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  1. Having fun in Iowa. Taking my nephew on a date this afternoon. Wanted to see Brother Bear terribly, but it is already out of the theatre here. Huge disappointment! So we will go to Elf instead. Next we decorate the Christmas tree… after it has settled into the sand bucket a little bit.

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  2. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  3. I just had to call PhiloKeaggy. I’m okay.

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  4. Bear with Me… Memory Lane Warning

    So last night we were comparing our oldest saved emails. For some sentimental reason, I have a hard time deleting some of the old ones. Ones that came from people who I have completely lost touch with, but people who meant something to me at one time.

    One of my oldest was from October 1999. From this kid Mike. Once upon a time, he found my yahoo messenger name and messaged me out of the blue. For once I didn’t automatically ignore the person, and humored him a little bit. He turned out to be a cool kid. We would IM once in a while, and he seemed to really appreciate my insight and “elderly” wisdom. He called me “Grandma” even though I was probably only four years older than him.

    "wuzzup grandma homie,

      i'm in cali and i'm learning the lingo. missed you much. sorry for being an ass and not writing as of late. werd.

      mushy shit,


    I wonder whatever happened to little mikey.

    He Made Me Do It

    I also was able to tell the story of my Michael Bolton pictures. (Manda might remember this.) You see, I really dislike Michael Bolton. And as much as I don’t like him, I still had several pictures of him hanging by my bed… including the somewhat painful one you see above. When questioned why I would want to hang these by my bed, I had a very simple response. If that was the first thing I saw in the morning… my day could only get better.

    A Compliment?


    Bossman: Don’t take this the wrong way, but your hair looks really good today.

    Umm… thanks? Considering I feel like I’ve been fighting a losing battle against my hair lately, I don’t really know what to think about that.

    A First

    Yesterday afternoon I think I saw a gutted dear close up for the first time. A client showed off his prize, but I was the only one who went down to the tree for a closer look. (Maybe it was because we had just finished eating lunch.) Kinda disappointing. Just looks like meat. Except for the furry head hovering just above the puddle of blood on the ground. Okay, now I’m getting grossed out. He said he’ll let me try some of the deer jerky when it is ready.

    Mirth, Musings & More (or something to that effect): it’s good and good for you.

    Song for the Day:

    Because now the stupid song is stuck in my head… and I want you to suffer along with me.

    Steel Bars (clip) – Michael Bolton

    The only song in the history of the world with twenty-seven key changes.

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  5. Brrrr-Errrr!

    Anyone interested in going in with me on getting a bounty hunter to kill Jack Frost? I know I wasn’t this much of a wuss last year. How quickly one becomes a southerner when not looking.

    Yesterday while working from home, I happened to have Oprah on… and dang, it would have been good to be in the audience that day. It was her annual “Favorite Things” show, and each person in the audience got everything on her list… including some of those lucious UGG boots and a thousand-dollar DVD Handycam.

    Subliminal Thoughts

    I Say… You Think…

    1. Concert::

    2. Sydney:: Australia (sigh)

    3. Shower:: curtain

    4. Patterns:: paisley

    5. Market:: share

    6. Chair:: lounge

    7. London:: Stephen (He and Andrew were in my dream the other night. Stephen died. Oops.)

    8. Reception:: wedding

    9. Republican:: party

    10. Cough:: drop

    Okay I’m out. Meetings out at the other office today.

    Song for the Day:

    Bob Guiney

    ~Do you think you could

    Bring me my girlfriend

    And a bottle of wine

    Bring me her future

    Just make sure it’s mine

    Will you open the window

    But leave out the cold

    Could you make a phone call to Jesus

    To clean up my soul~

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  6. Georgia Tech’ers

    I’m still getting several hits a day from people at GA Tech. If you’re looking for the open letter to Katie, it is down here.

    Bobby G.

    I, along with the rest of the world, love the most popular Bachelor ever, Bob Guiney. (Is anyone else torn between being happy for Estella and wishing they break up?) No… but what is crazy to me is that his band Fat Amy was playing on the rock station I listened to when I lived in Michigan. They were huge supporters of local music, so they were always playing good stuff by Papa Vegas, Troll for Trout, Domestic Problems, Knee Deep Shag, and of course, Fat Amy. Good times… I’m almost tempted to bid on this Radioactiv 4 compilation cd just to hear all those songs again! Anyway, Bob’s solo cd 3 Sides releases tomorrow. I just might have to get that one.

    I forgot to say that I went with Connie to feed her horse yesterday. She said I could ride him, but she rides bareback… and with no present insurance coverage, I could just envision myself trying to jump on and falling right off the other side. He was getting his winter coat and was so soft though. It was quite tempting.

    MJNews: official communications on the Michael Jackson case. Innocent until proven guilty.

    Speaking of, Tina just got summoned for jury duty. How cool is that? Okay, I know everyone complains about it, and no one seems to be too excited about it… but I think it would be extremely intersting. (Or maybe I’ve seen 12 Angry Men a time too many.)

    Song for the Day:

    (sample) – Papa Vegas

    ~Once again the bombshell is closing in

    We pretend the distance is half our defense

    In the end you’ll figure it out more or less

    Well I guess you catch what you can

    Cause a change is at hand

    And you can’t really plan

    Where your feet will land~

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  7. I’m probably the last person to see this site, but just in case I’m not…

    Nelson Mandela gave his prison number 46664 to Dave Stewart of Eurythmics in November of last year who then asked the late Joe Strummer to write lyrics for a song that included the 46664 prison number. Stewart then completed the song with Bono earlier this year and the two of them recorded it as the first of a series of co-writes together for this campaign. Further recording sessions began in March of this year when Stewart was joined by Queen's Brian May and Roger Taylor in a studio in Cape Town to lay down tracks which would also see them working in collaboration with some of South Africa's premiere musicians.

    You can download the music… make donations to AIDS research… get a beautiful Bono desktop (or Eurythmics or one of the others).

    I’m probably also the last person to find out that Jonathan Brandis apparently commited suicide. Such a shame. I fell in love with him back in junior high when he was the young Bill in It. Of course, Neverending Story II was complete sacrilege, and I cannot say I ever saw an episode of Seaquest… but that’s no reason to quit the game early. Dang.

    I’m trying to decide if I have a spare 3 hours before I go home to see The Gospel of John. Interesting there is so much uproar about The Passion, but I had not even heard that this one was coming out. (Shhh… don’t tell — but I heard Jesus still gets crucified.)

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  8. what sort of weirdo are you?

    And speaking of Dr. Evil… check out these Swingin’ Chicks.

    *looks at the current world’s population* You must have a lot of frustration then.

    What pisses you off?

    (Bill is a cool kid now.)

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  9. This Website Will Change Your Life. Brilliant. I need the book. My mother will be happy I have something to put on a Christmas List. I discovered that place from an article in yesterday’s paper. I was sitting in the merchantile waiting for my lunch and laughing uncontrollably. Please go read the article… it’s like chicken soup for the soul funny! (The world mood tracker is pure genius.)

    And speaking of laughing… yesterday on Fresh Air, Terry interviewed Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog of Conan O’Brien fame. It was so unconventional. Terry actually snorted a couple of times due to her laughter. You can listen on their site… and it is worth it just to hear Terry Gross say: “Come Poop with Me.”

    So Sweet (In More Ways than One)

    Andrea the angel somehow located 10 whole Toffee Bars of Joy. (Thank you! I really only just wanted to help.) Great to see you again, and it was a pleasure to meet your beautiful and charming children. 🙂

    Oswald Et. Al.

    For those who watched the Kennedy specials on television last night and need more info to digest and a place to debate, check out The Copydesk today. Martin has the enhanced Zapruder film online and available for download if you feel the need to watch it over and over again.

    Blasted Batteries

    We all know I’m not a big phone talker. But wouldn’t you know last night I was having a conversation I really wanted to be having, and the battery pooped out right in the middle. (I think I missed the “low battery” warning when someone was trying to beep in.) No international service on my plan, so I wasn’t able to call back when it was charged. I decided I am going to get an old school rotary phone that hangs on the wall and rings with a bell and never cuts out in the middle of conversations. (Or a table one like this.) – for the geeks. (Maybe it is links like these that make would make someone think I’m male.)

    Since I recently became a celebrity, I thought

    you should know that you can be one too.

    Song for the Day:

    Electric Avenue
    (Real Audio) – Eddy Grant

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  10. An Open Letter to Katie (and Curtis, Matt & Dan) at GA Tech

    Dear Katie:

    I am flattered (albeit somewhat freaked out) that you have chosen this site to be the focus of your Electronic Community project for your ENGL 1101 class. I don’t know if this is some sort of creative writing assignment, or if you are supposed to base your project on actual truth… but I feel the need to clarify a few things that you seem to be a little confused about. So allow me to quote your findings and point out where you have gone astray in your assumptions.

    Katie's Post for November 10th

    Today on the blog people[1] decided to post pictures of flowers and describe the importance of what a single rose can do for someone.[2] Also there was a posting of one guy[3] who talked about how bad his day was. I gathered from his posting that he is a male from his late twenties[4] that works in a cubicle[5]. He talked about how his friend did not get the job that would've supported his wife and unborn child. Also, he spent hours on a project that ended up not working out and having to change it back to its original form. Another post was from someone who showed a picture of a lunar eclipse and shared that they experienced one the other night. The postings are very random and seem to be observations that they have had throughout the day[6].

    1. First off — only one person posts here, and that is me. Anyone is welcome to comment… but as for the main content, that would be moi.

    2. Referring to my November 10th post, I’m not getting the flowers thing. Though I will say that the following two days I did post flower photos. (One of which is a poppy… ya know, for Veterans’ Day.)

    3. I am a girl. (See that picture up at the top? Me. See that little “About” link up there? All about me. Though I understand some people don’t quite have the observation skills that I have, so let’s move on.)

    4. Again… girl, 26.

    5. No cubicles here, but way to use your imagination! It’s actually a house. My office used to be the bedroom of the woman who died there. (Just a side little tidbit for you there.)

    6. The rest I’ll pretty much give you.

    Katie's Post for November 11th

    Today there was a discussion on 80's cartoons that would make good cartoons[7]. They provided a link that allowed people to vote on it and see other options. People decided that Mask II[8] would be an excellent choice. There was also a somewhat morbid observation of one person who saw something disturbing on the news. He explained how there is someplace in Knoxville where they take dead people and leave them out in the elements to study decomposition. I think that is a little scary. What if you were just walking around in the woods and you see all these severely decomposed cadavers? I think that that would scar me for life[9].

    7. I’d hardly call it a discussion, but yes, on November 11 I did post a link to an 80’s-cartoons-to-movies article. (Although I didn’t know about the voting section.)

    8. I said “M.A.S.K. too”… as in “M.A.S.K. also“. I think it’s a little early to be thinking about the sequel, M.A.S.K. II.

    9. Rest assured. There is a barbed-wire fence around The Body Farm.

    Katie's Observation for November 14th 2003

    Every Friday on the weblog, there is one user that provides a series of five random questions that people respond to. Today the questions were: 1. Using one adjective describe your living space. 2. Using two adjectives, describe your current employeer. 3. Using three adjectives, describe your favorite pastimes/hobby. 4. Using four adjectives, describe your typical day. 5. Using five adjectives describe your ideal life. There was a variety of adjectives used, from boring[10] to creative. Most people felt that their day is very atypical and boring[11]. It was agreed that most peoples living space was comfortable[12].

    10. Yes, my November 14th post was lacking when it came to content… but must we go so far as to call it “boring”?

    11. There you go with that “boring” word again.

    12. Most people agreed because… well… it was all me.

    Katie's Obsesrvation for November 16th 2003

    There was only one post today from someone. They put a picture of a foggy landscape and proceeded to tell his fellow bloggers that he had been wishing for foggy weather, it came true, and he is sorry[13] for the people that live in his area. He also talked about his friend/girlfriend that came back into town from Chilli, and they went out for coffee.[14] I don't know about you, but if my friend or boyfriend[15] came into town from Chilli[16], which was probably a very long trip considering how excited he was, the last thing I would be doing is getting a cup of coffee. She just came from South America, where there is an abundance of awesome coffee, I don't think that is the ideal thing to initially do with his friend[17]. Maybe it's just me....[18]

    13. Please don’t put words in my mouth. I wasn’t sorry.

    14. Okay… here we start to get sloppy. Katie, Katie, Katie. Dan’s over there reading pages upon pages of LOTR fan fiction, and you don’t seem to even want to bother actually reading one sentence with any sort of comprehension. Allow me to quote myself: “Tina’s back — yay! We all went to Chili’s to celebrate her birthday which was a couple weeks ago.”

    15. Tina is my roommate who went home for a month and a half.

    16. Whoa… back up there, Skippy. Virginia. It’s in North America.

    17. You’re freaking me out here. You really are. So here we go, from the top: Tina was gone; Tina came back; she was gone during her birthday; so we went to Chilis Restaurant (I even posted a link to the stinking place in case my kiwi didn’t know what it was) for dessert to celebrate after she got back; the coffee was earlier in the day and had nothing to do with Tina whatsoever.

    18. It is. Trust me, it is.

    I was hesitant to write this, because frankly, I was curious to see if you would write anything else. However, I wanted to be sure the truth was conveyed well before you portrayed me as a complete loser. If you would take the time to actually read the site instead of just skimming it, I think you might find lots of interesting and humorous tidbits to brighten your day. That is the goal anyway.

    Good luck and peace be with you.


    Song for the Day:

    Somebody’s Watching Me
    (Real Audio) – Rockwell

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  11. Call me paranoid… but I feel like I’m being watched.

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  12. Holy crap, I think I’ve been blinded.

    Jaron’s Wacky Tales: Some of those sure are good. I’m particularly fond of the Kinko’s tale… because we all know that the majority of their employees are retarded.

    Great Post Header for the Day:

    “So You Can Nail My Ass To The Wall And Call It Slack-As.”

    Tash… naah, we understand. School’s out for summer! Whee. So glad about the phoneline. Must catch up. Must catch up.

    So I need to take a little trip to the Tennessee Department of Revenue building today. I’ve never been there in all my years of doing corporate filings here. I wouldn’t hate going into the governmental section of the city so much if I didn’t have deal with the maze of one-way streets and severe lack of parking anywhere relatively close to where I need to be. Though maybe the parking gods will be on my side today.

    Interestingly, I read here yesterday that work has begun on The Chronicles of Narnia at Peter Jackson’s Weta Studios.

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  13. Confession

    I’m looking forward to Honey the same way I looked forward to Save the Last Dance. I’m not afraid to admit it.

    Rain Rain Go Away

    I assumed it was going to be bad when I walked out to my car this morning. It was actually warmer out than I thought it would be, but then I heard the forecast on the radio. “100% chance of rain.” (“Chance” doesn’t seem like quite the right word in that case, hmm?) Then we were in a tornado watch for a little while… and now we are having a monsoon. I’m talking Jurassic Park rain. Debris, we have debris.

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  14. Fog Isn’t Cool

    We live over twenty miles from the airport. Of course, we have planes go overhead now and then, but it’s never all that noticable. (Nothing like when we lived two miles from the airport in Indy.) However, last night I assume the fog was the reason why it sounded like airplanes were nearly skimming the treetops. I loved living near railroad tracks where the trains’ vibrations would shake my bed ever-so-slightly. Airplanes making your bed shake is less cool.

    I’d never seen this effect before.

    Subconscious Mutterings

    I Say… You Think…

    Plan B:: The Practice

    Seattle:: coffee

    The lady wore:: red


    Tampon:: commercial

    Celebrity:: Fear Factor

    Baja:: Fresh

    64:: Commodore

    RGB:: Roy G. Biv

    Milkshake:: chocolate

    Last night I suggested that we try to get into our attic. The other two did not share my enthusiasm. I just want to know if it is finished off or not. I have this love affair with attics. Ever since I was a child with my overactive imagination. My parents’ house is over 100 years old, and I always wanted to get into our attic (which required a ladder, since there was no handy pulldown staircase). I thought if I could get up there I was sure to find a little cigar box with a bundle of old letters tied up with a ribbon that would contain old love notes and messages about the war and fragile photographs. And there would also be an old key. And there would be a mystery to figure out what the key belonged to, but I would find it, and it would be the coolest thing ever.

    When I was home last March, I got to see up there for the first time in my 26 years, because my dad had to go up there to check a vent or something. No antique treasures to be found. Just lots of insulation and a few strategically placed boards for walking on. I was horribly disappointed. Maybe I don’t want to see our attic here.

    Coolest Thing Ever

    Planet Yum Thing: fun, girlie, crafty, artistic, creative stuff. Yay! (props to Miss P for that one) Just one more thing I don’t have time for… but I was proud that I finished my super-warm fleece blanket yesterday. Next on the list: finish bandana skirt and the book I wanted to give my Grandma for Christmas.

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  15. Dreams in the Mist

    I think all you middle Tennesseans can blame me for the weather. Not two days ago I was wishing for a really foggy day, so today was perfect. The Italian word for fog is nebbia… which spawns the name for the nebbiolo grape.

    Tina’s back — yay! We all went to Chili’s to celebrate her birthday which was a couple weeks ago.

    And umm… I got free coffee today.

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  16. I’m having a [god]baby!

    So no one involved is Catholic (anymore), but Manda asked me to be Verbena’s godmother. After a brief period of concern about what this would involve should Jack & Manda pass on prematurely… and all of us knowing I’m sure not ready to be raising any children that I can’t give back to their parents eventually… I said yes, of course. Much gushing ensued. And then:

    D: Oh… oh… can I be her fairy godmother?

    M: No — that will be Erik.

    So mean… yet so funny all at the same time. 🙂

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  17. Brrr. Gah.

    Okay. It’s cold. Point taken.

    For everyone who liked that Mystery Artist tune… be sure to check out page 56 of the November 15th issue of Billboard to read the news about their signing. Wheeee!

    I was tracking the hits to the guys’ site. If anyone understands czech and wants to translate… let me know. crazy.

    Friday Five

    1. Using one adjective, describe your current living space.


    2. Using two adjectives, describe your current employer.

    Pleads. Fifth.

    3. Using three adjectives, describe your favorite hobby/pastime.

    Relaxing. Creative. Fun.

    4. Using four adjectives, describe your typical day.

    Long. Jam-packed. Busy. Atypical.

    5. Using five adjectives, describe your ideal life.

    I’m. Still. Figuring. That. Out.

    Yesterday was the day of catching up with people. I love that. Talked to Manda. Costa came over. Darren called for no reason. Talked to Collin. Got an email from one of my college roommates who I haven’t talked to in probably three or four years. Good good. Then tomorrow night Michael and I go to see Admo play at Caffeine.

    I can’t wait to go home tonight. I just want to chill. Ooo.. or make chili. Bundle up and sit downstairs with the keyboard for a while — an acceptable stand-in for a real piano, I suppose. I think it is cold enough to pull out the Christmas music.

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  18. Happy Birthday to my Aussie girl Lisa! I’m anxious to see you again!

    Warning: It must be National Lose Your Job week. Two friends in as many days.

    Email Quote

    “Am i destined to be white trash or what?”

    — Naten, on his lack of ability to get and maintain full-time jobs.

    Here’s to You:

    Mr. Lazy Trademark Attorney

    Andy Hunter°‘s song “Go” is now formatted in 5.1 surround sound and can be downloaded here. Go… get it.

    A Conversation:

    Last night when I came waltzing in early for a change…

    C: How are you doing? You look frazzled.

    Me: Do I?

    C: Yeah, you do. Is everything okay?

    Me: I couldn’t be better. It must just be my hair… and the humidity.

    Public Radio Fan

    This morning on The Connection they were talking to three university students from Iraq — named (I’m not kidding) Uday, Hussein, and Ossama. It was really interesting to hear their perspective on what is going on there now. They’ve got streaming on the website if you care to listen. — with special features such as Kenny of the Month, How to Look Like Kenny, Kenny Spotting Tips, and even a Corn Muffin Recipe.

    I was rejected from the british secret service after only scoring 53.58% on the Secret Service Test. I think I could have done better if I had my mouse hooked up.

    Song for the Day:

    Justified and Ancient
    (All Bound for Mu Mu Land) – The KLF

    ~Justified and Ancient, Ancient and a-justified,

    Rocking to the rhythm in their ice-cream van

    with the plan and the key to

    enter into Mu Mu

    Vibes from the tribes of the JAMs.~

    Exactly what are the Justified Ancients of MuMu, you ask? Well, here’s your answer.

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  19. Oh. Crap. What a stressful episode of 24.

    The American Undershirt: open letters to neighbors’ dogs can be really funny.

    Ooo… but not as funny as this. Got that from the other danielle. (Rated PG-13 for language.)

    Okay… to all you people who think it’s cool to be walking around with those larger-than-life blackberrys: I don’t want to be hearing one single word about my vintage, non-fancy, clunky phone.

    First, run out and see if your local florist is having a special on roses… and if not, go to Walmart. They are having some sort of November rose promotion. (At least the one near me is.) I have a huge bouquet of 20 gorgeous deep pink roses on my table — for a mere nine dollars. They even smell nice. (You know how most roses don’t smell anymore.)

    100 Things About Me

    #3. I hate poinsettias and also baby’s breath.

    Song for the Day:

    Remind Me

    ~And everywhere I go

    There’s always something to remind me

    Of another place and time

    But love that travelled far would find me~

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  20. Audible Quote for the Day Part 2

    “Wha…. wha…. WHAT?!”

    –Me, at approximately 03:57 24ST, 24 Standard Time.

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  21. Audible Quote for the Day


    –Me, at approximately 03:22 24ST, 24 Standard Time.

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  22. Happy (belated) Birthday to Daniel! Just extending the celebrations over here. Hope you have a year filled with fun and happiness!

    Movie Criticism for the Retarded – talks about 80’s cartoons that would make awesome live feature films. My vote is for M.A.S.K. too.

    The Body Farm – Was I the only one who saw this on the news last night? It’s this fenced off area of land near Knoxville where they leave dead bodies in the elements to study decomposition and entomology and such. They mentioned the stench on several occasions. I bet!

    I had to bring some contracts to one of my favourite clients today to sign. It’s a big deal that we’ve all been looking forward to having finished… in a good way. He was very excited. It’s days like today when I think that my job doesn’t suck so much after all.

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  23. What a totally stinky crappy day. (Well, relatively stinky and crappy — things can always be worse.)

    ▪ Jack didn’t get the sr. pastor position leaving the financial fate of his wife and unborn child in question… so that’s a total bummer, but as we said before, it is better to know now than to find out at the end of January or something.

    ▪ I spent half the afternoon making changes to something, unfortunately, it ended up not working out as planned, so I spent the other half changing it back — and now I still have all my work to do yet.

    ▪ My word count is the same as it was on Thursday, you say? Why yes it is. I hate this. Where is my nano partner when I need her?

    ▪ I found out the book I want is out of print and therefore ridiculously expensive.

    moon phases

    I did see the eclipse the other night, so that made me happy.

    Subliminal Thoughts

    I say … and you think … ?

    1. Leapfrog:: Buck Buck

    2. Co-workers:: Karl / Bossman

    3. Mustang:: convertible

    4. Wafer:: almond wafer sticks

    5. Nicotine:: patch

    6. Fast food:: McDonalds

    7. Suffocate:: plastic bag

    8. Myth:: Age of Mythology

    9. Lane:: Lindsay’s brother

    10. Unexpected:: surprise

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  24. I’m sorry, Manda.

    When I said that I secretly hoped

    that he wouldn’t get the job

    so you would move closer to me…

    I didn’t really mean it.

    I didn’t think they would be

    dumb enough to let him go.

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  25. I’ve done nothing… I’ve written nothing. I suck.

    But I’ve been really happy eating my edamame.

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