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  1. Tall Chicks with Accents
    There is something about Indy that is so comforting to me. It’s a big place, but I still know my way around. People I love are there. I know some secret cool spots. I have yet to visit and not have a small part of me long to go back.

    Hung out with John & Becky and their three girls. *tear*

    Met Aimee, who is super tall and slender (despite license photos and what stupid cashiers say), and she drives the cooler version of my car.

    Spent the night and yesterday with Allison and Aaron and Emma, the awesomest kitty-cat ever.

    Allison introduced me to Haus and to Nescafe Ice Java (found a coupon!), and I introduced her to World Market and to these guys.

    Sadly, my thrift stores and goodwills were a bust this time. I didn’t have the heart to dig, and nothing jumped out at me.

    Today I feel a little like trash… just because there has been a little sleep void in my life lately. I was meaning to remember Allison’s aggrivated comment from yesterday morning, but now it escapes me. Something to the effect of “I don’t think I have ever woken up so many times in my life!” Between the alarms, Emma, the guys yelling outside the window, the hammering, and whatever else, I don’t think I have either. But it was still worth staying up until 3 for.

    I got home at midnight. Listened to WFV for two of the four hours. I could totally hear “Movie Star” on a soundtrack someday! Rawk!

    After the Haus visit, I’m feeling crafty. Must make something. They had some little picture frames made out of heavily starched fabric with a clear plastic pocket sewn on front with a looped ribbon to hang it by. I think I may look through my scraps and see if I have anything to make those with. Either that or those beaded lightbulb covers for the simple chandelier effect. Might have to peruse not martha for some more inspiration. Why Bother Seeing the World for Real? I’m about to submit the Opryland Hotel.

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  2. Rocks
    One of my roommates showed up at the house this morning and thrust her left hand weighed down by a beautiful square diamond under my nose. Newly engaged and planning an August 6 wedding, I’m not envious… no, nope, I’m not.

    Surprise phonecall at 1:00. *sigh* That rocked.

    Going up to Indy for the rock show tomorrow. Woot! Bringing merch with me, so I can write it off as a business — which rocks. Staying with my girl and her boy… and get to meet Aimee which will rock… and may get to see my dear old friends Becky & John.

    Did you know that a bag of lettuce left forgotten in the back of the refrigerator unopened will eventually liquify? This does not rock. By the way, lettuce is 96% water… for future reference.

    Also For Future Reference
    Secrets of Firefox 1.0

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  3. In Brief
    I went to the mainstreet festival today. Just to look.

    I’ve been listening to Toad the Wet Sprocket all day via the PS2 and television. Somehow my stereo got put into a closet? I don’t know. But I think you should do everything in your power to make Dulcinea a part of your life. (Gosh. For real.)

    Duncan came over and the first thing he says was, “Hey girl… looking good in solid black.” Before Manda can roll her eyes, I’d like to point out that I was wearing my brown moccasins that I got when we were on tour and played in the Wisconsin Dells — which is the scariest excuse of a tourist trap that I have ever seen. (Though the Duck Tour may have been a little fun.)

    Other than that, I’ve been mesmerized looking at American castles… particularly looking at the construction photos of Dupont Castle. Pretty incredible undertaking they have there.

    It all started because I was thinking of vacation spots from my childhood, and I fondly remember the boat tours around Green Lake… always waiting for my uncle to point out Spicer Castle.

    Every girl wants to be a princess.

    My parents have been married to each other for 35 years today. I happen to think that is pretty awesome. I’m so thankful for the wonderful example they have shown me of what marriage can and should be like.

    Song for the Day
    Glen Phillips (solo version of the Dulcinea song)
    ~There’s something that you won’t show
    Waiting where the light goes
    And anyway the wind blows
    It’s all worth waiting for
    Anyway the wind blows~

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  4. Roadtrip?
    So it dawned on me that I could conceivably go to the show in Indy on Tuesday. Anyone have a couch I could borrow for the night? (On that note, I am totally in the background of this picture.)

    Wasps and Bees and Ticks, Oh My
    I grew up as a kid who could spend hours playing in the sandbox outside. Granted, I didn’t live out on the farm or anything… but apparently it’s unusual that I’ve never been stung by anything nor have I ever had a tick… though I’ve feared both as long as I’ve lived.

    Last night my little friend Audrey curled up on the couch by me, and I ran my fingernails through her hair. Yep, you guessed it. I discovered a tick that she had picked up whilst running around through the bushes with the boys not long before. Gave me the eebeegeebees for the rest of the night. Phantom crawlies. Ewww!

    One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying…
    Purple Passport Holder… I like.

    I have to finish watching the Cirque du Soleil marathon on Bravo now.

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  5. Videographer Available
    The guys rocked Nashville the other night. Sold out Exit/In. If ever they release video footage from that night, I was the one operating the “Greg Cam” from on stage right.

    Pope Toast – a pope manifestation? I’m going to get myself a blowtorch and start making my own “manifestations”. When the portraits have been burnt properly, stick the break back in the toaster for a publicity shot, and voila…

    McGriddle Me This: apparently McDonald’s managers don’t particularly like it when people break into song in their restaurants.

    Yeah, I’m bored. Play pigalator.

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  6. Upside-down and Backwards
    Everybody (I think) knows that an upside-down stamp on an envelope means “I Love You”… but did you know there are also stamp positions that signify a marriage proposal and even the acceptance of one? for fun cutesy girlie office supplies.

    Okay, Romber… at what point does it become prostitution? You’re now officially hogging someone else’s 15 minutes.

    In my spare time, I wrote this little rap about my site. (Okay, I took three seconds to type the URL into a generator.) But you can see, I give mad props to MG (the visionary). You know you wanna…

    HTTP in tha House
    lyrics by:

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    archive html blogitemdatetime revamp
    and now the
    tr td width img dah
    several times over the
    to get some ca
    dday dhour dmin dsec todayd
    math floor dd dsec see

    mattgeorge org matt george a
    home a se
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    that gary sinise was devote
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    states tn nashville english danielle brie
    is proportional to their
    doing them i the day scare


    Sunkissed and Fancy Free
    I spent a lot of time this afternoon running errands in various buildings throughout the city without convenient nearby parking, but a little walk in the sunshine never killed me before. It was actually quite nice.

    I stopped to pick some white star-shaped flowers from the grass. Weeds at their most beautiful. When I stood up, I noticed an older man waiting in a car who had watched as I knelt and looked for a few with stems just long enough to tuck behind my ear. He smiled.

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  7. Make Grooves in Your New Shoes
    On normal people, the foot length is proportional to their height thus creating something of a balancing effect. Not so with me. I’m somewhere around 5’9½”, but my feet didn’t catch the growth spurt. I use this as an excuse any time I do something clumsy. Sorry, my “out” doesn’t balance my “up”. This does not run in my family, and my mother and sister both roll their eyes when I ask if a pair of shoes makes my feet look big. But the good thing about it is that sometimes, I can wear cute shoes from the little girls’ department… which is why I got these to go with my shoeless green skirt outfit.

    I have a gran mal headache. Bleh.

    Get Here if You CanOleta Adams
    ~There are hills and mountains between us
    Always something to get over
    If I had my way, surely you would be closer~

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  8. Let’s not talk about taxes… especially estimated tax payments. Except I do have to say that I may have started a trend this year by doing them the day BEFORE they are due instead of the last hour on the 15th.

    Oh, and I got a coupon from Chick-fil-A for a free chicken sandwich since it’s tax day. Sweet.

    This cartoon is for me today.

    Let me just say, if you aren’t reading The Sneeze regularly, you are doing yourself a disservice. This last week alone has provided some true laugh-out-loud moments. His Steve, Don’t Eat It! series is worth going for. Especially his last entry where he tried Cuitlacoche – a mexican corn product that looks like someone scraped it out of a broken garbage disposal.

    I was going to try to include a quote to entice you to read it. But there are TOO MANY brilliant moments. Well okay, here’s one:
    “Before I even got the whole can open, I detected a vague aroma of sweet corn, along with what I can only describe as a deep musky funk. Put ’em together and it smells like corn that forgot to wipe.”

    Oh gosh. Just go read it.

    And now there’s a series calling attention to an altered version of the peanut butter classic that the manufacturer wants to call “Simply Jif”. Start here, then here, and then here, and you should be caught up.

    Song for the Day
    A Little Respect

    I heard this song in a store today and wanted to skip down the aisles singing at the top of my lungs. I didn’t. But I did have a little groove to my step from then on.

    ~I try to discover
    A little something to make me sweeter
    Oh baby refrain from breaking my heart
    I’m so in love with you
    I’ll be forever blue
    That you give me no reason
    Why you’re making me work so hard~

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  9. Will Wonders Never Cease
    Modern Rock Song of the Year? In hindsight, maybe we should have encouraged the guys to show up.

    A Thought
    I suppose if I’m going to get married I should probably start re-evaluating my belief that a bag of Jollytime Crispy ‘n’ White Light Popcorn (the ONLY microwave popcorn in my book) constitutes a meal.

    Why did I not know that Gary Sinise was on CSI: NY?? I mean, besides the fact that the only one of those cop/murder/detective shows I tend to watch is NCIS. And now with Glenn Close on The Shield… ugh, this is way more television than I’m ready to commit to.

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  10. Erin’s Random [Wednesday] Question
    RTQ #33: What is the sickest you've ever been and with what?

    I think it was five or six years ago when I got the Flu of Death and Impalement. (Where you’d rather stab yourself than live with the agony.) All I remember is that it was during Christmas break. I spent the whole time wimpering in my parents’ basement watching a marathon of Trauma: Life in the ER. And I watched CNN ring in the new year with every time zone, except I finally fell asleep when they hit the eastern timezone, so I missed the actual new year.

    Idaho: The Best State EVER
    Manda tipped me off to this resolution that the state of Idaho is passing to commend Jared & Jerusha Hess and the city of Preston for the production of Napoleon Dynamite. It’s brilliant. Some of the funnier points:

    » WHEREAS, Rico and Kip’s Tupperware sales and Deb’s keychains and glamour shots promote entrepreneurism and self-sufficiency in Idaho’s small towns

    » WHEREAS, Pedro’s efforts to bake a cake for Summer illustrate the positive connection between culinary skills to lifelong relationships

    » WHEREAS, Kip’s relationship with LaFawnduh is a tribute to e-commerce and Idaho’s technology-driven industry

    » WHEREAS, any members of the House of Representatives or the Senate of the Legislature of the State of Idaho who choose to vote “Nay” on this concurrent resolution are “FREAKIN’ IDIOTS!” and run the risk of having the “Worst Day of Their Lives!”

    A-Z of Links
    Where do you visit on the w-cubed? Type each letter of the alphabet in your browser window and see what is the first website that shows up in your dropdown window. (via

    a – the history of the web
    b – nearly daily
    c – one of my sidebar links
    d – my homepage that I never changed
    e – Erin, the girl. LOVE!
    f – Stevity Steve Steve Steve-o
    g – Sidebar link Heather and Wolfie
    h – Sidebar ‘Shua: Redesigned Daily! (Almost)
    i – Internet Movie Database, for those where have I seen that guy before moments.
    j – I was looking for curtains for my mom.
    k – imagine that.
    l – Allison LOVE!
    m – social networking at its lowest perhaps?
    n – umm… guilty as charged
    o – HTML character codes, for reference
    p – PP’s unupdated site. Sad.
    q – more curtain browsing, but the window at the bottom has almost exactly the same transom windows that my parents have in their two picture windows
    r – chart reference
    s – popularity meter. who loves me today?
    t – my girl Tashka, who I miss greatly
    u – mdog’s site that is itching to be on my sidebar if only I could be bothered changing the template
    v – a story about the girl who was killed by a hitchhiker close to here
    w – since you never know what you’re going to get in middle Tennessee
    x – I just can’t commit to that place.
    y – my little commenting service
    z some popup ad server. I’ll spare you the actual link.

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  11. Quote of the Day
    “That’s why I don’t believe in evolution. Seriously, there are some people you look at and say ‘how can you be the product of 3 million years of evolution?’.”

    Take No Offense
    I haven’t felt like talking on the phone. And trust me… in that case, it’s better if I just don’t answer. 馃檪

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  12. Tonight They’re Crowning [Miss] USA
    Why are they insisting on not calling the contestants Miss Texas or Miss Wisconsin, etc.? Are we trying to act like this isn’t a beauty pagent? Maybe it is offensive to call them Miss… umm… after declaring that it is the search for the most beautiful girl in the United States.

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  13. Phantom Pains
    Erin (Happy Belated Birthday… I didn’t post that day.) recently posted about her dental issues, and it put a certain fear within my soul. I, too, brush my teeth on a regular basis. I’ll even floss after eating corn on the cob. But I hadn’t been to the dentist since 1997 — and for people who would scoff at that, I say… when you don’t have dental insurance to pay your bills for you, suddenly getting your teeth “polished” every six months becomes less of a priority.

    Now here’s where the hard part to admit comes in. See, I have had a toothache for a good six months now. I’m pretty sure it started before Australia, and only got worse the last time I flew to Florida. I knew I needed to get it checked out before it reached root-canal depths, but quite honestly was afraid to do so.

    The main issue is that I haven’t had a cavity since before I lost my baby teeth. I had a couple of caps and a filling or two… and I remember not especially enjoying that experience. But those teeth have been traded in for a quarter or two under the pillow, and now the idea of getting my teeth DRILLED simply horrifies me.

    So with great trepidation, I went to the dentist last Thursday.

    I told the lady about my pain on the lower left side. I can even pinpoint the spots on the two teeth I think are the culprits. So she x-rayed and she scraped and she cleaned and she polished. And all the while I’m just waiting for the bad news.

    The dentist comes in. Asks me what I’ve been up to over the last few years. “Well, I haven’t been going to the dentist, if that’s what you mean.” He laughs and holds the x-rays up to the light. I curl my legs up on the chair just waiting. What’s the damage. He looks in a different light. Just tell me already. He shows them to the lady.

    “Well, I don’t know how to tell you this… but there’s no decay there.”



    “Yeah, they all look fine. Tell your mother that she needs to take you out for lunch for a good check-up.”

    Umm… so the pain? I’m just making this up? He gave me a little pack of green dental floss and suggested that I actually use it. Perhaps it’s a little gum irritation.

    Okay fine. No cavities. Woot! See you in another 8 YEARS, Doc!

    Road Warrior Amongst Other Things
    So Saturday I bid my hometown farewell once again and opted to take the long way home, just to get some brief yet quality time in with this guy. Ahh, yes. Much fun rehashing the details of his trip to the southern hemisphere. I’m now the proud owner of a Bolivian blanket… with a hole in it. (Commonly known as a poncho… but we’re not common.) Hey, at least there wasn’t a “Made in China” tag on it.

    So three hours in the D’port equals getting to Nashville at 1:45 am, but I’m a trooper. Had some phonecalls keeping me company.

    Woke up at 1:30 on Saturday in order to ride down to Birmingham to see the show with the office folks. Good times were had by all. Really glad I didn’t have to drive — as I didn’t get home until 4:30 am.

    We all went out to dinner at this amazing restaurant. I would seriously consider driving three hours to go back for the salad of delight and joy that I had. The main ingredients were small shell pasta, sweet peas, chicken, fresh mozzarella cheese and watercress. All I need is the gist of the sauce, and I will make that every day for the rest of my LIFE. YUMMY!

    Hell Week… aka ThelGMAs
    We are in the throes of the industry’s biggest shmoozefest. I should have gone to see my friends play last night but didn’t. I should go see FamilylForcel5 tonight but probably won’t. Hiding out. Waiting for the people to go away.

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  14. I’m a Winner!
    The lovely folks over at have given me a little award. I feel special. I’m going to bake myself a cake.

    Reveal Yourself
    Someone, who I have reason to believe is from a little town quite close to where I am presently sitting, has been stopping by this site several times over the last few days. That’s cool and all, and it could just be coincidental. But seriously… if you know who I am, would you please just leave a comment. You don’t even have to say who you really are. I just have an active imagination and I’m seconds from mentally turning you into a freaky stalker person.

    I’m Not Here
    Daily Danielle Sightings: 5

    路 My cousin, his wife, and her sister. All saw me at lunch.
    路 My psuedo-older-sister Wendi. I actually sought her out at her work.
    路 Naten Doten. He needed a haircut for his interview tomorrow.

    路 Does there really need to be a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie?
    路 I just realized that Flight of the Navigator is on DVD. JOY!
    路 Nate brought over the Clone Wars DVD, and it was really nice looking. I was cutting hair while it was on, but I wouldn’t hate to own it myself.

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  15. Does the Church Have a Stance on Gambling?
    Did you know that people are betting on who will be elected the new pope? Something about that feels very wrong. On that note, check out the panorama of St. Peter’s Square taken on Sunday of the mourners there.

    Side Dish Heaven
    If you don’t know the joys of Taco Johns, you’re missing out. Greg and I went this afternoon, and he introduced me to a delightful flavor combination. Potato Ol茅s (essentially tator tots with seasoned salt on them) dipped in a mixture of their cheese sauce and sour cream. It’s like a baked potato with a kick or two. Nice.

    I’m Not Here
    Daily Danielle Sightings: 0

    Yes. Stealth-mode success! My aunt did call the house and asked about me. She was apparently surprised to hear that I was sitting on the floor beside my mom, but she didn’t actually see me… so it’s all good.

    Mom and I pulled carpet staples out of the floor in the living room tonight. I now have a gigantic blister on the inside of my middle finger from a poor pliers-grippage technique. We also pulled wallpaper in the piano room. I don’t ever want to do that again. Thank the Lord, they are painting this time around.

    That’s Right
    Last night I was told that I am insanely geeky. YESSSSS! I rule!

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  16. I’m Not Here
    Daily Danielle Sightings: 5

    路 my English teacher’s wife saw me in the passenger seat of my mom’s car while we were at the bank drivethru
    路 my two youth group leaders — had to go to their house, because he is our carpenter for the house project
    路 Cory’s parents. Just happened to be getting out of my car on the driveway when they pulled up to the school across the street for some music program they were directing.

    I’d write more but it’s nearly 1 am, and I still have to walk home. Ahh the joys of life in a smalltown. Wheee!

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  17. A Dash of Silver
    So upon the advice of a friend sensing my health issues, I am taking colloidal silver… nature’s antibiotic. One teaspoon in a cup of tea on Friday. One teaspoon in a C Monster yesterday. One teaspoon in a glass of OJ today. I can’t decide if it’s working yet or not. I’ll keep you posted.

    I’m watching The Breakfast Club at my brother’s house right now. Judd Nelson is still hot as ever. I think it’s the hair.

    Up through the Atmosphere, Up Where the Air is Clear
    I flew kites with my niece and nephew this afternoon. It was a gorgeous day with just the perfect breeze. Say what you will, but Iowa can be nice.

    Speaking of… I haven’t actually watched Invasion Iowa yet, but I’m torn between thinking it is hilarious and being offended. But I did find out that my cousin was part of the drum corps in the opening episode.

    I’m Not Here
    Danielle Sightings: 5

    I didn’t tell anyone that I was coming home… mostly because I just want to rest and hide out and not get caught up in having to see a bunch of people, etc. However, it’s a small town. Sightings are inevitable.

    I’ve been here 24 hours, and besides the parents, brother, niece & nephews, my presence has been made known to:
    路 brother’s roommate
    路 high school friend Sarah & husband (they were flying kites in the parking lot near my house and saw me outside with my niece.)
    路 Grandma (hasn’t seen me yet, but found out that I was here at church)
    路 Nate (I couldn’t not call him, but I haven’t seen him yet either.)

    Speaking of… only Manda will care, but Nate has a new roommate. Cory’s wife had their baby last week. Elizabeth Carly (spelling subject to change).

    We’ll see how long it takes me to go crazy here. The remodelling project on the main floor means that the only television is downstairs. How cozy having everyone down there together. Actually, this afternoon Greg and I just sat on the floor in the empty hallway upstairs watching the kids play and chase ladybugs. It was surreal.

    Must Haves
    Everything You Like, I Liked Five Years Ago t-shirt. I need to get that to wear just once around Michael. They also have it in blue for the men.

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  18. Out of Office Reply
    I’m driving to my parents’ house today. I’ll probably let you know when I get there.

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