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  1. Quote of the Day
    “if there is no room for doubt, then, really: is there any room for faith?” — mdog

    Yes, this comes from the mind of the man I love. Hehehe… and this is his newest morbidly sweet one.

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  2. By the Shores of [Green] Lake
    I was awake at 6:15 this morning. (I KNOW!) So I took my coffee, walked down to the dock in my pajamas and watched the sun rise over the lake. It was so calm and beautiful. The perfect ending to a wonderful weekend at my aunt & uncle’s in Minnesota. My cousins from Fargo and Minneapolis also came down, so it was lots of fun. We played many games of Mexican Train Dominos out on the deck. We went on bike rides (with me on the back of the bicycle-built-for-two). Went to church at the super-cute chapel at the Bible Camp. And we flipped between the Weather Channel, FoxNews, CNN, and MSNBC all day yesterday. (Did anyone catch Shephard Smith‘s first report after some guy basically suggested that the French Quarter was going to be gone by morning? I’m sorry, but I laughed. Because if you couldn’t laugh, you’d have to cry.)

    When the Levee Breaks, Mama, You Got to Move
    Yeah, on that note, I have yet to hear from any of the New Orleans peeps. However I am assuming the best. They aren’t the type to try stick it out, and I think they all had places to run. Though it was disconcerting to hear so many familiar city names from the weather correspondents. Metarie for Greg, Rumseyhand Adam. Mandeville for Paul, Deannahand Darren. Gulf Port for Adam’s dad. Mobile for Michael’s parents. Scary stuff.

    Of course thinking of you Tennesseans who are in the path as well. At least if you have to cross the Harpeth, you can figure on calling in to work for a couple of days. I admit I’m a little jealous. I always loved rainy Tennessee days. Though not necessarily Tropical Storm rains. Thankfully, I am told, Brisbane doesn’t have to worry too much about cyclones thanks to the big islands offshore that slow storms down.

    Leaving on a Jet Plane
    Eeeek. I realized that I am leaving three weeks from today. Oh. My. Goodness. Do I have some major stuff to accomplish before then. But I’m all relaxed yet from my trip, so I don’t want to start stressing out about that just yet.

    But my dear housemate-to-be wrote that it’s cool that I have booked my ticket. I agree. Yay!

    Now I’m sleepy.

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  3. Congratulations, Manda! Today you join Nate in the elite club of Our Friends Who Have a Diploma from Someplace Other Than High School. Good job. I knew you would be a star at that whole academia thing.

    Visa? Secured.
    Plane Ticket? Booked.
    Stress about how I’m going to get everything done before then? Presently experiencing.

    Oh. My. Goodness. I’m really going. 🙂 Eeeeee!

    Speaking of Going
    I think I’m headed up to Minnesota for the weekend to have some peace and relaxation at my Aunt & Uncle’s lakehome. I’ll be back.

    Shirts for My Girls
    There’s one for my Indiana girls, my Illinois / Chicago girl turned Florida girl (and the other FL girl). There’s even one for a North Shore girl, which would almost work for Tash if it weren’t for the “all-American” bit. I’m debating between the Midwestern Girl one and the Iowa one myself. Of course I could be an honorary Indiana girl or Michigan girl too. Love ’em. (via web-goddess)

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  4. My grandpa died 17 years ago today. His was the first experience with death I ever really had. Cancer. I’m not one to dwell on stuff like that, but I was talking about him with my aunt today. She and I were talking about introducing my future husband to my father and how my dad is a bigger teddybear than he sometimes lets off. She said that my dad and my uncle have the same sense of humor that Grandpa had, and she asked if I remembered that. I had to admit that I don’t really remember conversations with him anymore. It’s more mental images. Like the Snoopy bandaid over one of his many needle pokes when he was in the hospital. But most vividly I remember him kissing my forehead when I would walk in the door at their house, and to this day, I find that to be one of the sweetest gestures ever.

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  5. A Conversation over Coffee
    : I’m just waiting for the James Bond movie where it is revealed that there actually ARE five (or by that time, six) different people who have portrayed the James-Bond persona.
    Eric: Sorta like Dread Pirate Roberts?
    Me: Exactly.

    Happiness is…
    …lack of bats.
    …not having to live out The Terminal.
    …making curtains that don’t look half bad.

    1. Are you a list person?
    2. I go in spurts of being pro-list and at other times… listless?
    3. Here is a list of lists you should have.
    4. And another, a packing for travel checklist.

    Diet Dr Pepper is Tool of Choice in Halting Carjacker: I’m not even making this up.

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  6. The Bat Men have been and gone. By tomorrow let’s pray that the majority of the creeeeatures have been trapped out of their little homes.

    Linky Links
    Anecdotage: If you ever need a little quip to throw out at parties, this is the place to find it.

    Celebrity Baby Blog: Did you know that Britney is pregnant? (Just kidding.) But yeah, I thought Leslie might like to add this to her list of daily celeb gossip reads.

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  7. Bat Watch 2005: Days Nine & Ten
    Okay, maybe I’ll save the “choice phrase” for the part in the story where it actually happened.

    So it all started Friday night. (I forget if I made it clear earlier that I had been sleeping on the couch in the basement for the last week or so after the two other floors had proven to be bat-prone.)

    I have this thing where I can’t sleep if there are open doors. Call me quirky. But closet doors, bedroom doors, bathroom doors… any doorway leading into the room in which I am sleeping needs to be shut or I can’t sleep. So when I went down into the basement that particular night, I shut the bathroom door and the door that goes to my dad’s workshop and proceeded to mess around online.

    Now the door to my Dad’s workshop used to be our front door. So it has a glass window in it, but it’s covered in contact paper making it translucent instead of being able to see right in there. This window also has a distinct rattle it makes when the door moves. I heard the window rattle at about 11:30, but didn’t think too much of it, because the air conditioner kicked on moments later. I just figured it was the air circulation that made the door move in the frame a little bit.

    When I heard the rattle again about 12:15, I got a little nervous. Silenced everything else in the room and sat paralyzed staring at the door. Waiting. 12:32. Another thunk. Oh $#!&, noooooooooooo! There was something in there, because I had just seen a shadow on the glass.

    I guess I failed to mention that earlier in the day, my parents left for the weekend. I was home alone. Home alone and crapping right there on the couch. I called my brother.

    Greg: Hello?
    Me: Are you awake?
    G: I am now.
    Me: There’s a bat in Dad’s room!
    G: Well, I have friends here so you can’t really stay the night.
    Me: Oh no, I wanted you to come here.
    G: What do you want me to do about it?
    Me: Get it out!?
    G: No. Danielle. I’m not going there.

    Pthht, so instead I grab all my stuff and go upstairs. Barricade the basement door to keep anything from escaping the area of the house I have now deemed the pits of hell. I attempted to sleep on the couch, but the second I turned off the television, my crazy imagination took over. So I ended up making my parents’ bed and slept somewhat soundly in there — the only room where there has been no bat activity heard.

    Bat Watch 2005: Close Encounters of the Bat Kind
    So Saturday I got up and got ready for the day after scoping out the main floor to make sure I was alone. Nate & Shanna came to town to hang out for the weekend, so we had big plans.

    We went out for lunch, and while we were eating, I recounted the episode from the night before along with the whole history of the Bat Watch 2005. Shanna could completely relate, as her parents had a bat story that ended with one in the garbage disposal. (Yeah, that was my bad call for asking about her bat history WHILE WE WERE EATING.)

    We hung out at Nate’s parents’ house for a while. Came back to my house to play Trivial Pursuit: Pop Culture Edition. (At this time, we braved the pits of hell, because I had to get band-aids from the basement bathroom. But after surveying the area, we determined that the bat had not gotten into the main area of the basement.) We went out for supper, stopped for take-out coffee and again returned to my house.

    The order entering the house was Nate, then Shanna, then me closing the door behind us. We got into the kitchen, and Nate stopped short arms outstretched to stop us. The next few moments are a bit of a blur. I just remember looking into the living room, and seeing the shadow of a flying creature on the wall illuminated by the setting sun. Seconds later, said creature was flying into the kitchen. There was some screaming. Lots of ducking. I grabbed Nate’s coffee in my other hand, and we all backed toward the entry. But with two hands full of coffee, I couldn’t open the door to get out. More screaming. Heart attacks had by all.

    Next thing I know, we’re outside. Nate goes back in with an umbrella. Shanna and I go around to the back porch to open the door in order for him to shoo it out. Turns out, the little guy must have missed a doorway or something, because Nate found it dazed and confused on the kitchen floor. Shanna covered it with a laundry basket. I got a piece of cardboard to shove underneath, and Nate slid it towards the door.

    By the time he got to the door, the bat had come to and was trying to get out the holes of the basket. More screaming. “JUST FLIP IT OUT!” “AND SHUT THE DOOR!” So Nate flung the cardboard, basket, and all out onto the porch. The bat flopped around a bit and then took off for the trees.

    And the greatest part of it all? As we were sitting there rehashing what just happened, Shanna said, “Yeah, even after all of the bat conversations today, the first thing I thought when I saw it was ‘oh weird, there’s a bird in the house!’.”

    The Bat Man comes tomorrow. Not a moment too soon.

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  8. I’m too tired to write now… but there will be a serious Bat Watch 2005 update. One that begins with “Oh $#&*!!!!” since those were the words that came out of my mouth at the time.

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  9. Confessions: Part 7
    I’m big enough to admit when I’m wrong. Or at least partially wrong. Okay not wrong, per se… maybe I should call it “newly tolerant”. Fine, I’ll just come out and say it: Rob Thomas’ “Lonely No More” video is catchy and fun to watch. There. I realize I’ve been a notorious Matchbox 20 hater, but there comes a time to let some of those things go. It’s a fun song. And I think I might be starting to understand what Erin has said about Rob all these years.

    Death by Caffeine: If, let’s just say, it were humanly possible for me to consume over 230 cans of Diet Dr. Pepper at once, it would kill me.

    Friday Six (via Heather)
    1. What’s your best restaurant experience?
    I’m sure it probably had something to do with the first time I ever had Mama Carolla’s.

    2. What kind of lotion do you use?

    3. What’s your signature color?
    Purple. (Or black. hehe.)

    4. What’s your horoscope for today?
    “Today is an excellent day for you, dear Capricorn. You will find that your energy is the puzzle piece that has been missing in just about every situation you encounter, especially those having to do with love and romance. You will find that things will be flowing your way in general, and that you won’t have to work very hard to get what you need. A little bit of planning and a tad of nudging are all that it takes. You have the system down to perfection.”


    5. List all the names you like to be called.
    Danielle and a couple pet names here and there… but they only work when certain people use them

    6. What have you learned this week?
    Many structures do not have lightning rods anymore, because the frames are now mostly metal instead of the wooden frames of older times. Or so I read on the internet, so it must be true.

    Happiness is…
    …being needed. (All summed up in a paragraph of the most weep-inducing prose ever written.)

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  10. Happiness is…
    …surviving a shopping trip to Omaha.
    the skirt my mom got me.

    Woman Gets Cable Bill with Derogatory Name on It: I’m probably next, as I’m going to have serious words with someone at Comcast if they don’t quit auto-deducting my account.

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  11. Happiness is…
    …playdough sculptures with my niece. I make a pretty darn convincing strawberry pie complete with latice upper crust topped with one giant berry and leaves. I’ve mastered sculpting bowling pins as well.
    Wikipedia. Look out, I’m addicted.

    Crap, I need to sleep. We’re going to Omaha tomorrow. Woot. Somewhere in middle America, y’all.

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  12. Out of Season
    But tonight I was thinking of those Easter Tomb Baskets I linked to a few years ago. The site is down now, but with the magic of the Wayback Machine, I did find the picture. Actually this one is better.

    Don’t know why that came to mind.

    Happiness is…
    Charlie & the Chocolate Factory with my nephew. And being the only two in the theater.
    …coffee time with Kim.
    …goodnight Phonecalls.

    Latrinalia: the study of restroom graffiti

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  13. Happiness is…
    …oh I don’t know.
    …giving stuff away.
    …weird dreams of a strange sci-fi video-game calibre.

    Thank the Lord for the Internet
    It saved me from going crazy tonight. I was trying to remember the name of this guy who ran a venue that the guys used to play at. Actually, we went every week, because they served free pizza… and at the time, we were so poor that it was our only guaranteed meal for the week. So anyway, he was lovingly referred to as “Bon Kato”, because he was the perfect mixture of Jon Bon Jovi and Kato Kaelin. I was trying to remember his real name, and thankfully with a few other tidbits I remembered about him, I was able to find his site… Steve is his real name. I can sleep now.

    Linky Links
    I’m still deciding whether I am lusting after these Flybooks or not. Not completely practical, but that doesn’t make it any less cute. I think I’d feel weird not having a disk drive, but it would totally fit in my purse. I’d just have to scout the city for Wi-Fi connections.

    Things That Are Still Hard to Find Online But Shouldn’t Be. Add your own or help others.

    Song of the Day
    Take You Away
    – by our very own Mark [Lee] (?)
    ~Now I want you
    You by my side
    So I will take you away~

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  14. Song of the Day
    Maybe You Can Owe Me
    Architecture in Helsinki

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  15. Happy Left Handers Day! I’ve always had a strange attraction to lefties. It’s a weird observational quality I have, instantly noting whether a person is right or left-handed. Some of my favourite people in the whole world are left-handed including, but not limited to, my Love, my brother, Allison LOVE, my dear friend Connie, and my coffee friend Kim.

    Anything Left-Handed is an online store specializing in everything a southpaw could want!

    Happiness is…
    Thermal Fusion Enzyme Mask.
    …super sweet Emails.
    …getting real letters in the mail. (Thanks, Allison — LOVE!)
    …Steven & Jessica playing “Up on the Catwalk” by Simple Minds on their radio show and dedicating to me.

    Bat Watch 2005: Day Three
    Last night I was upstairs until 2am and didn’t hear a peep. Weird. I almost considered sleeping in my nice (and neglected) queen-sized bed up here, but then remembered that I haven’t slept a whole night through in three days. So I camped out on the couch in the basement and slept like a baby until noon today. I guess that’s what I get for not bringing an alarm clock down with me.

    A Day at the Races
    Tonight my whole family is going to the races up at Park Jefferson. It’s B&B; night, and they are honoring the former owner who passed away. They are also going to be interviewing the three drivers who drove the (legendary) B&B; #32 car… my dad being the first. He quit driving some time before I was born, but I remember always having special “date nights” with Dad when my sister and I would get to go along with him to the races. We’d have popcorn, and maybe Skittles. And we’d cheer for #32. Oh how we’d cheer. Then we’d fall asleep in the car on the way home, ears ringing and covered in a layer of dust. Great times.

    Song of the Day
    Sigur Ros
    (Get it at Rebel Alliance. Mmm, mmm, good.)

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  16. Linky Links
    The Pony Project: Artists are given the chance to make their own oversized interpretation of My Little Pony. (I was never allowed to have the unicorn ones.)

    PotterPuffs: Harry Potter characters drawn PowerPuff-Girls style. Cute. (via It’s like Flickr except for videos. I expect to be having movie-time of my goddaughter on a much more regular basis. Just sayin’.

    Bat Watch 2005: Day Two
    Okay, this isn’t funny anymore. So last night Dad climbed up the ladder to inspect the area of roof where I believed there to be one of the bat entrance points. He basically came back down and said that we should call the Bat Man.

    Fine. I leave the house and come back around midnight-ish. I determined that I was going to move back to my room, because I didn’t think they could really get inside the room. I would just suffer hearing them in the wall.

    I was sitting out here in the hall where my computer is set up and everything, when I thought I heard some noise in the attic. Okay… hate that too, but at least it’s not down here. Then came the noise in the floor. This was the last straw.

    I grabbed my pajamas and my pillow and all my sleeping gear and high-tailed it for the stairs. You see, being an old house again, we have these old antique registers for the air vents. While there is some duct work, there is also a lot of gaping space. Meaning: if there is a bat in the floor, it is only a matter of time before said bat finds its way to the register and emerges into either the hall or my bedroom, depending which side the register it comes out.

    Once I got downstairs, I heard more noise in the ceiling and then… I heard it fall down inside the wall along the duct. So it obviously didn’t figure out how to get out the vent and slipped instead or something.

    When Mom found me on the couch this morning (with the broom next to me), she called to leave a message for the Bat Man. I was here when his wife (Bat Girl?) called back. This woman is my new best friend. She was very empathetic and knew exactly what I meant with all my sound effects and everything. I was a little disturbed by her constant use of the word “colony” and especially when she clarified that the average colony is 50-300 bats. Not to mention that the soonest they can get here is August 22, since this is their busy time because it is bat mating season. Great. I may just be sleeping at my brother’s until then.

    Happiness is…
    …the idea of sitting and watching dragonflies. 🙂
    …watching movies with my brother.

    Last night Greg made me watch You Got Served. Some horrible acting. Predictable plot. But I have a thing for dance movies, so it wasn’t too painful. Afterwards he said he was really looking forward to the sequal that they are filming right now.

    I said, “Is that You Got Served [2]… as in, ‘you got served… as well’?”

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  17. So Here’s a Question for You
    Last night I was randomly surfing around and caught a phrase on a page so random I can’t even find it back. But the person said he had never been in a car accident. I found that so hard to believe since I practically have a CAREER in the Car Accidental Arts. So I’m asking… How Many Car Accidents Have You Been In? Driver or Poor Helpless Passenger. (And I’m talking like full-on call-the-cops type… not those little backed-into-the-neighbor’s-mailbox type. *ahem*)

    I can think of five in the last 12 years. Two of which involved nice little rides in the ambulance. There’s a potential sixth, but no cops were involved.

    1. The Drunk Driver Accident. The end of my sophomore year. It was prom night, and my girlfriends and I were riding around in my mom’s new convertible after helping a friend of ours get ready to go to the dance. We were at a complete stop at the stoplight, when this 4×4 MONSTER TRUCK came barreling up behind us slamming on his brakes at the last minute, but still clipping the back corner of the car. Based on his breath, he had clearly been drinking but he worked for the city so never was tested for sobriety.

    2. The Des Moines Accident. December, my senior year. Six friends and I packed in a mini-van and went to visit our other friends at college in Pella. On our way home, some dude had foggy windows and tried to cross the four-lane highway right in front of us. Bad plan. I was in the back seat on the right side and ended up sort of sprawled across the front passenger seat as we stopped nose-down in the ditch. Two guys in front had seatbelts on. None of the rest of us did. All but one of us were taken to the hospital in ambulances. Thankfully everybody checked out okay, though I had the world’s largest bruise EVER from hip to knee and from front to back. Then we just had to wait for our parents to come five hours to pick us up.

    3. The Ozarks Icestorm Accident. January, 1997. We were on the road and had spent the night in Missouri. Our show that day was cancelled, because school was cancelled due to an ICESTORM. I don’t know if our road manager or our director was to blame, but somehow it was decided that we were going to set out for our next destination in Arkansas since we had an extra day to “take it slow”. I just remember thinking how beautiful the trees looked covered in their ice crystal shells. Then the fishtailing began. Much fishtailing ensued. The next thing I remember is being upside-down and facing the opposite direction. And I didn’t want to crawl out the window, because half the mountain had come into the van and the only thing I could think was that I didn’t want to get dirty. Again, thankfully all nine of us got out okay, but a few of us, me included, were taken to the hospital to get checked out. A truck driver who witnessed it said he was afraid to come over, because he thought for sure he was going to find dead bodies.

    4. The First Manda Accident: Side-Swiping (You know I love you, right?) 🙂 Four years ago. Manda, being the bestest best friend ever, drove me down to Nashville for my job interview and to help me look for cute apartments. We were just about to leave Brentwood to head for home, and while getting on the on-ramp, she failed to notice the little red upside-down triangular sign and just sort of bumped up against a large pick-up truck. The gentleman was very nice though. (Was he hitting on you?) And I think I remember taking a polaroid of Manda talking to the cop. I’m so much fun to have around during stressful situations.

    5. The Second Manda Accident: Rear-Ending December 2002. This time we were getting ready to go to the airport, and the combo late-breaking and bad brakes led us to sorta hit a car in front of us who in turn hit the car in front of them (a Jag). You can read the details in my post here.

    5.5 The Parking Lot Incident My junior year. I was in a hurry to get off work for some reason and didn’t wait long enough for my back window to defrost. I sorta clipped another guy’s car as I was pulling out of the employee parking area. But we each just called our dads, and no police were ever involved. But that was the only one that was my fault.

    So yeah… what are your stories?

    Bat Watch 2005: Day One
    So last night I moved a patio chair to the back of my dad’s truck and stared at the corner of the house where my closet is for about an hour. Waiting. Waiting for the little creatures to emerge. Sure enough. Shortly after nine, one appeared in the general area I suspected and took flight. So I made the entire household come outside with the flashlight and pointed out where we needed to have someone patch holes.

    I went to bed happy and satisfied that I was one step closer to getting rid of them. Happy, that is, until 3:10 this morning.

    I had decided to sleep in the other bedroom another night because my things were already in there, and I figured it would be quieter. Wrong. Seems we have more than one bat, as I feared. They also live in this other corner of the house, and they come home at OBSCENE hours! (The first bunch at 3:10, and the rest at 4:15.)

    I should just take a picture of the house so you can see what I mean.. but outside the window in that bedroom, there is a bit of roof that slants down. This is also known as the landing strip for these little critters… because I would hear the scratching as they landed there, and then the flittering of their wings as they scooted through whatever hole was there, and then the internal shuffling as they must each tell the rest of the group to move over.

    Almost makes me gag just thinking about it. But yeah, it’s an old house made the old way with plaster walls and little insulation. I’m sure there is plenty of room for a little bat colony. *retch*

    Dad’s bringing home his big ladder tonight, so we’ll see what happens on BAT WATCH 2005: DAY TWO!

    Happiness is…

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  18. Fricking Awesome Tee
    Leslie pointed out this amazing t-shirt: Wholesome Midwestern Girl. Yesssss.

    Bats (bats) Wings (wings)
    I don’t really want to talk about my night last night, because somehow it feels like if I acknowledge it in the daylight then it negates any possibility it that was my crazy imagination.

    There is a creeeeature in the house. Exactly where, I’m not sure. It’s a toss-up between being in the closet in my room or just inside the wall between the closet and my room. Either way, it is entirely too close to where I lay my head. Based on the sounds and the creature-history of the house, I’m going to go with a bat. But it made some rather disturbing noises that makes me wonder.

    My first close-up bat encounter involved much screaming by me and Krystal at early hours of the morning and ended with our neighbor across the hall, Pabelo, grabbing it with a t-shirt and bringing it outside. (He even came back with a can of Lysol for us to disinfect. He had a good heart, despite all the drunken escapades of his we had to endure.)

    Last night, I just sort of hyperventilated. Threw a blanket down along the bottom of the closet to attempt to keep it from escaping should it decide it wanted out. Then there was a lot of darting back and forth as I had to go back into my room for my pillow, and then the phone, and then my blanket of joy. All the while I’m trying to keep from waking my parents. (This is happening at 3:00 in the morning.) I decided to relocate to another bedroom up here, but I put a blanket down along the inside of that door as well. Double protection. Once I managed to get my heartrate back down, I did fall asleep… but I’m a sleepy girl today!

    Happiness is…
    …umm, knowing Mom’s going to call “the bat guy”.
    …voluntarily painting the trim on the front porch so that the chipped paint doesn’t drive me crazy anymore.
    …Blue Bunny ice cream…. fudge nut sundae.

    I’m It
    I was tagged by Connie at Crimson Dove, so I thought I’d be a good sport and play along.

    What I was doing ten years ago
    Goodness. August of ’95… I suppose I was relishing the last bit of time with my high school friends while getting ready to leave for college. If I recall correctly, this was also the summer of Pyzza (pie-za)… where my friends and I somehow managed to go four or five days eating only Totino’s Party Pizzas.

    What I was doing five years ago
    This is a bit of a blur. Was this the summer that I met Erin, Allison, Josh, Jay, Aaron & Trevor? Anyway, I think I was living in the ghetto of Indianapolis with the crazy lady across the street who wanted to kill all the white people in the neighborhood. I was working for a telecommunications company and liked my coworkers a lot.

    What I was doing one year ago
    Living in Franklin, TN. Gosh, I don’t know. Working for Bossman; getting ready for the big EP release. Saw Napoleon Dynamite for the first time last August. Planning my trip to Australia/NZ. Guess that’s about it.

    Went to a women’s luncheon with my mom. Got stuck in a rainstorm when I went out to buy lightbulbs. Talked to my Man. Went for coffee with my buddy from high school.

    5 snacks I enjoy
    …white popcorn
    …chips and salsa/hummus
    …chewy chips ahoy
    …oatmeal cream pies

    5 songs I know all the words to
    I can’t think of specific songs, because I never know the titles… but here are a couple of albums I know in their entirety.
    …Adam Ant’s Manners & Physique
    Jekyll & Hyde (Concept Cast Recording) (complete with actions… just ask my college roommates)
    …DC Talk’s Nu Thang
    …Madonna’s True Blue (that one could be a little rusty)
    …Earthsuit’soKaleidoscope Superior

    5 things I would do with $100 million
    …toss all my clothes and start over at Anthropologie (“send me one of everything, please”)
    …get all of Our family and friends in one location, if only for a day or two
    …give to my friends and family who are raising support
    …actually probably give a lot away
    …lifetime season passes to Tiger Island. 🙂 (Or better yet, make my own!)

    5 locations I would like to run away to
    …some little village in Ireland

    5 bad habits I have
    …not sending birthday cards/emails until after the fact (Happy Birthday yesterday, Josh. Oops.)
    …apparently I scrape my teeth on my fork occassionally when I eat, according to my brother
    …collecting water glasses in my bedroom
    …I have a tendency to not open my mail for long periods of time, unless it looks like a real letter.
    …not keeping track of my finances (not overspending, just not keeping any record)

    5 things I like doing
    …playing piano
    …being crafty
    …walking at night
    …going to Universal with Manda

    5 things I would never wear
    …anything peach
    …a two-piece bathing suit
    …false eyelashes? (I don’t know, I’m going blank here)
    …those soccer-mom two-piece tracksuits
    …a parachute

    5 TV shows I like
    Iron Chef
    The 4400
    Project Runway, are they ever going to do another season?

    5 biggest joys of the moment
    …less than two months of waiting left
    …knowing I’m Loved
    …Iowa sweet corn (sometimes it’s about the little joys)
    …being around my family
    …knowing exactly which box contains the item for which I am looking

    5 favorite toys
    …my computer
    I don’t really have any others at the moment

    Now I’m tagging
    (Sorry if any of you have already done it and I’ve forgotten.)

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  19. Happiness is…
    …the Forecastfox firefox extension.
    …coming out of Walmart milliseconds before the skies opened in the most enormous downpour… and knowing it doesn’t really matter if I get wet or not.
    …the magnificent lightning and thunder show today.

    Just Drive in and Get a Coke if You’re Thirsty
    I’ve been reading Web-Goddess for a while now, because she is a former Hoosier living in Oz. Imagine my jealous when I saw that she wrote that she met Parker Posey today at her shop. Parker rules.

    Size Discovery
    I saw this picture of the space shuttle Discovery and was thoroughly underwhelmed with its size. Maybe it’s just me, but somehow I guess I always picture space shuttles as being these ginormous aircrafts that require larger-than-normal tarmacs upon which to land. (Does anybody remember the link to some site that compared the size of things like a tree, the empire state building, and, I think, a space shuttle?)

    But I must add that this is an amazing photo from the spacewalk.

    I [heart] this Miss Iowa Runner-Up t-shirt.

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  20. So Long, Mr. Jennings
    Dang. So I was flipping through the channels as I was eating my lunch and stopped on CSPAN (because I’m not only a geek, but a total nerd as well). Peter Jennings was on Booknotes discussing his book The Century. I noted that he really was a handsome, well-spoken, erudite man… as you’d expect for a news anchor. There was the sound of one phrase he said that made me want to look up whether he was born Canadian (which he was), and that was when I learned that he passed away yesterday. I don’t think I even realized that he was ill. I guess that sometimes you take for granted the faces you see on an almost daily basis.

    Happiness is…
    …not living on the West side of Indy on race weekends anymore. (I meant to put that up yesterday.)
    …updating my address book. I found the old one I used ages ago and loved in a box. It was quite liberating erasing certain names and adding new ones… and even combining a couple of them.

    I Love My Chair
    Do you love yours? Submit a photo at this site, and your could be in a book. And of all the successful entries, one person will win an expensive chair that will compete for the attention of your behind.

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  21. Happiness is…
    …rediscovering Happiness.
    …”Together is the new alone” (dang).

    Kurt Halsey’s Art. () He has such pretty pictures. One of my favourites is the one of the girl walking down the steps called “Met a Boy”. (Until August 26, it is the fourth row down, all the way on the left.) I drew that one in my journal quite a while back with this verse:

    “And I will stride freely through wide open spaces as I look for your truth and your wisdom.” PSALM 119:45 (The Message)

    Truly Truly Truly Outrageous
    Today I found the ring with my birthstone that my sister gave me a few years ago. I always knew the blue zircon birthstone for December, but I just realized that there are two more generally accepted stones for my birth month. Turquoise and Tanzanite.

    I think it’s safe to say that we officially have the awesomest set of gems. (Though February and October get props for amethyst and opal, respectively.) The tanzanite is new. It was added to the birthstone list in 2003 by the American Gem Trade Association and was the first gem added since 1912. And it’s awesome because it’s purple.

    Linky Link
    Amazon Image Abuse

    Song for the Day
    Pursuit of Happiness
    ~Starting over again, more or less
    In my pursuit of happiness~

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  22. Happiness is…
    …being able to randomly rattle off pi to the 8th decimal.
    …having coffee with Connie this morning. (Even though mine was in Iowa and hers in Tennessee. The conversation was what made it feel like there was no distance.)

    The Shirt. Remember when it was cool to be able to turn a dollar bill into a ring? (Yes, I totally made those.) Well, there are so many other options when it comes to money origami. Steve sent me the link to the shirt, which is completely rad, and I’m about to go in search of ones. But that site has a bunch of other (less cool) ones as well.

    Money origami is for sissies, you say? You are correct… at least when you constrast it against Star Wars Origami.

    If only I still lived in Franklin… I would so want this shirt.

    Random Tidbit
    I’m pretty sure this melody that is stuck in my head is a Backstreet Boys song that segues into a worship song.

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  23. Happiness is…
    …my name animated in Sparkles.

    That’s about all I’ve got today.

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  24. You Ring, She Springs
    This post will only make sense to those who have lived in middle Tennessee and have seen the Grumpy’s Bail Bonds ads or billboards. I forget who I was with when one of them came on, and someone made a comment about what a floozie Leah, the curvaceous owner and star of the commercials, was. Knowing a little bit about her and Kevin, her sharp-shooting husband, because they live next door to one of my clients, I was able to set the record straight. They are both Christians, and they consider their business to be a ministry. Given that information, the person who made the comment (also a Christian) was forced to relent.

    I bring this up, only because I came across a blog that wrote up a nice bit about Leah, and they even pointed to an article that tells about her upcoming brush with reality television. Good for her! I’ll have to keep an eye out for it for someone to tape for me.

    Happiness is…
    …having already seen Sigur Ros in concert, so I don’t have to be completely jealous that Hans & Co. are going tonight.
    …having the house to myself for a couple days. (Yes, my parents just left for Sturgis.)

    A Conversation
    Me: I should probably go; my dad might be trying to call to see if my mom is ready.
    Manda: You don’t have call-waiting?
    Me: This family doesn’t believe in call-waiting.
    Manda: Oh, that’s right. You’re anti-call-waiting.
    Me: And just so you know… I’m calling you from a rotary phone. It’s teal. [See?]

    Per Your Request
    Here are the bevelled windows for Leslie. This one is in the living room. And this one is in the piano room which faces the west, so the afternoon sun makes the rainbows on the floor. (I didn’t catch them at their brightest today though.) And these are my gerberas for Manda to see.

    ArtLad. Steve makes fun of little kids’ drawings, which is obviously evidence of insecurity about his own inferior art skills. (hehe)

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  25. Happiness is…
    …coming home after working at my Dad’s office and finding a beautiful, colorful bouquet of my FAVOURITE flowers on the table from my Favourite Person. *sigh*

    Cool Things I Don’t Have (or Really Need)
    … should I ever have a child, this is my kind of high-chair. I’m so anti when it comes to all that baby crap you’re expected to get. Maybe my heart will change when it’s happening to me, but I doubt it. It’s been five years since Manda’s wedding loot turned me off to all things “newlywed”, and you still won’t see me registering for anything with silver bells on it.
    … I almost got one of these photo mobiles last weekend. They were all over the Old Market, but I found them for $10.
    (both via MightyGoods

    At long last, Miss P’s site is updated.
    And I must mention that Joshua’s new banner is beautiful. Look fast. It will probably be gone soon if he sticks to his regular design-evolution schedule.

    I guess I haven’t been paying much attention to news in the cinema world lately, but I had no clue they were making a movie of Rent. I’ve never seen it and barely know the music anyway, but it made me think of Erin. (LOVE!)

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