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  1. Uhh… We’re Not Together Together

    Sunday night I brought a colleague/client/friend/person to Macaroni Grill to get dinner after his flight came in. After we were seated, a waitress came over to our table and said, “I just have to say that you two look so cute. I saw you walk in, and I just had to tell you that.”

    Both being extremely laid-back, it was downplayed pretty easily. And we were lookin’ pretty good, if I do say so… but isn’t that a faux pas right up there with asking a woman if she is expecting? You just don’t do that unless you know for sure.

    Olympics Moments

    — Go dude from Iowa State! Woohoo!

    — that irish protester guy messing with the marathon just really makes me a bit angry. I mean, it’s one thing to Soy Bomb the MTV awards, but it’s another thing to screw with someone who has spent years training for this opportunity of a lifetime. That’s shattering a dream, and it just brings rudeness to a whole other level. And though the Brazilian runner displayed an incredible attitude of sportsmanship, I hope he wins the appeal.

    Take It From Me

    Bossman’s wife gave me a bouquet of stargazer lilies. (Probably the sweetest smelling flower in the world.) The deal is that the pollen from those things stains like a mother. So as the blooms have been opening, I’ve been cutting the anthers out.

    Tonight they fell into the sink as I was popping them off, and I learned quickly that they will stain your sink highlighter yellow. So just make a point of not doing that unless you feel like scrubbing for a while.

    Congratulations to Manda!

    Soon she is going to be in family photo albums across America… as Princess Fiona at Universal Studios. Yay!

    Speaking of Yay… I got my passport today. Woohoo!

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  2. I’d just like to take this opportunity to say that I am the #1 search result for the following: ugly birthday redheads with mullets

    Practical Math

    I felt pretty cool this afternoon for remembering how to find the area of a circle. (r x r x pi) I just wanted to explain to Bossman that at 10ยข per square inch, our pizza really wasn’t all that expensive. Wow, I really am a geek.

    Olympic Comments

    — I love the faces and movements and contortions the long jumpers go through at the beginning of their jumps.

    — Is it unpatriotic for me to be secretly happy that the men’s basketball team lost? Somehow they don’t seem worthy of a gold even if they had won.

    Random Tidbit

    I apparently read between 300-350 words per minute at normal pace. Check yourself.

    I’m newly addicted to Proximity

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  3. Happiness is…

    …getting pictures of my fairy goddaughter in the mail. (Though next time, I challenge you to use even fewer words in your thoughtful letter. Though nearly impossible, may I suggest simply, “Here.”) ๐Ÿ™‚

    What Have I Done

    Against my better judgement, I may be opening my home to a couple of superfans for a night or two. I just don’t know what else to do. Their parents are apparently just going to be dropping them off in the Nashville area. It’s just weird. And my bleeding heart doesnt want them wandering the streets, so what else can I do?

    These two are nice, and I’ve met them at many shows. They are die-hards, though they did freak the guys out for a while as they showed up at something like 5 shows in a row in four different states. (Tash, I’m sure you know who I’m talking about… the cousins?)

    I’ve just tried to distance myself from that whole crowd a bit, as it was getting a little weird for me for a while. Eh… anyway…

    The Wizard of Floyd

    Where have I been? Why didn’t I know there have been showings of The Dark Side of Oz at the the CyberSphere? Probably because I didn’t know what the CyberSphere was… but dang… anybody want to go?

    Eat My Shorts

    Have you heard of the IFOCE? That’s the International Federation of Competitive Eating. Not even kidding. And just so you know, the Krystal Square Off is going to be held in Nashville on the 15th. (Manda should come.) I cannot even begin to imagine the abdominal pain that will ensue following that competition.

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  4. Life Lessons (a.k.a. Tips from the Mario Brothers Instruction Booklet)

    Remember a while back, I linked to a video of a guy playing the Mario Brothers music on piano. There’s a new, more extensive one… which is brilliant. I think he has to cover pretty much every theme. He also has his own site:

    It’s a Small World After All

    I forgot to mention that yesterday at the chocolate shoppe, there was also a couple there who had gotten off of a tour bus. Petra asked where they were from only to find out they are from Belmond, Iowa… which is where one of my college roommates was from. They know her parents. Weird.

    Lot 665: A Papier-Mache Musical Box

    Estate sale of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. Interesting but sad too.

    Happiness is…

    …talking to Eric in Denver last night.

    Snippet of the conversation opener:

    Me: Eric, this is Danielle.

    Eric: Oh my gosh!

    Me: I’ve been trying to get ahold of you for six months.

    Eric: That’s not true; you left a message with the babysitter two months ago and didn’t leave a number!

    Me: Oops. Well, I’m in the book.

    Eric: What book?? The book of life?

    Song of the Day

    Whatever they are calling the Bjork/Kelis collaboration. I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself a Kelis fan, but Bjork can redeem anything in my book.

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  5. Happiness is…

    …having a friend working at la chocolaterie today. Made a perfect excuse to stop in for one of their divine truffles. The chili pepper one… which reminds me of Chocolat.

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  6. That’s Entertainment

    To set up the scene, Michael and I didn’t do much in the way of painting last night due to the distraction of the Olympics… and then…

    Michael: Look what I borrowed! [gleefully holds up DVD I’ve never seen before]

    Me: Is that some sort of workout video?

    Michael: [grinning] Nope.

    Me: Uhh…. porn?

    Michael: Naah, this is only the most amazing documentary you will ever see.

    And thus I was introduced to the glory that is Hands on a Hard Body. I can hardly describe it… you simply must read the description and comments. Not to be confused with a new Garbage record with potentially the same name, this is a documentary about a radio/car-dealership give-away where 20-some contestants try to be the last with a hand on the grand prize… a brand new pick-up truck. It takes place in Texas, and there are some real good ol’ boys in this one.

    Maybe it struck me as so hilarious because we had just watched Waiting for Guffman last weekend. The comedy is in the seriousness of it all.

    Olympian Blogger

    Gold-medal-winning swimmer Scott Goldblatt has a blog.

    Music of the Day

    Rilo Kiley

    Some days you just need a clap-along song like “With Arms Outstretched”.

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  7. After watching men’s swimming the other night, I was looking to see if Gary Hall Jr. came off as a completely pompous oaf to anyone else. (And yes, he did.) I also came across nominations for the Biggest Punk of the Olympics for which he is nominated.

    I love love this skirt.

    Happiness is…

    …Jumping, Jiving, & Swinging with Petra, topped off with Bosco’s. (8/21)

    …playing wiffleball with Dalton. (Pitching, fielding, & batting all barefoot in a skirt… I won major Cool Babysitter points.) (8/22)

    …working from home and watching the Olympics.

    I wish it would rain already.

    I’m helping Michael paint his room tonight. No more hot pink. Hehe.

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  8. Stick It Where the Sun Don’t Shine

    ‘Sticking the Landing’ Vaults Us All to a Better Way of Life: I [heart] this article. Oh my gosh.

    Yesterday I filed my column and instead of sending my usual wimpy in-house e-mail alerting my editor that my story’s ready, here’s what I did:

    I jumped into her office (careful to keep both feet together upon landing, no wobbling), arched my back, thrust my arms in the air and smiled. Then I turned to face the copy desk and repeated the maneuver.

    Reminds me of watching the ’96 Olympic Games. Shane was the king of sticking it. Good times.

    Commentator Hater

    Am I going to have to be the one to start the Al Trautwig and Tim Daggett Hate Club? Honestly. They are the most obnoxious gymnastics commentators. The chick Elfi is tolerable. The men… ugh. I just want to yell “shhhhhhh” at my television. USA Today scolds them in the last paragraph.

    And speaking of gymnastics, is it me or does the music for the floor exercises sound like midi to anyone else?

    Happiness is…

    … the mystery artist is up at The first two don’t sound as great at the lower quality, but it’s all about reset.

    Ding Ding Ding

    Let’s talk about how often I leave the lights on in my car.

    All. The. Time.

    It’s not my fault, mind you. Over the past few months, the little ding-ding (you know, the one that indicates a door is ajar or the lights are on or my seatbelt has yet to be fastened) has decrescendoed to a nearly inaudible level for some reason. I have never had a car that shuts its own lights off, so like Pavlov’s dog, I rely on the bell.

    I think it’s time to invest in some jumper cables.

    Today’s Random Link That’s Not in the Sidebar

    YCD@W: I mean, he’s rocking to Rusted Root, for Pete’s sake.

    For the Record

    I’d just like to state that I try to only use my powers for good… or for awesome.

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  9. I’m getting ready to throw my computer away… but I came across something that made me smile — and I think Erin will smile too… remember this guy?


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  10. I have discovered the beauty of the artwork of Cristina Acosta. You might like it too.

    Everyone Can Rest Now

    Tinkerbell has been found. I wonder how many people are calling the phone number on her posters.


    — I want Qatar to win a gold just so I can hear their 32-second long national anthem.

    Thought for the Day

    If I act like I’m not here, will they leave me alone?

    Happiness is…

    — finding more money in my savings account than I remember putting there.

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  11. Happy Birthday, Fiona! We celebrate in 65 days.

    If you want to spoil your evening Olympic-watching enjoyment by knowing who won before you watch, like me… you, too, can get your very own Olympic Medal Count Tally Thingie at the link above. (While that site seems to have the best of intentions for providing comprehensive Olympic blogging, it is completely overrun with animated ads and the format makes it impossible for me to read the first couple words on the left side of each line.)

    Other Olympic bloggers:

    2004 Olympics Blog: Scripps Howard News Service takes you behind-the-scenes at the Athens Games (though how behind-the-scenes is to be debated according to a recent post)

    Dave Barry has been doing Olympic Updates on his blog

    18 Days in August: an Olympic blog

    — Actually, here’s a whole gigantic list of them

    Blog Quote of the Day

    Shoot For The Moon… If you miss, you’ll just be floating in weightless emptiness forever. But if you make it, you’ll get through the weightless emptiness pretty quickly and collide with a giant rock devoid of life!
    Lance @

    He also points to a post that a girl named Rachel wrote about issues those in my age bracket face in regards to dating, etc.. I almost want to comment, but I haven’t sorted out what I want to say yet.

    Jack & Manda’s Fifth (freaking) Wedding Aniversary is just around the corner, and I can’t get over how weird that is. While part of me is thinking “holy cow, your best friend has been married for 5 years and you haven’t dated anyone seriously in nearly as long”, the other part of me is like “praise God that I didn’t get married back when I thought I wanted to get married, only I had clue what it takes to be married.”

    My Brother Makes Me Sick

    He got a cold the day before he came down. The day after he got here, I started getting a scratchy throat. I accused him of making me sick, and Nate said that wasn’t possible since he wasn’t feeling sick after having spent 14 hours confined in a vehicle with Greg.

    So I’m developing a theory called Danielle’s Theorem of the Common Genetic Predisposition to Airborn Pathogens… suggesting that because Greg and I grew up in the same home and suffered many of the same common colds and flus and ailments, we have the same gaps in our immune systems which make us fall victim to the same sicknesses… whereas Nate may be unaffected.

    That said, I’m feeling a little bit like crap today.

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  12. On the Road Again

    The Brother and The Friend have departed. Time to put my house back together. Good times were had by all. I have the most hilarious story to relay, but I don’t think anyone will get the magnitude of the hilariousness unless one has seen Napoleon Dynamite. So you all can just go ahead and get on that.


    We went to see I, Robot last night. I pretty much had no desire to see it, but I have to admit I ended up enjoying it. (Even though we were the only three to be laughing at the comic relief. Come on, people, it’s a Will Smith trademark.) Then we went to Fido’s and took the obligatory walk around the Parthenon. (Greg was the only one tall enough to do a “Samson” pose between two of the columns.)

    And speaking of ancient Greek architecture, we learned how ignorant we are about world geography, as we saw more than one team march in the Olympic opening ceremony from a country we never even heard of.

    Happiness is…

    — flights to Perth booked (8/14)

    Ours (8/14)

    — shopping with Greg and surviving (8/15)

    Doom Doom Doom (8/15)

    — my new black Chuck Taylors, size 4 (which I bought before seeing I, Robot)(8/16)

    Oh We’re Going to a Hookilau

    How did I forget to mention that Leslie has a new blog for their Hawaiian adventures.

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  13. Here I Am, Rock You Like a Hurricane

    Manda and fam are alive, albeit without power (for up to a week). She also informed me that the next storm is Tropical Storm Danielle. Aww, yeah.

    Somehow we managed to stay up until 3 this morning. *sleeeeeepy*

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  14. Greg and Nate made it by 9. In time to see the greatest Simpsons episode ever: Behind the Laughter


    The dream was over. Coming up: was the dream really over? Yes it was. Or was it?

    And then we went to see Napoleon Dynamite. Because we freakin’ wanted to, gosh!

    Happiness is…

    — brothers and friends visiting.

    — the air conditioner breaking on the day that we don’t need it anyway.


    Manda was unconvinced when I called her this morning and told her that I heard on the news that all Florida residents are supposed to evacuate to Tennessee. Okay fine. Still haven’t heard from our guys in Cuba. Vickie’s headed home from work — I hope you have a cozy afternoon with your candles and Fonzie! Be safe!

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  15. Moog: The Film. Why do I wanna say that Jay and Chris met Bob Moog? I may be completely making that up, but I seem to remember Chris being all geeked about that.

    Happiness is…

    — Nate & Greg are on their way.

    — This weather… hello? It’s total sailing weather. Warm, yet a cool breeze.

    — Putting a snot-nosed egomaniac out of the reviewing business. Tsk, tsk. If you’re pilfering advance copies from somewhere, don’t make the mistake of posting about it on a board I monitor.

    — Being mere days from Ours.

    Sit Right Back and Hear a Tale

    One of our clients is presently in Cuba. We think. Unless he has washed out to sea by now.

    Getting to Know Me

    I discovered this morning that I have a real petpeeve about stuffed animals in vehicles. As with graduation tassles on the rearview mirror, I think there ought to be a statute of limitations on how old you can be and still have beanie babies on your dash or in your back window.

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  16. No Surprises Here

    Last night I was parked at Waffle House waiting for Courtney, when I noticed some movement in the little bushes near my car. Creatures. I kid you not… at one point I counted no less than six little mice frollicking through the grass.

    Through the grass outside of Waffle House.

    Outside, yet very near the Waffle House.

    (That’s the Waffle House on Old Hickory and 65… just sayin’.)

    Happiness is…

    — Taking a new person to Demos’.

    — Being seranaded by Blue, the street musician.

    — Taking a walk, barefoot, until midnight.

    — Free coffee in the morning.

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  17. Hyperballad
    My song is “Hyperballad”.

    Which Bjork song are you?

    Day Late… Dollar Short

    Looking at my stats, I saw someone found my site searching for “moms boycotting starbucks”. Always interested to know where I rank in searches like that, I followed the link… and ended up coming across this great rant about tipping at Starbucks. It’s really too funny. And it’s too bad that apparently just yesterday the site owner took everything down, so you’re linked to the google cache.

    Happiness is…

    The Man from Snowy River being on television last night. (Have you ever read the poem on which the movie is based? )

    — the back speakers in my car deciding to work again. So now it’s like a tin can in stereo. Awesome!

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  18. Happy Moving-to-HAWAII Day, Leslie!!

    I know you’ll be greatly missed by those who love you in Florida. And who’s going to stay up past 10:00 with me when I visit now? ๐Ÿ™‚ But there is this beautiful thing called the internet, so I don’t expect you to become a stranger. (I trust we will see those blog format changes soon?) Godspeed!

    There is Justice

    A couple weeks ago, Jack told me about the man who was accused of molesting a 13-year-old while he took pictures with her as he was dressed up as Tigger at Disney. I mean, come on! Don’t those people get enough abuse as it is? Now we’re going to charge them with molestation if their 14-inch paw brushes a breast? George Jetson totally touched my butt one time at King’s Island, but I’ve lived to tell about it.

    Anyway, I was just happy to read that the guy was acquitted and allowed to return to work with full back-pay after less than an hour of jury deliberation. (I think it was cool that the jurors were allowed to try on the Tigger costume. Anyone who has ever been a mascot for anything knows those things aren’t the easiest to see out of or maneuver yourself in.)

    I also think it’s cool that the defense attorney did the case pro bono, as he also works as a costume character at Disney.

    Happiness is…

    — how much I’m digging that cd from the other day

    Linky Linky

    bread coffee chocolate yoga: for coffee aficionadas

    Thinking of You

    Prayers going out to Steve & fam after the death of his grandfather.

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  19. Pain in the Arse

    Yeah rode horse again last night. He doesn’t listen to me. I think he senses fear. The problem I had was that when I felt like I was going to fall, I would tense up and squeeze my lower legs around him… only he thinks that is a cue to go faster, which only made me fear falling and want to hold on tighter. But I trotted and cantered. And now my butt hurts.

    Happiness is…

    — witnessing someone experience Last of the Mohicans for the first time. (8/7)

    — going swing dancing with the girls.

    Anti-Jetlag Diet: I need to do this… the lack of caffeine will be the main issue.

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  20. My Nub is Your Nub

    There is a completely tasteless conversation going on over at Erin’s. (And it is, of course, one of the funniest things ever…) Seems to have started out as a fairly innocent conversation about amputees, which has since become a brainstorming session replacing the word “Love” with the word “Nub” in all your favourite song titles.

    The ones that particularly make me laugh?

    — “Nub Hurts”

    — “My Endless Nub”

    — “To Make You Feel My Nub”

    — “All You Need is Nub”

    — “Can You Feel the Nub Tonight?” (brilliant, Allison!)

    — “Greatest Nub of All”

    Go ahead and add yours to her post or leave comments here.

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  21. Happiness is…

    … talking with Sandra until 2 am; and the Peets coffee she brought back for me.

    … unexpectedly getting the Lovedrugicd (that everyone is talking about) in the mail yesterday

    … the mystery artist EP in my computer. Mmmm…

    counting down the days

    I love this pulley lamp!

    Portrait, nature, macro images

    VolkStudio Photo Gallery

    Rick James has passed. I don’t think I really have any feelings on that.

    LJ Friday Five

    1. What animal best represents you?
    tiger cub

    2. What color best represents you? purple

    3. What season best represents you? autumn

    4. What emotion best represents you? happiness

    5. What flower/tree/plant best represents you? carrot?

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  22. Hello, my little possum

    No need to play dead;

    What is going on

    Inside that pretty head?

    Happiness is…

    …new little babies to babysit. Duncani&iBreeon had their little girl yesterday.

    …Sandra is back after over a month in California. We’re having a girls night while Karl takes Audrey to Hillary Duff. *snicker*

    People Who Know Me

    “I was thinking about you today because we’re going to see Phantom tonight.”

    — an email from Jenna, my best friend during the important years of my school career.

    I’m in a funk.

    Song of the Day

    All I Want is You

    I’m not a big advocate of U2 covers, as that is something you just shouldn’t mess with… but I actually dig this one.

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  23. Happiness is…

    …knowing someone who will go see The Village and Anchorman with me… on the same night. Nothing like a little double-header.

    With so many people dogging The Village, I’m trying to figure out why I didn’t hate it. I guess I wasn’t watching to be analytical… for once. It was what I wanted it to be. I didn’t come with certain expectations and spend the whole time trying to look for clues to the inevitable twists. (Side note: A woman in the bathroom said my hair looks like Ivy’s… it was a curly day.)

    And as for Anchorman… oh my. The part at the beginning with the question mark on the teleprompter killed me. I’m giggling even now just thinking about it.

    Busted Tees… “without Me, it’s just Aweso”

    Over Here, Over Hair

    In other hair news, I’ve found that women are 95% more likely to notice a major change in hair style. Well, maybe not. Men are likely to notice there’s a change, but not likely to know what it is.

    Last night I ran to the studio (mastering should be done today — woohoo), and Tedd says, “Your hair. Is it longer?” Yeah, no. Try 10 inches shorter. Linkin Park is a rollercoaster.

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  24. Somebody Call Peta

    Snail Spitting is now a sporting event?

    Blog Quote of the Day

    “They fell into a pit! See, when I hear the word pit, I don’t think ditch, or hole. I think of a pit being at minimum 40 feet, with the potential of being bottomless.”

    — BS Tommy, in an inspired post about foreign headlines.

    I Do, Do You?

    I was looking up information on how to renew a notary commission when I came across something interesting. Upon further looking-up, I discovered it is true statewide… you save $60 when applying for a marriage license if you have completed some sort of premarital counseling. Interesting incentive.

    Cryptic Emailers

    In the past three days, I’ve gotten at least seven one-line emails from random people I don’t know. If any were from you, will you please leave a comment letting me know the level at which I should be fearing for my life, because frankly, I don’t have time to worry about that right now.

    Happiness is…

    …learning to ride horse last night… bareback… and being able to walk normally this morning. I don’t know how many of you have experienced that, but with no saddle, you’re holding yourself upright with your legs for the most part… which can be a challenge for anyone who isn’t Suzanne Somers.

    Random Tidbits

    — Last night raised a true dilemma as both The Princess Bride and Spinal Tap were on television at the same time.

    — My computer sounds like it’s going into self-destruct.

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  25. Spamusement: Poorly-drawn cartoons inspired by actual spam subject lines!

    I laughed. (via PopCultureJunkMail)

    I just realized that it was Watermark who led worship yesterday. I had to find the offertory song… because it was so beautiful.

    Shiny Happy People

    Pretty Purple Princess is challenging bloggers to record a happy moment each day. (via Barry via Michael)

    Yesterday thoughts of my nephew made me happy. Today happiness is sleeping in a bit and working from home in pajamas.

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