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  1. Catching Up

    Hmm… let’s see. How do I summarize everything?

    Flight… freaking long.

    New Zealand… gorgeous.

    Sheep… cuuuuuute.

    Tash… best hostess ever.

    Piha & Ngunguru… must return locations.

    Boat rides on the ocean to Poor Knights Islands… awesome.

    Flat whites… beat Starbucks hands down.

    Australia… mmm.

    Chilling with Phil & Fi… refreshing.

    Couches… I think I found one I like. I don’t know if I’ll be able to take it home. May have to come back for it.

    We’re heading to my uncle’s tomorrow. This is going way too fast.

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  2. We’re Here!

    Made it safely to Auckland. Sleeping sitting up stinks. But in the words of Annie, “I think I’m going to like it here.”

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  3. Procrastinators Anonymous

    Yeah, okay, so it’s 8:15 on Sunday night, and I have yet to pack a single thing.

    I have made great progress in the last two hours though. There are now some piles forming of needed items. And the suitcase is actually open now… so we’re well on our way.

    Oh come on. We all know I won’t pack until tomorrow morning.



    Travelers cheques.

    Last minute American-y gifts.

    Water plant.

    Get the heck out of dodge.

    I’m going to try to update while I’m gone… but if not, check out the nice links to the left. They’ll keep you entertained until November 6. 🙂 Wheeeeee!

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  4. I See Said the Blind Man

    We got our cute new glasses yesterday. It was funny, because we both ended up buying different pairs from what we had picked out the night before. (Don’t worry, Manda, you’ll hate them as much as you hated my old ones.) My vision has actually gotten better, and my sore eyes were from the strain of too strong a prescription. Cool.

    Southern Logic

    Never try to battle the logic of an old Southern man at the Register of Deed’s office…

    Me: I inadvertantly sent in a document without the return envelope. I received a postcard back saying that there would be a $5 special handling fee in order for me to get it back, but I wondered if I could just send you the self-addressed, stamped envelope instead?

    Him: Nope, it don’t work that way. You can come down here and pick it up for free, but if we need to send it out to you then it costs the $5. You see, they’re all just stuffed in boxes, and we have to go in and find it.

    Me: Let me get this straight. If I had originally sent the envelope, you would have sent the document back.

    Him: Yes, but now it’s in a box.

    Me: But if I physically go there, you’ll go through the box and give it to me for free.

    Him: That’s right.

    Me: But if I just sent you an envelope, it now costs $5 to have you go through the same box.

    Him: Right. Makes sense dunnit.

    Me: Not really, but thank you.

    Screw that, I’m not sending the stamped envelope. If it is costing me $5, they’re taking the 37-cent hit.

    New Perspective

    If you want the thought-provoking version of the Danielle & Tash Adventures, read her site. She writes in beautiful prose, whereas I’m all like “yeah, we went to Demos’ and talked for two hours. Rawk!”

    Mild panic is setting in, as it is the last day in the office, and my desk is in a somewhat scary state. Eeeee.

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  5. No time for anything… except…

    Survivor Orange Magnolia

    1. Who wins the Reward Challenge? Yasur

    2. Who wins the Immunity Challenge? Lopevi

    3. Who gets voted off the island? Lisa

    4. How many votes does the booted player get? 4

    5. Who does the booted player vote for? Eliza

    6. Who has the first confessional in Yasur? Ami

    7. Who has the first confessional in Lopevi? Bubba

    8. Which castaway is made very happy? Scout

    9. Who is caught trying to secretly communicate with a member of the opposing tribe? Lisa

    10. Who catches them? Julie

    11. Who is the “caught” castaway trying to secretly communicate with? Rory

    12. How many curse words are bleeped during this episode? (Less than three, more than three) More

    13. What color shirt does Jeff Probst wear at Tribal Council? Yellow

    Bonus Bonus Question:

    14. Does the earthquake happen during the morning, afternoon, evening or night? Morning

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  6. Quote of the Day:

    Is it wrong that I watch this much Food Network?

    Tash: No, it’s wrong that you watch this much Food Network and you don’t cook.

    Hmm. Let’s see. More adventures of Tash and Danielle include spending fifteen cents on dinner music at Johnny Rockets and watching Spiderman 2 at the IMAX. (That theatre did not have a noble aroma.)

    Tonight we went to the mall. Made appointments for getting new glasses tomorrow. And had a delightful meal at PF Changs… we had lamb in order to prepare for NZ.

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  7. (Double post… blogger wouldn’t let me delete until now.)

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  8. Aaron, I have your phone. Email me with your address! 🙂

    Tash and I are here safe and sound. Woot!

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  9. Public Service Announcement

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I noticed you found this site by searching for “Me+&+Bobby+McGee+karaoke”. I think I speak for the rest of the world when I say that no one wants to hear you sing that song unless your name is Kris Kristopherson or Janis Joplin, and even then… I think it’s been done enough. Just say no.

    Thank you.

    More PSA

    One adult tick can lay from 1000-3000 eggs. Ahem.

    Waste of an Afternoon

    Let’s see. This afternoon I went to get Chinese food for the office. Disappointing, I must say. Then we spent 15 minutes listening to the Real Men of Genius Bud Light commercials looking for one in particular. Then Bossman went home to watch baseball. I need to go pick up my watch from the jeweler and then get my rental car. Motivation level is extremely low today.

    That’s all I have.

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  10. Beautiful Game

    Okay, here’s a new one. You have to try “A Murder of Scarecrows” at The Skeleton Shop. It’s beautiful. I only got up to 193. Be sure to click the little symbol thing to launch the music player too. Or just launch it now.

    Survivor Orange Magnolia

    It’s not too late to play!

    1. Which tribe will win the reward challenge? Lopevi

    2. Who will be the “surprise” visitor? Ty Pennington who gives their camp an EXTREME makeover. (I have no freaking idea.)

    3. Which tribe wins the immunity challenge? Lopevi

    4. Who is voted out this week? Eliza

    5. Which tribe member gives Bubba a pep talk? Sarge

    6. Who plays puppet master? Lisa

    7. Which tribe will we see first in the episode following the double tribal council? Yasur

    8. Will it rain? Yes

    9. Will Sarge yell at anyone this week? No


    10. Over or under three: number of fish the men catch this week. Over

    11. Which tribemembers will clash in the Lopevi tribe? Rory & Bubba

    12. Which tribemembers will clash in the Yasur tribe? Eliza & Lisa

    13. At tribal council, will Jeff Probst reveal a vote we’ve already seen in a confessional or a new vote first? Confessional

    Bonus Bonus Question:

    14. Does Twila let the girls braid her hair? No

    Rock Paper Saddam: I laughed so much I snorted. (DOUBLE YOU TEE EFF.) Maybe it had to do with Steve’s lead-up to it, but man… you probably don’t even know pen missile.

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  11. Loop-de-Loop

    Me: Are you out of the proverbial loop?

    Rusty: I’m entirely out of the loop, though I’ve asked to be in the loop.

    Me: Me too! I can see the loop; I’m just not in it.

    Rusty: I can’t even see the loop.


    I found this map over at random person who linked to me (hi, btw). According to this map, three weeks from Saturday I’ll be going from “Raleigh” to “Tijuana” to kind of the middle of the Gulf of California.

    Liquid Hot Magma

    I, for one, would be quite fine if reporters quit referring to Mt. St. Helens’ activity as “belching“.

    I Get Mistaken for Being Rich All the Time

    Last night I was getting international travel tips from Duncan, and he was telling me to leave all valuables behind. “If I were you, I’d take my watch and maybe some earrings if you wear them. But you’d hate to lose $1000-worth of jewelry if one of your bags got lost.”

    How cute. He thinks I might possibly own $1000-worth of jewelry. My watch is probably the most valuable item I own, and right now it’s worthless, as it does not work. However, I might pay the $47 to get it cleaned and oiled and running before I go.

    The 8500 Calorie Sandwich. Don’t try this at home, kids.

    Hooked Up

    This morning I went to visit my former colleague who now works for a company we like to refer to as “The Man”. We had a little swapping swag session. All I had to offer was an EP, but he came through with ThelRiverlBends (the album I originally went to trade for), HawklNelson (who I don’t think I’m going to dig), LostlDogs (who I will dig), SomethinglLikelSilas (no opinion), Petra en espanol (an inside joke), & Glen Campbell (rock).

    Song for the Day:

    Go On
    The Elected

    ~You’re very drunk and we were very young.

    I’m going to see this guy and it might be love.

    Yeah, I think he might be the one.

    If you get married can I come? I’ve got to see this.

    Well, go on and dig your holes in this ground.

    Yeah, go on and lay your tired bodies down.

    Just like you’re going to. Just like they expect you to.

    And I’ve been thinking about moving away.

    Now that we’ve had this talk, I definitely may.~

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  12. Happiness is…

    … an early morning phonecall wrapped in a down blanket while curled up on the loveseat (mmm… couches).

    … sweater weather.

    Grappa… fun and pretty.

    If this carrot could talk, what would it say?

    Random Tuesday Question #7:

    Finish this sentence: "I would love to go on a date with you, but..."

    I expect funny and/or creative responses, people (i.e. I have to floss my cat). This can be a reference from which any of us can draw in the future. Multiple responses from the same person are welcome.

    (Hehe… I like this one.)

    I would love to go out on a date with you, but…

    …I’ve given up dating for lent.

    …is there room in the car for my mom?

    …I can’t find my cheese grater.

    …the voices are telling me that I’m not allowed.

    …I only go out with people who are fluent in Klingon.

    …would you mind waiting until after the operation?

    …I’m moving to Yemen.

    More Games

    Manda, the blogging queen, discovered some puzzle games. Try to get out of the Crimson Room. I used a cheat for the Veridian Room, but I got the Blue Room.

    Song for the Day: (Courtesy of Manda)

    And We DancedThe Hooters

    ~And we danced, like a wave on the ocean, romanced.

    We were liars in love and we danced,

    Swept away for a moment by chance.

    And we danced and danced and danced.~

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  13. Them There Purty People Are in Town

    I just went to a movie premiere. Okay, so I just took a look at the red carpet. Actually, I walked down to get coffee at the end of the day and could barely get in the door because of all the people stargazing. (And let me tell you, the crazies sure have come out of the woodwork. Mmm.. gotta love the south.)

    Seems Tim McGraw wanted to have a hometown premiere for his new movie Friday Night Lights, so the Franklin Cinema is hosting it. There’s literally a red carpet down the middle of main street.

    Oh the times I wish I had a camera phone. I was a mere 10 feet from Faith Hill, Tim McGraw (they got out of a white SUV– just to prove I was there), Kenny Chesney (maroon t-shirt and blue baseball cap), Big & Rich, Martina McBride, Charley Crook, and maybe a couple others. Actually, Faith was the only one I recognized on my own. I kept having to turn to people to ask who everyone was screaming for. That got me looks of death, believe me.

    Be gone, you non-country-music listener!

    Speaking of Movies…

    Woo-Man & the Masters of the Universe: John Woo to direct live action He-Man movie.

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  14. Saint Helens is waking up!

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  15. Weekend: Thankfully Over

    I survived the weekend and earned every single penny. I think we all came away unscathed.

    What I found interesting was how they really did adapt to my rules. They are real name-callers (idiot, poophead, etc.), which I think is really damaging to a child’s psyche. So right away, I stopped them and said that they may get away with that when their parents are around, but those words offend me and I won’t stand for them being used while I’m in charge.

    Scary, but it seemed to work.


    John Travolta is way hotter now than he was back in the Saturday Night Fever and even Grease days. (And he’s rockin’ the green tie here too.)


    Knowing what I know about copyrights and infringment, I cannot image how this company has allowed this company to get away with that logo.

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  16. What I’ve Learned So Far

    1. Children greatly underestimate the intelligence of adults.

    2. My children will never be involved in sports if I have anything to say about it.

    3. I will never own a minivan.

    Still alive, though I seriously questioned whether I’d survive last night. Only 24 more hours.

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  17. October is Fire Safety Month. (How apropos with all those jack-o-lanterns starting porches on fire.)

    Things I Shouldn’t Need to Remind You:

    1. Daylight Saving ends October 31. Remember to change the batteries in your smoke detectors.

    2. For Pete’s sake, pull over for emergency vehicles. Nothing gets the road-rageous part of me going more than people who don’t.

    Mom told me last week that my brother applied to be a volunteer fireman like my dad and grandpa before him. I think that’s cool and horrible at the same time. I have never been able to sit through Backdraft, nor do I expect to ever watch Ladder 49. (Sorry, but I still love you, Joaquin & John!)

    New Month New Look

    And normally I change my desktop on the 1st of the month, thanks to Mamselle’s lovely calendars. But this month, I am going with my own. I’ve got some folders covering Greg’s face right now though.


    Squares 2: One of the more addicting flash games I’ve played. Try to hit the black squares. Red squares kill you. Red circles do bad things. Black circles do good. My high score is 41 Squares, 3029 Points. Try to beat me.

    UPDATE: Make that 50 squares.

    They Can Sense Fear

    For some reason my friends have entrusted their three boys to my care until Sunday night. I’m sorry, do I look like I know what to do with three boys?

    I bought stuff to make Rice Krispie treats (with M&M;’s… the only way to eat them) and packed my Transformers DVDs. Pray for me.

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  18. Danielle’s 3 Rules for Being a Cool Adult

    1. Suck it up and buy the $2 candy bar, the $5 square of wrapping paper, or the $12 bucket of yucky cookie dough. It’s not about you.

    2. Always stop for lemonade stands. Go back around the block if you didn’t spy it in time on your first pass. And, of course, always tip.

    3. Be sure to wave to the kids in the backseat of the schoolbus you are following. Make funny faces if you dare be so bold and juvenile. Never scowl or be a jerk.

    Mount St. Helens Volcano Cam: You’ll want to know where that is when she blows her top one of these days.

    Survivor Orange Magnolia

    1. Will RC and IC be combined or separate tonight? Combined

    2. Who wins the Reward Challenge? The immunity is the reward

    3. There are two Tribal Councils this week. Who goes to TC first? Lopevi

    4. The promo has Jeff saying there is a twist this week. What is it? Double TC / Individual immunities within tribes

    5. Who wins Immunity? Regardless of how it’s won/assigned. Chad & Leann

    6. Which two players have the first argument? Lisa & Leann

    7. Who are the two booted players at TC? Name two – any two – one point for each correct choice. Eliza & JohnP

    8. Will it rain during the show tonight? Yes

    9. Will they show the volcano during the show (not including intro)? Yes

    10. Will someone cry during the show? No

    Danielle’s Bonus Question:

    Will they have to bleep out any cusswords? Yes

    And I’m Supposed to Care Because…..

    I need to rant, because I had another one of those phonecalls this morning.

    Yes, I may be the person who most often answers the phone around here, but that is usually because I’m the only one actually in the office. The biggest mistake anyone can make is to get on their proverbial high horse and start treating me like a secretary. (No offense to the people out there who consider themselves to be secretaries… but honestly, you shouldn’t let people treat you like one either.)

    I don’t schedule anyone’s meetings. I don’t pick up anybody’s dry-cleaning. I may go pick up lunch, but that’s my 30-minute escape walk for the midday.

    However if I happen to be the one who answers the phone, they need to consider the fact that they are now speaking to The Doorway. I can get you in… but I can also shut you out. I also have a low tolerance for industry people who think that everyone should kowtow to them at the sound of their names.

    The Call

    Him: This is [peon]. I have [bigshot] on the phone for [Bossman].

    Me: He’s not available. He’s actually on his way out of town. Can I take a message?

    Him: Can we try him on his cellphone?

    Me: I believe he’s on a flight right now.

    Him: Well can we try?

    Me: (thinking: “you must be daft”) …

    Him: Or should I leave a message?

    Me: I can take a message.

    Him: Tell him [bigshot] called. [rattles off phone number]

    Me: [bigshot]?

    Him: Yes.

    Me: And can I tell him what this is regarding?

    Him: [bigshot] is the co-chairman of [big label].

    Me: (thinking “and that’s what you wanted to talk to him about?”) Okay, I’ll let him know.

    Little does [peon] or [bigshot] know, but they are about fourth in line when it comes to big labels calling us these days.

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