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  1. Weekend Recap
    Friday night we hit the Jacaranda Festival. We had dinner at the house before we went down, so I wasn’t hungry enough for a dagwood dog (translation: corndog). But we did get to go on one ride, the Cyber Party. It was no Dreamworld experience, but it was four minutes of solid fun.

    We saw the 15-minute fireworks display… which had potential for disaster when the coordinating music started with a Nickelback song, but it quickly segued to Michael Bolton — not much better, but slightly less gag-inducing. Only slightly.

    We also caught the first act of the High School Battle of the Bands — Woot! Hans had a shocking realization of what it must have been like for people to witness his early musical career, and he apologizes.

    Saturday we went to a fun little wedding. Got a chance to brush off our dancing shoes, as they played a lot of swing music.

    And yesterday we played Lego Star Wars and finished watching Season 3 of Arrested Development. There is now nothing left to live for.

    More Advanced Passes
    We have another advanced screening ticket for this week to see Catch a Fire. All I know about it is what is printed on the ticket, but considering my South African connections, I’m anxious to see it.

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  2. Link to Look at Later
    ICONS – a project of iconic British items

    I’m messing around with overLIB today.

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  3. Danielle’s synonym —
    Unique (… as in one!)

    ‘What is your synonym?’ at

    Strange, because according to this little thingie I found at TaintedBill’s, I am the only one of both my maiden and married names. (The above was found here.)
    Logo There is:
    person with my name
    in the U.S.A.

    How many have your name?

    This is cute. She is good.
    Show tonight.
    Hopefully we’re home in time to play some Lego Star Wars.

    An Observation
    Me: No one likes a know-it-all.
    Him: No. But everyone loves Google.

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  4. Saturday was Dreamy
    Dreamworld with Hans and Todd & Alyda Saturday was SO MUCH FUN! Seriously, I had the best time in a long time. So much fun.

    The combination of it being Indy weekend at the Gold Coast and the slightly overcast weather made for a small crowd… which meant we barely had to wait at all for rides. Some we just walked up and got right on. Now that is my kind of amusement park experience!

    Just us at the front of the Cyclone line and no one else.

    My favourite ride was The Claw followed closely by all 12-seconds worth of The Tower of Terror. My least favourite was probably the Cyclone and the chiropractic adjustment it gave me. (Especially when my last coaster experience was The Hulk.)

    Us on the log ride.

    And then there was Tiger Island. I love tigers. It was amazing to see them, even though I felt like a dork with the level of excitement I had.

    Rama, one of the Awesome Pawsome

    Mohan, oldest tiger in the park

    Hans is jealous of my tiger love.

    I also really loved the Australian Wildlife Experience, where we saw dingos, kangaroos, ducks, crocs, and turtles. Alyda had a little birdie sing to her, and it was probably the cutest thing EVER. And I met a new little friend, Baxter.

    Even though it started raining at the end of the day, it really was a great day! Woohoo!

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  5. My Dog Won!
    So we went to see the greyhound races last night. I put $2 on our dog to win. Considering he walked half of the last race, I thought of it more as a donation. But would you believe he won?

    My $2 bet.

    My $6.80 return.

    And no, I don’t have any explanation for why I am pictured on the radio station’s website with Cleo‘s Bachelor of the Year. Well, actually, I do. Dan made shirts for me and Lisa, and they were a hit. They made us stand out from all the other fans. In fact, Andy wanted to take a picture of us to show Hamish.

    Dan took a picture of Andy taking the picture.

    Yeah, it’s all pretty embarrassing. But I’m definitely getting today’s podcast to hear what they say about the night.

    Other Than That
    We’re going to TIGER ISLAND tomorrow! Can I get a WOOOOOOOT!?

    Watercolor Links Continued
    Folded Book: mental note
    Moleskinerie: if I jump on that bandwagon
    Page Points: Little bookmarkers
    The Nature Journal: More illustrated journalling
    The Ribbon Jar: Some nice crafty ideas. Some gaudy ones as well.
    Wild West Yorkshire: watercolor journalist

    Miscellaneous Link
    Love, love these scrabble benches with letter pillows that Joshua found.

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  6. Why It’s 10:45 12:30, and I’m on My Third Fourth Coffee
    Due to circumstances somewhat beyond my control, I am at Hans’s office and have been since precisely 6:38… in the morning. I’m going with Dan & Lisa to watch our dog at the races tonight, and it’s easier for them to get me from here. Hans has rehearsal tonight (it’s Rocktober, y’all) and had to bring all of his gear into the city, so we got a ride from Dan this morning. And because of the local traffic fiasco, he wanted to leave our neck of the woods by 6:00. Mmm, joy. So I’ve been surfing the net. See below.

    Watercoloring: More for Me than You
    As I mentioned last week, I’m trying to get back into keeping a journal of sorts. While I have a style (scribbles, quotes, doodles, taped/stapled objects, etc.) that I’m sure to stick to, I was looking around for further inspiration. I found it at Illustrated Watercolor Journaling.

    I’ve dabbled with watercolors a bit in the past, but not having any real training, I was only happy with one I did of a yellow iris. Two of my favourite Dutch artists, Rien Poortvliet and Marjolein Bastin, do watercolors though. I think the medium can be very striking.

    But that Illustrated Watercolor Journaling place is great. I’m tempted to order the DVD just to hear their methods. I’d love to try it, but where do I find the time to not only observe but then to sit and sketch and paint as well. I just wondered if they work from photos or memory or if they carry their supplies with them at all times. But I love their work, especially the maps.

    They also have some great links, some of which I’m posting here for my own reference:
    The Watercolor Traveler: One of their students who has done well
    Everyday Matters by Danny Gregory: Must. Get.
    Danny Gregory: Must. Put. on. Sidebar.

    More links I’ve found as a result of those links:
    Pedalpower’s Flickr set: lots of journal pics, now I really want a Moleskine
    En Route Journaling: Flickr group
    Anecdote: look into more later
    Notebookism: another
    Kikki-K: cute paper place with a shop downtown

    Oh my gosh, there are so many more, but I’m hungry and want to get lunch now. This madness will likely continue tomorrow, or later today, but like I said, it’s for me.

    Australian Spring
    But here are a few pics I took yesterday.

    Silky Oak tree in bloom out front.

    The pink bougainvillea on the fence to the side of the driveway.

    Then I noticed these golden spider silks.
    Pretty, for a spiderweb.

    Which belong to this Golden Orb spider.
    Their webs really do cast a golden shine.

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  7. Boy Band Spectacular
    I don’t know if you’ve heard about BoyTown in the States yet, but I can’t wait for it. You can’t beat a good boy band spoof movie. (And Bob Franklin is one of my favourites on Thank God You’re Here.)

    This also made me think of DaVinci’s Notebook, and I had to find “Title of the Song” for Hans to listen to! He loved it. (Thanks, Manda.)

    To NoWri or Not to NoWri
    It’s nearing that time of year. The time when aspiring novel writers abandon their social lives and crank out 50,000-word masterpieces. A piece of something anyway.

    I’ve started three times in the past, but have never finished for various reasons. Why do major life interruptions seem to happen in November?

    But now I see that Tommy’s doing it. And Barry’s doing it. All the cool kids. I guess I need to make up my mind soon. Tash? Misery loves company, you know.

    Super Sleep-in
    Last night Hans had to work late. I went in and got to see him at least over pizza at supper. I think we finally caught a cab at 10:30, home by 11. Watched an episode of Arrested Development, went to bed, had a little cry (lots of stuff happening in Iowa at the moment), and finally got to sleep.

    I woke up this morning and prayed that it could be after 10. I never get to sleep in anymore, and since I didn’t have a goodbye smooch this morning, I had my hopes up. It was 10:40. I love sleeping!

    And Hans has the day off, so we’ve had a big brekkie and a lazy noon. And maybe we’ll walk to the McCafe later for cappucinos, because that’s livin’ life in this neighborhood.

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  8. We’ll just see how this goes. Still trying to make it look nice in IE, but honestly, why aren’t you using Firefox?

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  9. Time to Remodel
    I’ve only made minor template changes over the last five years, and today I was struck with horror at how crappy this place looks. May have to make some changes around here.

    Bastard Creatures
    I don’t know why I can’t remember these stupid bugs from last year, but we seem to be plagued with midges. (That’s midg-ees, contrary to the popular pronounciations of “bridges” and “fridges”.) Apparently there is a new breed migrating to Brisbane, and I think they got as far as our house yesterday and stopped. I had so many welts on my hands yesterday. It’s ridiculous. I hate summer here.

    The Written Word
    At first I thought I wanted this Ticket Stub Diary, but then I realized that the books I stick my stubs in are probably more interesting. (Though we can’t see inside, so it’s hard to tell.)

    On that note, I’m going to try to be better about physically writing again. I don’t like to call it journalling, because that feels so diary-like to me. But the last few blank books I’ve filled with short thoughts, observations, doodles, and little things to glue down. I’m going to start doing that again.

    To that end, I found this site that I’m going to keep tabs on: Journal Writing Tips with a Twist.

    I’m also excited to death for the Notebook 2007 Diary. It’s so pretty, and I can’t wait for 2007 now.

    Notes from a New Country: a Canadian, but he came to Australia just a couple weeks before I did. I’m finding that he’s had quite a few of the same observations.

    Market Flowers
    I have kept my gerberas alive from two weeks ago. I really should take a picture. My cilantro (known as “coriander” here) is going to town as well. I may just be turning into a gardener yet! I looked at some more gerberas today, but I got a bouquet of carnations instead.

    Shocking. I know. I hate carnations. The only thing I could probably hate more would be carnations with a sprig of baby’s breath and a fern leaf. But for some reason these were beautiful to me. They are this perfect buttery-cream color, and they do smell nice. I should have gotten two bunches, as they are a little sparse in my vase, but they’ll make me smile for a few days regardless.

    Like my ribbon, Laydes? 🙂

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  10. Obvious News
    Red hair genes up skin cancer risk… no kidding? Actually, upon reading the article it’s talking more about the recessive red hair genes that darker skinned people might have, but when I first read it, it was a “duh” moment.

    Now if they can pinpoint the gene that makes red hair thick, frizzy and unmanagable, then I’d be happy. (I really just need a haircut, but I’m counting that as beside the point.)

    The Truth in Comics
    My mom sent me the link to For Better or For Worse from last Sunday’s paper, and we had a good laugh about it. Apparently she and my sister have worked out a deal that one of us girls will pluck her chin hair if she’s ever in a nursing home and can’t do it herself.

    Tiger Island, Here I COME!
    After over a year of talking about Dreamworld, we’re finally going next weekend! I’m so excited. I can’t wait for Tiger Island. Rollercoasters. Tigers. What more could I ask for?

    Australian Annoyance
    They say “maths” instead of “math”. Witness.

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  11. Consider it Recommended
    Someone I know said, “I don’t really call myself a fan of sci-fi, but I like movies that are set in the future.”

    I tend to agree. I’m willing to work with you when it comes to futuristic themes, but if you start throwing blue martians at me, you’re at risk of losing me. I think this explains my love for Firefly, and it may also be why I thought Children of Men was so great.

    I don’t want to give away a speck of the plot, but everything about it was just right for me. It was real enough for me to believe it. There was enough seriousness to keep me involved. There was enough comic relief to get me through the stressful points. (Though some moments of laughter were what I call Inappropriate Quentin Tarantino Laughter, where it’s not actually funny, but you can’t help but laugh.) And the CG moments were good enough so that I didn’t have to listen to Hans complain about them the whole rest of the night.

    It comes out here in three weeks, and I’d be tempted to go again… and might be persuaded to buy the DVD.

    Spring Has Sprung
    We pass a ton of these bushes on the way to the train in the morning. Today I managed to snap a picture even though we were running late. I don’t know what they’re called, but they’re native Australian plants.

    Test your geographic skills with these GeoQuiz Games. I attemped 25 USA Cities, State Capitals, and 25 Australiasian Cities before I started taking note of my scores. For South American Countries, I got 68% in 1:39.3. (via Web-Goddess)

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  12. The Non-Events of This Week
    – Lots of nothing

    – Lots of shows to catch up on / get addicted to including Project Runway, the new Veronica Mars (woot), Heroes, The Nine (why do they keep calling Audrey “Kathryn”?), and we got the Jane & the Dragon DVD.

    – Had a bit of a heavy heart but it’s good. It’s a challenging and growing time for me (and others).

    – Hitched a ride to Ikea to spend some wedding money that’s been burning a hole in our bank account. Got the stools I wanted for the kitchen. (We spend so much time in there. Even if only one person is cooking, the other is usually nearby. So these can fold up when not being perched upon.) And then we got a bunch of other little things that were impulse buys.

    – Tomorrow we get to go to an advance screening of Children of Men. I don’t know much about it and prefer to keep it that way for now, but I was surprised to see that it doesn’t come out in the States until Christmas. Strange. It’s usually us who are lagging behind in that department.

    – and I made pancakes yesterday for my husband even though I claim to hate them. (I really just don’t like maple syrup, and so anything associated with it tends to share my wrath.) They aren’t so bad with butter and brown sugar.

    – that’s about it really… but my memory stick in my camera is full, so I’m bound to have some pictures to post soon.

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  13. A Conversation
    (In the grocery store this afternoon)
    Him: You know the key to dancing on the inside is that it doesn’t actually show.
    Me: Yeah, but what would our trips to the store be without our dance-offs?
    Him: Shorter, for one thing.

    Yeah, I drove… a car… to the store this afternoon. Granted it was less than a mile away, but I did go the whole way without turning on the windshield wipers once! (FYI, their turn indicators are on the right side of the steering wheel. And another FYI, they call it a windscreen.)

    Three Cheers
    My FBI Criminal Background check came back yesterday. Turns out I’m innocent after all. Wheeeee! Only waiting for one police check for Hans, and I should be free to make travel plans. Woot!

    Now I’m off to go make my Grandma’s famous hot chocolate sauce to put over ice cream.

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