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  1. Umm…
    I’m waiting for something. And regardless, I think I might move this somewhere else.
    Email me if you want to know where and when it happens:

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  2. One Size Fits How Many??
    For the last couple weeks I have been baffled by a billboard in the train station for New Woman magazine. The big attraction for their December issue is that it comes with a free bikini. You don’t tear out a postcard and mark your size and color preference to have them send you one… oh no, it comes WITH the magazine, because… it’s ADJUSTABLE. And therefore, one size fits ALL.

    I’m not particularly offended by this, because (1) I’m not fooling myself and have never owned a bikini in my life, and (2) my time spent in a one-piece bathing suit is averaging out to be under five minutes per year at the current rate. However, I think that the phrase “one size fits all” is a little misleading. The least they could have done is put “one size fits anyone who has any business wearing a bikini” or something like that.

    Their website shows off real women wearing the miraculous bikini. Oh wait, they’re a women’s volleyball team. Yeah, guess it would fit them. And then they say they want pics of readers to send in their photos in their new bikinis. Heh. I’m so tempted to buy the magazine now. I wonder if they’ll publish the less-than-flattering ones.

    Colour Me Badd
    I’m such a sucker for turquoise these days. What is my deal? I’m such a follower. (Which isn’t true… half my stuff I had before it became the IT color again.)

    Love to Hate Him
    I don’t think I mentioned that I actually watched War of the Worlds the other night. I know, I know… leave me alone. It was just on. It was against my will. I contributed no money towards the viewing of the movie, and it would have played in the lounge whether I was there witnessing it or not.

    I think the best part about the movie was that Tom’s character was such an ass that I didn’t have to feel bad about hating severely disliking him.

    We had some issues with the film. Many similar to the ones that Barry pointed out ages ago, especially the EMP thing. My biggest beef was that apparently undergarments vaporize along with the humans, because one never saw panties or boxers floating through the air… just slacks and shirts.

    I can’t remember who wrote it now, but I remember someone having great issue with the disturbing image of a train barreling through an intersection without blowing its horn. Having grown up two blocks away from the Burlington Northern line, I could relate. The train always toots its horn. Always. But I’m here to tell you that this is not always the case. I ride the train every morning here, and nine times out of ten, the driver does not honk (honk?) when going through an intersection. But this is Australia. I’m not quite sure why they do half the things they do.

    Lost in Translation
    muesli (mew-slee)
    n. granola
    “I grabbed a muesli bar for breakfast.”

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  3. Out and About
    I like relaxing on the weekends. I was not looking forward to this past weekend, because we had commitments every single day. It ended up not being so bad, and it ended up being worse.

    Friday night was fun. We met up with this couple that neither of us knew. Well, Hans had met the husband at a show, and they wanted to get together and talk music. I dreaded the whole encounter, but the wife turned out to be so sweet. She’s from Denmark originally, and it sounds like we share many similar culture-shock moments. Plus I had the most divine pizza at Fatboys — butternut squash, sundried tomato, pinenuts, feta cheese, mmm…

    Saturday we went to Dan & Lisa’s in the afternoon. I made my fabulous cheese dip with my prized solitary box of Velveeta cheese (SEE ALSO: Top 10 Everyday Things Americans Take for Granted). They don’t have Tostitos readily available here, so we got by with plain Doritos. (And by “plain”, I mean “no cheese“… yeah, weird, eh? Do they have those there now too or something?) What goes with cheese and chips? A nice bottle of wine, chosen solely by its cute label. We played two exciting games of Killer Bunnies, and then watched Hero on their new comfy leather couch.

    Sunday was the bad day. Went into the city and all the Christmas decorations put me in a downward spiral. It’s just SO HARD to imagine my family having Christmas without me. We’ve never NOT had Christmas all together. Even last year during the Christmas season you’d never wish for, we waited to celebrate in February so everyone would be there. So I pretty much cried all afternoon.

    Lost in Translation
    lead (leed)
    n. cord
    “We need an extension lead for the printer.”

    Trust me, I had an interesting time at the hardware store today when I came in looking for extension cords and a power strip. I can’t even remember what they call power strips. Something to do with a board, I think.

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  4. Broody
    I’m not very blirty, apparently.Check out my blirtatiousness!

    Your responses indicate that you’re low in blirtatiousness. Low scorers don’t usually say the first thing that comes to mind; rather, they tend to hesitate and deliberate before responding to others. One reason you feel compelled to be careful in responding to others is because you are worried about being evaluated negatively. Often people low in blirtatiousness are shy and introverted and tend to dwell on thoughts internally instead of discussing them with others. Because low-blirters sometimes have difficulty saying how they feel, they may sometimes fail to get their needs met in relationships.

    First Annual Myspace Stupid Haircut Awards

    So I’m fascinated with this new Warner label imprint called Cordless Records: all online music sales with artists releasing three tracks at a time. Having perused a Recording Agreement or two hundred in my time, the whole concept seems almost too good to be true. Artists retaining copyrights and masters? Publishing deals with Warner Chappell? Where’s the clause about selling your soul? Could this be true? Granted you don’t get any physical product out there, but I don’t think bulk of money coming to the artist comes from cd sales unless they recoup early on.

    There’s been a lot of talk lately about the pros and cons of the net label and having a widespread net audience versus a highly concentrated local following. With Hans doing music again in a somewhat unconventional way (in comparison to his last), these are issues we think about. And for my future reference, here’s an article on problems with having a primarily online audience.

    I remembered this morning that Thanksgiving is next week. *sigh* I think we might have some people over after work for chicken from the deli and pecan pie, if I have time to make the pie.

    I just discovered (along with everyone at the office) that Australia DOES have Thanksgiving. We all just missed it this year. (It apparently started in 2004, so the word obviously hasn’t spread too far yet.) Maybe by June 3rd, I’ll have the confidence to make a turkey and the rest of the traditional dinner.

    I cannot begin to express the level of depression I’m going further into each time I think about missing Christmas/birthday with my family. Compounded by the idea of missing it next year, as our trip-to-America-to-wed probably won’t be anywhere around that time. Though after talking to immigration this week, that trip-to-America-to-wed thing isn’t something I’m looking forward to anyway.

    [SIDE NOTE: Manda, if you comment on this paragraph BEFORE you respond (at length) to my email from a week and a half ago, I’m disowning you as the mother of my goddaughter.]

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  5. A Conversation
    This morning I came out of my room with my towel on my head and wearing my threadless Katrina:Regrowth t-shirt (with a map of the US on it).
    Hans: You’re not going to be able to get on the bus with that turban on your head, you know.
    Me: I know, but I’ve got America on my shirt. I’m a good guy, remember?
    Hans: Now all you need is a map of Australia… on your butt. The opposite side of the world. Get it? Down under?

    My friend Alyda is back from Fiji, so we went out last night to see Elizabethtown without the men. I didn’t have high hopes, but I really found myself thinking the whole time, “You want to be Garden State, but you just aren’t.”

    A few things hit quite close to home for me though. Orlando gets off the plane in Lousiville, and when I saw the sign saying that he was approaching Interstate 65 with Indianapolis and Nashville on the sign, I just about jumped out of my chair. I KNOW THAT PLACE!! When I saw the stone walls, I just about cried, because it is such a Williamson County thing to have them. But when she is walking through the “Nashville airport”, it must have been in a wing that I have never been in, because those tiled walls were unlike anything I’ve ever seen there.

    Lost in Translation
    reckon (rek-un)
    v. to think or reason
    “I reckon it will take about three hours to finish.”

    Around here no one “thinks” about anything, you always reckon. Sadly, I’m starting to pick this one up.

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  6. News from the Uncool Department
    Bomb threat in Brisbane. I think it’s going to be best that my mother never hears about that. We take both the train and bus on a daily basis. Not that this is going to change anything. I’m not afraid to die; I just don’t particularly want to.

    Lost in Translation
    exy (ex’-ee)
    adj. expensive, pricey
    “We could go see Dirty Dancing: The Musical, but the tickets are pretty exy.”

    Meet My Neighbor

    The people sort of across the street from our house have this gigantic pet goose. I think it’s awesome! It’s so Charlotte’s-Web.

    Not by the Hair on Your Chinny-Chin-Chin
    Is EVERYBODY doing Whiskerino 2005? Seriously. First my buddy Jesse IM’d me to tell me that his nasty ‘stache was being shaven only to be replaced by four months of wild growth. Then I notice that two proprietors of blogs I enjoy are in on the man-hair marathon. And then perusing the site today I see the faces of several Nashvillans I recognize including one who Hans knew well. Craziness. Jesse wanted Hans to do it, but he and I had just had a conversation about him never shaving. Oh well.

    — Happy blogiversary to Tommy!
    — I saw your tag, Barry. I’ll get right on that… in a minute.
    — Forgot to mention earlier that my favourite hometown read, Drinkin’ the Franklin Kool-Aid, was featured in a Williamson A.M. article. Keep stirring the pot, DTFKA! And keep posting the pictures. 🙂 Even the ones of trash on the side of the road make me feel like I’m there… sort of.

    Turns out they believe the bomb threats were a hoax. Chris came to pick us up anyway.

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  7. Bat Watch 2005: Australia
    As some of you may remember, we had a bit of what I like to call a “small bat issue” at my parents’ house this summer. A small issue that may have very well traumatized me for life, you understand. I like to say that my refusal to see Batman Begins is out of protest due to the whole Tom-and-Katie parade when it came out, but the truth is that I know about THE TWO SCENES. (And I’ll leave it at that for those who haven’t seen it.) I’m just not too keen on bats anymore.

    And then I came here. The land of the GIANT BATS OF GIGANTICNESS! I am so not even kidding. They’re called “fruit bats”, so they sound all nice and harmless and vegetarian… but I know the truth. They are blood sucking bat vampires.

    This site has some of the best pictures of them. And yes, I have seen them hanging from the trees like that, and yes, they really are that big.

    Okay, I admit it. I am secretly fascinated by them when I see them flying at dusk. But so help me, if one gets anywhere near me, I will flail like I’ve never flailed before, and I have flailed with the best of them.

    Movie Night
    Last night we watched Be Cool. Vince Vaughn made me laugh lots.

    Boring day.

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  8. Quick Recap

    • Did I mention that I saw The Fifth Element in its entirety for the first time the other night? I’d seen the end before, but now it all fits together. I have such a girl crush on Milla Jovovich.
    • Today we left the office early. Took the bus to the city and then walked to South Bank.
    • Had yummy sushi at “our” place and coffee at another place.
    • Went to see The Corpse Bride at the IMAX.
    • Stood at a bus stop and watched as the express bus pulled up and emptied of its passengers. Then the bus driver shut all the doors and did an inspection under all the seats before letting anyone on again. Curiously neither of us had ever seen that before, but we both wondered if it had anything to do with the arrests made the other day… or with the man in a turban who had just gotten off the bus and immediately made a call on his cellphone. *sigh*
    • I bought a poppy this morning.
    • Tonight we had yummy Indian food and watched The Incredibles.
    • Yay for the weekend!

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  9. Lost in Translation: Flora Edition
    frangipani (fran-jih-PAN-ee)
    n. these BEAUTIFUL trees that are flowering right now. Seriously, the blossoms are so perfect, they look like they should be made of sugar and belong on a wedding cake. You’d have to see to believe. And the smell. Oh, the smell. Divine.
    “When ever I walk under the frangipani tree on my way to the shops, I pick up a blossom that has fallen and put it in my hair.”

    You’re Majoring in a 5000-Year-Old Dead Language?
    I was looking up dead languages yesterday and discovered the Rosetta Project, an attempted archive of all documented human languages. And through that, I discovered that there is an old Australian language called Manda. How ridiculously coincidental is that? (I think it’s a sign. COME VISIT!)

    Oh, and bonus points if you recognized the movie from the header.

    Love is a Safety Pin
    I have a tendency to have at least one safety pin on or near me at all times. Reason being that I allow my paranoia to work for me instead of against me. I would have made a great girl scout. I’m prepared. (Or is that just the boy scouts? Anyway…) So, I’ve never had my pants split wide open in a moment of devestating embarrassment, but should it ever happen, I’ll be quick to pin it back together with the safety pin that is attached to the strap of my purse… or the one that’s pinned inside the pocket of my hoodie… or the one that I always put back in the pocket of my jeans.

    So this morning we were on the train, and a lady sat down across from us. Her nametag said “Lesley”. She was an older woman, probably late 50’s. Her short, grey hair was wet; half was slicked back, the other half was going every which way. She sat down and started reading her book not looking particularly happy.

    After a while I glanced up and noticed that the flesh of her tummy was showing. I thought maybe her blouse was one of those which has the buttons just a little too far apart and have a tendency to gape in the most inconvenient places. After a bit, she tugged the shirt down to straighten it out, and I saw that the problem was due to a missing button. She would smooth the fabric out every now and then, leading me to believe that she was aware that the button was gone.

    We were nearing our stop, and I pinched the pin off my purse strap. As the train stopped and we stood up, I discreetly put the pin in her line of vision on top of her book. She looked up and gave me the most unexpectedly warm smile and thanked me profusely. And that vision has warmed my heart all day. It’s amazing what the littlest gesture can do.

    Maybe someone in your life needs a pin.

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  10. How Do I Know These Things?
    I was just reminded of a conversation we had over lunch the other day when Marj’s parents were at the house. Somehow the discussion turned to how to properly make a martini. (I suspect we were talking about James Bond beforehand, but I can’t remember exactly.) Marj’s father was a bartender and then bar owner for some years, so I trusted when he told me the difference between a regular martini and a sweet one. And then I made some comment about a dirty martini having the olive juice as well. He had never heard of this variation, which surprised me. And now I’m trying to figure out how I even know this.

    I have only ever consumed one, single, solitary martini in my entire life, and it wasn’t dirty. (That’s a story for another day involving the Grand Prix and Oleg, the white Russian. Man, I miss Krystal!) I’m thinking my old boss drank dirty martinis when we’d all go out for drinks after work. That’s the only thing I can think of.

    Anyway, I was just pondering that. And I just read that having martinis shaken rather than stirred is a healthier option.

    Groovy Duvet
    Love this bedding! Suppose my next design is going to require Another’s approval as well. He’s got pretty good taste though, I must admit. He did a great job picking out a sheet set for my bed before I got here. I should take pictures.

    Me and Jen
    I just discovered the only other person I’ve ever heard to have the middle name “Linn” with my spelling. Maybe I should write her a letter or something. (I discovered that while reading the encyclopedia of stage names.)

    Lost in Translation
    eftpos (eff-poss)
    abbr. Electronic Funds Transfer – Point Of Sale. Australian equivalent of the American debit card.
    “I need to get cash first, because they don’t take eftpos.”

    We had a comical conversation after a few weeks of me being back here. All along, I thought Hans was saying “F-Pass”… having no idea what that would be, but knowing that it was basically a debit card. Then one day we were at McDonald’s, and they had a sign saying that the EFTPOS wasn’t working.

    I said, “Is THAT what you’ve been saying??”

    He laughed and asked what I thought he had been saying. And after making him say “f-pass” with his accent, he had to admit that they basically sound the same.

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  11. Christmas List
    ~ I ♥ these tealight candle holders
    ~ I also seriously dig this handbag in blue or tan.

    Erm… Not Safe Here Either
    I’m not particularly thrilled about the terrorism in oz reports, considering that this is the biggest city I’ve ever lived in and I take public transport daily. I wasn’t too worried in Nashville, and even less so in the middle of Cornfield, Iowa. Just glad it wasn’t in Brisbane.

    Lost in Translation
    youse (yooz)
    pron. you, all inclusive
    “Are youse going to be home for tea tonight?”

    At first I thought this was a joke, but everyone uses it. I suppose it’s the Australian equivalent to “y’all”.

    Gotta run!

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  12. Pirates of the Indian Ocean
    I admit it. I read headlines over the shoulders of people reading the morning paper on the train. This one caught my eye: “Aussies under attack as pirates fire at liner“. Dang.

    Oh Happy Day!
    Longtime readers may remember my passionate plea to the McDonald’s corporation to bring back the fried apple pies instead of the “healthier” baked version. (They responded with a basic go-fly-a-kite letter and a couple of coupons.) But today, we went to Maccies (aussie for McDonald’s… yes, lame, I know) for lunch, and, JOY OF JOYS, I discover they still have the fried pies. Mmm… I might just stay here after all.

    Lost in Translation
    yonks (yonks)
    n. years, ages, a long time
    “Oh man, I loved that movie, but I haven’t seen it in yonks.”

    I would like to take this opportunity to add that I haven’t actually added these words to my lexicon as of yet. I may have slipped and said “arvo” once, but most of these words still sound just plain silly to me.

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  13. Lazy Saturday
    Mmmm… I wish I was still sleeping. But it’s beautiful, and it’s Saturday. This morning I went to the shops with Marj to stock up on groceries. They’ve had Christmas decorations out since before Halloween, just so you know. (Shocking, isn’t it?) We’re going to decorate the tree out front (which just seems wrong knowing that it will never have a light dusting of snow, but whatever) however I told Marj that we absolutely could not do it until after Thanksgiving. To which she replied, “Oh……… when is that again?”

    Homesickness Reprise
    The other night I had a MELT. DOWN. In public. We had gone to Hungry Jack’s, which is Burger King to you. We went downstairs to this eating area that was all decorated like an old diner with old American memorabilia. There was a picture of a ’57 Chevy like my dad used to have. There was some plaque with a confederate flag on it, which, like it or not, is still seen around Tennessee. I was sitting right near a Florida license plate. Eating my Whopper Jr. And the next thing you know, I couldn’t stop the tears. (Hans said later that he saw an Iowa license plate, which I hadn’t but that wouldn’t have helped!) Ugh.

    Lost in Translation
    casket (cass’-ket)
    n. the lottery (I’m not 100% sure on this one, but based on context clues, that is what I have surmized.)
    “I have to stop at the News & Casket to try my numbers this week.”

    I love Allison’s pictures of her kitty and the gorgeous red tree outside her window. Dang, I miss Autumn!

    Tonight’s a big night. I’m having pizza for the first time in a month and a half. This just doesn’t seem to be a pizza culture. It’s weird. My old roommate and I would have pizza AT LEAST once a week if not more. Now I have sushi three times a week but haven’t had pizza in a month. There’s something wrong with that.

    It makes me miss my favourite pizza places though. Each place I lived has had one unique place that does pizza better than the rest. I forget the name of my place in Michigan. Indy has Bazbeaux’s— where else can you get artichoke hearts, pine nuts, and/or snow peas on your pie? And then Franklin has Matteo’s— mmm, half Country Life (vegetarian) and half Islander (pineapple & ham), mmm, mmm, mmm.

    I’ll have some more pictures to post soon.

    Oh, and did I mention that I got eight (8) buy-one-ticket-get-one-ticket-free passes at the movie theatre just for being talkative and friendly (non-flirty, even) with the guy who sold us our tickets the other night? Never hurts to be kind to people… and sometimes it really pays off. Suh-weet!

    Somebody’s Getting Fired
    There’s video here of a news report about an apartment building in Sydney that was about to collapse into a giant gaping hole due to a tunnel being built underneath it. Oops.

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  14. The Awesomest
    Dang, Things I Wish I Knew Before I Left the Region #48… There is a dance company in Lexington, KY that recreates Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” every Halloween. Check the quicktime video posted here and see their photos. So unbelievably rad. It would be a dream come true if Jack and I could do that someday. (via

    Entertain Yourself
    Movie Puzzle… it’s like a puzzle, except it’s a moving image. I finished the easy level in 191 my first try. I forgot to look at my time on the hard level. Kinda fun.

    Lost in Translation
    hills hoist (hillz hoyst)
    n. clothesline
    “You have to watch out for thieves stealing your clothes off the hills hoist.”

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  15. Amendment
    Yesterday I struck through the “Believes gambling is an acceptable entertainment option” criteria, and then today I found myself betting on the Melbourne Cup. Why? I don’t know. I’m not necessarily a horse-racing fan by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve never paid attention to the Kentucky Derby. I barely noticed the Steeplechase, and I lived in Nashville for four years. But this Melbourne Cup is a big deal around here… people take the whole day off work for a race that lasted all of about two minutes.

    So there were 24 horses and six of us at the office. One dollar a horse. Each person with four. Payouts were $12 for first place, $6 for second, and $3 for third and last places. I drew Xcellent who came in third, so I’m only out a dollar. We haven’t heard the official results of who was last, so I’m hoping it is Leica Falcon (who I know it wasn’t), Greys Inn or Rizon.

    Oh and that was the other thing. There isn’t a television here that really works. So up until mere seconds before the race started, I was outside hanging off the balcony with BRyan trying to get the antenna to pick up something, anything. The audio came in, but the picture was more fuzz than image. So for a brief moment we were sitting there sipping champagne and eating cheese and crackers, and the next moment we were back to work.

    The Truth of the Matter
    If you are looking for a Christmas gift for a special young girl in your life, might I recommend Girl Truths which is finally available for purchase. I got a sneak peak at it quite a while back, and it is perfect for those pre-teens who are so impressionable and awkward. Each page was filled with little reminders that only those of us with hindsight can see the true importance. Truths about being a woman of your word, finding your value as an individual, not letting the words of boys affect your self-esteem, etc. It is beautiful, and I cannot wait to get a copy!

    Serenity Redux
    We’re going to see it again tonight and sharing the joy with three newbies. Yay! I think it leaves the theatres this week, so we had to get it in one last time.

    Demystifying Down Under
    Earlier Steve wrote:
    “[Danielle] never said it, but I bet all she does in her off-time is flush the toilet and watch it go round and round and round… all in an opposite fashion.”

    While I am sure that the water here does drain in the opposite direction, I haven’t really noticed it, because the water in the toilets doesn’t really swirl at all. They way their toilets are constructed, most likely to conserve their precious water supply, they really just suck what little bit is in there straight back. Hard to explain, but no, there isn’t much in the way of flush-watching to be done here.

    Lost in Translation
    bangers and mash (bang’-ers and mash)
    n. sausages and mashed potatoes
    “We’re having bangers and mash for tea.”

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