Planning at St. Patrick’s Day party? Send online invitations with — organize the details for any event you have coming up. In this day and age, virutal invites are often the way to go… and this is cuter than a boring old email.

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  8. Danielle’s Grammy Awards Awards

    Most Awful Sound Engineering

    No Doubt‘s performance near the beginning of the show

    Flat & Proud Award

    Gwen Stefani

    Best Dressed Male (pre-show)



    Raphael Saadiq

    Most Sucky Programming Trend

    • Let’s have the artist perform right before winning their award

    I-Liked-the-Song-before-I-Heard-You-Perform-It-Live Award

    • “Cry” by Faith Hill

    Best Live Duo Performance

    James Taylor (I love this man!) and Yo Yo Ma.

    Most Fraggle-Rock Moment

    Chris Martin during the breakdown of “Politik” (though it was a lovely performance, I have to admit)

    Best Acceptance Speech from Someone Who Had to Beat Jimmy Fallon

    • Robin Williams

    Sleeping Censor Moment?

    • The obscene gesture on the back of Avril‘s tux jacket

    Strongest Ankles Award

    • Nelly’s dancers (jumping around in those stilettos)

    Most Awkward Segue

    • Between “Hot in Herre” and “Dilemma”, again and again

    Somebody in the Sound Booth Who Should Be Shot

    • Whoever was behind the board mixing The Boss‘s performance (background singers? yeah, they should be in the background.)

    Most Painful Butchering of an Intro

    Erykah Badu

    Best Audience Shot

    Cyndi Lauper grimacing after Ashanti’s performance

    Best Tribute to The BeeGee’s

    • *Nsync

    Glinda the Good Witch Award

    Aretha Franklin

    Absent from the Tribute List

    • Grant C. (your talent and vision is missed)

    Most Well-Deserved Sweep

    Miss Norah Jones

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  9. Public Service Day: Part 2

    What people are searching for when they find my site.

    • Basketball Themesongs – not sure exactly what you want. Here are some college team fight songs. If you’re looking for the NBA on NBC themesong… that would be “Roundball Rock” by John Tesh.

    • Buddy Icons –… Spongebob, Joe Millionaire, etc.

    “Promise” by Krezip – free sheet music download. Granted, it is only 3/4’s of the song, but I got sick of it. Theory really isn’t my forte, but you should be able to get the point.

    • Guitar tabs — Krezip, Daniel Bedingfield – If You’re Not the One

    • Ringtones – Spongebob, et. al. for Verizon

    And yes, one of these days I’ll put up photos and instructions for how to make my necktie skirt.

    And… for those of you who keep coming here looking for “Midgets for Hire”… they are called Little People, don’t you know??

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  10. I have found my dream radio station.

    **Radio Paradise**

    It’s eclectic playlist suits my eclectic taste.

    Just today, they have played favs: Ours, Rusted Root, Kula Shaker, Tori, Cure, Depeche Mode, Air, Poe & best of all… no ads or annoying talk. Does it get better than this?

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  11. The cover story for Newsweek this week is about what anxiety does to your body. I read it with great interest… not because of any great fear of world war. (Don’t get me wrong, it is a major concern… but I am fearing something a little closer to home these days.)

    The whole roommate fiasco is really starting to wear on me. For the past month, I’ve been having trouble sleeping… eat once a day… worry constantly that I am going to come home to a raving psycho who can’t believe I moved the dog dishes to the basement or something. Two nights ago, I was turning on to my street. There was a bus in front of our house. Any other day, I would have realistically thought, “Oh the boys who live three doors down must be heading out on tour.” But no… because I used a bus to move my stuff in, my first thought was, “Oh God, she’s there.”

    According to Life Positive, laughter is the best medicine. (I am usually quick to point out the humor in any given situation… I’m just having a hard time this time.) Among other things, laughter:

    • Lowers blood pressure and reduces hypertension.

    • Reduces stress hormones (studies shows, laughter induces reduction of at least four of neuroendocrine hormones—epinephrine, cortisol, dopac, and growth hormone, associated with stress response).

    • Triggers the release of endorphins—body’s natural painkillers.

    • Produces a general sense of well-being.

    I think that makes a great seque into todays Theme.

    Theme Thursday: Laughter

    My roommate Tina (above) represents my friends
    who keep me laughing these days.

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  12.   Happiness is… remembering you bought juice.

      Sadness is… remembering you put it in the freezer to get cold… three days ago.

      Happiness is… sending in your last fricking payment on a student loan. (Somebody clap for me, will ya?)

      Sadness is… realizing it will be another decade before the other one is paid off.

    Song for the Day:

    Let’s Stay Together
    Al Green

    ~Lovin’ you whether, whether

    Times are good or bad, happy or sad~

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  13. Prezzies from South Africa

    Thux just came bearing gifts for us. I got a can of Sparletta and some incense.

    Sparletta is supposedly the best cream soda in the world… according to him anyway. It’s apparently bright green in color. I have to wait until it is very cold to partake. I’ll give my review once I’ve tried it.

    The incense is “Artemisia Afra”. The front of the package says “Capturing the fantastic aromas of the African Bush”. Haha. Thux said he didn’t know exactly which aromas they were capturing.

    Now see Artemisia Afra apparently has some medicinal qualities which must make it a nice thing to have around. But this is what got me: “[It] is a strong narcotic, analgesic and antihistamine, an excellent smoke-mix, reputed for its hallucinogenic effects.” Great! Can’t wait to try it. Haha.

    FÜR ELISE — Free sheet music. And for everyone who is coming here looking for free sheet music for “Promise” by Krezip. Well, I got sick of having the keyboard in the living room, so it’s not finished… but I will put up what I have eventually. If you can’t figure out the rest based on what I’ve got already, then you’re out of luck… because I don’t feel like doing it anymore.

    The Boys are Back in Town

    Yeah, the 3/4’s of the boys have been at the studio two blocks away all week, and I’ve seen them for all of about three minutes yesterday. Paul is going out with the bossman for dinner, so maybe I’ll get Darren & Dave to hit the town with me. I’m quite interested in hearing how the creative process went for them and toby. I’m supposedly getting a cd of the new stuff tonight. Woot woot!

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  14. CD-ROM’s in the Microwave … instructions. (Yeah, I don’t know either. And people accuse me of having too much spare time.)

    Invader Zim Quiz v2.0 @ Space Monkey Mafia

    Hug a Foreigner Day

    A phone conversation with a client who happens to be from another country…

    Thux: Say, do you know where Belle [something-or-other] Drive is?

    Me: That’s in Nashville? or Franklin? I really have no idea, actually. Sorry.

    Thux: I thought you were a local!

    Me: I may be from America… but you’ve lived in Nashville longer than I have.

    Thux: [startling revelation] Oh really?

    Interactive Stories… it’s madlibs of the future. (funstuff from Tummy Monsters)

    Beaker Action Figure… meep meep meep. How could you not want a 13.5″ Beaker doll?

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  15. Someone should pay me for this… I just had an idea. On the season finale of 24, I think they should have the bomb go off at 11:48… and then have the last twelve minutes be static. Wouldn’t that be a nice cliffhanger?

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  16. Here I thought she was cool for making Counting Crows a concert-going priority. Only today I realize that John Mayer is opening for them… and now I know the whole story. 😛 Well, T… given your penchant for musician blogs, I wonder if you have read Adam’s.

    On that note… please compare the following images. The first is a photo of Gemma Hayes, Counting Crows opening act. The second is the cover of Tait’s album. Curious, don’t you think?


    Yesterday ended up being more of a jazzy afternoon… so today is folk-music Ellis-Paul day.

    Song of the Day:

    Sweet MistakesEllis Paul

    ~Pop the cork, a champagne glass

    Raise to the future, drink to the past

    Thank the Lord for the friends he cast,

    In the play he wrote for you~

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  17. If I hadn’t stayed up until all hours of the night the past few days, I might be awake enough to attend the secret preview of The Life of David Gale which is slated to begin at 1AM. If only I had known sooner, I would have taken a nap or something. But I am afraid that I would sleep through it… and I genuinely want to enjoy that film, so I’ll wait.

    I spoke to Bradley and Karli on the phone tonight. *sniff* Karli is learning to say “Aunt Danielle”… except it comes out more like “An Dayo”. So sweet! Bradley informed me that his new favourite game is Age of Empires. That’s my nephew!

    Wow… just ran across this. Open letter to John Mayer from a true superfan. Yeeps.

    And speaking of open letters… Dear Ralph Macchio.

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  18. I Love Today!

    First thing this morning, Mom asked if I would come home at the beginning of March when my Dad goes on another snowmobile trip. She gets lonely… plus she wants to use and abuse my creative abilities to get started on redoing her house. She said she’d buy the ticket if I would get up the nerve to ask off. The bossman gave the okay. So… I’m going home… I’m going home…. I’m going home… hey, hey, hey, hey!

    Ellis Paul – I heard two songs on The Songwriter Sessions when I was driving back from the river yesterday. I was so moved by them that I drove straight to a music store and bought The Speed of Trees. I think he’s incredible. It’s going to be a folk-music afternoon.

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  19. I went down to the river this afternoon. Yep, they’re right… it’s flooded.

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  20. A River Runs Through It… (“It” being my backyard.)

    Rain rain go away…

    We pay for cable. We get 80-some odd channels. I rarely even stop on half of them. So today, in an effort to be fair to all channels out there, I am going to spend a little time on each one. … but I wish I understood more Spanish.

    Back to Murfreesboro this afternoon anyway. Funny how I seem to be spending all my time driving through the flood plain these days.

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  21. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    May hugs and kisses be given in abundance.

    Friday Five

    1.Explain why you started to journal/blog.

    I came across a cool blog online and though it was great. (I’m sorry; I forget who it was now!) I was always a bit of a journal keeper growing up and had wanted to do something online. With all the new blogging tools, it was so easy to start.

    2. Do people you interact with day to day or family members know about your journal/blog? Why or why not?

    A few select people I know on a personal basis have been given the link. I don’t know. I complain about work too much to let people around here know about it! 🙂

    3. Do you have a theme for your journal/blog?

    Not to speak of.

    4. What direction would you like to have your journal/blog go in over the next year?

    This is far too ambitious for me. I just want a link from Wil Wheaton. Ha!

    5. Pimp five some of your favorite journals/blogs.

    My most regular reads these days are as follows:

    tash.mcgill — my cute lil’ kiwi. she reads Moby’s site so I don’t have to! 🙂

    Tripping on Reality — my nametwin in VA

    Newton’s Kumquat — fellow Nashvillian

    Intentionally Blank — fellow Nashvillian

    LifeUncommon — love this girls photos!

    The P Word — thought-provoking and humorous

    Inn of the Last Home — really funny. Love today’s entry on Dippin’ Dots!

    BlueDaniel — fun new discovery

    mmm… there’s more, but that’s all I can recall at the moment.

    Song for the Day:

    My Funny Valentine
    Chet Baker

    ~My funny Valentine, sweet comic Valentine,

    You make me smile with my heart

    Your looks are laughable, unphotographable,

    Yet you’re my favourite work of art~

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  22. I decided that I need to move to L.A. or Miami.

    You see, I have been searching for grocery delivery services, and none of them are in Tennessee. In Florida, I suppose people are too old to go buy groceries. In California, I suppose people are far to busy to buy groceries. What about us?

    I truly abhor going down to the Kroger… and getting the cart… and wandering around. Even when I make a list, I end up there for an hour or more.

    I don’t mind going in a group where we divide and conquer. “You. Get stuff for cheesecake. You. Beverages. You. Veggies. Make ’em good. I got meat and pasta. Everybody rendezvous at the Wheat Thins at 0800 hours. Go!”

    I refuse to go today. It’s not that I don’t have any food. I just don’t have much that seems to go together. If anybody has any recipes involving rice, artichoke hearts, green beans, cream of chicken soup, and/or chorizo, please leave them in the comments. 🙂

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    And just how was the jazz singer? I hope you had a wonderful time with the cameraman, dearie. I trust I will hear all the details soon!

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  24. Oh sure, why not? She rocked.

    Song for the Day:

    Band of GoldFreda Payne

    ~I wait in the darkness of my lonely room

    Filled with sadness filled with gloom

    Hoping soon

    That you’ll walk back through that door

    And love me like you tried before~

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  25. Public Service:

    For anyone else who had Trillian problems. Install Patch D to get it going again. (keywords: Trillian messenger error login problem won’t load install)

    And thanks to Tuvai for the Reinvigorate (site stats) info!

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