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  1. Help, Americans!
    I need to know! What are your 4th of July traditions? Obviously most people catch some fireworks in the evening, but what else is there?

    For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been telling Hans that we need to have some sort of 4th of July celebration for my sake. But when he asked what that was going to involve… well, I can’t really come up with anything.

    I don’t think I have much in the way of 4th of July traditions, since I’ve been on my own for quite some time. I don’t even remember what we did as a kid. Was there a barbeque? Was there a parade? Is there some sort of food that represents our independence? I have no idea.

    Thanks to my archives, I was able to find out what I’ve done the last few years anyway…

    • 2002: I flew home and watched the fireworks from my parents’ driveway.
    • 2003: I apparently flew home for a week again. Fireworks on the parents’ driveway.
    • 2004: Parents came to Nashville. Watched a movie. Fireworks the night before.
    • 2005: Spent the day packing. Pretty sure I didn’t do anything else.

    So I’m stuck. I was thinking about getting some American-style hotdogs and see if we can cook them up on the in-laws’ grill. I don’t know… lemonade? Frozen fruit cups? (Nevermind that it’s fricking FREEZING here right now.) Oooo… this may be a good time to use up my jet-puffed marshmallows on Rice Krispie treats. (Though they’re called Rice Bubbles here.) Fireworks are pretty much illegal everywhere around here, but I think we can get our hands on some sparklers.

    But what says “Fourth of July” to you?

    Chucky the Cat
    I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before that our house came with a cat. He used to belong to Hans’ brother, who left him when he moved out. Hans’ mom buys his food, but Chucky won’t eat at her house. So we put the food in his bowl by our door, and all is right in the world.

    I’m not a super-fan of animals in the house, because Hans is allergic. (And I’m not entirely convinced that I’m not as well.) But it has been so cold outside, that sometimes I let him in… just for a quick cuddle.

    He’s the most cuddly cat ever. All he wants to do is rub his face on you. (Is that a sign of rabies or anything like that?) It’s pretty cute. I can’t help but love him just a little.

    Well, now he sort of thinks he owns the place. And whenever I open the door, he makes a mad dash to get in. Normally it’s okay, but when I’m trying to leave the house, it becomes a pain having to shoo him out.

    The other night I heard him outside meowing like he’s never meowed before. I was afraid he was hurt. So I opened the door and called to him. He dashed inside before I had a chance to get a good look.

    Hans told me to get away and that I didn’t want to see Chucky. So I turned away, and Hans managed to get him out just after I realized that Chucky… Cute Lil’ Chucky… is a killer, and he wanted to show off his little field-mouse trophy. With morbid curiosity I looked out the window, only to see that the mouse wasn’t completely dead yet, and Chucky would put it down and catch it over and over. Ick. Makes me think twice about letting that little face rub all over me ever again.

    Oh Crap
    Today is the first day since we’ve been married that I’ve left the house without my engagement ring. Still have the wedding band on, but it feels weird.

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  2. Sick in the Suburbs
    I’m not going to point any fingers, but someone made me sick. All I know is that we made chicken soup for Lisa when she wasn’t feeling well a couple weeks ago. Then Daniel came down with some sort of throat thing that made him have scratchy-voice for a week. Then Hans started to feel yucky, and finally on Monday, I succumbed to the illness.

    Yesterday I felt mostly like poo, and my wonderfully recovered hubby bought me the latest Notebook: magazine (my Australian substitute for Real Simple. He’s also charged the PSP and left me with LocoRoco… and I’m in love.

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  3. Powdered Cheese Recipe Please
    How difficult do you think it would be for Kraft to make their powdered cheese substitute taste the same in two different countries? Maybe it has nothing to do with Kraft, and it has to do with the milk and butter I add to it. But with that said, Mac’n’Cheese here is nothing to write home about. I know we’re talking about Macaroni and Cheese, a food one is supposed to quit eating after the age of twelve… but Jack would definitely be disappointed.

    Missed Post
    I just realized that I made my last post a draft because I meant to upload some pictures to go with it. It was all about our fun weekend in the mountains at the wineries and hiking and all that. But the pictures still aren’t up, so neither is it.

    Today I’m busy editing together the footage that we shot. I think we could be reality television stars. Well, if I ever get it finished. I’m learning Premiere Pro 2, but I might switch to Avid… and if all else fails, we’ll give Vegas a try. But I’d rather take a little time to learn the hard ones. Ahh the perks of having a hubby who works for a production company.

    I’ll youtube it if it turns out good. I have a feeling we’ll be the only ones who think it’s funny… but, dang, is it funny to us!

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  4. Betty!
    So I paid $13 for a packet of Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie mix. Sometimes a girl needs her chocolate, and Cadbury just doesn’t cut it.

    More Pics
    From the wonderful McGaw Photographers

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  5. Something old…

    A hankie with lace tatted by my grandma.

    Something new…

    My dress and flowers.

    Something borrowed…

    Sister-in-law’s veil.

    Something blue…

    My engagement ring.

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    Wheee! It’s so weird. I’m wearing a wedding ring. I woke up next to my husband this morning. We’re going to be together forever. I still feel so giggly about the whole thing. When exactly does it start to feel normal? Not that I’m anxious for it to be old-hat… I just am still constantly amazed. Yay!

    The Big Day
    I don’t have a single photo in my possession yet, but my sister-in-law has a disk that she’s supposedly going to drop off sometime. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. Lisa spent the night at our house. We got up in the morning and had strawberries and chai. Cleaned the house a bit, and went to pick up the flowers.

    Then we went to get ready at the house where I used to live… which is across the street from where the ceremony was. Our photographer friends met us at the house and snapped getting-ready photos. It was so great to have friends around beforetime, because it put my nerves at ease. And of course, every girl loves to hear over and over how pretty her dress is. 🙂

    When the boys got to the park, they called up to the house, and we walked over. It was so casual and low-key. Perfect. The weather was gorgeous. It just really was amazing.

    Afterwards we went back to the house and had a little lunch with everyone. They even threw rice at us as we came down the driveway. Hehe. It, again, was completely perfect. It felt so special.

    The day wasn’t without it’s bittersweet moments. Of course, it was so difficult to think of my family and loved ones not being there, but I talked to my parents afterwards, which was wonderful. My mom also sent a package for me to open that morning, and it was a handkerchief with a tatted edge that my grandmother had made… lots of tears with that one.

    So yeah, Todd & Alyda took us out to a bunch of great places for photos, and I can’t wait to see them! I’ll write more later…

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