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  1. And All That Jazz

    Connie and I went to the Music City Jazz & Heritage Festival today. If you were there, you probably saw me… I was one of the seven white people who were there. (Connie doesn’t count as white since she was born in the motherland and all.) It was really really good though, and it was worth sitting through the scorching heat at the beginning and the pouring rain at the end.

    Kirk Whalum played on a client’s album recently, so he was who I really wanted to see. Amazing. So fun to watch. Spoke to him a bit afterwards — such a kind and gracious man. It was a family affair with his brother Kevin joining him on vocals, his uncle “Peanuts” doing an awesome vocal solo and later was on sax, and his son Kyle on bass for a couple songs.

    Meshell Ndegeocello was decent. I wanted to be more excited about her set than I think I really was. Can’t blame them though; they came straight from the airport.

    Jonathan Butler & Gerald Albright were incredible. That was who Connie came to see. Kirk joined them at the end, and it was great. And a surprise for everyone, Tommy Davidson jumped up on stage in the middle and sang “Happy Birthday” to Gerald, which was pretty impressive as well.

    The best was afterwards listening to Connie and Jonathan speaking Afrikaans and seeing the look on his face when he realized who she was… “Connie… I used to sleep on your couch!” It was a really sweet moment.

    But an afternoon in the sun has sucked the life out of me, so it’s off to bed for this sleepy girl.

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  2. Idol Madness

    This dude Seth I knew way back when was a finalist for the Erie Idol. He used to work at Gap, and he could randomly point out people who were wearing Gap jeans and which cut they were. That’s talent… I suppose. He also has a beautiful voice.

    If I Didn’t Love People, I Would Really, Really Hate Them

    I work in an office. The stuff I do doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with what the guys do. And just because I’m the girl here, and I like to help people… that doesn’t mean that I’m some sort of Office Lackey who has nothing better to do than wait for your problems to arise. I don’t keep my boss’s schedule, I don’t know where Karl is, I’m not an attorney, and I’m not a courier service. Though I am thinking of starting a second career as a shuttle service to the airport.

    Yesterday I was (literally) in the middle of a project that I had spread out on the floor. I was also the only person in the office at the time. Phone rings. Get up off floor. Answer. It’s someone trying to fax my telephone. Hang up. Sit on floor. Phone rings. Get up. Answer. “Yeah Danielle, what’s your fax number over there.” Tell Einstein the number. Hang up. Sit on floor. Two minutes pass. Phone rings. Get up. Answer. “Yeah, I just sent a fax over there, and I wondered if you got it.” @#$(*&… well, did you fax it to the number I just gave you, Stupid? Contrary to popular belief, the fax machine does not spit out faxes directly into my lap… and the robot that goes between me and the fax machine four rooms away is broken.

    Ugh… thank heaven for long weekends!

    I realized that I had missed this one from Bill. Study: Female gamers outnumber boys. Aw, yeah! I don’t know that I would actually go so far as to call myself a “gamer”… but I am kicking total computer butt on Rise of Nations these days.

    I stumbled across this one, and it is just nice and relaxing: Field Notes. “…musings from a sidelong naturalist about poetry, place and wonder.”

    It’s Italian Night over at Magnolia Glen. That menu is enough to make one’s stomach growl!

    I’ll have to see if they have any leftovers tomorrow, because tonight we are having a going away party for my friend Suzanna. Just the girls. Plenty of wine. Lots of hors d’oeuvres and salads. They’re moving to the UK in a few weeks, and they will be missed.

    Friday Five

    1. Are you going to school this year?


    2. If yes, where are you going (high school, college, etc.)? If no, when did you graduate?

    I sort of stopped going to college in ’96.

    3. What are/were your favorite school subjects?

    Creative Writing, English

    4. What are/were your least favorite school subjects?

    Math, Science

    5. Have you ever had a favorite teacher? Why was he/she a favorite?

    My freshman English teacher. He was tough, but I learned so much from him. He gave me Desiderata in a frame for graduation…. and I think everyone could afford to take the time to read that one once in a while.

    Song for the Day:

    Go here and listen to the 2nd song. That’s my favourite right now. Karl just brought me the cd of Jamie’s new band. Rock anthems at their best.

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  3. One Man’s Junk…

    Sometimes there is a song in my head, and I will do anything to hear it again. Today I had one of those moments. I might be the only one who remembers him (Manda might, but then again, she didn’t know “Livin in a Box”)… but I have that song “I Like It” by Dino stuck in my head. (That’s the way it has to be, ’cause that’s the way I like it….) I just bought the cd for 75-cents at Rock! \m/

    Girls Gone Wild

    Last night Tina, Phebe & I went to P.F. Chang’s for dinner. Mmm. We all have such wacky schedules that we barely see each other around the house except in passing, so it was fun to go out, be served, and catch up on things. (Incidentally, Phebe saw Naomi Judd there the last time she went, but we only saw Chanel’s uncle last night.)

    Blog Quote of an Email Quote of the Day:

    “there is no room for sympathy in the world of an artist… simply a burgeoning pressure to use your pain to create, interpret and illustrate some redeemptive feature of humanity.”


    I’m not a big fan of the purse concept. I have one. I even keep junk in it. But if it can go in my pocket, I’d much rather not carry one. Unless… I had one made out of vintage auto fabric!

    This is so bad. I am stooping to an all new linking low here, because it’s not a laughing matter… but I was so amazed at how bad this is.

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  4. It’s Greek to Me

    So I have this army-green colored shirt that I got at Goodwill. I’m a redhead. I have green eyes. I wear green. It comes with the territory. I never put a lot of thought into what the shirt says until I had a girl in a shop enthusiastically ask, “Are you kappa alpha??”

    I wish I could have seen my face, because I honestly had no idea what she was saying to me. “uhh… what?”

    “Your shirt? Are you Kappa Alpha Theta?”

    Look down. Shirt says “KAO Recruitment 2000”, even though I like to think of myself as the antithesis of a sorority girl. I think my actual response was, “oh gawd no!”

    That didn’t keep her from going on and telling me how she was a Beta Gamma Ray or something. It was a very weird time in my life.

    I had sort of forgotten about it though, until I saw this blogger referring to dressing with irony: “If you show up in a Growing Pains tee shirt, I’m not going to do the mental math and figure out that you’re really too cool to find that Kirk Cameron image hot and that you’re goofing on it, I’m merely going to take you at your word and assume that you’re a retarded boy who’s mother dressed him that morning.”

    You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea

    This is a great article from a student newspaper called: Lost in Translation: Here’s What Those Cool-Looking Japanese Tattoos Really Say. That’s just funny. And you can go here if you want your very own japanese “Stupid Foreigner” t-shirt.

    Rooms-To-Go… A Quote From Last Night

    “I think my couch might be on layaway, but I’d settle for a loveseat right now.”

    — me to Phebe, referring to my couch… or lack thereof.

    Song for the Day:

    What Your Soul Sings
    Massive Attack

    ~the things that bring you down

    only do harm to you

    and so make your choice joy~

    (Hugs to T!)

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  5. I just saw an ad for DSL at the top of my hotmail. The thing was that this picture was with it. What is that? An upside-down running tiger? Maybe there was some significance for it being like that… you know, “don’t be caught upside-down with dial-up” or something. I don’t know. I didn’t read it.

    Mom just sent me a picture of my brother:

    There are two things I find shocking about this picture.

    #1. Call me parental, but there is a shocking lack of helmet in this photo. (Okay I know he has one, but I’d like a little proof that he uses it. This is my baby brother we’re talking about here.)

    #2. You can actually see the shape of his leg. This kid normally wears pants that you could fit two of him inside. He’s got this stupid metabolism that keeps him fit, but I cannot remember the last time I’ve seen him in such attire.

    This morning I went to get some coffee, because I’m out of cream/milk/dairy substitute/anything. On my work-from-home day, I’m lucky if I get dressed before noon. But this morning it was a caffeine emergency, so I just threw on these drawstring pants and my goodwill youth soccer jersey. (I know nothing about the sport other than their jerseys make extremely comfy lounge clothes.) Looking a little trashy, I ran to the starbucks closest to my house that doesn’t normally get a whole lot of traffic hoping to avoid being seen by anyone. Almost worked. I walked out the door with my coffee, and in the parking spot directly in front of me was a car with two people waving enthusiastically at me. Ugh. A client and someone I probably should have recognized. Oh well. Love me as I am.

    Song for the Day:

    Say Hello to the Angels

    The breakdown about three minutes into it always makes me smile.

    ~Your hair is so pretty and red~

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  6. Hans got me addicted to InkLink… sorta online pictionary.

    Aaron the boy (not to be confused with Erin the girl) is a blogger now too. Wooo!

    This just in… Viggo is still hot.

    How the French Stay Slim. They eat less and smoke like chimneys.

    Yesterday I had to pick up my boss and a client from the airport. Brought the bossman home and took the client back to his house because I had to pick up something from their office anyway. This man has such a kind and gentle spirit. His career spans 20 years and goodness knows how many albums. But most people don’t know how amazingly smart he is… he has a doctorate and used to work at a planetarium or something. We talked about Mars… though he is more impressed with some pictures he took of Saturn. I guess I just felt priviledged to have that little while with him being a captive audience to soak up the knowledge he wanted to impart.

    Last night was about street lights and fireflies. Had dinner with Karl’s fam now that they are back in town. (I missed their kids!) We went outside after dinner, and all the kids were doing their own thing. One playing catch with dad. One on a bike. One stringing beads. I ended up playing frisbee with the cutest neighbor kid. Three years old at most, couldn’t really throw it right… but man, we had fun running after it. It was the perfect evening.

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  7. How Coincidental

    Right along with the theme of thought yesterday, last night I happened to be flipping channels and stopped on the VH1 documentary on Warren Zevon. Pretty incredible to watch. Considering he wasn’t always sure he would live to finish recording this latest album, I’m just genuinely happy that, as long as he hangs on until tomorrow, he will still here to see its release.

    I Don’t Need to Get on the Bandwagon… I’m Driving It

    Not trying to toot my own horn or anything…. but what’s up with three people in the last week asking me if I’ve heard Maroon 5 and/or telling me that they are good. Uhh yeah. I was talking about them back in March… I’m practically over them already.

    This One’s for You, Erin

    Yesterday I had lunch with Collin. And I only mention that so that I can mention I introduced him to #14. That makes me laugh so much.

    Unconscious Mutterings

    I say… and you think…

    1. Bay:: Thunder Bay (canadian hockey team)
    2. Boarding school:: Laura Ingalls (did she go to boarding school?)
    3. Riddle:: Rob & Jeremy (that is their last name)
    4. Hunger:: We are the World (usa for africa, ya know)
    5. Allergy:: Manda (allergic to everything)
    6. Sponsored:: stock car racing (old school dirt track)
    7. Spin:: magazine (though I can’t say I read it with any sort of regularity)
    8. Interest:: πŸ™‚ (like love interest?)
    9. Scrabble:: Grandma D.
    10. Mold:: jello (and not like moldy jello… but molded)

    Sometimes It’s Better Not to Ask…

    So I found myself at, and I was mesmerized by the end of the brief flash intro where it shows the string-picking for the “Dead or Alive” riff. I watched that for a stupid amount of time.

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  8. Don’t Cry for Me

    Every once in a while I’m surprised about how old I am. It’s just sort of something I take for granted. Not a whole lot of thought put into that one. I guess what actually surprises me is how long ago things happened that I actually remember. I can honestly remember things from 20 years ago, and to say that makes me feel old or something.

    So yeah, my grandpa died fifteen years ago today. I don’t need any condolences… I’m not feeling particularly sad. Just pensive. Just thinking about how I remember like it was yesterday, but I see through different eyes now. Back then I didn’t realize what a horrible thing cancer could be. I also didn’t realize just how many people have felt the same pain as a result of it. (At that age, it’s pretty egocentric — why did my grandpa have to get cancer? — whereas now I know that it’s almost everyone’s grandpa or grandma or dad or mom or some loved one.) And I didn’t realize how many more times that dreaded disease would creep up on another loved one.

    I heard one time that a kiss on the forehead means that you are adored. Now whether the forehead-kissers always adore the forehead-kissees can be debated… but I like to think that is true. Because that’s how I remember him. Always ready with a hug and a kiss on the forehead whenever we would meet.

    Sisters: What We Talk About

    On a lighter note, yesterday my sister caught me online, and this is an excerpt from our IM session:

    Sis: your neice has gone #2 in her potty 3 times today!!YEAH!!

    Me: wow — she’s such a big girl!

    Sis: we’ve been working with the potty all summer , but today is the first time she’s been telling us before #2

    Me: wheeee

    Me: do babies really poop that much?

    Sis: I was just listening to something on the radio this week about how when we are babies we poop after every meal–and as we get older the crap we eat slows that down to once or twice a day

    Lord knows why I felt the need to confirm her theory on baby poop — she is far more an expert than I… but I came across this hilarious article: Let’s Talk about Poop. That’s enough to make me not think about having children for a good long time.

    Then I just had to link this because I couldn’t believe it was for real: The Poop Report.

    And speaking of death and children, here is the most morbid way to learn the alphabet. That was probably tasteless. Sorry. (I found that over at, which also happens to be a pretty good read.)

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  9. is often crass and irreverant… but I find that often I only dare to think what they dare to say out loud. This diatribe is a particular gem: “congress woman tries to get tropical storms renamed with black sounding names“. And if you’ve got the time, there is also “mars will not kill you” and “doctor arrested for selling mental patients as wives” and don’t forget “power from blood could lead to ‘human batteries’” where he manages to reference anime, Transformers, the Matrix, Quantum Leap, and Johnny Mnemonic all in one article about Japanese scientists.

    Crafty Screenwriting is the blog of writer Alex Epstein. It’s kind of interesting to see what he goes through to make his scripts and storylines tell the his tale.

    So one of our clients is endorsed by Oakley. They all have cool watches and always have a different pair of sunglasses every time I see them. This week their manager came in with a box for the bossman… a pair of sunglasses. I jokingly made a big deal about how he never brings me anything… to which he responded that I don’t wear sunglasses. I know… but my watch has been broken for a couple years now. To add insult to injury, today in the mail I got an oakley flyer from the local Parisian store. I’ve been to the mall maybe twice in the past year, and I never shop at Parisian, so how I got on their mailing list, I’ll never know.

    I have such a bad headache… I think I might go back to bed. :/

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  10. Yeah, We’re Gonna Die

    Have a look at the weather channel right now, and you’ll see that storm systems are approaching Nashville from the North and the West… they are going to collide pretty much right over top of us. I am a severe weather fan, as you know… but it’s not my safety that concerns me. I live somewhat near a large high school. Tonight I sat in traffic just trying to get to my house, because there were tons of people heading to the school for the first football game of the season. I think they are wise to the situation, because it’s like someone hitting rewind on a vcr the way that cars are leaving from that direction faster than they went that way. Maybe that means they called it off.

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  11. Friday Five

    1. When was the last time you laughed?

    Reading Steve’s remedy for staying cool while outside. (Right below the “HMMMBLAUGHHHH”.)

    2. Who was the last person you had an argument with?

    In the words of Flea from RHCP… “I am a pacifist.” I honestly cannot remember.

    3. Who was the last person you emailed?

    my boss

    4. When was the last time you bathed?

    about three hours ago

    5. What was the last thing you ate?

    Waffles with powdered sugar and honeydew. (Can you tell I didn’t sleep at home last night?)

    Yeah, I actually slept at the bossman’s house. He had an early flight this morning, so I was asked if I would help in one of two ways: (1) Peel myself out of bed to get him to the airport by 5:00, or (2) camp out in their guest room so his wife could take him without having to wake up all four girls (ages 6, 4, 2, & 10 months) to go along. Yeah… I’ll take Door #2, Monty.

    When I got there last night, the oldest read us all bedtime stories, and then they all wanted to see what I took along to wear today. (And wouldn’t you know, they all came downstairs dressed like me this morning! Apparently they pretend they are Miss Danielle quite often. Precious.)

    Good/Bad News

    It was a shark. Great white even. I guess it’s good to know that it wasn’t Nessie or something.

    Frustrated Network Administrator Quote for the Day:

    “There is a special section of hell reserved for the guys that write these things.”

    Jeffrey Schiller… regarding his hopes for the people who write computer viruses.

    (And by the way, I broke 200 with those virus emails this morning.)

    Totally Rad

    Since Bill pointed this out earlier, I’ve been meaning to direct people to this site with the coolest computer workstation ever. I recognize that I am a total geek, and I’m really okay with that. I just wish I was cool enough to make one of those. Of course, being in Nashville, I probably should get a guitar pc.

    For being such a computer junkie — it might be strange that I’d give just about anything for a good old fashioned calendar/agenda thingie made of paper. I’m just not down with the whole palm pilot rage. But suddenly I’ve got all these “plans” that I’m afraid of overbooking for once. (And being the impromptu-type of person that I am, this is stressing me out a little bit.) Concert here. Susanna’s going away party there. Indianapolis Weekend of Joy and Wonderment. More concert. Practices for this drama thing I’m in for the 4th grade Sunday School class. Work day with RoseAnne. I’m a busy woman all of a sudden. I’m going to have to start booking two months in advance.

    Anyway… bossman is gone. So the ladies from another office I work with are taking me out to lunch. Not sure if we’ll come back. πŸ™‚

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  12. Amityville Horrors

    Fresh on the heels of Shark Week, I find this article about a woman who was attacked while swimming off the coast of California on Tuesday. As disturbing as that is, I find this quote to be the most disturbing:

    “Port San Luis Harbor District operations manager Casey Nielsen said officials were working with wildlife experts to confirm what type of animal killed the swimmer in the 8:15 a.m. attack.”

    I mean, here are the facts as described in the article:

    ▪ Woman swims in ocean with seals

    ▪ Seals get the heck out of dodge

    ▪ Large upswell of water

    ▪ Witness saw large fin in water

    Okay, if that wasn’t a shark… then what in the heck was it?!

    Anyway… we’re off to lunch. Sushi anyone?

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  13. After reading about Pauley’s flower fiasco, I feel bad everytime I see my desktop wallpaper for this month. Are the seeds really ready to eat right after they open? For some reason I just have this mental picture of someone biting the head off a dandilion. Anyway…

    Wheels sent me a link to Casey Casum out-takes. (Listen with caution.) It pretty much destroys any childhood impression of him. Casey doesn’t swear!

    On a semi-related-but-not-really note, I don’t know how long I’ve missed this, but there is a Dark Side of the Moon 30th Anniversary website. How is that related but not really, you ask? Just because I always wondered if people were aware or not that he actually does say “bullshit” in the song “Money”… because it never ever seems to be edited out for radio. Even back in the more demure days of radio… there it was in all its thickly accented glory. Bullshit.

    Stranger Things Have Happened

    So last night I went to fill up my car with gas. Not really sure if I wanted to go home, I sort of drove aimlessly around this area with some shops. Then I realize someone behind me is honking repeatedly. I was in more of a parking area than on a road, and they clearly could have passed me if they wanted to do so. I have seen enough roadrageous people in my day to give caution to the thought of actually pulling over. Mild panic.

    Then I realize, hey, I know this person. Turns out it was my friend Collin. Not strange, you say. Well, Collin and I worked together five years ago when I lived in Michigan. We both left there about the same time — me going to Indy, and he & his wife going to Nashville. They moved back to Seattle about the time that I moved down here. Turns out they are moving back, and so he’s here looking for houses, etc. So it really was a completely random “no way, what in the heck are you doing here” type of situation.

    We stood in the parking lot talking for about a half an hour before we decided to go grab some coffee. We sat and talked for three more hours. It was so fun to catch up again. He’s freaking hilarious — and he can quote nearly all of Top Secret!… which makes him even cooler.

    Anyway…. my office is my own personal hell today… I was half expecting caution-tape to be covering my door; my desk is in such a state of disarray. However, there is a method to my madness, so I’d better get to work.

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  14. Come and Get It

    Adam’s new stuff is available here for a measly $7. Cough it up and enjoy the tunes.

    Just a couple side notes on that… you just knew there would be a Devo cover (#2). Number five has been my least favorite song since its first incarnation a couple years ago. I just don’t dig it. However, the last tune makes me laugh… because I know about the events leading up to the writing of that song. I have to think that number six was at least partially inspired by the Sigur Ros experience.

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  15. Observations

    1) All the new blogger templates look the same… not to mention boring.

    2) All the new blogger templates convienently have the link to Google news built right in.

    That’s all for now.

    Is Now When I’m Supposed to Care?

    I don’t mean to be cheeky — except when I’m talking to this person…

    Michael: Guess what I have… that I don’t have.

    Me: What.

    Mi: Three newly mixed songs by [inexplicably popular unmentioned artist that I dislike very much]. (waits for excited response)

    Me: I suppose I’d care about one hundred times more if I even remotely considered myself a fan.

    Mi: Oh.

    And Speaking of Unmentioned Artists

    This made me laugh so much: “I’m not a Jewel fan because I really hate Alaskans, but it’s hard to avoid her these days.” Maybe that’s just funny to me, because I know at least two people who have had major issues with Alaskans.

    Also from that site, I discovered a book I probably should read when I get the time. Just because.

    t h a n k s

    Just a little word of thanks to the kind and benevolent soul who bestowed gifts of good music to fill the void in my life.

    Age to Age You’re Still the Same

    Last night after a wonderful grilled dinner, Connie and I watched the movie Dad. When asked if I had seen it, I said that I could not remember a single thing that happens, but I remember that I cried. So we watched again. And I cried. I cried nearly the entire movie. I have such a soft spot for the elderly. I just love old people. I think they are so cute… even when they are cranky. And nothing makes me lose respect for someone faster than witnessing them disrespecting their elders.


    I have broken the 100 mark with those virus emails as of this morning. It’s like a game now. Bring it.

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  16. Virus of a Different Kind

    Okay kids… it’s time to quit opening attachments of a questionable nature. In the last two hours, I have gotten 48 emails with this w32.sobig.f@mm virus attachment. (And I suppose now is as good a time as any to reiterate that you can save your time and not bother forwarding me anything as attachments. I don’t care how cute/funny/touching it may be, I’ll never ever read it.)

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  17. Mild Hypochondria

    I knew West Nile Virus was here. I could just feel it. Granted, I don’t live in Davidson Co., but I live darn close enough. That’s it. Instead of my little Moonlight Path body splash, it’s going to be a healthy coating of Deep Woods Off from now on.

    Remember Me?

    Yesterday communications were rekindled with a friend of mine from college. I think the last email from him was December 1st, 2002… which was a link to a Wall Street Journal article titled If TiVo Thinks You are Gay, Here’s How to Set it Straight. We’re not masters of correspondence, but it doesn’t seem to matter so much. Times change, but we don’t seem to. I did get a kick out of the photos he emailed though. Now I’m going to have to look through my boxes.

    (That was four years ago when I went back for his graduation. I had to put this here, because those who know me well know that it is virtually impossible for me to take a photograph without tilting my head to one side. And I feel like a total ditz admitting that it is a completely involuntary action at that!)

    I Kill Me

    An IM conversation with my friend who just got a job as a youth pastor…

    Gnate: well i’ll check in later. the big man is in…

    Danielle: God?

    Gnate: not that big

    Song for the Day:

    Martina Topley-Bird

    Hans just turned me on to her, and I think I dig it (a lot)

    ~I don’t want anything (but you)

    I don’t need anything (but you)~

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  18. “Easy Entry into Digital Photography”

    I’m the first to admit that I have a low tolerance for stupidity. Though sometimes I feel just a little bit bad for the stupids. Which is why I hate those Kodak ads for their new digital disposable cameras. There’s nothing digital about them. It’s the same freaking camera… they just advise you to check the “prints plus CD” box on the processing envelope… then they tout this as “easy entry into digital photography”. Whatever! Any moron with half a clue could take any old roll of film and get the same digital photo cd. oooo. The technical magic of kodak.

    I haven’t actually looked for these at the stores, but if they jack up the prices because it has the word “digital” on the package then I’ll be pissed off for all the stupid people out there who are going to believe those cameras are worth more.

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  19. This past week I have not been able to get enough Frosted Flakes in my life. Is that weird? To the point where we have run out of bowls and spoons, and I’ll need to run the dishwasher before I can have more.

    Unconscious Mutterings

    I say… and you think…

    1. Only you:: with a wink
    2. 33:: almost lucky
    3. Foundation:: Jafra
    4. Accidents:: white 15-passenger vans
    5. Hometown:: Sioux Center
    6. Natural:: fresh
    7. Bombastic:: junior high cheerleading
    8. Bachelor:: Andrew Firestone
    9. Far away:: friends
    10. Tony:: awards

    So I broke down and bought Notwist‘s Neon Golden, and I’m eagerly awaiting its arrival. By the way, if you want to buy anything from, be sure to put ROCK2003 in the coupon spot for a friendly little discount.

    Song for the Day:

    Nuno Bettencourt

    ~A snapshot of you tucked in my shoe

    So close and yet so far from you

    I’m sitting at the back of the bus

    I picture you driving

    Your rearview mirror eyes

    Your eyes, your ears, your mouth, your nose

    Your arms, your legs, your heart, your soul

    Touch me, touch me, touch me, touch me

    My body craves your touch~

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  20. Public Service Day

    Every once in a while I take pity on the people who unintentionally find my site. Often they are looking for completely stupid things (like beegee buddy icons), but they find me… because I often talk about stupid things. So here goes:

    Homemade Microwave Popcorn… there is a recipe here, though I don’t know if I recommend stapling the bag. Hello. Am I the only one who knows what happens when you put metal in the microwave? Yeah, just fold it over good. (But for the record, I actually did write about this almost two years ago.)

    Dell Memory Key Driver… it’s a bugger if you’re using Win98. Download this driver, and you’ll be good as gold.

    Reindeer Section… guitar chords / tabs: olga always is a good place to check first. Here’s You are my Joy.

    Trogdor Song mp3… good stuff. Get it here or here.

    Shark Bite Photos… kinda sick, but here you go.

    A Beautiful Mind Midi… I think you’re probably looking for the theme of that movie, which is actually called “A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics”, in which case you can find the midi here.

    Bee Gees Buddy Icon… yeah, I choose not to comment on this one. Just go here.

    That’s all folks. Come again next time!

    I forgot to mention that yesterday at the bookstore I saw a book by someone named Manda Scott. I thought my Manda was the only one!

    Uhh… Thanks for Sharing

    A phone message:

    Manda: hey danielle… jack and I just saw S.W.A.T., and Jack has a new catch phrase he’d like to share with you…

    Jack: (in the background) That’s not what I wanted you to say. Give it to me. (into phone) So… uhhh… tell daddy how you want it! (childlike laughter)

    Manda: And I leaned over to Erik, and I said Jack is going to say that sometime during sex. I can share that because I have to listen to it. Have a good night!

    And Happy Birthday to Fifi! I miss you heaps!

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  21. Small Sweet World

    One of our clients had a book signing this afternoon, so I went down there to make an appearance. I met this girl who works for his publisher. Turns out that she is from the town next to where I grew up. She went to the same school as my brother-in-law, and I went to school with her cousin. I love it when crazy little coincidences like that happen.

    My Date with Drew: “30 Days… $1,100… for an ordinary guy to get a date with Drew Barrymore.” Go check out the trailer — it’s hilarious. (via

    Last night I went to see Shadowlands at the Shamblin Theatre. It was absolutely wonderful. So well played. The scene transitions were ingenious. If you live in Nashville, make a point of getting to the matinee tomorrow at 2:30. The players were incredible. I just might go again.

    Just so you know, the Jim’s Big Ego site has been refreshed. And their new album is coming soon… but if you can’t wait, you can always listen to Radio JBE.

    And it looks like Paul has reopened The Rub under the guise of

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  22. A Friend from Back in My Luther Days…

    Yes, that’s right. So I happened to have been at his Luther College performance in early 1996. (And nevermind that I also happened to have a job at the box office that semester, so my friends and I just happened to get the best seats in the house.) I could gush for hours about it. Seriously. It was amazing. No wonder they decided to release it as a double-album.

    So anyway, go ahead and run on over to the Magnolia Glen Music Fest. Dave’s about to go on next. And I’m about to introduce him!

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  23. Friday Five

    1. How much time do you spend online each day?

    Bordering on ridiculous amounts. At least nine hours at work. Quite often more when I get home.

    2. What is your browser homepage set to?

    I haven’t bothered to change it from the msn default page.

    3. Do you use any instant messaging programs? If so, which one(s)?


    4. Where was your first webpage located?

    Ugh. It was awful. And it was on angelfire.

    5. How long have you had your current website?

    On September 2, it will be two years. Whee.

    For anyone who heard about my finger woes from yesterday, it is back to the normal size today. Just a little tender. (I was going to the post office yesterday, and instead of latching the gate behind me, I just was going to swing it closed. Unfortunately, my ring caught on a little piece of something that was attached to the gate, and I nearly pulled my finger off. Luckily I thought to take my ring off before it swelled to twice its size.)

    Ours is Not to Question Why

    The idea of seeing Jimmy Gnecco next month has got me smiling today.

    Welcome Wagon

    Give a warm blogger welcome to Jay! I honestly thought of you last night as I was being awed by Jump Little Children. (Such a great show, but it was at Dancin’ in the District… so now I’m anxious to see them in a club.) Can’t wait for you all to move down here… again…

    Song for the Day:

    Jump Little Children

    ~In the cathedrals of New York and Rome

    There is a feeling that you should just go home

    And spend a lifetime finding out just where that is~

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  24. Passionate

    Granted, I haven’t seen the film… but I’m still trying to figure out where all this anti-Semitism is supposed to come from with this new Mel Gibson movie, Passion. It’s not like this is a new story or anything here, people. Books (like, oh, say the bible, for instance) have been published for centuries saying that Jesus (a Jew himself) was killed by the Jews. Passion is far from the first movie ever to be made suggesting the same. I don’t recall anyone getting all up-in-arms about Jesus of Nazareth showing on network television every Easter season.

    You’re So Female

    Or so I was told once… by the same person who could not understand how I hung out with all guys when I wasn’t a tomboy nor a slut. Does that explain why I think I might add this place to my regulars? *Primp!*: the place to be girly.

    I also want to throw out a link to one of my favourite new shops: rockpaperscissor — not to be confused with its big city counterpart rockscissorpaper.

    Manda is the queen of endorsing products that she believes in (but fear her wrath if she doesn’t like your product). I’ve been able to take a cue from her to start promoting what works for me. “Danielle, your teeth are so white.” Why thank you, I use Crest White Strips.

    Anyway, today I have to sing the praises of Arbonne’s Thermal Fusion Enzyme Masque. I just have a little sample packet, but I’ve used it the last few nights, and I feel like I’ve had a facial peel or something. (Though I wouldn’t technically know what that feels like, I guess.) You only want to use it at night, because it really does heat up. And because it increases circulation, for me anyway, my whole face turns red. Washing it off feels a little bit like rubbing sunburn, but as a redhead, I’m no stranger to that! I’m addicted to the stuff now. Makes my face feel mm-mm-good.

    Song for the Day:

    I Wanna Be Adored
    The Stone Roses

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  25. Junk Mailers

    I hate getting junk mail myself. But the junkmail that comes to our office is always quite interesting. Nothing seems to ever be addressed to the correct party; it’s always some mangled spelling of one of our names or the name of one of our clients. But today we had something new. This particular flyer had one of the guys who work here as the first name… and one of our client’s album titles as the last name. Funny stuff.

    I Try My Hardest to Try at All

    I know I shouldn’t link to this. I know I shouldn’t link to this. I don’t want any harm to come to this person, but when you go and post something like your username and password, don’t you deserve to be played with just a little bit?

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