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  1. On the Couch: Day 6
    I’m pretty much ready to feel better. Only one more dose of these hellish Australian antibiotics left, so hopefully by Friday I won’t hate life so much.

    Computer Coolness
    Making me less miserable is playing with the new computer. It’s purty. The only problem is that the old laptop had the most ridiculous arrangement for the Control, Alt, & Delete keys. However, I got used to them, and now the Function key is where the Control key should be, so I am having to readjust.

    As suspected, my friendly credit card company, always having my back, shut off my card to make sure that this out-of-the-ordinary purchase was, indeed, mine. While my mother was able to confirm my wedding dress purchase, for some reason they needed to speak to me this time. Doesn’t do me a lot of good when I can’t call 800 numbers from here. Then they gave my mom a local number and told me to call collect. Mmm, yeah, can’t do that from here either. Finally, I just told my mom (who I’d been talking to on IM during all of these conversations) to tell them to call ME. Sheesh. Ended up being pretty easy after that.

    Blast from the Past
    Lone Prairie Blog: Back again after I thought she quit

    Unconscious Mutterings
    1. Visit :: Homesick
    2. Cake :: Yucky
    3. Period :: PMS
    4. Triumphant :: Don Juan
    5. Screen :: Name
    6. Neglect :: Abandon
    7. Guitar :: Center
    8. Loathe :: Hatred
    9. Sugar :: Popsugar
    10. Montage :: Editing

    Mom is sending me a box soon with my new purse from World Market, our Threadless shirts (including my Kitty Cat one), and hopefully some Oatmeal Cream Pies and some Wheat Thins for Laydes. Wheee!

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  2. Updates
    * I’m still not well. Actually I can’t tell. I went to the doctor, and the medication I was presribed makes me vomit. I’m starting to think I felt better before I started taking it. But my husband is taking good care of me and feeling bad on my behalf.

    * I put a new computer on my credit card yesterday. The graphics card in this one is pooping out among other things, and it doesn’t really work so good anymore. Unfortunately Hans needs one for his show this weekend, and that sort of hastened the shopping process. At least it gets to be my toy most of the time.

    * I’m so bored.

    In the meantime, watch my favourite ad. This one makes me chuckle everytime I see it.

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  3. Yeah So…
    I haven’t blogged because I’m not feeling well. What’s your excuse? 🙂

    Addictive Game Alert
    Hunga Basic Needs… from Alyda. I played far too long the other day, but I got up to 10033 points.

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  4. Born into Brothels
    Last night I watched this documentary on television while Hans was working. I recognized the title from seeing the Academy Awards when it won for best doco in 2005. There’s a great sort of synopsis video on this NPR page. It was so beautiful, and I encourage anyone to watch it if you can get your hands on it.

    Mmm… but anyway, I went out to the shops with my mother-in-law all afternoon, so I’d better figure out what’s for dinner.

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  5. Lest We Not Forget I’m in a Foreign Country
    Yesterday I had to deal with a new bug altogether. I was happily sitting down at the table to work on the laptop, when it came around from behind. As I beckoned Hans to come get rid of it, I went to find my camera. The little bugger moved too fast to get a good picture, but you can get the idea. It was kind of cute (for a bug that’s nearly two inches long) and very bright orange. However, I believe those round bulbs on the antennae were egg sacs, and we’re about to be infested. Yes, paranoia is my friend.

    In Other News: I Can’t READ
    Ugh. Waterproof and Waterbased. Yeah, not the same thing. I kick myself because I looked at hundreds of bottles of glue, and I picked up the wrong DANG one in the end.

    Quote of the Day
    “I’m just going to work on the computer since there isn’t anything on tv this afternoon anyw…. wait a minute. Xanadu is on at noon!”

    Heck yes, I watched it. I even sang along… and at one point, we may have broken out into dance. I don’t think I’ve seen that film since I was seven-years-old at JaymilFranken’s house. Good times.

    Mi Space Es Su Space
    I also made a new layout for my myspace thanks to the hints I found at Lifehacker.

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  6. Beautiful Bic
    I was first exposed to her voice on October 10, 2004 on the roadtrip from Indianapolis to Nashville with Tash. Last night I saw her live. It was amazing.

    She could not possibly be any cuter. Cute as a button. Her performance was flawless. Delicate perfection. Incredible.

    We had such great seats. Unfortunately, I happened to have the dead camera batteries instead of the charged camera batteries. But Hans took a pic with his phone… which leaves so much to be desired… but still.

    I’ve been playing Birds around the house a lot lately, so Hans knew a lot of the songs as well. It was pretty hot seeing him enjoy himself too. My favourite song was “She Left on a Monday”, and his was “Blue Blue Heart”. But really, it was hard to pick a favourite. She’s just amazing. Yay!

    Not So Yay
    We got home and Hans went up the stairs to unlock the door ahead of me. He said that there was “some sort of mess” by the door. So I went back down the stairs and bounced around to trigger the motion light. Turns out that our dear sweet Chucky had a little snack in the shape of a dove and left all the feathers and chewy bits on the doorstep for us. (I’m totally gagging as I type.)

    That filthy feline is no longer welcome on my couch or bed. And I secretly think he was plotting against us. I know he was secretly thinking, “This will teach those bitches to leave the house without filling my bowl.”

    I have a picture of the mayhem (once I changed my batteries), but I’ll spare you.

    A Conversation
    Me: Instead of buying [the movie] yourself, you could save it for Christmas ideas. And since you have your birthday right there too, it’s like — Bam! Bam! — with the gift-giving.
    Him: Well your birthday is right there as well. Except it’s more like: B-Bam!

    Links to Look at Later free book trading… only cost is the postage.
    Home Couture: aussie decor stuff

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  7. And…. Exhale
    Visa application is turned in.
    I’m not getting deported on the 27th.
    We went to see Hoodwinked to celebrate.

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  8. Shut Down All the Trash Compactors on the Detention Level

    I feel like this is my life right now. Full of garbage I don’t know how to deal with, and pretty soon the walls are going to close in. Mmm, fun.

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  9. SOBAR
    Yes, that’s right… I’m Stressed Out Beyond All Recognition.

    I bring this on myself with my natural tendency to procrastinate… forever. It doesn’t help that this is one of the many ways that Hans and I are EXACTLY THE SAME. It’s about fear, deep down. I know this. I’m afraid of the unknown. I’m OCD in some ways, and there is a huge part of me that hates it when God operates on a Needs to Know basis, and I apparently don’t need to know how it’s all going to play out.

    So I’m stressed about this visa application business, and therefore, I am putting it off… thus perpetuating the cycle, and kicking it all up a notch each time.

    Stress apparently causes me to “freak out” while I’m sleeping, according to Hans. I remember him asking me if I was okay a couple of times last night, but his side of the story is a lot more interesting…. involving tossing, turning, and crying out “no” repeatedly. And this has happened three different nights recently that I remember.

    Does stress cause bloody noses? Because I’ve been getting them for the past three days as well. It could be the electric heater drying out the air in the house, but I like to think that my body is so tense at the moment that it is causing the capillaries in my nose to go into self-destruct. It’s probably the heater.

    The thing that makes it all better is this video that Steve sent me yesterday.

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  10. In the Words of Taylor Dayne… Prove Your Love
    More adventures in the world of visa applications. When applying for a spouse visa, you’re required to submit evidence of a continuing and lasting relationship.

    Just think about that for a minute.

    Those of you who are IN a continuing and lasting relationship, how would YOU go about proving this? And then ask yourself, if you would happen to have this “evidence”, is this something that you want a complete stranger, or team of strangers, seeing/reading?

    Now Hans and I lived in different countries for nearly 3 of the 4.5 years we’ve known each other. This cuts down on the photographic evidence, but certainly upped the electronic correspondence factor. Problem being that I left my computer in the States, and he’s had a crash or two, and so the past emails are limited. He has printed out 46 of about 250, but I feel like I want to edit them. The problem is that the stuff I don’t want people to read is the stuff that proves we love each other. Ugh.

    So yeah, that’s what I’ve been up to. Printing out instant message logs, requesting phone records from long distance companies (First Communications have the BEST customer service EVER), and photos from the past year.

    Lost in Translation: Food Edition
    tasty (tayst-ee)
    n. cheese
    adj. cheese variety
    “Put some tasty on top and bake it in the oven for 20 minutes.”

    I can’t quite put my finger on what the American equivalent of tasty cheese might be, but it’s white and might be close to a mild cheddar.

    Our State Fair is a Great State Fair
    The Ekka starts this week. I forget what it means again… I think “ekka” is the typical Aussie shortening of someword, “exhibition” perhaps? But I’ve been told it’s similar to the midwestern state fair concept. People even get a day off work for it. I think we’re going next week, but I’m excited — something to look forward to!

    She’s Crafty
    Goodness, I’ve got more to say than I thought I did. In the middle of trying to get my crap together so that I don’t get deported, I’m also taking up a new hobby. Screenprinting. Well, maybe. I’m going to attempt this great DIY screenprinting method in order to make some merch for Hans’s next show in three weeks.

    The stinky part is that I don’t know where to find any supplies. Where are my Michaels and Hobby Lobbys when I need them.

    The good news is that I found some screenprinting paint at an art store for $20/each. I also found one single solitary bottle of Modge Podge at Spotlight. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    I’ve also been looking for a button maker, but apparently Tash owns the only one in the Southern Hemisphere. Does Sola Fida do merch? 🙂

    Eight Einsteins
    Saturday night we went to a trivia night with Dan & Lisa that was a fundraiser put on by Dan’s work to help raise funds for Chris Scott. He is a paralympic bicyclist. The goal was to raise $3500 to help him purchase a new bike. At the end of the night, they reported that we raised over $6500.

    We were on a team with some really fun people who weren’t very competetive at all. It was great. We called ourselves the Eight Einsteins, but it proved to be a curse. We came fourth to last, but we had fun in the process. We also won the table decorating contest… designed by the artist Hans. We kicked butt in the Name that Tune category… but with categories like Australian geography, Queensland history, and World Cup Soccer, yeah, I wasn’t much help.

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