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  1. It’s So Hot Here; I Want to Die
    Since last time…

    1. We had our first Christmas together. (aka. my first Christmas away from my family) Several tears were shed, but it was mostly really wonderful.
    2. We watched nearly the entire series of Firefly and all of the first season of The 4400 (in one day).
    3. I got a NEW DIGITAL CAMERA. Woohoo! Somebody loves me.
    4. I celebrated my first annual 29th birthday.
    5. I experienced my first Christmas/Boxing Day with the in-laws-to-be.
    6. We saw King Kong, Narnia and Just Like Heaven.

    That’s it for now. Have to run. Maybe I’ll have a picture to post soon.

    Oh yeah, and we went to the art museum today. Lots of fun!

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  2. Officially Affianced
    He asked.
    I said yes.

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  3. Immediate Thoughts

    • Christmas season in the southern hemisphere blows. It’s hotter than hell. And everyone knows that only white-trash people have Christmas decorations on their houses when it’s this hot out. I just want to skip it altogether this year.
    • The moving of the blog is postponed for now.
    • Last week we heard a nice, old man playing Billy Joel’s “Pianoman”… on an acoustic guitar. Is that even allowed?
    • I’m going to New Zealand this weekend. Woohoo!
    • I feel like I’m grounded. No car. No phonecalls. No hanging out with friends. At least I haven’t had my internet privileges taken away yet.

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