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  1. Hens & Bucks
    Hans made the best bachelor/bachelorette party inviation EVER!

    Holding in There
    Stressed. Anxious. Excited. Eeeep!

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  2. Video Killed the Radio Star
    So with what, moving and getting married and all that, somehow we thought it would be wise to throw another major activity into the mix. This is why we spent the entire day here at Bond shooting Hans’ video clip. I think it’s going to turn out great. I was on playback detail for most of the day. Woot.

    Who Has the Bestest Best American Friend in the World?

    Shower curtains. Pampered Chef. Kona Coffee. (via Matt via Leslie, I’m sure.) Peeps. LITTLE DEBBIE! Kool-aid. Wheat Pillows. Velveeta. Spongebob Aquatoy. (He loves it.) Toilet Paper Cores. (I should have known, and yet I was surprised.) DIET DR. PEPPER!!!! Honeymoon Sweet Thangs. (Definitely much tamer than I expected from you. Sicko.) 🙂

    I love you!

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  3. Mary Poppins Morning
    It’s one thing to wake up to the song of a little bluebird singing on the window sill. It’s another to wake up next to a tree filled with kookaburras. Never heard a kookaburra? Here’s its song. (You may have to turn the volume up on the player itself when that page loads.) Yeah, and they are LOUD. I kind of hate them, and yet, I really kind of love them too.

    Wedding Checklist

    • Dress. check
      Mother-in-law is doing some very minor alterations.
    • Suit. check
      I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m told he looks hot. 🙂
    • Shoes. check
      I’ve got mine but should probably be walking in them a little bit before then. Hans still needs to decide which ones he wants.
    • Rings. check
      Ordered them last Thursday. Should be in tomorrow. Whee!
    • Vows.
      Not quite finished yet, but we’re on the right track. Goal is to have them done tonight.
    • Announcements. check
      We couldn’t find a place who would print on our paper, so we bought a color printer last night. I mean, why not? When you’re dropping huge wads of cash left and right, what’s another $500? We should have the Australian ones in the mail tomorrow, and I think my Mom sent the American ones today.
    • Flowers.
      Going to stop in my favourite shop this afternoon to make sure they’ll have a handful of gerberas on hand. I don’t want a bouquet, as such. Just want it to look like I picked some flowers, you know? Still trying to decide on whether Hans gets a boutonniere or not.
    • Hair. check
      Well, almost checked. Have an appointment at noon to get a cut, and then after that I can figure out what I’m going to do with it.
    • Bachelor/Bachelorette Party. check
      Being organized by Bro/Sis-in-law. Lasertag — boys vs. girls! Followed by dinner at our favourite Japanese restaurant. Sweet.
    • Honeymoon Flights. check
      Hans booked the tickets to Auckland yesterday. Whee! It will be his first time back since they moved here when he was a child.
    • Honeymoon Hotel. check
      I’m not exactly sure which one it is, but I know there are five stars invovled. Teehee.

    And to think… just three weeks ago, we didn’t even know we when were getting married.

    Found this site yesterday, and I’m in love: Godawful Wedding Crap

    Truth is a Pill Choked on While Laughing
    Oh my gosh… I’ve been laughing about this Toothpaste for Dinner cartoon ALL WEEK!
    Embarrass the Nerds

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  4. Wedding Dress Shopping Record
    Left the house at 10:00.

    By noon, we were having coffee deliberating with Mom on the phone about The Dress.

    Had the shoes and dress purchased, ate lunch, and were heading home by 2:30.

    That’s one less thing to worry about.

    Lost in Translation: Pronunciation Edition
    n. fruits and vegetables

    American pronunciation: pro-deuce
    Australian pronunciation: prod-juice

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  5. TWO Weeks and THREE Days
    Oh my gosh. When I think of all we have to do yet, it makes my head spin. We’re shopping for wedding bands this afternoon. Two angelic beings have offered to take me dress shopping this weekend. We’re deciding on our vows at lunch. We’re finishing the announcements tonight? Hopefully? And then we need to get to the important stuff… like figuring out when we’re going to see XMen 3.

    I’m trying to think of something else to write, but my mind is just filled with other stuff right now. And I’m irritated with how the people at Michael’s (ordinarily my craft store of choice) and Kinko’s have treated my mother when making inquiries on my behalf. Not that I ultimately care if the announcements are crappy since only one in twenty people will probably save it anyway… but still. Be nice to my Mom!

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  6. Lost in Translation
    fruit toast
    n. toasted raisin bread, often served slathered in butter
    “If I knew the ‘fruit’ in ‘fruit toast’ was going to be raisins, I wouldn’t have taken a piece.”

    House Warming (read “I Need a Heater”)
    So we’re as settled as one can be considering that we haven’t really unpacked anything. Clothing selection is getting mighty slim at the moment, but tonight we’re moving the wardrobe into my room so that I can unpack my suitcases.

    On Sunday afternoon, brother/sister-inlaw took us on a shopping spree. And spree, we did. Hans had saved up some money for the move, and they gave us an extremely generous amount… so we went into every homewares shop and just bought whatever we wanted. It was so fun… and for me to say that shopping of any sort is fun, well, that’s just unheard of!

    We got:
    – glass caniters for the pantry (to keep the ants away)
    – a stainless-steel wine bucket
    – 4 latte mugs with wooden coasters
    – a pale yellow sugar bowl to match the kitchen
    – 6 tumblers
    – 6 tall glass glasses
    – a super-soft cozy blankie for the couch (yeah, that was my pick)
    – a white enamel colander
    – a wine bottle opener
    – an ice cream scoop
    – a vegetable peeler
    – 2 pairs of scissors
    – a wok
    – measuring cups
    – ice cube trays
    – a microwave
    – an ironing board / iron
    – mixing bowls
    – power strips

    Well, that’s all I can remember anyway. And then we proceeded to spend $200 on groceries. Eeek… but it was the first big shop to get all the staples on hand. Now we can actually cook! Well, we have the ingredients to cook with anyway.

    Oh, but you know the best part. Well, not the best part… but a pretty significant part — I am able to watch television in my own home for the first time in over six months. Not that I need to have it on all the time, but to be able to watch the news once in a while is kind of exciting.

    We’re off on an entire-family campout weekend tomorrow. (Yeah, I know. I don’t DO camping. We’re in a cabin at least.) We’ve bought three bottles of wine, but I’ll wait until Saturday to see if I’m going to share any of it!

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  7. *gasp* *choke* No Internet at the House *sputter* *cough*
    So I meant to write a huge post earlier in the day, but give me a break. It’s my first day back online in four days; I had some serious catching up to do!

    That, and I just wasted who-knows-how-long reading the latest missions on Improv Everywhere. Brilliant.

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