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    For the Record
    I’m supposed to be packing. I’m not.

    A wise person once said… “Do not put off until tomorrow that which you can do the day after that.”

    And since it is officially in writing, I can say that we have actually come to a decision about SOMETHING. (Two indecisive people together? What does that equal? I have no idea.) I’ll be moving to Brisbane by the middle of September. Wheee!

    Pop Goes the Culture
    These are the links to the sites that I was telling the bridesmaids about last weekend. Strangely addictive. Lots of TomKat news. I don’t want to read it, but I do.
    Pink is the New Blog (via Ms. Leslie)
    Go Fug Yourself (via Manda)
    Gallery of the Absurd

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  2. 3-2-1 ZERO
    Allison and I tried Coke Zero the other day. I’m not a big Coke drinker to begin with, but I know that I do NOT like Diet Coke… so it was going to be a true test of my tastebuds. Surprisingly we agreed that it really doesn’t taste too bad. There is a slight aftertaste which becomes a little more pronounced after it warms up a bit, but overall, for zero calories and zero carbs, one really can’t complain.

    One Ring to Rule Them All
    Does anybody know their ring size? I heard that your ring size and your shoe size are often the same or quite close. (This site says so too.) I just need to know if I’m the only one, because I find that to be weird.

    This Girl is So Dangerous
    I rediscovered Michael Jackson’s Dangerous album and listened to it almost the whole way home from Indiana. I get tripped up on the little details of music, so I spent probably a good half an hour rewinding this little section in “Keep the Faith”, because there is a handclap that I like. (It’s towards the end after his “nah nah” and the syncopated “keep the faith, don’t let nobody bring you down” by the choir. Love it.) And umm, if I remember correctly “Will You Be There” has no less than three key changes.

    Bauns… pinball meets tetris… sorta.

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  3. A Little Story
    There once was a band called redletterproject. RLP rocked and developed a following. Some of these faithful followers were referred to lovingly as the groadies and broadies. (For girl-roadies and boy-roadies.) There was one particular summer filled with tons of shows, many roadtrips, lots of photos, and one Lollapaluau. Those were the days.

    Fast forward five years. Guitarist Trevor married Amy and had a baby (who is way smiley and cute). Drummer Josh has a new band and is months from being wed. Bassist Jay married Brandy… little Bean will be here any day now… and he has a new band. Groadie Erin likes Josh’s new band… and not just because her man Jim is in it too. Me? Well, we all know what I’m up to these days. And then we come to Groadie Allison and Broadie Aaron. They finally got married on Saturday, and it was beautiful!

    Wedding Weekend Recap

    ♥ Drove up to Lafayette.
    ♥ Had dinner at Olive Garden and tried to pretend that it was Mama’s.
    ♥ Went back to Allison’s mom’s house for girl time (read: lingerie present time) with the bride and bridesmaids.

    ♥ Friday was a blur, but I remember ironing table runners.
    ♥ Ran lots of errands with Allison.
    ♥ Got to have our nails done.
    ♥ Rehearsal out at the farm. (The fastest and most painless wedding rehearsal I’ve ever been to!)
    ♥ Rehearsal dinner with lots of catching up with Jay & Josh.
    ♥ Slumber party at Allison’s mom’s house.

    ♥ Went to Aaron’s mom’s salon where the ladies did our hair. (I have to get those photos developed soon!) Final bobby-pin count: 39
    ♥ Went out to the farm to start getting ready for photos which were to begin at 2:00.
    ♥ Though it was hot and sweaty, I have to admit the afternoon was kind of fun. (Except for that little stretch of time where I felt nauseous due to lack of food or water or something.)
    ♥ Got to be in charge of the walkie-talkie up at the house. “We have a visual on the Brother; he is headed for the Barn. Over.”
    ♥ Watching Allison and her dad get into the horse-drawn carriage made me weepy.
    ♥ The ceremony was beautiful. The weather couldn’t have been better. The bugs didn’t bite me. (Sorry, Erin.)
    ♥ Fun reception in the beautiful barn. Good food. Fun people. A swing on the swing with Steve. (happy now?) A little dancing. And the literal fireworks before the limo send-off.
    ♥ Called Hans when I got back to the house and asked if we could just elope. 🙂

    In Other News
    I missed my 10-year class reunion due to the festivities this weekend. (My heart is not broken over this.) Called Nate yesterday to try and get the scoop. Just got an email from him saying he didn’t go either. WhatEVER! Guess Cory was the only representative of the Three Musketeers.

    Brother Update
    I guess he is most likely going up to Sioux City sometime today to have his little stone(s?) taken out. Seems like that kid has been on morphine for the better part of this year. Sheesh.

    I found out this morning that my sister has had six kidney stones. Three of which were within the last two years. I remember a couple times when my dad had them when we were kids. Please, Lord, let my kidneys take after my mom’s.

    Pixelblocks: Legos for the next generation

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  4. Back home. Details on the fun weekend when I’m more coherant… but I found out tonight that my brother is back in the hospital. Kidney stones this time. Just got word that they think it is too large to pass, so he may end up needing to have surjury tomorrow.


    (If I didn’t answer your call tonight, it was because my car charger is at YOUR HOUSE.)

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  5. For God’s Sake, Get Me to the Church on Time
    I’m off to Indiana for the wedding we’ve all been waiting for. Wheee!

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  6. Alter Call
    I just have to put a plug out there if anyone is looking for someone to do alterations — men’s or women’s clothing. Brentwood Men’s Shop did an amazing job on my dress. It now fits like a dream. I can breathe and nothing is going to fall out. Whee! David and Debbie were a joy to deal with, and I recommend their services to anyone in the area.

    Scary Tom: Redux
    I hate to say it, but set your TiVos if you missed it before… they are re-airing the freaky Tom Cruise interview on Oprah tomorrow. Watch Tom Cruise kill Oprah. (via Sheila O’Malley)

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  7. Ba Ba-Ba-Ba Baby, Don’t Forget My Number
    My only friend from Michigan who I keep in any sort of semi-regular contact with– Jason — set me up with an account at I thought my international long-distance rates were good with First Communications, but dang… it’s tough to beat 57 minutes to Australia for $2.69. Everyone should keep this in mind come September when you are missing my voice and want to make sure I’m not homesick. *hint, hint*

    And because Jason put some fundage into my account to start me off, everyone should patronize his stores when considering their furniture needs. He runs Dapperville (with all the cool European stuff I want) and The Furniture Loft (featuring the couch named after me… it being orange in the sample photo is purely coincidental, I’m sure).

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  8. Happy Father’s Day!
    My Dad’s out on his Harley this weekend, but hopefully his card got there on time! He’s the coolest.

    Here’s a Clue for You, Chick-Sitting-in-Front-of-Me
    If your super-cool ringtone is an mp3 of the chorus for “Drop It Like It’s Hot”, you might want to consider making sure it is on vibrate before you get to church.

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  9. Interestingly, today I came across some info that called Brisbane the Skin Cancer Capital of the World. Other sites have given that title to Queensland in general or Australia at large. (Saying one in two people develop skin cancer.) I wonder if I’ll be able to order my magical no-mineral-oil sunscreen down there. That my favourite aunt died from melanoma reminds me that I need to be diligent about protection.

    Mental Notes
    : for when we’re planning that trip around in the world in five years. 🙂

    cool kitchen rack thingy – I could probably totally make that out of… something. But would I?

    Power Strip Liberators – did I blog about these before? I managed to get everything plugged into my new computer corner with one outlet to spare, but it’s good to know where these things can be found if/when the day comes that I need them.

    Job Schmob
    Here’s a work cartoon for Leslie when she reads this on Monday.

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  10. Yes, I Heard
    And yes, I’m barfing.

    Word Play

    Roommate: Have you seen how crappy the mat outside is getting?
    Me: Would you go so far as to say we’ve worn out our welcome… mat?

    MattoWertz: How are are you people on the hill?
    Concertgoers: *screams*
    Matt: Hill, yeah!

    Yeah, so I spent the last of my entertainment budget going to Dancin’ in the District last night. We got there in time to see Matt Wertz and band (with Dave Barnes on guitar). They put on such a great show. So great, in fact, that we were somewhat disappointed with Gavin DeGraw. Gavin’s sound was fine, but there was nothing captivating about the performance. I would have had more fun listening to the cd while playing solitaire on the computer or something. Plus matt has way better merch.

    Swing Me Over Hell on a Cornstalk
    Seeing Rob Bell on Joshua’s list of Heterosexual Man Crushes made me miss my Big Fil cd. That was the “band” Rob formed when he was still pastoring at Calvary. (That Todd guy who married Suzanne, Greta’s cousin played drums, I believe.) They wrote little ditties to go with his sermons with such classics as “I’m Not Your Grandpa” and “Swing Me over Hell on a Cornstalk”. Somewhere along the line I misplaced that cd, and I’m hoping that all this reshuffling of stuff as I move will unveil its hiding place. (Otherwise it seems to be for sale here.)

    Music of the Day
    More new Röyksopp here.

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  11. All of a Sudden I’m Inspired Again
    Check out the latest Steve Don’t Eat It at The Sneeze. Quotable: “It’s hard to believe this started out as a bag of fruit snacks and grape juice. Yet somehow these ingredients went from sweet and child-like to harsh and alcoholic quicker than Lindsay Lohan.”

    And Manda sent me this gem. Top Ten Messages Left On Michael Jackson’s Answering Machine — #2. That’s all I have to say… Number TWO.

    Supersize This
    Okay, Manda and Hans and anyone else who thinks I’m less of a person for having no interest in seeing Supersize Me, you have to read this. Rants like this are the reason why I read Tainted Bill daily.

    Addictive Game Alert
    : I didn’t see instructions anywhere, but basically a ball will be released, and you have to move the platform at the bottom so that the ball bounces off a square of your choice. (The bullseyes are trampolines, the coins are 300 pts, the hazzard squares deaden your bounce, etc.) Use the shadow as a guide. My best: 99 bounces, 13950 points. And now I’m going blind.

    Pretty Viddy (Oh)
    Röyksopp’s “Only This Moment” video. Yay.

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  12. Two in One Day… Somebody Stop Me
    I just wanted to state for the record that I love my alarm clock. 🙂

    And it’s 84 degrees outside according to It is 86 degrees inside my house according to the thermostat. I don’t know if this is training for Australia when air-con is practically unheard of or what… but I suppose I should call the landlord regardless.

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  13. Happy Birthday, Mom!

    Oops I Did It Again
    Someone informed me that I haven’t blogged in a while. Oops. Sometimes I’m uninspired. And let me tell you, lack of a wireless laptop really uninspires.

    Gown Downers
    I finally got my bridesmaid dress on Monday. (They are beautiful, Allison. Love the dusty lavender color!) A big thank you to everyone who I asked to pray that my arse would fit in it. That wasn’t really a problem at all. (And no, it’s not my ample bosom that’s the problem either, thanks for bringing it up, Steve.) It’s my ribcage that is more of the issue. It’s not horrible, and I can zip it up… but man, it’s not comfortable.

    So my dear friend Sandra, the former L.A. fashion designer, took a look at it yesterday. She knew all the lingo and called around for someone who could do the alterations in a week. We went into the shop, and even after the lady pinned the top of the bodice tighter, that made it all hang nicer.

    While we were out, we discovered a little boutique in Brentwood called Dragonfly. The lady does all sorts of custom clothing and jewelry. I could totally do that. Some of her jewelry was gorgeous though. Hideously expensive, but pretty to look at.

    Let’s see… what else. Love this “Reading is for awesome people” shirt at Nerdy Shirts found via one of this guy’s myspace friends.

    Oh yeah… and then there are the most disturbing Domestic Violence Public Service Announcements ever. You can thank Hans for those.

    And here’s a link for him, Futurama Taglines from the first four seasons, I believe.

    Look at OOOMS. Admit it, suddenly the dutch are a little cooler.

    And check out these great stool/chair/table things from Target, no less.

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  14. Diggin It
    I saw a Pontiac ad on television last night (the third one here), and my ears perked up. Could this be a revamped version of a Stone Roses song I’ve never heard? Better yet, have they arisen from the firey ashes to record again? No, seems it’s a little group called Kasabian. From the minimal investigation I’ve done, it appears that they are oft compared to the Stone Roses. The point that makes me hestitant to check into more of their music is that Oasis is mentioned in nearly every article as well. And we all know how much I love to hate Oasis.

    Missed My Anniversary
    I was reminded by Someone that this past Wednesday marked my 4-year anniversary of being in Nashville. It was the best of times and the worst of times, but wouldn’t trade it for anything. (I was going to scan in a picture of me kissing one of the horse statues in the Wildhorse Saloon, but I can’t be bothered. But having been line-dancing there makes me feel like I’ve truly experienced Nashville.)

    Spoon Me
    I’m thrilled to learn that I can officially start collecting spoons. It’s so hard to start a collection of anything, because really, unless you start out with a set of something, at the beginning you just have one of that thing.

    Collecting spoons is in my blood. It’s the Dutch thing to do. And it just happens that Hans’ tante (aunt) brought me a present… a spoon! I’ll have to get one from Nashville and one from Iowa to bring with me. (And if any Floridians find one with a Princess Fiona on it or something…)

    With the wedding being just two weeks away, I decided to abandon my paleness in an effort to not be the only stark white bridesmaid. I found a coupon for a free trial tan here. Holy freckle-mania, batman. I can’t believe I gave in… but I’m moisturizing like crazy and have no intentions of ever doing it again after the wedding.

    I Need Those Cowgirl Boots ASAP
    Connie has tickets to the CMA Music Fest for tomorrow. Is this what’s known as Fan Fare? Or Boonadoocious or whatever? I don’t ordinarily do country music events, but hey… we’re entering my last month in Nashville… why not.

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  15. TeeHee
    – File under Things I Wish I Thought Of

    Poor Ron
    Yesterday Jack sat with me at the airport, even after I insisted we get there early… even when the flight left an hour later than what I thought it did. (Thanks, Jack. Just think, if we had left any later, it would have cut short our ridiculously loud and long religious debate.)

    So I took the little tram to the terminal and proceeded to wait some more. I was flying Southwest, which blows. I actually can’t decide if it blows or if it just sucks. Flying Southwest may very well suck and blow at the same time. It’s a veritable breathing pattern of sucking and blowing.

    I digress…

    Anyway, if you’ve ever flown Southwest, you know about the whole no-seating-assignment deal they have. Which means you have to check in 7 hours beforehand, so that you make it into the coveted Boarding Group A. This still means you have to box out the other 30 people who are going to race you to the Boarding Group A line… where you will proceed to stand and wait for 45 minutes just so you can get on the plane first and get the window seat of joy.

    It sucks.

    I was in Boarding Group B anyway. I didn’t care.

    So finally the preboarders are all on the plane, and Boarding Group A is a go. There is a lady about halfway back in the line, who starts yelling out, “RON! RON!!!

    I tried to spare poor Ron the embarrasement of having every single person in the terminal turn and look at him. The guy in front of me was visibly torn, but he, too, eventually turned to see what the crap RON was doing.

    Soon the lady is to the front of the line and has to let the rest of Boarding Group A pass in front of her. “RON! ROOOOOON!!” She was seething by this point.

    RON finally came bounding over with the soda he apparently couldn’t live without, and they made it onto the plane before Boarding Group B. You just know poor RON got a talking to about how they didn’t get to the airport at 9:30 in the morning just to lose their spot in line.

    I love people watching though. Especially those with no apprent self-awareness. You people make me laugh on the inside. Maybe I should feel bad about that.

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  16. Killer Time
    So the Floridians and I got together the other night for a little Murder Mystery dinner. Ours was the Murder at the Four Deuces, and it took places in the “rip roaring 20s”. I tied with Manda for best costume and somehow managed to get voted best actress. It was all the lash-batting, to be sure. It was really a lot of fun, despite our poor attitudes prior.

    Madame MeMe, Rebecca Ravioli, Carrie Crooner-Ravioli

    Oh, and umm… Leslie, Manda, and I went to Anthropologie today. It was everything I had hoped for and more. I want to move in there. Okay, so I don’t see anything I got on the website, but then again, I didn’t see this little gem in the store either. Ugh, the prices in there kill me, but everything is so cute.

    Leslie also walked me to Urban Outfitters, but I was able to refrain from purchasing anything there. Oh Mall at Millenia, I love you; I hate you.

    Curly Sue Manda TiVo’d the entire first season of The 4400 plus the Season Two premiere today. We’re newly addicted. Creepy little girl though, eh?

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  17. Ladies’ Night, Oh What a Night
    Last night Manda and I stepped up to the ticket booth at the movie theatre, and this converstaion ensued:
    Manda: I’ll have three tickets for… [steps back to survey the sign above]
    Drew, the sexist ticket boy: The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants?
    Manda: How did you know?
    Drew: It was just a guess.

    It was a pretty cute movie. I think cold-hearted Leslie may have even sniffled once. Something about it gave me a little additional courage for The Big Move.

    We came back here and tried on costumes for the Murder Mystery dinner that we’re having tomorrow night. Alas, I’m still dressless. Goodwill? Come through for me.

    My arms hurt today after all my superficial fascia cracking last night. Don’t ask. It was Manda’s idea.

    Stompish Flash Thingie… kinda cool.

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  18. Today’s the first day of Hurrican Season 2005. I’m in Florida. Bring it on, Mother. Bring. It. On.

    A Conversation
    Manda, being in massage therapy school, is learning all the muscle groups of the body. She was pointing to the areas of the leg and reciting their latin names.

    Me: I don’t know why you thought that school was going to be hard. You’re the memorization queen.
    Manda: But I’m NOT… that’s the thing.
    Me: Whatever. All the words to “We are the World” — right now. Go!
    Manda: [laughs then sheepishly starts…] There comes a time… wait, do you want me to do it with all the voices too?

    Allergic to Florida
    Why is it every time I come to Florida I feel crappy? I’m either allergic to this place or maybe it’s Maddie, but I was never sneezy because of the dog in Indiana.

    Highlights from the past few days?
    • Going to O’Charleys in Greensboro. (This is just a reminder for me to write the sternly-worded email to whoever decided it was a good idea to serve a quesadilla on paper in a little basket instead of on a plate.)
    • Our hotel in Savannah was amazing. Just opened a couple months ago, so everything was nice and fresh. Plus each of our queen-sized beds had six, count them SIX, fluffy pillows on them. (Ahh, it’s nice to know someone with a family discount there!)
    • We visited the Smallest Church in America.
    St. Augustine!! Lunch at a campy little cafe complete with a lounge singer doing everything from Led Zeppelin to Frank Sinatra. Brief visit at the Castillo de San Marcos. And toured the San Sebastian Winery complete with wine tasting.
    • Listening to Can You Keep a Secret? in the car.
    • Going out to Don Pablos with Jack & Leslie last night.
    • Playing Halo 2 until I get carsick.

    Another Conversation
    Happening over xbox Live… with me, Leslie & Jack at the house, Erik at his house, and Matt in Hawaii. There was a question about who all was playing…
    Matt: Are Jack and the girls on?
    Erik: The girls, being Leslie and Amanda, I assume.
    Leslie: Me and Danielle.
    Erik: Danielle? Danielle who?
    Me: Have you forgotten me already?
    Erik: Godmother Danielle?
    Leslie: Yes, godmother Danielle. Your godspouse.

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