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  1. Busy Saturday
    On Saturday I got up at 3:55 in the morning…
    drove with my brother/sister-in-law-to-be to a vineyard…
    helped harvest 12.8 tons of grapes…
    had a champagne breakfast…
    hiked down an old rail tunnel…
    stopped for a jaunt on the beach at Surfers Paradise…
    and was on my way back to Brisbane all by 12 noon.

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  2. Still Laughing
    This morning Hans was singing a song to me to the tune of Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor” that started out a little something like this:
    “You’re a survivor…
    a lady Macguyver…”

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  3. What’s So Great about Gorillaz?
    Don’t get me wrong, I find myself bopping along to their music just like the next person. It’s catchy music. And, I have to admit, the idea of a virtual band is a novel one.

    The thing that gets me is all the hype about their so-called performances. Folks, let’s be honest here–it’s a movie. I know, I know. But they are so life-like and huuuuge. Yes, and the other day I saw Daniel Radcliffe “perform” as well. He was also very huge and life-like. You can see Harry Potter III at the IMAX too.

    And yeah, they are 3D. I live with an animator. I’ve heard enough about the animation. I’ll give them credit as having an innovative new artform. Melding the music and the movement into a sort of non-band, really.

    But when I hear people all excited about them going on tour, all I can think is that you can count me out. (I’m not the funnest person to go to a show with anyway.) But if you’re not getting any new LIVE elements to the music, then isn’t it just like listening to the cd? And if you’re not getting any LIVE elements to the performance, then aren’t you just watching a movie? And I don’t know about you, but the last time I listened to an entire album WHILE STANDING UP was back when I was choreographing totally awesome dance moves to my New Kids on the Block cassette.

    So yeah, the other day at the office, people were ooo-ing and ahh-ing over their duet with Madonna. How did they DO that?? In my head, I knew it had to be less amazing than it looked. Sure enough, after watching it a few times, it was clear that Madonna was being projected as well. The first thing that tipped me off was her missing battery pack, but her outfit wasn’t even the same… as I now see other people have noted.

    On the other hand, I loved the rendition of “Dirty Harry” at the Brit Awards. I could watch that over and over again for two reasons: 1. The choir director and the way he dances around, and 2. for the simple fact that those kids have GOT to be loving every minute of it and will be savoring that moment probably for the rest of their lives.

    Anyway, this site had a couple links to articles about the technology behind the Gorillaz visuals and the history of holograms.

    Mmm, yeah, anyway. Rant over.

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  4. Heart-Attack Averted
    A couple weeks ago, I misplaced my engagement ring. And while I was in a bit of a tizzy until I found it, I knew that it was in the house somewhere. I had just put it in a different spot than I normally do when I took it off to wash the dishes.

    We still haven’t gotten it resized, and I know that I should be careful. Especially because when my hands are cold, it makes my finger even narrower, and it has fallen off a couple of times when I barely noticed it.

    But last night, I thought it was gone for good.

    We were supposed to be meeting up with some people for dinner before swing dancing. I had put the bottles of soda in a different plastic bag, and we left the office with BRyan who was going to be bringing us to the aforementioned friends’ house. A little ways down the sidewalk, Hans asked if he could take the drinks from me and took the bag from my left hand. Three steps later, I realized my finger was naked.

    We looked in the bag. We retraced our steps. We searched and searched. BRyan went back to check in the office. Hans crawled through the grass. I couldn’t see anything through my tears.

    For over 30 minutes, we searched. We looked on the road. We unwadded the paper towels in the garbage. We looked under, over, and through things.

    The sun was setting. Passersby on the sidewalk wished us luck. I prayed. Hans reassured. BRyan was about to check the yellowpages for metal detectors.

    Then in a moment of clarity, I went back to the office kitchen. I remembered that I had washed my hands and not dried them very thoroughly before I had put the drinks in a new plastic bag, because one handle on the original one had broken. I checked the top drawer where I had looked for another plastic bag. Nothing.

    I opened the second drawer with piles of plastic bags inside. Didn’t see anything.

    Pulled out two bags off the top and started shaking them out. My ring bounced to the floor. I cried.

    My gelatinous limbs could barely carry me outside. I wasn’t sure at which point to yell. “I found it!” The guys came running up the sidewalk. Much relief was had by all.

    Being too late for dance lessons, we took BRyan out to Onyx instead to thank him for his help.

    Mmm… yummy. Not cheap, but worth every penny in my book. Very knowledgable wait staff and delicious food. We shared some tapas including: the gourmet spring rolls, these little beef lettuce wrap things, some sort of little crocodile (yes, crocodile… we likened it to chicken with the texture of tuna) sausages, bread with french onion, sundried tomato and guacamole dips, and the divine bruschetta with roasted pumpkin, perisian feta, rocket, and pine nuts. We finished it off with a glass full of sliced strawberries and chocolate fondue.

    This weekend we’re going to see the jeweller.

    Looks Good
    Packaging can be everything. As is the case with this Flower perfume by Kenzo. I have no idea what it smells like, but I want it just for the pretty bottles. (And Sephora has a miniature set.) I might even go so far as to use this desktop wallpaper of the bottles. Pretty.

    Other Than That…
    We’ve been addicted to CuteOverload, and I need a haircut.

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  5. Go Dutch
    I got in trouble for mocking the Australian Olympic team this morning. While neither of us pay any attention to sport whatsoever, apparently one does not mock one’s spouse’s homeland team. So in an effort to stay neutral, we’re going to both be cheering for the Dutch.

    Will You Be My Anti-Valentine?
    Hans went out to get lunch today and came back with a bouquet of orange gerberas from the wonderful florist up the street. He has been saying for weeks that he isn’t getting me anything for valentine’s day, because he doesn’t need the establishment to tell him when to express his love. Hehe. Whatever you say, babe. Whatever you say.

    Time is flying by so fast. Somehow we were supposed to make some decisions in the last two and a half months, and somehow we haven’t yet. Can I come visit sometime before the 13th of March?

    Swing Kids
    And did I mention that we’re taking swing dance lessons? Just two weeks, and he’s a natural. I’ve been having a ball back out on the dancefloor. Who knew I’d miss it so much? Crazy.

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  6. To My Goddaughter
    Happy Birthday, sweetheart. I still love you, even though your mommy doesn’t write or call.

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  7. Most Missed Foods (for this week)
    In no particular order…

    • Diet Dr. Pepper — Though my angelic friend here managed to get me two whole cases from Melbourne for my birthday! I was rationing, but I drank the last one last night. *sniff*
    • Totinos Pizza Rolls — I know, I know… I’m 29. I should have more refined tastes by now. But seriously, there are days when I would donate a kidney for a bag of these frozen delights. I dream about Totinos Party Pizzas in all their 99-cent goodness too, but not nearly as often as the rolls.
    • Butternut Squash Soup & Chinois Chicken Salad from Wolfgang Puck’s. Ugh. Divine. But bless Wolfgang, he has his recipes online. (Now if I could only get up the drive to make them… the soup, the salad.)

    Grocery Funnies

    It’s a wonder why this Wonka-brand candy never took off in the States.

    Okay, so this was extremely funny to us, besides the obvious humor. For some reason the other day, we were all talking about hair-removal techniques. I think it started with a story of a bad epilady experience or something. But the topic changed to the unfortunately-named Nads product.

    We decided to come up with some mock packaging for a convenient travel-sized kit called “On the Go — Nads!”. What’s even better is we could now have “On the Go — Nads: For Men!”.

    Ugh, I know. Somedays it’s like we are a household of 13-year-olds.

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  8. Can Someone Please Shed a Little Light on This?
    This is how my thoughts went…

    “Hmm… haven’t looked atlLiptocoal‘s site since Gene left. Maybe I should check it out.”


    “Hmm… new guy is Josh Sterling.”

    Check the pics.

    “WHAT THE…. WTEHF?!?! That’s JOSH!!!!”


    A Conversation on the Bus
    Watching three kids go down the sidewalk on scooters.
    H: They almost look like a scooter gang.
    Me: Yeah.
    H: Everything looks cooler when done in a group.
    Me: Yeah. Like a pack of guys walking down the street limping.
    H: Yeah, that’s cool.

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  9. Which Project Runway 2 Designer Are You?

    You are Kara:
    You’re an underdog. You manage to stay in the game by remaining quiet and going un-noticed. Slow and steady wins the race for you, but if someone tries to screw you over, you’ll snip their pee-pee off.

    Everyone in my house is completely addicted to this show. I’ve been having dreams about who is out next. So sad that the end is in sight.

    Fun and Sickness
    Had a nice weekend. Sis-in-law-to-be had a really rough week, so we took them out for a picnic on Saturday. (I’ll post pics soon.) Then Hans and I both proceeded to get sick. The lady we live with has been phlegm-o-matic for over six weeks now, so it was only a matter of time before we came down with it as well. Sucky!

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