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    Sunday, October 31

    This morning we went to church and came home for coffee (and anzac cookies… mmm.)

    My Cousin Luke and his friend Sarah came over for lunch. My Aunt made a yummy Thanksgivingish-type meal which was wonderful! We sat around the table forever just talking. Actually, since Luke is into music and graphics, he and Hans sat talking while Sarah and I just nodded.

    Later Hans & I took a walk down to the yacht club and sat on the rocks on the shore to chit-chat for a while. I still can’t believe how beautiful that spot is. It’s etched in my memory forever, but I can’t wait to go back!

    We got back just as they were going to leave for evening church, so we watched some Invader Zim (“I made mashed potatoes!”) and played piano. Fun fun.

    After dinner we played some more Kuuduk, and I think that the adults even got in on it this time. Overall just a wonderfully lazy day with family.

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    Saturday, October 30

    Today we got up really early (though not as early as we would have had to get up if we took the other shuttle like Hans wanted to originally. I am not a morning person. I am the voice of reason.). We flew to Albany on a crop duster and went for the “best landing ever”.

    We even landed early, so we had to wait at the airport for my uncle. (photo) Uncle came and took us back to their house, which is situated one block away from the Princess Royal Harbour. Met up with Aunt & cousin Lucy at the house and had coffee and anzac cookies. Mmmm.

    Because it was a blustery day, it was determined that it would be a perfect afternoon to visit a couple of spots on the coast… because the tumultuous seas make them more exciting. (photo) The first was a place called The Gap. (photo 1: Hans in the wind; photo 2: white water churning in the gap) Loved the warning signs about being unexpectedly swept out to sea by large waves. There is also a natural bridge that we didn’t cross due to the winds. (photo)

    We also walked down to a place called The Blowholes… called such because on days like this, the force of the water hitting the coast sends spurts of air and water through cracks in the rocks… much like a whale’s blowhole. However, it was so cold and so rainy/misty/wet that we could barely stick around to see them go off. It was a long 3 km walk for pretty much one spurt.

    We went back home to dry off, warm up, and eat lunch. Then we kids played a nice little cardgame I brought along called Kuuduk. We took naps. And later I went for a little walk.

    That night we had “tea” (aka. “supper” or “dinner”) with my Aunt’s parents. My cousin Brenton called in to say hello since he wouldn’t be around while I was there… only I think he enjoyed talking to Hans more than me. *superstar* Haha.

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    Friday, October 29

    Today we got up. Flew to Perth. Checked into our motel, and headed out to explore on foot. (map)

    Starving, we stopped for lunch at Manhattans. (photo) We crossed Langley Park and saw some huge palm trees. (photo)

    We spied a pretty tower in the distance so went to check it out. It is the Swan Bells Tower. We even paid the money to up. (photo: Perth from the tower) There are also some great photos of us with a swan sculpture, however I don’t have them yet.

    Had flatwhites at the Old Perth Port and then headed for the mall area. We stumbled upon the super-cute London Court and made our way around the shopping arcades.

    Desperate to sit down, we decided to see The Manchurian Candidate which was far too heavy for the mood we were in. (However the text messages with Fi before time put me in a giggly mood for a little while.)

    We headed back to the hotel to leave our things, and then walked over to D’Satay for my first Malaysian food experience. It was surprisingly good, though at that point I was hungry enough to eat anything.

    I like Perth.

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  4. Happy Thanksgiving! So much to be thankful for… but most especially my friends and loved ones. Present company included.


    Thursday, October 28

    Today Chris, Hans & I went to Sandgate to have authentic fish’n’chips at Doug’s Seafood Cafe (with the crabby waitress). Little did I know when we ordered “flake” that we were actually eating shark! It was actually really good.

    Then we walked around the coast. The tide was out, so I didn’t actually touch the water. Instead there was all this muddy sand beach that was carpeted with these little mud crab creatures. (photo: each little bump = one crab) There were also many blue jellyfish stranded on the sand. (photo) Then we went for ice cream. Woohoo.

    In the afternoon we watched some of the hilarious show Wild West. Still laughing. Bats. Wings.

    At night we went to Chinatown for dinner with Hans’ brother and sister-in-law and his housemates. It was pretty tasty. Finished the evening at the Lookout on Mt. Cootha. Had cappuccinos and shared a lamington at the cafe.

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    Wednesday, October 27

    Hans had to work, so we took the train into town. Phil picked me up at the McDonalds and took me back to their place.

    Fifi and I walked down to a cafe and had toast and flatwhites. We spent the afternoon there talking and then had a look at the antique shop. Walked back to the house. Had a little nap.

    Went to pick up Hans and went out for dinner at a place with couches, and then had dessert at Freestyles.

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  6. Random Tuesday Question

    #13: Name your favorite plaything(s) from childhood

    I had a box of dress-up clothes and a school desk… and with those we invented the most fun scenarios. My favourite was a make-up distribution company called Pinnoche Make-Up. I can’t remember my toys.

    Give Me Some Burnin’ Love

    I got my replacement cd/dvd drive today. Woohoo! I can burn again! I can burn again!

    A Conversation

    Manda: I got you a present.

    Me: What is it?

    Manda: I’m not telling.

    Me: Well, I got you a present in New Zealand, and I’m not telling you either.

    Manda: I’ll tell you if you tell me.

    Me: I’ve kept it a secret for two weeks, I can go another four.

    Manda: Oh yeah? I see your four weeks and raise you four more!

    I’m a little perplexed about this present though. She called me on Sunday and asked for my shoe size and then hung up. And something about Leslie needing to help her with something, and if I think about it long enough I could figure it out. Well, thinking…. hmm, not figuring it out.

    Song for the Day

    The One and Only
    Chesney Hawkes

    Don’t tell me you didn’t love this song in junior high. I remember being in Spanish class singing “yo soy el uno y solo“. I have no idea why it was in my head today.

    ~I am the one and only

    Nobody I’d rather be

    I am the one and only

    You can’t take that away from me~


    Tuesday, October 26

    Got up. Got ready. Called my friend Pete, who I hadn’t actually met in person before. We somehow got to emailing back when the guys were the old band, and when he found out I was going to Brissie, he said we had to get in touch.

    He came over to the house. I gave him an EP. We chit-chatted for half an hour, and then Hans and I had to leave.

    We walked to the train station and went to meet his friend (and her new baby) for lunch at Pandemonium, I believe. We stopped to visit his office, tooled around Brisbane, tried to call Fiona (photo) and eventually went to see Steamboy (the 2.4-billion yen movie).

    Flatwhites in the Valley. Train ride back. Walk home in the dark. Lovely day.

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  7. It’s Always the Idiots

    Why? Why, when the press is milling around looking for someone to make a statement, does it have to be that the only one saying anything happens to be one of the world’s greatest idiots?

    Allow me to quote an excerpt from a Detroit News article: (emphasis mine)

    “What really, really surprised me was after they went into the crowd, it seemed like no one was stopping the players,” said Andrew Merritt, 27, of Rochester Hills, who watched the fight unfold with his friends from the other side of the arena. “It bothered me. What these guys did — and the fact that these players were able to get at the fans like they did.”

    Merritt said he stood frozen as he watched.

    “Why wasn’t anyone taking Artest out of there?” said Merritt, who swore he would never go to another NBA game.

    Dude, unless you were punched in the face, don’t even talk to me… Mr. I Stood Frozen on the Other Side of the Arena. Let me guess… you stopped flying after 9|11 too.

    Well, I hereby declare that I will never go to another NBA game either. (Of course, my reason is just that I no longer live in Indianapolis and no longer work for a man who has access to free tickets.)

    Don’t Get Me Started

    I’m not crabby today, but for some reason those stupid “Support the Troops” ribbon car magnets are bugging the crap out of me today. It’s not the magnets, per se, as I’m all about supporting the troops. But what’s up with people sticking them on at an angle or worse yet completely sideways?

    The ribbon is supposed to be an up-and-down loop, people. Please… I know what it says, even if the writing slopes up a little bit. I’m sure even Andrew Merritt can figure it out. You don’t need to tip it sideways for us.


    Monday, October 25

    We arose and shown (arised and shined?) and went out for brekkie at some cafe in Paddington.

    Then we were off to the magical world of Lone Pine (“The First and Largest Koala Sanctuary in the World”… which begs the question: exactly how many koala sanctuaries are there?). (map) We saw bats and lizards and dingos and wombats and a cute little turtle and parrots. And since it is spring there, we saw lots of koala babies. (photo)

    They look so cuddly. (photo) And they are… teehee. (photo)

    Fi fed the wallabies. (photo) And then I fed a kangaroo. (photo) Slimy lickers, those roos. We also watched the sheep dog demonstration. (photo)

    After an exciting afternoon at Lone Pine, we went to this great little cafe place for some yummy nachos and flatwhites. Mmm. Then we went back to their house to get my stuff, and we headed over to Hans’ place. (After stopping to pick up dessert and flowers.)

    We had a lovely dinner on the patio with Hans’ housemates. People keep bringing up the huntsman spider, only I don’t think they realize that this idea is not making me want to move to Australia one tiny bit.

    Finished the night exchanging pressies. He gave me the Two Hands DVD, Computer Waiting Games book (brilliant), some Crocodile Hunter snacks and little things. I gave him some Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, a stuffed Zim, and some other things. And then we had a big long talk on the couch. Went to bed with a full head and heart.

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  8. Declaration

    Steve is no longer allowed to question my musical taste. He admits that “KountrylGentleman” is catchy.


    Sunday, October 24 /

    Starting today, I quit taking as good of notes about what we did and my picture-taking got less and less too. Oops.

    But we went to the mall to get my photos developed. I picked up cds of Bic Runga, Fast Crew, and that other group I can’t remember.I also got my greenstone necklace I had been wanting, and I had my first lamb kebab experience.

    We had wonderful conversation over great food (more kumara, cheese bread, and beef & béarnaise pizza) at One Red Dog. (T, you have no idea how much that dinner meant to me in the coming days and weeks!)

    Caught the praise & worship at CCC before we had to head to the airport. It was so hard to leave. I almost didn’t. I had such a wonderful time, and I was so nervous about going to Brisbane. Thanks again, for everything, Tash. I’ll be back!

    I had two empty seats next to me on the flight, so I slept. We landed in Brisbane at 11:45 pm. Did the whole customs thing.

    I was nervous about traveling alone, because you come out into this crowd of people… and everyone is looking for their people, and it’s so awkward looking if you don’t see them right away. Yes, I’m stupid for thinking so hard about such things. Especially when I didn’t have to worry about that at all. As soon as I rounded the corner, Fiona quite literally screamed and ran over to me. She, Phil, Hans & Chris were all there waiting for me to arrive. Yay!

    We (sans Chris) went to the valley for coffee and conversation. Then we went back to Phil & Fi’s and looked at pictures and finally went to bed at who-knows-what hour.

    There was a gigantic moth in my room. Mottephobia. Enough said.

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  9. Warning: Next Paragraph May Be Disturbing to Some

    I’ll admit it. I totally watched Sportscenter last night. I know… I don’t seem the type, but when you’re a girl who had two guy best friends in high school, you pay attention to the sports (NBA) they like and even start to enjoy them yourself. (My favourite player is/was little Steve Kerr. The cutie-patootie.) But I haven’t paid attention in years. Honestly. Hockey is my only vice.

    So yeah… about that Pistons/Pacers game. Pretty amazing.

    I hope they press charges against those yahoos in the crowd. Tommy has his theories. (Or rather shares someone else’s.) But I think that a lot of spectators these days, be they sports fans or concert goers or what-have-you, seem to have forgotten their role as “watchers”.

    Spongebob Collapse… I beat the web version.

    Uno Dos Tres… Bono?

    My Spanish may be a little rusty… but isn’t catorce “fourteen”?

    (I finished yesterday’s Time Warp post.)


    Saturday, October 23 /

    This day was truly a day of joy. After breakfast at Schnappa Rock, we took a real life boat tour. On the ocean! To Poor Knights Islands. I took a whole roll, but here are a few.

    We took the boat inside the world’s largest natural sea cave called Rikoriko (photo). Here’s the cave opening (photo). There was another cave-type thing we went in that had a peephole in the ceiling (photo).

    Did I fail to mention how windy it was when the boat was at full-speed and the sexy outfits we had to wear? (photo)

    Because it was such a calm day and we had extra time, the skipper took us over to the Pinnacles & Sugarloaf, also known as the Poor Squires (photo), to see the sea lions (photo). Cute!

    We played some more Scrabble back at the house and then took another lazy drive back to Auckland. (Stopping for flatwhites and found my fabulous new black skirt somewhere along the way.) And where was this again?

    Four unique nature things from New Zealand:

    wild lilies everywhere

    these red flowered trees

    pukeko, okay not a real one, but they are the cutest bird ever. I’m going to even say cuter than the kiwi. From now on, I’m calling NZ natives pukekos instead of kiwis.

    this, beautiful

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  10. Last night I watched a DVD that Hans gave me called Two Hands starring Heath Ledger. It’s really Aussie, and I’ll have to watch it again to catch all the dialogue. It was really good but disturbing. He said it’s like Pulp Fiction where you laugh but then feel bad about it. Yeah.

    Speaking of Pulp Fiction, yesterday I saw the hilarious video for “KountrylGentleman” by FamilylForcel5. Genius. Gotta love any song that mentions “the dirty south” more than once.

    I’m house/dog/teen-sitting at the house with no internet this weekend, so I’ll have to catch up on the timewarp posts on Sunday night.


    Friday, October 22

    east.coast /

    (I forgot to mention that the day before we went to Burgerfuel and saw Stepford Wives.)

    Today we took a lazy drive up to the bach. 🙂 hehe. (photo) That still sounds funny to me. (We cruised through the mini-town of Puhoi with the mini-library.) (photo)

    We stopped at the Whangarei Town Basin for a little shopping, a little glass-blowing watching, and another flatwhite. Then Tash surprised me with a stop at the Whangarei Falls. (photo)

    We brought our things to the beachhouse and checked out the view of Ngunguru Bay from the lookout above. (photo) Then we continued our coastal adventure with stops at Whangaumu (photo, at least I think that’s where this was), Whale Bay (photo), Whooley’s Bay & Sandy Bay. Then we backtracked to Tutukaka for lunch at Schnappa Rock (photo).

    After such a big morning, we went back to the bach to chillout and relax and nap. That didn’t last very long for me, so with a lot on my mind, I went walking along the bay to pray and think. (photo)

    That night we had the most amazing fish & kumara chips. I don’t think I’ve mentioned the joys of kumara yet. Oh. My. Goodness. It’s basically potato wedges made with sweet potatoes instead. May not sound as divine as it truly is. Between kumara and flatwhites, I was prepared to move. 🙂

    We finished the evening with several rousing games of Scrabble (photo) while listening to the television in the background.

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  11. …and just like that I’m down to 1% in my hotmail storage.

    I never expected to see this.

    Shout outs to Jenny and her great taste in children. (She said my goddaughter is adorable, and she is correct.)

    Purple Saber
    You have a Purple Lightsaber.

    Purple is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic. Purple denotes high spirituality and religious aspiration. Purple also represents Peacefulness and Purification. It also has a sense of intuitive understanding and a feeling of intimacy with the world.

    What Colored Lightsaber Would You Have? (via Allison)

    The Importance of Punctuality. “Because liberty is at stake here.”

    Music of the Day

    I’m listening to Josh Groban really loud. He’s been on my mind since that beautiful performance on the AMAs. (Manda, I know he’s your man, but can I have him for today?)

    Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

    I was disturbed to find out yesterday that there is more than one way to say “Thanksgiving”. Did you know that? Manda told me how people in Florida say it, and we both declare that they are wrong.

    So poll time… do you say “THANKS-giving” or “thanks-GIVE-ing”?


    Thursday, October 21 / west.coast

    (I’m a little foggy on the details of this day, but I will come back and fill in the details tonight.)

    Today’s adventure started at the Auckland Museum, where we looked around and caught the Manaia Cultural Performance. (photo)

    We drove up the west coast a ways and visited the Michael Joseph Savage Memorial. (photo: my film got messed up) I forget where this one was taken, but I want to say somewhere near Mission Bay.

    Later we drove up to Piha, a beautiful surfing beach. (photo) Let me tell you, this girl from land-locked Iowa was loving every second of this coastal tour!

    On our way back to Auckland, I asked Tash to stop on the side of the road so that I could take a picture of the beautiful countryside. (photo) There was an old man walking along the road, and he came over to me when he saw that I was going to take a photo.

    He said that a lot of people stop there to take pictures. His name is Louie. He came from Bohemia but was kicked out of the country during the war. His buddy had family in New Zealand, and that was how he ended up there. He was such a charming old man. I asked if I could take his picture, but he said he didn’t want to ruin the view.

    I want to say that later this night we had flatwhites with Frances & Jo, but I’m not sure.

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  12. Am I the only one infatuated with the HP + You “Picture Book” Ad? Such a mind trip.

    Today’s Spamusement (An Email from God) made me laugh. Yeah, they usually do, but this one is particularly good to me.

    Question from the Vehicularly Challenged

    Let’s just say, hypothetically, that your power steering is about to go out. What noise would you expect to be hearing? I’m seriously stealing my bicycle back from my sister at Christmas.

    Two Days

    Just as a reminder… The Spongebob Squarepants Movie comes out on Friday. Tom Kenny, the voice of Spongebob, was on Fresh Air last night. (I have to listen again, because I missed most of it.)

    Something I Would Do

    Bookstore sorted by spine color. My friend Ember and I used to arrange our CDs that way. I can still recall the color of almost every CD spine that I had in that era.


    Wednesday, October 20

    We landed in Auckland at 8:30 Wednesday morning. (photo) Tash’s friend Frances picked us up and took us to Circus Circus for my first flatwhite experience. I have died and gone to coffee heaven.

    Tash took me on the driving tour of Auckland. Saw lots of cool places whose names I don’t remember. (photo)

    Had Cezanne’s for lunch. (photo)

    Saw the city from the top of a volcano — Mt. Eden. (photo) We also went to One Tree Hill and Cornwall Park.

    Because we were worn out, we went to her cute house (photo) to lounge around for the evening. Got to meet Tash’s sister Roni too.

    New Zealand is officially the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.

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  13. Frozen Observations

    – The low last night was 30 degrees.

    – The warmth of the sunrise began at 6:25am.

    – The temperature outside when I got to the office at 9:30 was 53 degrees.

    – The temperature on the thermostat in the office only goes down to 60 degrees.

    – Anything below that is a guess.

    – The heater is broken.

    – We have the doors open, because (believe it or not) it’s warmer outside.

    – My fingers will turn blue in these conditions within 35 minutes.

    – The oven warms the kitchen, and that’s about it.

    – Donations of blankets and/or hot beverages are quite welcome.

    Erin’s Random Tuesday Question

    RTQ #12: Name your favorite cereal from childhood and your favorite cereal now. (Multiples are allowed; I know I'd have trouble lowering it down to just one...)

    THEN: I went through a big Fruity Pebbles phase. Honeycombs and Honeynut Cheerios are also vivid in my mind.

    NOW: Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds or Corn Flakes or the one that I always forget the name but I affectionately call “Wheat Pillows”.

    Something is Wrong with this Picture

    What is RW Julie doing on TechTV? I was waiting for X-Play to start and watching Electric Playground and realized Julie is a host. I don’t know how I feel about that.


    Tuesday, October 19

    Make It Stop

    A full plane meant that Tash and I were in separate parts of the plane, but it was just as well since the idea was to sleep. I ended up between a larger woman with a leg brace and an Aussie bloke. Both of whom had claimed the armrests before I got on.

    As you recall, I saw Spiderman 2 when my parents were down for a visit. I wasn’t hugely impressed with it then.

    And you may recall that Tash and I also went to see Spiderman 2 at the IMAX. Again, not hugely thrilled about it given my distaste for Toby (and that horseshoe shaped scar on his right cheek).

    Guess. Just guess what the first movie was when we got on the transpacific flight. Oh you know it. Spiderman 2. I don’t care if I never see that movie again.

    (Oh and people aren’t kidding when they say to drink lots of water when you are on long flights like that. I woke up with severe cottonmouth every two hours. Craziness.)

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  14. Let’s see… today I worked all day. Except when I went to Best Buy for a webcam and headset. (Live shows nightly… kidding.) Ran into Phil & Heather there, and they were pleased that I enjoyed New Zealand. He commented on my greenstone. And then I killed two hours having to run an errand in Nashville. And then later I went to Borders with Petra & Connie. But other than that, it’s been work. Boring work.


    Monday, October 18

    Make ‘Em Laugh

    So I was on my way. Had a funny experience in the Nashville airport…

    I was waiting in line at a shop, and a gentleman was making wisecracks to his wife who was in line. He was quite funny. His name was Thomas. I only know this because his wife kept saying, “Oh Thomas…” after every joke.

    An announcement came over the PA that some flight was within range, and he said, “The plane is in range. I guess that means they can shoot it down.” At that point I couldn’t hide my laughter any more and chuckled to myself.

    He thanked me for laughing, because it seems like people are too busy being serious these days.

    California, Here I Come

    This was my first time past the Rocky Mountains. Ooo! On the way to L.A., I read all but five pages of It’s All Downhill from Here… trying not to laugh out loud.

    Towards the end of the flight, I ended up talking to the nice lady named Marcia sitting next to me. She asked about my trip and had lots to say about the land down under as she and her husband had gone several years back. She is from L.A. and walked me out to the sidewalk to get me pointed in the direction of my next terminal. She even gave me a hug. Angels all around us, I say.

    I sat on a bench outside the International Terminal waiting for Tash to get in. I was doing a little pen sketch of the restaurant. A man walked past me slowly, staring at me intently. A little freaky, but he kept going, so I kept not paying attention to him. A while later he came back and stopped. He asked about my drawing. Turns out he was a Peruvian in the states visiting his sister and was on his way to Guatemala. There was a definite communication barrier, but it was a sweet broken conversation anyway.

    Tash and I met up just before our flight was going to board. Perfect timing. We were on our way!!

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  15. Re: American Music Awards

    Was anyone else completely distracted by the guy in the balcony during the Beatles’ “performance”? He was hilarious! If you missed it, you really missed it. He had some smooth moves.

    Culture Club

    Friday night I went to the theatre. Last night I went to the symphony. (Loved the 4th Movement of that Mahler piece.) I feel like I should have done something exceptionally cultured tonight to finish off the weekend. An art exhibit or a wine tasting or something. Alas, I went to CVS for beverages and watched the aforementioned awards show.

    Let’s Do the Time Warp Again

    I feel a void. My internet access was sparce during my trip, and I feel like I have all kinds of memories (and newly scanned photos) to share. I feel like we need to catch up. So since today marks exactly four weeks after the day before I left, I thought I would start a limited-time feature here…


    Sunday, October 17 Redux

    Procrastinators Anonymous

    Yeah, okay, so it’s 8:15 on Sunday night, and I have yet to pack a single thing.

    I have made great progress in the last two hours though. There are now some piles forming of needed items. And the suitcase is actually open now… so we’re well on our way.

    Oh come on. We all know I won’t pack until tomorrow morning.



    Travelers cheques.

    Last minute American-y gifts.

    Water plant.

    Get the heck out of dodge.

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  16. Introducing Dudley the Koala…

    🙂 Isn’t he cute? He was surprisingly heavy, and his fur was really short and super thick. I want one.

    Save the Music

    I had a moment of panic this morning, as I thought I lost the cds I bought in New Zealand. I guess the one good thing to come of it is that my carry-on is now unpacked. I was sad at the thought of losing Beautiful Bic, but I was really wanting to get down with my bad self and hear that Fast Crew song again. Catchy if nothing else.

    CLARIFICATION EDIT: I did find them… in the way bottom of the last pocket.

    I [Heart] the Internet

    Between MSN with audio & video capabilities and Skype, I think that I’ll never have a huge phonebill again. Now to get a real headset.

    Nucleus… I’m pausing after 28 tries at Level 7, because I don’t have time for this. My eye/hand coordination is crap today.

    Song for the Day

    I Got
    Fast Crew

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  17. Despite reports of the potential awesomeness, I am opting out of the Shanes & Mat show tonight. (But if anyone wants to get in, I can get myself back on the list, and you can impersonate me.) I’m just too tired.

    So we’re going to take Connie to PF Chang’s for her birthday celebration instead.

    I also missed the guys’ show in Memphis last night, but I might go on Sunday night now that Petra convinced Chris to drive us. (I decided I couldn’t drive myself due to the lack of energy I feel, and Michael’s in Brazil right now or he would have gone.)

    Survivor Orange Magnolia

    Okay, the deal here is that I haven’t actually seen the show in three weeks… and my proxy voter didn’t know she was supposed to be voting. Hence, I’m pretty much out of the running. However, I thought it would be fun to just throw names out there… since I have absolutely no idea who is aligned with whom anymore.

    1. Ami

    2. Chad

    3. Chris

    4. No

    5. Eliza

    6. Fish

    7. Lea & Leann

    8. Scout & Twila

    9. Ami

    10. Chad & Chris

    11. Eliza

    12. Lea

    13. Yeah right, and monkeys might fly out of my butt.

    14. Leann

    15. Scout

    16. Twila

    17. Ami

    18. Wrong

    19. 3+

    20. Chad

    21. Yesh

    Music for the Day:

    Listen to F.A.T.D. They rule(d) like nobody’s business.

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  18. Phoenix are coming to the States, but no where near me. Someone who lives within driving distance (*ahem*), please go so I can live vicariously through you.

    Nov 29 : Philadelphia, PA – World Café

    Nov 30 : Boston, MA – Axis

    Dec 02 : New York, NY – Bowery Ballroom

    Dec 04 : Milwaukee, WI – Onopa Brewing Co.

    Dec 05 : Chicago, IL – Double Door

    Dec 07 : Seattle, WA – Chop Suey

    Dec 09 : San Francisco, CA – Popscene

    Dec 12 : Los Angeles, CA – Troubadour

    Dec 13 : San Diego, CA – Cane’s

    Watch Videos:

    "I’m An Actor"

    high | low high | low

    "Everything is Everything"
    high | low high | low

    Oh Leslie, you weren’t the only one to visit a wind farm. Except mine was in Albany.

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  19. The scanning has commenced.

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  20. In the spirit of a 4th-grade English assignment, I would like to write the following:

    What JetLag Means to Me

    Jetlag to me… means cereal at 3:30am. Why not?

    Jetlag to me… means playing on your computer until 4:30 in the morning without realizing the time, because your body says it’s still 8:30 at night.

    Jetlag to me… means lying wide awake for two more hours and looking at the clock in ten minute increments.

    Jetlag to me… means knowing that it starts getting light at 5:37 though the sun isn’t actually out yet.

    Jetlag to me… means watching a ladybug circle the ceiling can be extremely entertaining for a good 45 minutes.

    Jetlag to me… means drifting off only minutes before the alarm goes off the first time.

    Jetlag to me… means that no amount of coffee was going to make this better today.

    Jetlag to me… means wanting to vomit (VOMIT!) from 1:00 to 6:00 this afternoon.

    Jetlag to me… means the following common symptoms:

    – Fatigue (check)

    – Disorientation and/or grogginess (check)

    – Nausea and/or upset stomach (check)

    – Headaches and/or sinus irritation (check)

    – Insomnia and/or highly irregular sleeping patterns (check)

    – Dehydration and loss of appetite (wait, I’m starving)

    – Irritability (screw you)

    – Irrationality (I want to die)

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  21. Happy Belated Birthday, Tash! Sorry, Saturday was pretty non-existant to me. I miss you. I miss having peanut butter cups for breakfast. Can’t wait until next time!

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  22. Home is Where Your Heart Is

    I’m home back in Nashville. It only took 27 (painful) hours, but I didn’t really start going crazy during my layover in Dallas.

    Lots of pictures and fun things to recall, but I’ve been told I need to sleep now if I’m going to reset my body clock.

    Resuming regular blogging schedule soon. (Probably.)

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  23. It’s not the beginning of the end… it’s the beginning of the beginning.

    I’m leaving for the states in about 15 hours. But, oh my, there’s so much excitement to come. I can’t wait.

    (Oh yeah, and we went hiking with my aunt & uncle the other day and saw a little roo in the wild. So cuuuute. And there was a python on the side of a trail one time too. We almost died. (Not really.))

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