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  1. Rockets’ Red Glare

    (Mom just emailed me the photos that I took of the fireworks with her digital camera.)

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  2. Be-billy oat-en-dote, bo-bo ba-deet-en-dot. It’s one of those days.

    I’m only 50% hipster. I can’t help that I went to Disneyworld without the folks. That was years ago.

    Jessica and I are going to see Mike Knott tonight. I’m anticipating an excellent concert experience.

    Song for the Day

    Don’t Give Up

    ~Don’t worry if the sun don’t shine

    You’ve seen it before, you don’t need to worry

    Every day’s an uphill climb, nothing has changed

    Believe me when i tell ya

    Don’t give it up~

    Trip Highlights: Day 2 (Friday)

    ▪ Went around surveying the damage from the night before. Lots of trees fell down.

    ▪ Saw one of my favorite English teachers. Said I was “doing good”, thereby failing practical English application even though I aced his class.

    ▪ Had Pizza Ranch (the only pizza I really like) for lunch with Sis & the kids.

    ▪ Went through some of my old boxes of stuff.

    ▪ Had a mini-reunion with my two best friends from high school. (First time we’ve been together in 2.5 years… and the first time we’ve all liked each other since before we all lived together.)

    ▪ McDonalds with Natro.

    ▪ Watched fireworks from our driveway.

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  3. I just found a fun store! Raindogs. Yes, I would like anything from there. 169 days until my birthday… for anybody who is keeping track.

    Friday’s Five was quite apropos considering that my mom made my sister and I go through boxes of our old books over the weekend.

    1. What were your favorite childhood stories?

    Mom said she read the Strawberry Shortcake scratch-n-sniff book over and over and over.

    2. What books from your childhood would you like to share with [your] children?

    The Ginghams & the Backward Picnic, The Golden Egg

    3. Have you re-read any of those childhood stories and been surprised by anything?

    Yes, I read quite a few of them on Saturday. I wasn’t particularly surprised, but I definitely remembered the pictures more than some of the stories.

    4. How old were you when you first learned to read?


    5. Do you remember the first ‘grown-up’ book you read? How old were you?

    I got The Little House on the Prairie when I was six, I think.

    Trip Highlights: Day 1 (Thursday)

    ▪ Staying up until the wee hours of Thursday playing with these websites (Determine your Blood Alcohol Level, Bunny Love) with Mark instead of packing.

    ▪ Getting to the airport in just the nick of time.

    ▪ Doing a little shopping with Mom.

    ▪ Saw Brother for about two seconds.

    ▪ Mexican food for dinner… saw my cousin there.

    ▪ Went for a walk around the neighborhood with Mom.

    ▪ Hung out with sister’s family — found out about Baby #3.

    Gran mal storm at night that even made me nervous. Went downstairs to check the weather channel and then sat watching the storm from the picture window in my brother’s room.

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  4. Home Again, Home Again

    Jiggity Jig.

    Wow. Five days. I don’t even know where to begin.

    The biggest news? On Thursday we found out that my sister is four months pregnant. She went to the doctor due to abdominal pain, had an ultrasound, and (hello!) there was a baby. She’s due on my birthday. Whee! So many children to love on.

    Keep Your Arms and Legs Inside the Ride at All Times

    I decided I need to write a book. (For NaNoWriMo, perhaps?) It will be called On the Tarmac: Airport Stories from a Captive Audience. I have so many great airplane stories that deserve to be heard. Though nothing can really top the story of the woman on the verge of death, I did have a little excitement this trip. The decent into Minneapolis was more like a freefall. On the ride to Omaha, I sat next to Jason, that’s San-Antonio-hatin’, Nebraska-lovin’, nicotine-addicted, one-time-Billy-Graham-crusade-attendee, construction-workin’ Jason. (And that’s just the tip of that iceburg.) Tonight I nearly missed my connection in Memphis because our plane was late leaving Omaha. I booked it from gate A5 to B32 in five minutes flat… kind of impressive considering the two-inch flip-flops and the luggage I was toting. Mmm… good times.

    Now sleep beckons.

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  5. I’m alive here in the land of dial-up. Having a great time. A couple weird experiences. And a super big huge surprise nobody was expecting. More later. Off to Grandma’s for lunch. Yum!

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  6. Everyone’s a Critic

    I always thought I’d make a good critic. I’m not overly opinionated, but when I have one, it’s usually good. So imagine my delight when I realized they have quoted me over at the Star Warz: Crapisode I site. That’s right… fourth one down. “…mildly entertaining…”

    Though, I probably wouldn’t make a good critic, because now I feel bad that I didn’t love it.

    Hey, Hey…

    While looking for photos of Davy Jones (don’t ask), I came across Harbottle’s Encyclopedia. It is a veritable fount of completely random information which you may find entertaining. They have sound clips from Father Ted, Withnail and I, and Mr. T, to name a few. You can learn so much from the Excerpts section… i.e. The 6 pieces in the game of Monopoly (top hat, iron etc.) were originally taken from a charm bracelet belonging to the inventor’s wife. The Rock-N-Roll section has plenty of little tidbits to throw out at parties to make you sound smart.


    The first baby picture is here. Manda said she looks like a little bean — which inspired my new nickname “Beana”. Though I’m not sure if Gramma will approve of that, so it might be back to the drawing board. For the first time today, I had a vision of a little blonde angel with messy lopsided pigtails, and I decided that this baby thing isn’t so bad after all. I’m not quite sure what we’re going to do if it’s a boy.

    Reasons to Look Forward to Going Home

    ▪ Taking Bradley on a date to see Sinbad or maybe Finding Nemo again.

    ▪ Having a yard I can crawl around on without worrying about ticks or other creepies.

    ▪ Fireworks on the driveway.

    ▪ Having a mini bonfire in the firepit in the backyard.

    ▪ Fun times with the girls… (Mom, Sis, Niece).

    ▪ Maybe a cycle ride with Dad.

    ▪ Coffee with Naten.

    ▪ Another attempt at driving stick-shift.

    Five days away from the allergy capital of the world!

    Song for the Day:

    Tom’s Diner
    Suzanne Vega

    Okay, I heard this on the radio today… and now you must all suffer with me. The world’s most difficult song to get out of your head.

    Doot, doot, doo-dit, doot, di-doo-dit…

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  7. Hand Huggers… the smitten mittens. “A glove made for two.” That is so precious; it almost drives one to vomit.

    In case you were wondering… here are 78 Differences between Men and Women. “Men need a round of applause for emptying the dishwasher. Women think E on the petrol gauge means enough.” (Though, for the record, I have never run out of gas… and I do appreciate a plasma screen television.)

    Think TRON… play SWRON.

    Okay all you photographer people, join me in this little photographic scavenger hunt — 26 Things. We have the whole month of July. It’s creative… it’s fun… it’s… it’s… creative.

    I could not believe the pile(s) of work that were left for me on my desk yesterday. Work-from-home day is great. Return-to-work day is less so.

    Did I mention I’m leaving this town in two days? Have I adequately expressed my excitement? I didn’t think so.

    Oh yeah… and I thought I’d give a plug to this site: (via Pauley). It’s a place where teachers from low-income school districts send in proposals for projects they don’t have the funds to accomplish. (i.e. diskettes and cases for a technology teacher to give to students, book shelves for a kindergarten classroom.) Ordinary people can go there and arrange to send money to help these teachers and students. Lots of people think about giving money away around the holidays… because it is the “giving season”… and you can still count it on that year’s taxes. Let’s make it Christmas in July this year, and help make these things happen before the kids come back to school in the fall.

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  8. Nice mid-morning storm today thanks to Bill.

    Nobody Here… this place is completely weird and fascinating. I spent far too long exploring that one.


    So I am doing an inventory of the books I have… for insurance purposes as well as for personal obsessive-compulsiveness. I determined that I may have a first edition of Dragon’s Teeth… which fits the exact same description as this copy which is currently selling for $154! If I could sell mine for that, I think it would be $152 profit… if I recall what I paid correctly. (Maybe I shouldn’t keep that one in the garage anymore.)

    That’s Entertainment

    Anything But has a ton of noteworthy info today. Besides a nice tribute article to Lady Katherine, there’s:

    Nobody Likes Avril report… I may not have said it here, but I have said so many times that that girl’s attitude is going to be the death of her. She needs some P.R. help pronto.

    ▪ A link to the hulk’s blog

    ▪ And a link to Monkeys on the Simpsons. “You couldn’t grow on a stinky monkey.”

    Your Honeymoon destination is Ireland!

    Longing for the old days and fresh air, you would
    more than likely find a small town near the
    cliffs to vacaction in, spending all your time
    in awe of the silence and beauty around you.

    Where is your ‘dream’ honeymoon?

    (But do koalas really explode if they light on fire?)

    Song for the Day:

    Enjoy the Silence

    ~All I ever wanted

    All I ever needed

    Is here in my arms~

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