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  1. I see a lot of people who have these lists of 100 things about them. I never commited to doing a list like that, because I would run out of interesting items at about #32 and from there on out it would be stupid stuff like “my feet are nine inches long.” or something. I think I’d do better making a list slowly, only adding an item when I mention something in conversation that someone else points out is interesting. (I’m also not entirely convinced that anyone actually reads all 100 anyway.)

    So here’s #1:

    1. I have played Taps at someone’s funeral. (Of course, most people don’t know I can play trumpet, so this should probably #2.) I forget how it came up, but Connie was surprised to hear that.

    Since I don’t get a newspaper anymore, I don’t really see any comics. However, my mom was telling me about this one called Zits. After reading this series from a week ago, we are convinced that somehow my brother serves as the inspiration for that artist.

    People seem to be interested in what I do, because I have a “cool” job or something. The thing is that I can’t describe what I do in a neat little job description… unless I say that I do “everything”. Today is a good day though. My list includes: send in ASCAP writer applications, scan illustrations for a children’s book, file paperwork for dissolving a corporation… and I may or may not have had anything to do with what is going on at [amaaatahamauasaiaca.acaoama]. 🙂

    Guys beware… Tampon Art.

    How many post offices do you know? Postal Gallery is collecting photos of all the post offices in the U.S. Help those who can’t help themselves.

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  2. From the Wall Street Urinal, Pillsbury DoughBoy Dead at 71… “Veteran Pillsbury spokesman, Pop-N-Fresh died yesterday of a severe yeast infection.”

    The Power of Peer Pressure

    Give a big blog-community welcome to Josh! I think it’s official. Every single person I know in Indiana has a blog now. I must also request a moment of silence to remember Josh’s hair, which he apparently just cut off. Josh had better hair than most girls, but I’m sure he is handsome with or without his long locks.

    I had a great time completely vegging out in front of the television last night. (Most nights it is on as I go about my business, but it’s rare that I actually commit to doing nothing but watching… so it was great.) I don’t want to say too much about 24 to keep from ruining it for the foreigners… but Bill pretty much sums up the highlights.

    Official NaNoWriMo 2003 Participant
    Less than three days…..

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  3. 24242424242424242424242424242424242424242424242424

    At long last, 24‘s season premiere is tonight. Wheeee! I can’t wait. So go home tonight, watch Navy*NCIS… making sure you take advantage of those commercial breaks, because thanks to Ford, 24 will be commercial free tonight.

    Some Links:

    Snarkcake… just because.

    Skateboard sequence photos… yeah, I couldn’t do that. — nice little reference

    Adrenaline Vault… for the gamer in you.

    (I bought Spongebob Squarepants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman yesterday. I think I’m going to start having “date night” with Karl’s kids, once a month taking one or two of them over to my place for dinner and games or whatever. That’s just my excuse… the truth is, I really wanted the Spongebob game for myself.)

    Come on down… Rod Roddy died. I’m sure I’m not the only one who grew up with that voice in the background.

    I’ve got a pile to the ceiling here today, so this will probably be it for me. (Good stuff is going down here though. Really good, long-awaited stuff.) I’m sure I’ll have to post my thoughts on 24 later though. 🙂

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  4. Subliminal Thoughts

    I say … and you think … ?

    1. Roadtrip:: riding to Minnesota in the convertible

    2. Honey:: child — A name my friend Bil always seems to call me. “What’s up, honeychild?”

    3. Flanders:: Ned

    4. Vampire:: Tom Cruise

    5. Justice:: League

    6. Marine:: biology

    7. Protractor:: Mr. Vermeer — “It’s good enough for the girls we run around with.”

    8. Rubber:: cement

    9. London:: Calling

    10. Jerry:: Seinfeld

    Yesterday concluded the three day celebration of Connie’s birthday. We finished off with four hours of fun, food, and fellowship with the gals at PF Changs. Mmm…

    It’s apparently Day 2 of Steve’s Birthday Celebration… you’re going to want to make sure you get in on that brouhaha.

    Cat Owner Halloween Humor:

    the monkey

    the fish

    You’ve seen Behind the Music… now witness Behind the Typeface: Cooper Black.

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  5. The best thing about daylight savings (or daylight savings being over… which is it?) is that now the clock in my car is right again. Stupid thing. It’s impossible to change.

    Car Logos… handy reference guide if you ever happen to babysit for people who have stalkers. Some people are whacked, I tell you.

    Saturday was a celebration of autumn. Took photos at a pretty park and an old college. Yummy coffee in the Village. Raked leaves before dinner, wine, & a movie.

    Defunct Amusement Parks… I wonder if Arnold’s Park is still open in Okoboji.

    Letterboxing… it’s the geocaching of old.

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  6. Just when you thought there was no Friday Five for this week, BSTommy steps in and picks up the slack:

    1. Which would you rather have? Three extra fingers on each hand, or an extra nose right above the one you have? What if there were magical powers bestowed upon each trait?

    I’m going to go with the fingers. All the better to type with, my dear. And think of the crazy fun piano chord options.

    2. What was something that you worried about, but told yourself to stop worrying, because it was silly, and then have had that thing come true? Was it silly?

    I can only assume that he has a really good answer to this one. I can’t really think of an instance… but right now I’m trying to convince myself that walking on acorns does not have to be mentally equal to knee pain.

    3. Who would be the absolute worst celebrity to have to share an apartment with?

    Jessica Simpson. I’m sure I’d have to kill her.

    4. What is the funniest moment on television that you’ve ever seen?

    That’s tough. The first time Jim Carrey hosted Saturday Night Live comes to mind. (The “Night at the Roxbury” inspiration skit, the hot-tub lifeguard, the cheerleaders sketch where he was a German foreign-exchange student named Lochmeil.) I have this episode on tape somewhere. Good times.

    5. Do you know personally anybody named Vance?

    I know a Van… does that count for anything?

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  7. Did I mention that we now have a wireless high-speed network at the house? Did I mention that I love it? I’m such a junkie. If we only had an umbrella on the porch, next work-from-home day would be outside, baby.

    Violin Twins

    So after listening to A-ha the other day, I feel compelled to ask you to compare the violin parts from their “I Wish I Cared” and The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony“.

    Star Wars meets The Princess Bride:

    “Hello. My name is Luke Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

    For anyone who missed it, Bono dropped the f-bomb during a live acceptance speech earlier this year, and just recently the FCC declared that it was not obscene because of the context. Normally I feel there are better ways to vividly express oneself than by using “colorful” language… however, I thought this article about the ruling was pretty f’ing funny.

    Survivor last night. Interesting indeed. I just had Dennis Hopper’s line from Speed going through my head. “Do not attempt to grow a brain, [Trish].” The thing is, she was right. Rupert is definitely in control, but she didn’t go about it the right way. Dare I admit that I sort of admired Andrew for being such an ox in that immunity challenge? Naah. Vickie was right on with her predictions again.

    Gutenberg Bible: I never realized how beautiful it is.

    This morning we are having a planning meeting for one of our clients who is having a retreat thing next January. I’m a little disturbed about the lack of meetings up until this point and the apparent lack of concern for the timetable by the one person who probably ought to be most concerned… but whatever. At the meeting today, I am officially declaring that whenever using the word “retreat”, everyone must use the inflection of a general calling his troups to go back. RETREAT!

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  8. The Dreamworks site is featuring Elliott music right now.

    I don’t mean to be morbid…. but here’s Bizarre Celebrity Suicides. And as strangely interesting, famous (people’s) last words. And then there are strange new findings which suggest that women who have undergone breast enhancement are three times more likely to commit suicide than women who have not.

    From the Completely Random Department: Club Guide for Moscow.

    Some Pig

    In other news, it turns out that our pet spider Ralph is indeed a female as I had suspected. After a couple weeks of seeing her get bigger and bigger (which we falsely believed was because of our throwing bugs into her web for a mighty feast), she appears to have knit a rather impressive egg sac yesterday and has shrunk to half her normal size. Now the question is whether we let them hatch or not. I vote for yes, despite my former arachnophobia issues. I can’t help it. I just keep having flashbacks of the end of Charlotte’s Web.

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  9. Remember last week when I said that a gentleman commented on my hair at Starbucks? (Refresh your memory.) Well, I figured out who it was. I was perusing the paper yesterday, and saw the photo accompanying this article and recognized the guy. Too bad I didn’t recognize him at the time. We totally watched Hee Haw.

    Flash video:

    A-ha – I Wish I Cared

    Song for the Day:

    Fond Farewell
    Elliott Smith (1969-2003)

    ~It’s just a fond farewell to a friend

    It’s not what I’m like

    It’s just a fond farewell to a friend

    Who couldn’t get things right~

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  10. Rant

    What. The. Crap. Yesterday I didn’t get to my phone quick enough to answer on three separate occassions. Caller id said “UNKNOWN”. Now see, I usually am more excited about Unknown calls, because that is what comes up when one of my dear international friends tries to call me. And pretty much everyone else who has my number is already programed into my phone anyway. So the fourth time, I catch the caller. Friend? Foe? Fricking telemarketer? YES! I was so pissed. Not only was it a stupid telemarketer… but I was fricking paying for them to annoy me. Oooo…. grrrrr.

    Thanks, I’m better now.

    Extreme Pumpkins. Beautiful. I’m particularly fond of the gunshot wound pumpkin and the hotrod flame pumpkin.

    My Brother and His Spare Time

    Ever since Greg sold his last toy, he has been working on his latest project. It started out as a dented red CRX. The last time I saw it, there were no wheels, no paint, and I’m not sure the doors were on it. But it is finished… and I think it’s kinda cute… in that fast-n-furious sort of way. (I am kinda bummed, because the seats he has in there were in my parents’ basement for the longest time — they made great video game chairs.) Now I think he only has one vehicle left in pieces.

    To the Girls

    Allison: Thanks for the info. Tried to take a sunset picture for you last night, but had a big ol’ tree in the way.

    Erin: Thinking of you and your peeps up there. I know you are being a great friend and a shoulder to cry on.

    Manda: You rock. She sent me a cd-rom preview thingie of 24. And you even put “The Lovely Miss”! 🙂

    Tashish: I miss messaging you, babe.

    Song for the Day:

    Evening Prayer
    – from the opera Hansel und Gretel by Humperdinck performed by Will Taylor

    When I was a baby, I had a bluebird that hung on my crib and played this song.

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  11. Progress Report

    What did you learn at work today, kids?

    Today I learned that police will most definitely throw illegal foreigners in jail if they don’t have their paperwork squared away. This is great in light of semi-recent Al Qaeda activity. However, this really sucks when it’s just a poor crew guy who didn’t get his visa crap sorted out before tour started. I also learned about bail… and cashiers checks. Lots of excitement.

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  12. What would you do with 25,000 burnt matchsticks? Why not make a guitar? Jack Hall did.

    Infiltration: the ‘zine about going places you’re not supposed to go. (I have a bit of urban explorer in me too… in high school, we made a hobby of getting on top of buildings. Good times.)

    Modern Escher? This is weird.

    Over at BGLU, they are discussing classic television programs that are missed. That’s beautiful. (White girls like you too.)

    Spoof Ads.

    I want this shirt: /branding

    Unconscious Mutterings

    I say … and you think … ?

    1. Country:: Time

    2. G:: What up?

    3. Offer:: booking agent

    4. Connection:: NPR

    5. Quest:: King’s Quest

    6. Lighthouse:: North Carolina

    7. Sycamore:: Zaccheus

    8. Inhumane:: torture

    9. Sneer:: smirk

    10.Weapon:: of Choice

    Bossman spent last week with his fam on Captiva. They brought back a pretty necklace/earring set for me as thanks for watering their plants and taking in the mail.

    Adam is supposedly working out details for a showcase next month in LA. I volunteered to go as the office representative. Bossman said that he was probably going to end up going but that I could go if I wanted. Now I just have to figure out how I’m going to afford plane fare. It would be interesting to see Hutch again.

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  13. Today, Last Year sucked. It was the beginning of the end, but all’s well that ends well. I hate when people I love hurt.

    Today, This Year sucked too, but not as much. Last night I felt a headache coming on as I drifted in and out of sleep watching Erin Brockovich. This morning I woke up with a migraine. I must have been a sight wimpering as I balanced on top of my chair attempting to drape my navy blue blanket over the curtain rod in a vain attempt to get my room dark enough. The sun was too bright. The traffic outside was too noisy. The airfreshener was too smelly. I wanted to die. Feeling a bit better now after keeping a few Excedrine down.

    The New $20 Tracker… have you gotten one of those fancy-schmancy new $20 bills yet? If so, plot your location on the map.

    And, Leslie, is this the episode you’re on?

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  14. It’s not annoying… until you finally notice it: swoosh logos

    So I caught the tail end of Who’s Line is it Anyway the other night. Having done improv before, I have a huge secret love for theatre sports. Anyway, I saw they had a different guy on there who I had never seen. Jeff Davis. So I thought, “Hmm… I’ll have to find out who that guy is.” First site I went to was for this Jeff Davis. Erm. No, that’s not right. Then there was this Jeff Davis, who apparently is one of the most recognizable voices in the world. Still not right. Ahh… here we go. (Isn’t he just cute?)

    Last night I caught up with Cissy and Katrena and saw Kiran and Falguni at Cissy’s CD release party. And the only person who would probably know who I’m talking about is her former guitar player.

    Like I needed an excuse to eat Hershey bars, now they’re giving away a Mini Cooper filled with Hershey bars. Evil. Pure evil, I say!

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  15. Where Am I?

    Yesterday I ran up to Nashville with the ladies from the other office. On the way back, we drove past Alan Jackson’s house. (Excessively huge but in a lovely area.) When I said that I haven’t really paid much attention to Alan Jackson, one of the ladies responded, “Baby, you live in Tennessee now.” Ahh yes, how quickly I forget. 🙂

    An Observation

    Starbucks’ fork/knife/napkin packets also come with salt & pepper. I defy anyone to come up with a use for salt and/or pepper with any product that can be purchased from Starbucks. (And if you can, you’re probably one of those sickos who puts ketchup on eggs or something.) They should have little sugar/equal packets in there instead.

    I…. I Will Survive

    When it comes to Survivor predictions, Victoria is en fuego. I’m starting to wonder who her inside source is! Unfortunately, Rupert is doing way to good at controlling the game, and they’ll be forced to get rid of him once people start getting half a clue. Overall I thought it was a good episode, but I’m only giving it three pirate smilies for two reasons…

    1. I am so sick of “Johnny Fairplay”. Ugh. He’s repulsive on so many levels.

    2. They tried to pass off that crystalline liquid as “sea water”. Salt water? Most likely. Sea water? No way. I don’t care if you are dipping from the clearest water in the caribbean, any sea water is bound to have a few floaties.

    Friday Five

    1. Name five things in your refrigerator.

    Gosh, it’s been a while since I’ve been in there. I’m going to go with pineapple, milk, cheese, tortillas, water.

    2. Name five things in your freezer.

    Rainbow sherbet, frozen squash, chicken voila, corndogs, french bread.

    3. Name five things under your kitchen sink.

    Baking soda, dishwashing liquid, swiffer wet wipe thingies, assorted vases, garbage bags.

    4. Name five things around your computer.

    Binder clips, cup’o’pens, telephone, photographs, cds.

    5. Name five things in your medicine cabinet.

    I don’t have one. But in my bathroom drawer, I have toothpaste, bandaids, nailpolish, assorted cleansers & lotions, Claratin.

    Song for the Day:

    Take your pick… I just found this cool Muse Jukebox. And if you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been listening to a lot of Muse lately.

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  16. Ahoy!

    ‘Pirates’ Sequal Takes to the Waters — “A sequel to the summertime blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is officially on the way, report industry sources. The inimitable Johnny Depp will once again buckle his swash as the pirate Jack Sparrow. ” Cool. (And Bill, your leading lady will return as well.) 🙂


    Talk of the Nation had an interesting piece on celebrity producers yesterday… with the highlight being what Butch Vig had to say.

    A side note: For you people who insist on calling in to radio programs and/or writing letters to the editor, etc… try to make sure you have at least half a clue. It helps keep you from sounding like a complete idiot.

    And on the other side: Karl just got the protools rig set up in his new home (read: garage) studio and said that he thinks I would have fun messing around with it. I know I would.


    Want Happy Employees? Break out the Purple Pens! “According to a new survey of 645 American workers, happiness on the job is having a dozen or more pens crammed into your desk drawer.” Fascinating… seeing as how I have a gazillion pens floating around my office, and I almost always use purple or green… black as a last resort.

    How many pens do you have in your drawer? I have:

    ▪ 7 Sharpies — 4 black, 1 silver, 1 purple, 1 green

    ▪ 5 highlighters — 4 yellow, 1 purple

    ▪ 2 Fountain pens — 1 blue ink, 1 purple ink

    ▪ 3 Pencils — 1 sharpened, 1 not, 1 mechanical

    ▪ 11 Regular pens — 2 black, 3 pink, 1 red, 3 green, 3 purple

    Wow… that’s a little ridiculous.


    Went to see Luther last night, and wow… I thought it was extremely well done. (Save for a couple speaking overdubs that didn’t mesh well and one glaring continuity error with the Emperor’s hand… I was really trying to watch the movie, I promise.) Of course I grew up going to a Reformed Church, so I had to learn about dear Martin back in the days of catechism.

    And then, of course, I did attend Luther College… though that was less about any religious affiliation and more about their theatre program… and much less about their theatre program than about The Boy who also went there. Ironically, it was there that I really grasped how insignificant the church and all its trappings are if there is no faith. (Or maybe I was just rationalizing my lack of desire to attend Lutheran services and my extremely poor chapel service attendence. (I remember only ever going to one.))

    Regardless, the film was beautiful. Some visually stunning moments. The score was absolutely gorgeous… though there were a few moments with no music whatsoever whose starkness was appealing as well.


    Muscle Museum

    ~Can you see that I am needing,

    And begging for so much more than you could ever give.

    And I don’t want you to adore me,

    I don’t want you to ignore me when it pleases you~

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  17. My Car… Grrr

    I’m trying to be nice. I’m trying not to abuse the vehicle. I use kind words like “please” and encouragement like “come on, baby”. But my car is continually crapping out on me. Today it’s my window. It decided it isn’t going to open and close at the touch of a button anymore. No, it now wants to jerk its way down, and then it wants to fake me out acting like it’s not going to go back up. Gah.

    Adventures of Black Beard

    I realized that I forgot to review last weeks episode of Survivor: The Rupert Show. And I was going to write something about it today… but then I went and read this episode review and figured you should just go read that, because he has always expressed exactly what I think. He has a great tribute to the man, the myth, the legend that is Rupert. And he also points out how my main man Ryan got booted after not swimming well in the one challenge, but somehow they kept big, burly, whiny Osten… who ends up crying like a baby this time instead of grabbing the floating rope next to him. (Read his reviews of other episodes.)

    Autumn on My Mind

    We had a big rain yesterday. All the branches seemed to give up and let go, and today there is a nice blanket of orange leaves on the steps outside. Now I feel like autumn is upon us. This is what I love. Now if only I could find a place for a bonfire… that would be the best. I could go for a s’more right now.

    Go play S’mores Wars. It’s kinda fun.

    Subliminal Thoughts

    1. Timeshare:: Florida
    2. Accounts:: Payable
    3. Temptation:: Island
    4. Hack:: the Planet
    5. Shadow:: Puppets
    6. Infection:: Sinus
    7. 800:: collect (ugh, their annoying ads work)
    8. Infidelity:: Lo Fidelity
    9. Springfield:: Simpsons
    10. Gardener:: Eva (okay, I know it’s “Gardner”.)

    I have a feeling that everyone wants to know…

    What’s on my bookshelf (next to my desk) right now:

    Star Wars Trilogy, VHS, old-school artwork, none of this “Special Edition” crap

    ▪ Photo of me, Tina, Chanel & Beth on Son of Beast

    ▪ Server monitor

    ▪ an electric daisies Kleenex box

    ▪ various photos and cds

    A Conversation

    It always comes back to Michael Jackson…

    Me: Is that your phone that’s off the hook?

    Karl: I’m off the hook.

    Me: You’re off the wall.

    Maize Maze

    I want to go to the corn maze in Spring Hill. You, too, can find a corn maze near you.

    Song of the Day:

    Atlanta Blue
    (real audio) – The Statler Brothers

    ~I’m Atlanta Blue wishin’ I could be with you

    Summertime in Georgia

    I’m dreamin’ of you and that makes me Atlanta Blue~

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  18. I somehow forgot to really eat anything of substance today… besides a few scoops of cookie dough at the office. Now that I’ve discovered I’m hungry, what do I crave? Cheese Puffs. No, not the somewhat palatable Cheetos, I’m talking about the straight-up generic cheese puffs that look like orange styrofoam packing material. I don’t even really like them. I need to go to bed.

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  19. I rearranged the songs… because I always strive to be cooler. And though I’ll miss the possums, I had to laugh at his Office Space reference.

    One of these days, I’ll ask for help with Autumn musical selections. I just haven’t been inspired by anything enough to make the change.

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  20. Happy Thanksgiving to Canaderin and Canadan!

    Sailed the Ocean Blue in 1492

    In honor of Columbus day, I’m taking the afternoon off. Okay, not really. I’ve got 6 all access passes to the festival and no one who can take the afternoon off to go with me. Since when does everyone I know have a job? I guess I’m just going to ride down with the Phillips instead.

    I Know a Little German… He’s Standing Right over There

    I just found out that I am part German. All of a sudden I’ve gotten reinterested in genealogy. Several years ago, my family was contacted by a Canadian gentleman who was doing a genealogy of my maternal grandfather’s family. From me, it goes back 13 generations… back to the year 1530 in the motherland of the Netherlands. So last week I had contact with a woman who has my maternal Grandfather’s line back 19 generations. And through this all, I found out that one of the great grandfathers came from Germany a few hundred years ago. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

    The Skin-ny

    I think this week I am going to sign up to be a wholesale buyer from Arbonne. I went to this women’s health talk thing on Saturday which just further freaked me out about the things I am putting on and in my body. Considering that every family member I’ve known who has died had cancer of some sort, I am extremely conscious of sun exposure and smoke inhalation… but it’s these things I put on my skin that I wasn’t even aware of. Our skin acts as a sponge… which is why they can use medicinal patches, because our skin absorbs those medicines into our bloodstream within 28 seconds. If a product says harmful if swallowed, it should say avoid contact with skin as well.

    Curly Girl

    I also am in the midst of a hair experiment. I am finally accepting that I have naturally curly hair. I’m not talking like Kerri Russell curly… but it’s definitely not straight. After using a straight iron on my hair the last couple months, I’ve noticed that I was seriously damaging my hair. So I borrowed the book Curly Girl from Phebe (who does have Kerri Russell curls). The whole concept of their haircare regimen is to avoid using shampoo.

    Now wait. I know it sounds gross. But the idea is to treat your hair like a wool sweater… since you hair is a delicate fiber as well. You don’t subject your nice sweaters to harsh detergents or extreme heat… so why do that to your hair. You still clean your scalp and hair, but you do it with natural cleansers and with lots of conditioning agents. So I’m starting off week number 2 of my No Poo hair care routine. They say to give it three weeks for your hair to quit hating you. We’ll see.

    I was hating it a whole lot last Thursday. I felt like a mega frizzhead. But on Saturday, I was in line for coffee. An older gentleman approached the lady in line behind me. He was in midconversation with her when he touched my elbow and said, “Great hair, by the way.” And then he went back to his other conversation. I appreciated that.

    A Little Perspective on 87 Billion Dollars

    Last night I watched The Sum of All Fears. I was in the mood for that kind of film, so I was entertained. As much as I didn’t want to like Ben, I thought he was decent. (And the Liev sightings were an added bonus.)

    I guess I’m going to get ready to leave now. See ya later. (Don’t forget to check out Verbena’s latest baby picture.)

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  21. Just call me Nature Jane

    I’m writing to you live from the middle of nowhere. I am again housesitting for Miss RoseAnne. As you recall, the last time I was out here, I hit an owl on my way back in to town.

    Since that time, a fox has darted in front of my car, I narrowly avoided hitting three wild turkeys, I saw a huge hawk-like bird on a fence near my office, and I saw a calf who had gotten out of a field.

    **If Aaron is reading, he should stop now.**

    So tonight I was outside tossing the ball to Milly the dog, when I noticed that she was pawing something on the driveway. Upon further inspection, I see that it is a wounded baby snake that I probably drove over when I got home. I decided this situation was extremely uncool and took the dog and cat inside.

    Then Steve Irwin took over my body, and for some reason unbeknownst to me, I decided that I needed to capture the aforementioned snake in order to properly identify the perpetrator and assess the danger it represents. Armed with a flashlight, 2-quart glass jar, and large stick, I managed to work the little guy into captivity. Now he’s on the porch in the jar with a brick on top. I think he was mostly dead to begin with, but he’ll probably really die now.

    If any of you wildlife experts would like to take a stab at what kind he is, he’s got red-with-black-outline diamonds down his back, and his tummy is mostly white with some black in a sort of erratic checkerboard-like pattern. No yellow, so I don’t think he would have killed me.

    Connection is slower than all get out here, so more at a later time.

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  22. Cleaning Machine

    Yesterday Recah rented a carpet cleaning machine to try to get up some of the dirt in their new apartment. So last night, I used it to clean the downstairs stairs and the living room carpets which were really gungy. (I don’t know if “gungy” is a real word or if it’s a dutch cross-over word I heard growing up.) I could not believe the grossness that was in the discard water! I’m almost tempted to believe that the cleaning solution does some sort of chemical reaction when you mix it with water that makes it turn black — otherwise I have to believe that all that gook was in the carpet that I sit on.

    I brought the machine back to her last night. We split the cost of the rental and divvied up the cost of the solution that we each used — and I got away with sweet, clean carpets for $10. Sharing the machine is defintitely the way to go, because who honestly is going to use the thing for 24 full hours anyway? That’s my thrifty word to the wise for you today.

    Friday Five

    1. Do you watch sports? If so, which ones?

    Nothing with any sort of regularity. Hockey, if anything.

    2. What/who are your favorite sports teams and/or favorite athletes?

    I’ll go with the Preds on that one. Steve Kerr was always my favourite basketball player.

    3. Are there any sports you hate?

    I’m too apathetic about sports to actually care enough to hate any of them.

    4. Have you ever been to a sports event?

    Yes, mostly hockey… though I did get free tickets to a Pacers v. Raptors game when I was in Indy.

    5. Do/did you play any sports (in school or other)? How long did you play?

    I think I played T-ball for a few years way back in the day. I don’t think it would surprise anyone for me to say that I’m not really the athlete-type.

    Straight Dope… Fighting Ignorance Since 1973 (It’s Taking Longer Than We Thought)” What a great tag line, and it’s a fun little time waster site too. I particularly liked the last paragraph on the page asking what “dangers of disease” do hot-air hand dryers prevent.

    “Your chances of catching something from a cloth towel–or from ‘paper towel litter,’ if you’re in the habit of rooting around in it and wiping it all over yourself–are so remote as to be practically negligible… Of course, if a person with some monstrous infection just happened to precede you into the rest room, and just happened to dry his or her hands without bothering to wash them first, and thereby just happened to deposit a huge dollop of virulent pus on the very section of the towel that you just happened to use to dry the area around a gaping wound that you just happened to have, you would probably keel over and croak in about 12 seconds flat, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

    Now that’s funny, people.

    Song for the Day


    ~Everything about you is how I’d wanna be

    Your freedom comes naturally

    Everything about you resonates happiness

    Now I won’t settle for less~

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  23. website of Morteza Negahi, Iranian Author and Journalist. (Okay, so the mouse-over on the picture is in English.)

    According to this quiz, I am a Spatial Thinker in the company of Pablo Picasso, Michelangelo, and Isambard Kingdom Brunel. We tend to think in pictures and have a flair for working with object. (I’ll take that to mean that I’m crafty.) 🙂 Of the careers they think I’d be good at, I’ll take photographer, artist or set designer (considering I wanted, at one time, to get my degree in technical theatre).

    In other news, I think that only one roommate is moving out now. In an effort to give the other more space, I believe we will be converting the room downstairs into a bedroom for her. And the couch down there will be moved upstairs (oh the joy moving that up two flights) along with the music gear, etc. Hey, if she’s cool with us going through her room to get to the laundry, I’m cool too.

    Just when I almost quit looking, it seems that Miss Leslie has begun to write again. You’re a star, Leslie!

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  24. Feed Me

    Thux and I just spent about fifteen minutes outside looking for bugs to feed Ralph. Ralph is the resident office pet. Ralph lives outside. Ralph is a gigantic (and I mean gigantic) garden spider that lives in the corner out back. (I’m pretty sure it is too big to be a male though. It’s definitely female.) Bossman throws a daddy longlegs in the web every morning, but we gave her a big ant and a boxelder bug. It was fascinating to see how quickly she wrapped them up. I’m thinking about renaming her Audrey (for the plant of Little Shop of Horrors fame)… now let’s just hope she doesn’t start relying on us for food.

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  25. Just a Little Touch of Star Quality

    I’m not sure how I feel about the whole California governor deal. I don’t think that just because a person is recognizable makes him qualified for a leadership position. Like a star football player being elected student body president, sometimes people get votes only because voters don’t know who the other people are. I can’t say that I’ve paid much attention to the whole California race, so I don’t know exactly what Schwartzenegger’s platform was… if he had one at all. I don’t know.

    I guess we can now add Arnie to this list of star politicians. (I did meet Fred Grandy once during his campaign for Congress. I was 10. I loved The Love Boat. I felt cool.)

    I’m Bad

    Okay so in a momentary change of personality, I went shopping the other night. Surprised? I know. I can’t explain it myself. I hate shopping. What’s more… I even tried on clothes… which is mostly why I hate shopping. I bought some black pants which reminded me kinda of a pair that I loved a couple years ago which got thrown in with the wrong load of laundry and ended up somewhere between normal length and capri length. Sad.

    Anyway, these pants have pockets on the sides with zipper closures. I like them well enough, but a secret part of me feels sorta like Michael Jackson when I’m wearing them.

    A Photographic History of Michael Jackson’s Face: With blithering, yet witty commentary. I’m not advocating the making fun of my Michael. Just bringing the information to the people. is a place for top class photographers to show their work. It represents no-one. Here is a place where artists can tell their stories as they wish them to be told, without the imposition of editorial or commercial agendas.” Very cool.

    You Need Your Veggies

    I don’t know what rock I’ve been under, but I just found out yesterday that Big Idea (makers of the hit childrens’ video series VeggieTales) filed for bankruptcy last month. They got my $6 for Jonah. I did my part.

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