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  1. Let the Countdown Begin
    Well, now that the parents know, you might take note of the little countdown I added today. Yes, that’s really ONE, single, solitary month left, but we’re doing things a little differently, so it’s do-able. Is there a word for a non-secret elopement? Because that’s basically the compromise. Since there is no way that ALL of our loved ones can be there, we’re going to have a private ceremony with just us and two witnesses, and then we’ll celebrate (and likely do a reaffirmation ceremony) with everyone later.

    Please be nice. It wasn’t an easy decision, because it’s not exactly what every girl dreams her wedding will be like. But after much prayer and discussion, we determined that it’s the fairest way to do it for everyone. And it’ll make a great story to tell our grandchildren. 馃檪

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  2. Geekfest ’06
    Woo… we saw Summer Glau last night, and I thought I’d post a few pics for those of you who care. (Aimee, I knew you were cool before, but I had no idea how cool. Serenity rules!)

    She did a brief Q&A; before the movie. She was very grateful for the warm Aussie welcome that she had received. When asked what her most meaningful Firefly moment was, she said it was probably at the end of filming “Objects in Space“. She had been on set every single day, and at the end Joss gave her a big hug and said how proud he was of her. She got a little teary when she told about it.

    She was also asked which was her favourite stunt, which she then attempted to sort of recreate even though it ended up not being used, because she hurt herself the first time she tried to do it on set.

    Then there were a few other questions from people who just wanted to hear the sound of their own voices. And someone asked about her next project — which starts in Louisiana just after she returns from Oz, and it’s about a set of twins who figure out that they are witches or something like that.

    But anyway, when we heard that this screening was a part of this big Supanova thing, we joked about bringing cans of spray deoderant along to pass down the rows of the theater… little did we know how much we REALLY should have done it! Eww. Guys need to learn that girls can love geeks… I mean, I’m proof. But stinky geeks? Not so much.

    Stress and Stuff
    Just as a side note… we’re moving next Saturday. (Internet could be down for a while.) We’re also in the middle of immigration stuff. And there should be some definitive news in the wedding department coming real soon, once we’ve hashed some more stuff out with our parents. With all that said, I’m starting to feel as though I might crumble from the weight of the stress, so any prayers or positive vibes you could throw our direction would be appreciated.

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  3. The Scientology Alarm Clock
    I have to admit that I have the best alarm clock ever. He comes into my room every morning after he’s put the kettle on and (usually) gently coaxes me awake with soft words of waking encouragement… only leaving me to put a cup of coffee together for me. Seriously, girls, my man brings me a coffee in bed every morning… and I didn’t even have to train him.

    Yeah, well, this morning it wasn’t quite like that. We were going to take a later bus in to the city, so I guess my extra sleep-in time was supposed to be enough to make me want to jump out of bed. The following conversation ensued:

    Him: Get up.
    Me: Mmmmph.
    Him: It’s time to get up.
    Me: I don’t want to.
    Him: You’ve only got thirty minutes. Let’s go.
    Me: Couldn’t we use the Scientology Silent Wake-up Method? You know, where you don’t say anything that might cause stress or anxiety to the Waker?

    Australian Gripe #437
    Why don’t any of their stores have websites containing anything remotely helpful in figuring out what they actually sell and/or how much it might set you back? It’s just sick. And to think I used to complain about not being able to order my groceries online in Nashville.

    Exhibit A I saw a flyer in the paper yesterday with a cute set of dishes, so I thought I’d check their website to see other potential designs. Alas, they just have gifs of the same ad on their site.

    Exhibit B They are closer to showing their merchandise, or at least a few select products. But their “Shop from Home” option is completely deceiving. (Compare and contrast with the American version–… and speaking of which, I totally want the Isaac Mizrahi tulip shower curtain! Maybe I’ll order it. ONLINE. From THEIR WEBSITE. Grr.)

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  4. Lost in Translation
    dagwood dog (dag-wood dog)
    n. a corndog
    “I’m going to grab a dagwood dog and a bottle of water from the stand and will meet you back by the stage.”

    Familiar Territory
    On Saturday, headed west to Toowoomba for the AustralianlGospellMusiclFestival to see some friends from Nashville.

    Some highlights include:
    路Watching Sons of Korah play.
    路Seeing Hans’ artwork used as a backdrop for one of the stages.
    路 Getting matching lambies with Lisa from Bread.
    路 Catching up with a couple from Sydney who I met in Nashville.
    路 Getting to spend a little time with some familiar faces.

    It was good, and it was sad. For a moment, it felt like I was at a random festival in the States. Same people. Same atmosphere. Same green room food. Same everything. But it was nice.

    We just stayed backstage to watch the show instead of trying to battle the estimated 10,000 people out in front of the stage. (See where we were as indicated by the arrow on the overhead photo from the local paper).

    A Conversation
    Phil: [to me] What are YOU doing here?
    Hans: This is my fiancee’.
    Phil: NO WAY! Pete, did you know they’re getting MARRIED?
    Peter: Yeah, I know. Isn’t that great?

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  5. Sweet Serenity
    Some people will be thrilled about this, and others will just think I’m a geek and won’t care… but we’re going to see a special screening of Serenity, and Summer “River” Glau is going to be there! I’m excited.

    The Words We Cannot Say
    So for the past few days, I’ve been… the s-word. (The one that rhymes with “pick”.) At first signs were pointing to it being the f-word (the one that rhymes with “blue”), but after sleeping for practically 48 hours, I think it’s going away. I am still taking pills for a gran mal headache at the highest dosage and frequency allowed. I just think the headache is from my lack of coffee for the past three days — someone with a habit like mine shouldn’t go cold-turkey, so maybe I can get a cup past my Caregiver today.

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  6. Lost in Translation
    cheerio (cheer-ee-oh)
    n. a little sausage similiar to Lil’ Smokies, teenie weenies

    Hans and I had quite an interesting/frustrating conversation before we realized that Australian cheerios and American Cheerios are not even remotely close to the same product.

    Other than that, I’m feeling kind of yucky. I need a chiropractor or a massage therapist. Anybody want to come over and help me out? I can’t wait to have a real mattress.

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  7. I have a few little comments today, and then a bunch of links to store as reminders for myself later.

    Taxes, Shmaxes
    Praise the Lord for online paperless filing. I’ve filed online for the last few years, but I still had to send in a signature page. In typical fashion, I waited forever to start worrying about them, so then I started to get paranoid about my signature page getting lost in the mail or something like that. But everything got wrapped up over the weekend. I should get my refund in a couple weeks. Woot. And NO ESTIMATED PAYMENTS this year… yay… since my income dropped by, oh, about $30K… boo.

    …but I still love technology…

    Are You Laughing at ME?
    Almost every morning we stop at this little grocery store up the street and get a muffin and juice. Today I went by myself and picked up muffins and juice for both of us. I’m pretty sure the girl who helped me, who is often there in the mornings, was making fun of me today.

    Me: [Shifting the stuff in my hands so I could carry the muffins and both bottles of juice.]
    Her: Would you like a bag for that?
    Me: No, I think I can manage.
    Her: [softly] “Manage”. [giggles]

    What. EVER. 馃檪

    In Other News…
    The Australian version of GMA Week is coming up, and some Nashvillians are coming down. Local numbers were exchanged today with the hopes of getting together during the time that they’re here, even if we don’t make it out to the show. I’m aching to see a familiar face, so it could be real therapy for me. (Or it could push me off the edge the other way… we’ll see.)

    Links for My Reference, but You Might Care Too
    So I was looking up the concept of using a wiki for genealogy purposes and found a bunch of places to keep tabs on, but nothing so far that really is what I’m looking for. Basically I want something super easy, which probably isn’t going to happen, so it may take a little more thought. I know there are programs built for this kind of thing, but let me have my fun here, please.

    There are a few out there that are kind of along the lines that I’m thinking, but their goal is to connect everyone. And I’m not certain about the accuracy of all of the information that I’ve found, so I would hate to think I’m leading others astray with my lack of personal investigation. – wants to be a worldwide family tree – same idea – again

    My solution may be the Wiki-on-a-Stick method.

    Retrospect 2 – Open source web-genealogy
    Try a Wiki – from (another link to note)

    In other wiki departments: Strategy Wiki for game strategies. *cough.geek.cough* I know.

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