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  1. All Better
    I started a post earlier about how much I was hating life, but as the day went on things got better. A little smile in myspace-message form. A reassuring phonecall from Someone who knows just what to say.

    And while I am not super keen on blogs that feel compelled to only ever recite song lyrics, I don’t do it all that often, and I think that HoJo seems to say it just right for me today.

    Things Can Only Get BetterHoward Jones
    (I found this amazing 7 minute remix… and you have to admit it’s one of the classic songs of our generation.)

    ~We’re not scared to lose it all
    Security throw through the wall
    Future dreams we have to realize
    A thousand sceptic hands
    Won’t keep us from the things we plan
    Unless we’re clinging to the things we prize

    And do you feel scared – I do
    But I won’t stop and falter
    And if we threw it all away
    Things can only get better
    Woah woah woah oh, woah woah waoh oh oh oh oh

    Treating today as though it was
    The last, the final show
    Get to sixty and feel no regret
    It may take a little time
    A lonely path, an uphill climb
    Success or failure will not alter it~

    Just What the Doctor Ordered
    I was also cheered by the link Allison sent me. Apparently there is Dr. Pepper in Australia. If this is true, then by jove, I will find it!

    I got an email notification that one of my favourite card shops has added some new items, including a few new LuLu designs (). And they have the 2006 Lulu Wall Calendar, which I can pretty much guarantee I’ll get from my parents for my birthday. I also noticed that they had a new card by an artist that did the card I got for Sandra this year. Which led me on a search for more Pulp Couture items. I’ve been getting a kick out of the Selfish Kitty line. (Does this one or does it not sound exactly like something Jack would send Manda for Valentines Day?)

    Ready or Not; Here We Come
    Tomorrow is the big Family Vacation Redux. We’re taking three separate cars, so I’m not sure it really counts. After all, my earliest childhood vacation memories were riding in a freaking Ford Escort with the back seat folded down all the way to Colorado in the middle of the night. (Maybe that was before Greg was born.) Watch out, Henry Doorly. We’ll be seeing you tomorrow. You better have tigers.

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  2. History in the [Re]making
    My parents have been redoing their main floor since March. I’ve been the unofficial interior decorating consultant, as I have the strongest opinions on the matter. See, their house is historic… built in the late 1800’s. So I wanted to see them bring it back to the original character, instead of the “70’s chic” I remember from my early childhood and the “crafty country” look from my teens.

    I insisted upon two elements:

    #1. Wood floor in the piano room. People pay big bucks for the hardwood floors we’ve always had underneath the carpet in half the house. I lost the battle on the living room and master bedroom, because Dad argued it would be too cold in the winter. But the piano room turned out gorgeous with its maple floor all polished up.

    #2. Rehang the beveled glass windows. The piano room and living room have these giant picture windows. When I was a kid, there were these gorgeous beveled windows in the top third of those picture windows. They are something like this one, but wider with a slightly different pattern. When the afternoon sun would shine through, the prisms would make rainbows on the carpet… or on your legs if, let’s say, you were sitting on the floor being Rainbow Girl.

    We replaced all the windows when we moved the house fifteen years ago, but those fancy windows had been in the basement ever since. I begged for them to be put back up somehow. Mom wasn’t sure she was ready to give up her view, but I wouldn’t back down. Our carpenter framed them and hung them with piano hinges inside the picture window frames, and they are so amazing. Unfortunately, we didn’t have them cleaned before time, so I spent this afternoon on a ladder with a toothbrush cleaning each mini pane of glass. (If I turn up dead in the next few days, have me tested for inadvertent lead poisoning.)

    So Long, Earth. Catch You on the Flip Side.
    I forgot about the spaceshuttle launch. The joys of media deprivation. Manda and Vickie both saw it from afar. I feel like watching Apolo 13 now, but I have no idea where my movies are. Mmmm… Ed Harris & Gary Sinise.

    Midnight Snacky
    I’ve been craving croissants since Someone mentioned them this morning. But specifically J. Alexander’s croissants with their buttery-honey glaze on them. Mmm.

    kathedraaaaaaaal? Turn any word into a google logo

    — I have yet to find my alarm clock, so I’ve been suffering with the World’s Brightest Alarm ClockTM. It’s like trying to take a nap in the middle of the afternoon sleeping next to that thing. That’s beside the point. I would have liked this neverlate alarm clock back in my days of alternate wake times. Has seven alarms for each day of the week that can be set to the appropriate wake time for each particular day. I’d ask for it for Christmas, except the description doesn’t mention if the display has a setting slightly dimmer than “par can”.

    — A little part of me loves the tiger pillow. But where would one put something like that?

    — Thanks, Tommy. I read you daily too.

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  3. I Want to Ride My Bicycle, Bicycle
    If you are from Iowa and/or a bicyclist, you know what RAGBRAI is. (Unless you’re Steve.) For those not in the know, that’s the Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa. The idea is to ride from the Missouri River to the Mississippi River.

    So anyway, this year’s ride started yesterday just south of here. The riders were routed through my sister’s town, so I saw a bunch of riders when I went to pick up my nephew last night.

    Tragically, one of the cyclists was killed last night as a giant storm rolled through the area and caused a branch to fall on his tent where he was camped for the night.

    One More Try
    Five days until our first full family vacation in… I’m going with — 15 years. The last family vacation I remember involved my sister getting hit by a falling rock at Seven Falls, and the overall tone for the 13-hour drive back home was “sucky”. This time we have four additional members of the family, and we’re only venturing 2.5 hours away. Who will crack first? This is the question.

    Deep Thoughts by Steve Handy
    Dani & Hans: separated by an ocean, some land, and sharks. It’s like ‘yeah, i can handle the ocean and the land… but the sharks? hmm i don’t know about that.'”

    The 28-and-Living-With-Our-Parents-Again Club
    I think we’re about to get a new member. I just got an email from one of my girlfriends from high school that said she is coming back to town for a few months until she goes back to Venezuela. Yesssss.

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  4. Happy Birthday, Allison!! Hope you have a super day! LOVE!

    Change of Pace
    Everything is a bit slower here. I don’t know where half of my things are, so my routine is completely off. It is driving me sort of crazy. It’s just weird when you go back to a place that knows you best as a person that you really aren’t anymore.

    That said, I’m finding out that even though I haven’t spent more than a couple weeks a year with my mom… I am completely turning into her. Which isn’t bad, really. My mom rocks. Just weird.

    Today I sat out on the back porch with my coffee and listened to my windchime that I hung the other day. It’s a cool windchime. Not one of those loud obnoxious ones. It’s more like those chimes that an auxiliary percussionist plays right before the vocals start in a cheesy ballad. Or like with those read-along book and record combos we used to have as kids, and there was a chime that sounded whenever you were supposed to turn the page. Like that. I like it. I may take it to Australia.

    Tonight I’m taking my nephew to McDonald’s. (yes, it’s a small town. McDonald’s is still a treat here.) Then we’re going to see a handbell choir from Japan. My grandparents took me to see them when I was a kid. I guess I’m paying it forward.

    Get Used to It
    And to think I was worried about Australia not having the foods I like. A single jar of hummus is not to be found in this town. I am resigned to the fact that I’ll have to make it myself, so I found this “Extra Easy” Hummus recipe — tahini-free since I’m sure I won’t be able to find that here either. I’ll have to peruse Vickie’s recipe box to see if she has anything I want to try.

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  5. Computer Woes
    I found a copy of SE at my Dad’s office today. (Thanks though, Michael & Steve.) I’m going to attempt to install it over the 98 I have on here, per these instructions. If it works, I’ll be golden. If it doesn’t, I’m throwing this away and may never be back. It was nice knowing you.
    UPDATE: Well, that didn’t fricking work. Lucky I know enough DOS to get it back to normal.

    Felt Like “Home”
    It is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, of course. During the show Shark Attack: Predators in the Panhandle, there was a bit about the kid from Tennessee who was attacked this spring. They showed a clip of Channel 4 News and Demetria Kalodimos, and I felt like I was back in the South for a second again.

    Purple Passport Holder
    The other one I linked to a while back has dissappeared, but neiman Marcus has them too, only theirs are hip and metallic.

    Because I have the potential of becoming seriously depressed about living back in Smalltown, America, I have decided to focus on the positives. Things I love about Iowa:
    — Summer sunsets last until 10:30.
    Pizza Ranch
    Taco Johns 🙂 (Yes, Steve…I went there on Day 2)
    — It’s sorta like Cheers, where everybody knows your name. (Even though it takes me half the conversation to figure out who I’m talking to and why they know who I am.)
    — The coffeehouse on campus is open in the summer, if only on two nights.
    — One unmarried, childless person from my class is around in the same position as me, so we will ban together as the 28-and-living-with-our-parents-again club.
    — Having a queen-size bed in a giant room and the entire upstairs to myself. (After sleeping in a twin for 10+ years and living with other people for most of that.)
    — Going for walks… in the dark… and not having to worry about it.
    — I bicycled for the first time in forever yesterday. My knees hated me, but at least I hadn’t forgotten how.

    Song of the Day
    The Sweetest Thing

    ~[Brown]-eyed boy meets a [green]-eyed girl
    Oh oh oh, the sweetest thing~

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  6. PLEA
    If anyone has a Windows98 SE Update disk and key they’d be willing to share with me, please leave a comment.

    Having issues. Will return to your regularly scheduled blogging soon.

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  7. Chapter 28: I Find Myself Here Again
    Never fear, we made it back to Iowa. I spent the first 45 minutes of the drive with a contant stream of thoughts such as “I cannot believe I’m doing this” and “I can’t believe I left my car there” and “I CANNOT believe I’m doing this”. Overall it was good. Even though the moving truck we got had bucket seats. Three people. Hmm… We contemplated buying my mom a one-way ticket back. But nah. Stick the couch cushions in between and it’s all good. (Thankfully only hit one open weigh-station.)

    Yesterday was spent unloading the truck into the garage with certain boxes and the clothing items going upstairs. Computer still isn’t online, to my dismay. Soon and very soon. It’s high on the priority list for the day.

    That’s all. Back later.

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  8. I moved to Nashville officially the third weekend of June in 2001. My first apartment here was “The Cottage” in Brentridge Apartments. My parents and Manda helped me move down from Indy.

    I started blogging a few months later. Missives Anonymous has captured almost all of my Nashvillian adventures. So this weekend as I am busy loading the truck and moving back to Iowa for the first time in 10 years, I leave you with a retrospective of my notable blog entries from the last four years. Some of the images are broken due to the death of my old hosting and some links are broken too, but you’ll get the general idea.

    I have to admit it took me a while to get the hang of this whole blogging business. Was it my diary? Was it an exercise in creative writing? I chose the title, because at first I had no intentions of revealing anything about who I am and had absolutely no plans to tell anyone about it. That has all changed… and for the better, I like to think.

    » 02 Sep 01 :: The First Official Post… which I think I actually wrote in Indiana on Jack & Manda’s couch. My beautiful niece would be born later that day.

    » 11 Sep 01 :: The 9|11 Post

    » 04 Oct 01 :: The Bands with Numbers Boycott Post

    » 17 Oct 01 :: The Country Song Post… yes, living in Nashville inspired me to write a country song that was originally brought about by Jay moving back to Indiana, but it really took on a life of its own.

    » 08 Nov 01 :: The Lost Dogs Show Post… RIP Gene.

    » 14 Nov 01 :: The Autumnal Nashville Observation Post

    » 18 Nov 01 :: The Heroine Post… Duty called, and duty’s name was Michael the road manager. But I managed to save the show.

    » 13 Dec 01 :: The Band Guys are Dumb Post… well, not all band guys.

    » 15 Jan 02 :: The Foreshadowing? Post… after going crazy (as documented in earlier posts) trying to get the band’s visas and tickets and everything set for their Australasia trip, take note of what I wanted for a souvenier. Ha!

    » 25 Jan 02 :: The Thievery Part Two Post… Please quit breaking into my car.

    » 04 Feb 02 :: The Carnton Cemetary Post

    » 24 Feb 02 :: The Magnetic Poetry Post

    » 03 Mar 02 :: The Moving to The Manor Post… this was just about the longest process ever, but this day’s post summed up the stress level for me. And using a tour bus as a moving van was an experience I’ll probably never have again.

    » 01 Apr 02 :: The If I Knew Then… Post… Yeah, we met at an Easter party.

    » 22 Apr 02 :: The Erin’s Here for GMA Week Post

    » 29 Apr 02 :: The Danielle Got Mad Post… or the recounting of the rare anger.

    » 07 May 02 :: The Guys Wrecked the Trailer Post

    » 15 May 02 :: The Star Wars Episode II Post

    » 02 Jun 02 :: The Jack and Opryland Post

    » 03 Jun 02 :: The First Liner Notes Mention Post

    » 26 Jun 02 :: The Noncommittal Response Post… not much substance, but always a favorite.

    » 11 Jul 02 :: The Danielle Gets a Cellphone Post

    » 29 Aug 02 :: The Meeting Béla Fleck Post

    » 21 Sep 02 :: The Make Your Own Risk Game Post

    » 14 Oct 02 :: The First Non-Date Post

    » 22 Oct 02 :: The Accident Post

    » 30 Oct 02 :: The Hot Air Affair Post

    » 03 Nov 02 :: The Drew’s Gone Post

    » 11 Nov 02 :: The Dog on the Interstate Post

    » 13 Nov 02 :: The Sad Day Post

    » 02 Dec 02 :: The Bad Trip Post… flying back to Nashville next to sickness personified.

    » 07 Dec 02 :: The Vengeance is Mine Post

    » 16 Dec 02 :: The Most Memorable Florida Vacation Post

    Okay, I ran out of time. (I haven’t even gotten to my Oh-My-Goodness-I-Just-Hit-an-Owl post. A personal fav.) Enjoy these or peruse the archives yourself and find your own favourite post. Woot.

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  9. The Fun Has Ended
    I’m officially not having a good time anymore. My way of dealing with stress is… not dealing with it. May have had a little breakdown earlier, but Someone had wonderful words of confidence and assurance and warm-fuzzies for me.

    But tonight after having dinner for the last time at PF Changs, my fortune cookie read:

    Any rough times are now behind you.

    I’ll claim that.

    Time to pack up the computer… I shall return when I’m back in Iowa and somewhat recovered.

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  10. Home Again Home Again
    Finished dog/house-sitting this morning. Back at my house to finish The Pack. Picking up my parents this afternoon. Eeep. (Emailing has fallen to the backburner these days. Sorry. Soon I’ll have the great majority of the day to email in an effort to stay sane.)

    Erin and Allison will appreciate that I went to Alektor Cafe this morning for one last delicious cup of coffee since I was up in Green Hills anyway. I still assert that you may be hard-pressed to find a better cup of coffee in Nashville.

    Had a nice dinner with the former Bossman and family and our South African friends. Sad to be leaving just as they are returning, but we’re better with email anyway. It was quite a nice time topped off with homemade peach pie *yum* and rooibos tea.

    No Cruising
    A reason to appreciate France? The city of Paris has “pledged ‘never to welcome’ the actor to the city of love“.

    And then there is the Tom Cruise Blog. Hee hee. Someone trying to blog from inside Tom’s head. I particularly liked this line… “When my fiancee and I started dating, we had almost nothing in common, except that we both loved Tom Cruise.”

    Did anyone notice the Blogmap I recently put at the bottom of the blog? I tried to put it on my sidebar, but it is too wide… and these days I don’t have the time to deal with that. Soon. There are other issues as well, seeing that I don’t live where where it has my dot and soon I won’t live here at all anyway.

    Just thought it was interesting, because I didn’t see many Rocky Top Brigade Members on there. Although I did discover (or was discovered by) a fellow Franklin-ite at Drinkin’ the Franklin Kool-Aid… who, strangely enough, I saw referenced in an article I read as I was perusing the Review Appeal this morning.

    To Do List
    … Pack
    … Clean out car
    … Find title to give to Petra
    … Pick up parents at airport
    … Find more boxes — I wish I had these. How cute can storage be?
    … Confirm truck rental

    I think I’m going to barf. My body does not handle stress well. Sure wish someone was here to help rid me of all my tension. (Though I can wait until you’re a full-on massage therapist in five weeks… woot!)

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  11. Never Say Goodbye
    Last night was bad. It was good, but it was bad. Had dinner with a lot of the people who mean a lot to me here. I’m not good at the whole “goodbye” thing. While I’m excited about what is to come, it would have been hard to tell by the steady flow of tears. Ended with Connie & Sandra praying a blessing over our future together.

    Cried myself to sleep last night trying to figure out how I was going to say goodbye tooKarl. Between work, church, and play, he probably wins the award for most time spent with me these last four years. He has been my mentor/big-brother/surrogate-father figure. I told Sandra that all I want from him for a wedding present is foroGuardian to play at my American reception. He’s got between now and then to convince Tony to do it.

    Lost Found Art… I love the abacusses (abacai?) and the hangers the best, but the microphones are way rad too.

    Mark’s Music… and did I link to Seth’s? Oh memories.

    Song of the Day
    Joy Williams
    She sang an amazing acoustic version on Sunday that has been stuck in my head since then.

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  12. I’ve seen four sets of twins already today. Is that weird?

    Petra, Connie and I had our favourite waitor at Cozymel’s today. He gave us free dessert since it is my last week. *sniff*

    I’ve officially lost all desire to pack anything else.

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  13. Lately…
    Let’s see. I’ve been packing. Housesitting. Dogsitting. Last night I guest-DJ-ed for my friends’ radio show. (Jessica’s friend has been taping them and posting the shows online, so if he does I’ll link to it later. It was great fun. Especially the part where we played “Talk it Out” by DCoTalk.)

    Star Wars in Asciimation… in my packing, I keep coming across these papers with things I meant to link to at one time or another. So I may have linked to this before, but it’s worth mentioning again. Some people and their spare time!

    Okay. Gotta go again.

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  14. Congrats to Jay & Brandy!! Your little girl is so sweet! 🙂

    Tom Cruise is Nuts . com Down yestserday. Back up today.

    For Your Shopping Pleasure
    I cannot say enough how much I’m going to miss downtown Franklin. I’ve been missing it for a while, actually. Gone are the days of spending my lunch hour ducking into shops and picking up a bite at Merridees or Pucketts or the Merc.

    One of my favourite shops was The Cottage Co. right on Main. I’d stop almost once a week to see what was new. They knew I probably wasn’t going to buy anything, but the ladies there would always chit-chat about the weather or a new product. I was delighted to find their website online… and particularly these striped pillows. I’ve been looking at them for months… hoping the price would go down. Granted, I don’t really have a place for it, especially now. But maybe someday….

    Permission to Do Nothing
    I’ve been given permission to stay in my pajamas all day. *sweet sigh* But I do have to do my client’s site while someone is willing to pay me. I guess I should do that before the wind blows the wrong way and Comcast goes down again. Anybody else having huge connection issues this week?

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  15. PRANGSTGRÜP – “guerrilla comedy” filmed by students at Columbia University. I heard about this last night watching Attack of the Show. A couple of them are really hilarious, specifically the two on their main page — Startup Sound and Lecture Musical.

    That’s all I got. Packing. Gotta step it up a notch, since I’m dogsitting this weekend. I didn’t write about the dog fiasco from last weekend… ugh. No time.

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  16. Happy Independence Day

    I’m sick of packing. I might just leave the rest here.

    Progress Update:
    I’m pretty sure I inadvertently packed my remote control.

    I Could Only Hope
    Petition to Revoke Tom Cruise’s Citizenship… yeah, but I signed it anyway.

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  17. Can I Have Some Remedy?
    I’m all about public service around here, so in that regard, I am happy to share the best invention EVER… the homemade fruit fly trap.

    Originally found at this blessed site, all you need is a glass, a piece of paper, tape/staples, and a sweet concoction for bait. I used a small mixture of red wine and balsamic vinegar… and the secret key not mentioned on the site: a couple drops of liquid soap to break the surface tension. (You can use a piece of banana apparently, but I prefer to WATCH THEM DROWN, because I’m sadistic like that.)

    I made two of them. Within twenty minutes, I had five in the one in my room. Where did they COME FROM?? Overall, I think seven have drowned to their miserable death in that one. The one in kitchen has at least 14 carcasses (carcai, if you will). Hallelujah!

    The End of Life as I Know It
    Being horribly sentimental, I’ve been taking photos of the way my room and stuff looked before I started taking everything down.

    My makeshift computer area. Life was so much easier with a wireless laptop.

    Yes, the calendar (from Mamselle’s) on my desktop was from May, though I just updated to July. And yes, the calendar on the wall was from December 2003… don’t ask.

    This sign has been in my bathroom for two and a half years. Inherited from my friends’ house when they moved back. Little did I suspect when I hung it that I’d be headed there myself.

    And I loved my little toilet decorations… especially my jar of gerberas that I made.

    I was going to post the mid-packing photo, but it is a little too scary. The thing is that I see improvement, and that’s all the motivation I need. I wish I had kept track of how many bobby pins and ponytail holders I have found since I started packing. Insane. (Oh, and Manda, I found the toilet paper core behind the books on the bookshelf. Thanks. 😛 )

    Music of the Day
    The Robe album by Wes King. He was one of our clients… and one that I was giddy to meet, because I’ve always greatly admired his work. Sadly, he was diagnosed with lymphoma earlier this year and has struggled with the treatments. The artist community has come together to record a tribute project, Life is Precious: A Wes King Tribute, to be released independently this winter with all proceeds going to the King family to help defray the cost of his cancer treatments.

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  18. But It’s the Truth… HONEST!
    I had a little phonecall that went something like this:
    Poor Guy Stuck Calling People for Donations: (paraphrased) The Shriners are coming to town. How many children can count on your donation to pay for their tickets to the circus this year?
    Me: I really can’t commit to anything right now. I’m presently unemployed and don’t have anything extra at the moment.
    Guy: That’s okay. I understand. We’ll just check back with you next year.
    Me: Actually, I’m moving… out of the country.

    I hung up thinking I sounded like the biggest, fattest LIAR on the face of the planet.

    The Infestation That’s Making Me Crabby
    Okay, so when you live with people, you learn to adapt to other people’s habits. Sometimes these habits involve not putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher and/or leaving fruit on the counter until it is a black corpse of its former banana-y self. I can only suspect that these issues are what has contributed to the swarm of little fruit flies that have taken over our kitchen.

    Bugs gross me out, okay. I know there are people who say that humans consume over a pound of bugs in their lifetimes. I, however, like to believe those people are LYING. I don’t like bugs anywhere near where I am preparing food… especially these little kamikaze bugs who think nothing of diving head first into my freshly poured up of coffee.

    So when I discovered that a couple of them went exploring and found my bedroom, it was the end of my proverbial rope. I will not rest until they’re all dead. But the thing is that I have been killing them… and yet there are always more. I’ve tried to eliminate all breeding grounds, but nay, still they return. Now I’m reaching the point of insanity. I see a little black fuzzy on my arm, and I freak. “Are you moving of your own volition or am I hallucinating??”

    It’s not helping my already stress-induced sleeping issues. My saving grace? Only two weeks left of this place… and my mother keeps an immaculate kitchen.

    Music of the Day
    My packing endeavors have uncovered a whole slew of CDs I had forgotten about in recent years. Today it is Adam Ant All-Day Day. Okay, the only cd I have is Manners & Physique, but that’s all I need. This album defined an era of my life. I totally stole (borrowed permenantly?) my sister’s cassette of it back when I was in junior high. I’m sure that for the right amount of money I could be persuaded to break out my dance moves I had for each song too. (Did I just admit that?)

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  19. Battlefield Boo-Hoo
    I wanna play with the boys! 🙁 Fine, play BattleField 2 without me. I’ll just be a cheerleader.

    Goooo feet! Gooooo feet! Gooooo feet! Go feet!

    You Know Me
    This is how I feel.

    Widespread Panic
    It’s July. It is JULY. I need to pack. Like now. (I actually did box up most of the books off one of my bookshelves before lunch. I’m bribing myself that way. Now I have to put the other bookshelf in a box before I can make coffee… and you know that’s going to be the quickest packing ever seen.)

    Last Hurrah
    My roommates and I are thinking about going to Kentucky Down Under for one last girlie outing. (How apropos, eh? I had no idea it was even there!) Either that, or we’re going to check out the new IKEA that opened in Atlanta the other day. I’d be going along for the ride, as I have no money to buy anything, and no need for anything additional to haul back to Iowa.

    Memory Bliss
    All I have to say is PM Dawn on Hit Me Baby One More Time?! Amazing. And yes, I dug out all their albums last night. I’ll listen to them after my music of the day…

    Music of the Day
    Shuffling between the new Royksopp and Kelly Clarkson. I have no excuses for that.

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  20. Proud Auntie D
    I’m pretty sure my niece is the cutest EVER.
    Evidence #1
    Evidence #2
    Evidence #3
    Evidence #4
    Evidence #5
    Evidence #6

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  21. Reunion Schmeunion
    The Reunion Committee put up photos from my 10-year reunion that I missed last weekend. There were some people that I would have had absolutely no clue who they were if it hadn’t been for the captions. They also put up some pictures that they put in a slideshow on the final night. This one is me with my two high school best friends Nate & Cory in Washington D.C. We have a whole huge series of photos of the three of us on every bench we could find on that trip. This one is me with my friends Kim and Jess on Halloween senior year. Good times.

    Speaking of home, I just saw this article. I’m moving back to the most moral county in Iowa. Guess I’m going to have to drink all the wine in the closet before I get there.

    Take the MIT Weblog Survey

    Pulp Fiction in 30 Seconds reinacted by bunnies.

    Benefits to Collecting Vintage Samsonite: #47
    Closet packing should be a breeze.

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