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  1. If You Don’t Know Me by Now… You Will Never Ever Ever Know Me… Ooooo
    A snippet of conversation I can’t believe I had yesterday.

    Me: So what’s the weather like there in the evenings?
    Manda: Well, don’t wear shorts, but jeans and a short-sleeved shirt with maybe a sweater along.
    Me: Do I ever wear shorts?
    Manda: Good point.

    A Peak into My World
    If you were to take a ride with me in my car, you would notice that this book, which used to be underneath my passenger seat, has worked its way to the center consol area:

    I don’t know. This morning I was just entertained by the idea of the “stereotypical toothless dutchman”… is there such a thing? I think he looks more Irish… but then again, I’ve never been to the Netherlands. Though that may change….

    SAIL 2005
    You see, SAIL Amsterdam is this year. Ever since I found out about it, I have wanted to go. “For six days, Amsterdam will be a vibrant exhibition of historic ships and nautical heritage. During SAIL Amsterdam 2005, about 20 Tall Ships are expected in Amsterdam harbour, together with 500 historic sailing and motorboats.”

    I’ve seen pictures of past SAILs, which I’m sure don’t do it justice. How can you not be awed by visions like this or this or this or even this?

    I don’t know where my penchant for being on the water comes from. (On… not in.) Weekends on grandpa’s sailboat, most likely.

    I’m going to Florida. I packed this morning. I have to go home and get what I forgot.

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  2. I’ve found my new desktop wallpaper:
    every time a cell phone rings, an angel gets kinda annoyed

    Super Danielle… to the Rescue!!
    On my way to work this morning, I noticed there was a black dog with a red collar meandering down the sidewalk a block from my office. Took a moment, but then I realized it was Heidi… one of the dogs at the place where I housesit. So I whipped the car around being careful not to spill my coffee, parked a block from their house, and set out on foot to find her.

    Thankfully she remembered me, though getting her to come back to the house was more of a game for her. As I was putting her in the back gate, the gentleman of the house came out on the porch and thanked me profusely. I had never met him, so I introduced myself as the housesitter.

    And that’s really it. Great story. Right. Moving on…

    Jay Won! As much as I like Kara Saun’s work, it was always about Jay for me. I loved his fashion week show. Yay!

    Today I’m signing all my emails with “Rock out. Whatever.” as homage to the Butthole Surfers’ song “Whatever (I Had a Dream)”, which as you may or may not know was featured on the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack that Nate and I listened to endlessly.

    Etymologic: The Toughest Word Game on the Web. (I found this last night while looking for the origins of the word “surefire”… which I still haven’t found.)

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  3. Blogger Toolbar Clicking Results in Spyware?
    Spyware Snags Blogger Users

    Dozens of blogs hosted by Google Inc.’s Blogger service can install programs that are widely considered to be spyware and adware onto visitors’ computers, warn users and spyware researchers. In many cases, users are discovering the offending sites as they browse among blogs through Blogger’s navigation bar.

    The offending blogs typically prompt visitors to accept downloads through misleading pop-up windows, said Ben Edelman, a vocal spyware critic and Harvard University researcher. While a user typically must accept the download before the software installs, the prompts often attempt to trick users by disguising the download as a necessary Windows or Internet Explorer upgrade.


    The Top 100 Gadgets of All Time — including but not limited to the Swingline stapler, Lite Brite, the metronome, and the fuzzbuster. (I’m not mentioning the iPod or TiVo, because I’m still a little bitter about not owning them myself.)

    (both links courtesy of My Couch)

    First Kanye then Korn
    Well, sorta. “Guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch, a founding member of Korn, has left the band and has rededicated his life to Christianity, according to the group’s management.

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  4. Oh the new music abounds today… new Tori… new Thievery Corporation. Hmm…

    Class Reunion Crapola
    So I may or may not have mentioned that my 10-year class reunion is this summer. (Yes, rest assured, I have one foot firmly planted in the grave now, yes. Now be quiet.) I may or may not have mentioned that I am not going, because of a more important engagement on that particular weekend.

    I guess the “reunion committee” (read: anybody who still lives in our hometown) is putting together what they are calling the Look Book — and we are all supposed to fill out this questionnaire thing and send in pictures and tell all about what we’ve accomplished in the last 10 years. I’m finding the whole chore to be somewhat painful. (Which is why I’ve put it off until the last minute, thank you very much.)

    I’m thinking about just drawing a graph and doing a timeline with the major plot points. I think my biggest hang-up in the whole process is just that the events that have been most significant to me, probably won’t mean a thing to them.

    I just have a feeling that most people will be sending in:
    (a) When they graduated from college and with what degree(s);
    (b) When they got married and where they honeymooned;
    (c) When they started having children and how many they now have…

    While I happen to fall squarely in the “(d) none of the above” category.

    I feel a rant coming on, but I’ll save that for another day.

    Song for the Day

    We’ve been having commercial sing-alongs at my house lately. Actually, it was more of a subconscious thing that only I was doing. I found myself singing along with every single ad whether it had words or not while we were watching the Project Runway marathon the other night. Lex thinks I’m crazy. She may be right.

    Oh, umm… point being that Fisher has a song on the new Toyota Avalon (I think?) ad… the one with the dancing shoes and the “wow, the time is now” line.

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  5. What’s with Today… Today
    When asked how I was doing, I replied, “I just feel really boring today.”

    I would have posted sometime in the last five days if I had anything of remote interest to relay. I didn’t even call my parents over the weekend, because I couldn’t think of anything to tell them. Thanks to those who wondered if I dropped off the earth. However when Manda asks if I am going to blog again, I must respond with “Glass houses, my dear… glass houses.”

    Erin’s Random Last Tuesday Question
    RTQ #25: What is your favorite physical aspect of the opposite sex?

    Oh goodness, hands. And I don’t know if guys are aware of how hot their shoulders look in a well-fitting t-shirt.

    • I slept through the tornado siren this morning.
    • The O’Jays are going to be at Universal Mardi Gras next weekend. Why couldn’t we have gone on Go-Go’s night? (Or the night that Michael freaking Bolton was there.)
    A Day in the Life of Air Traffic over the Continental U.S.

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  6. Okay, I’m ready to go back now.
    I left my heart somewhere around here.
    (Don’t worry, someone is taking take of it
    for me until I go back for it.)

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  7. The Heavens Opened and Angels Sang
    Yes, with the way that Google is taking over the world, it probably has something to do with the antichrist, but I don’t care if it means that I get my Google Maps. It’s almost scary how accurate it is. It practically gave me directions from my bedroom to my front door.

    And… surprise surprise… it lets you search for directions on the very first page. Does anybody not go to mapquest for directions? Why do they make you click through to the directions page?

    Okay, that’s all. I just have just had issues with Mapquest ever since that one time we were late getting to a venue in Indy… and then the directions told us to take a road that led us straight into a parking garage… nowhere near the venue. Yahoo and Expedia don’t get props either.

    Leslie, I don’t really hate you. I was just kidding. (Though I think you’re trying to avoid me. This will be the second time I’ll have been in Florida when you were not.) You can make it up to me with some kona coffee. 🙂

    I’mgettinganewcar. I’mgettinganewcar. I’mgettinganewcar. I’mgettinganewcar. I’mgettinganewcar. I’mgettinganewcar.

    New to me, that is. I’m giving Amerigo, the junky Explorer, to Connie’s daughter. A car that works. Imagine that!


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  8. Great Fishbowl in the Sky
    Well, at least three fish have died on my watch. None of them are looking too good today, so more may parish before the homeowners return. They mentioned having a fungus problem before they left, but still… it’s never a good thing when you’re petsitting and THE PET DIES.

    This, my friends, is why I have no living creatures relying on me. Except my plant. Which probably needs water.

    Q. How does one find out if a cat is declawed?
    A. When it comes and lounges on top of you when you are in bed, play with one of its hind feet until it swats you with a front paw. If you’re bleeding, it’s not.

    For the record, their cat is not.

    Virtual Keyboard: Looks stinking cool, but you gotta wonder how accurate it could be.

    Oh and add these to my movie list from yesterday:
    Once Upon a Time in Mexico (again)
    Something’s Gotta Give
    Love Actually (again)
    When Harry Met Sally
    A Mighty Wind

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  9. Housesitting… the Pros & the Cons
    The people I housesit for also have every television channel known to humankind. I have watched so many movies this weekend, it is bordering ridiculous. These are just the ones I can remember:
    Runaway Jury
    Love Actually
    The Girl with a Pearl Earring
    Cheaper by the Dozen
    Once upon a Time in Mexico

    There may have been more. I cannot remember.

    On the other hand, it hasn’t been all fun and games here. The other day I was using the bathroom, and the cat nudged the door open and proceeded to come in and watch me go.

    Please let me to rephrase that for those who did not catch it the first time. The CAT came INTO the bathroom WHILE I was going and proceeded to SIT and WATCH. My performance anxiety does not allow for these situations. check it

    My valentine made me a beautiful drawing. It’s hanging in my room right now.

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  10. Grammy Blogging

    Number of Times I’ve Been Thanked: 2
    – Alicia Keys thanked everyone who loves music.
    – Loretta Lynn thanked everybody.

    Random Thoughts
    • Gotta appreciate the gospel medley.
    • Kevin Bacon’s head is looking disproportionately large tonight.
    • Joss Stone has really long fingers.
    • Would it kill Billy Bob to button up a little bit?
    • Loretta & Jack… yeah, I can’t even finish this thought.
    • John Mayer is still hard to watch.
    • Anthony LaPaglia will always be Joe to me no matter how old he gets.
    • Did they record a real version of “Across the Universe” or do you have to pay for that live performance? Painful.
    • I always feel bad for the dead people who don’t get much applause.

    Best Grammy Blog Quote:
    is it just me, or was Scott Weiland channeling David Bowie during Across the Universe???

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  11. Su Casa es Mi Casa
    House/dogsitting this weekend. There’s just that whole wireless-cable-modem / basically-free-money tradeoff.

    Have I Been Living a Lie?
    Did anybody else see this?? Sunshine Good For Cancer Patients? While I do avoid the sun because my aunt had melanoma and I’m fair and a good candidate for it as well, part of the reason I stay in the shade is because sunburn fricking hurts. I can’t imagine it being part of my cancer treatment.

    Tommy discusses what does and does not go with peanut butter. An eye-opening look at flavor combinations.

    Vickie rocked her performance review.

    Allison witnessed a live-on-the-air radio proposal gone all kinds of wrong. (And she pointed out that Trevor has a new lighthearted blog about his wife, his child, and poop.)

    — In breaking news, my boobs are bigger than Erin’s. Not quite sure when that happened, but dang. (And nothing like getting measured for a bridesmaid dress to make you realize it’s time to lay off the beloved toffee almond bars.)

    Badges? We Don’t Need No Stinking Badges
    I am sulking.
    I am doing all the artist registration stuff for SXSW.
    I am not going.

    But, BY GOLLY, I’ll sure be holding down the fort while everyone else is there.

    A preliminary list of performers is now online, which we’re not on… but Robert Plant is, MXPX is, and AMPOP is. (And for you, Anberlinlis.)

    Song for the Day
    Made for Market
    ~Buy me! Cause I’m made for market
    Buy me! Cause I’m made especially for you~

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  12. I went to an incredible apologetics seminar last night. One of those things I wish I could have recorded, as I know so much good stuff didn’t sink in. And now I’m strangely curious about The DiVinci Code, though I normally avoid the “best sellers”. It’s that whole “If I didn’t discover it first, I’m not interested” curse I have.


    Why do I think that new Kelly Clarkson song is the BEST THING EVER?

    Here’s three reasons:

    1. The harmony on the “since u been gone” after the “stupid love song” line

    2. The bridge

    3. That video

    Bush Royal Rampage: Not suggesting you waste your time at work, but I got 81600.

    A Penny Saved (is a Penny Sent to Manda)

    Well, I’ve done it. I opened another savings account. I know I could just as well keep my money in a shoebox under my bed, since the interest is a whopping 0.1%. I’m not entirely sure that the bank officer wasn’t flirting, despite my comment about me not wanting it attached to a checkcard, as it is the Untouchable Wedding Fund Account. We live on opposite ends of the same subdivision apparently. Nice guy though, got me all hooked up. And a certified bank check is headed your way today. Woohoo!

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  13. Stalker Central

    Some people know where I work and know that I work next door to the home of a certain (bald) gentleman who is quite well-known in the industry in which I work. Today as I was walking back from getting lunch, I noticed that there were no less than eight people swarmed around his front door with cameras and video cameras. This isn’t entirely out of the norm, however when I noticed that one lady had her nose mashed up to the window trying to get a peak in his living room… that, I think crosses a line. (And I know it freaks his wife out.)

    OrganicHTML: make flowers out of URLs. Hard to explain, just go. (via blifaloo… as was the next…)

    You are a bit naive, but full of energy and potential. Your optimism and good will are what make you likable to your peers.

    You have a tendency to become obsessed with unattainable members of the opposite sex.

    Take the Star Trek Quiz


    Song for the Day

    China Grove
    The Doobie Brothers

    In memory of Keith Knudson

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  14. Happy Birthday, Bud! Just got a call that he’s able to move to his own house. (Again.)

    Planes Trains & Automobiles

    Back and alive. The highlight of the actual traveling part was hearing Fleming & John’s “Ugly Girl” over the airport musak station in Omaha yesterday.

    Speaking of Omaha, I didn’t do my downtown toodling there on Friday, because it seems a certain Mr. President happened to be in town as well. (He heard I was going to be there, I’m sure.) And as much as I wanted to stick around while they shut down all traffic, I decided to just go home.

    Erin’s Random Tuesday Question

    RTQ #24: Do you keep in touch with any friends from childhood? If so, how long ago did the friendship start?

    I think Nate is my oldest friend that I still keep in touch with on a semi-regular basis. Our parents were friends when we were born, making us friends by force as children and friends by choice as we got older.


    As an owner of the original Singin in the Rain on DVD, I don’t know how I feel about this VW “remix” of it. Thoughts?

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  15. You Wanna Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name

    Doo-doo-doo dee doot-doo. (You have to say that in melody.)

    I’m going home tomorrow. We’re having Christmas tomorrow night. (Start reading from December 18 if you are one of the three people who doesn’t understand why we didn’t have it in December like everyone else.)

    I have a miracle connection in Ohare that you can pray about if you’d like. 33 minutes. I’m pretty sure both gates are relatively close, but if not… I’m runnin’ I’m runnin’!

    As much as I want to get home, I’m so tempted to toodle around Omaha (somewhere in middle America) for a little while. Say what you will, that will always be one of my favourite cities ever.

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  16. Erin’s Random Tuesday Question

    RTQ #23: What is your favorite and/or most hated nickname you've ever received?

    Yan – only a certain few special people get away with that one.

    Dani – again, only certain people, but I don’t mind it

    Babe 3000xInfinity – that’s a new one that I quite like… hehe

    Red – call me that and you’ll either (a)get no response or (b)get a middle finger in your FACE. (more likely “a”.)

    Speaking of Fingers

    Check out the Harrison Ford Finger Gallery, documenting his powerful, masterful use of the index finger.

    And umm… look at Sphere. I haven’t looked into it yet, but it’s like 3D desktop that is supposedly pretty cool.

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