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    Meet Cookie
    This is one of my “pet” kookaburras. We have a pair of them that live in the trees by our house. I’ve named them Cookie and Casey, the kookokaburras.


    We also have Chucky, the cat; Trixie, the gecko; and Jerry, the possum. My mother-in-law has even caught my spirit of naming everything, and she now has a little butcherbird by her house that she calls Butch.

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  2. Open Letter to Australia
    Oh Australia,

    Why do you make it so hard for me to love you?

    August, September, and even the beginning of October were pretty tolerable, but this month you’ve turned back into the fiery pits of hell that I hated so much last year. I’m sorry, but I’m now convinced that it’s not me anymore. It’s you.

    This last week has been almost unbearable between noon and 4pm. I’m sick of sitting in a pool of my own sweat. It’s not even Summer yet. Couldn’t you ease up just a little bit?

    I’m happy to be leaving you for a few weeks. Feel free to bake your citizens to death during that time, but by February, will you please start thinking about Autumn? For me?


    Six Months
    It’s our .5 Anniversary today. I turned all girlie and wanted it to be sweet and romantic, but so far it’s been none of the above. Up early. Rushed get-ready. Show tonight. Won’t get home until late. And the idea of people I don’t particularly care for being there just makes it all the worse. (Of all of Hans’s friends that I have met, there are two who I consider to be my archnemeses. But hey, at least the rest of them have been great! And thankfully the one lives in a different timezone most of the year.)

    Since We Last Spoke

    • Hans had a root canal without much advance notice.
    • We saw The Prestige and loved it, but… (highlight for spoiler) :why was Borden’s secret word Tesla if the guy already was a twin? We didn’t necessarily get that, unless it’s more obvious than we think.
    • We had a little impromptu Thanksgiving feast. It wasn’t exact… take-out chicken instead of turkey, fries instead of mashed potatoes. But we had green bean casserole, so life was good.

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  3. Get Well Weekend
    Poor Hans is sick. He stayed home from work yesterday, and I have been caring for him the past two days. While I hate that he doesn’t feel well, I do secretly like having him around the house.

    We rented a PS2 game for him to play (Shadow of the Colossus), and now I’m just waiting for him to get bored with it so I can try. The main characters are very Atreyu and Artex-like.

    I’ve been uploading pictures.

    Above the Valley.
    (Taken from the fire escape of The Troubadour)

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  4. Lost in Translation
    diary (dy-ah-ree)
    n. calendar, day-planner
    “Check the diary to see when the dentist appointment is.”

    Celebrate Good Times, Come On!
    I can’t express how relieved I’ve felt the last couple of days. I don’t think it will REALLY hit until I get my bright shiny visa sticker in my passport, but for now the idea is good enough.

    We celebrated a little tiny bit on Monday night. Hans caught a cab home instead of the train, so he surprised me by coming in a lot earlier than I expected. We had pizza delivered, and his mom brought over a bottle of wine.

    Tuesday night, we spent the evening with his sister’s family who were all excited that I’m here to stay (for now). His niece had her 7th grade Christmas program, and it was so cute.

    Last night we were treated to dinner at the Sultan’s by our friends. They just moved to Brisbane three months ago from DENVER. He grew up here and now works with Hans. She grew up in NASHVILLE and is trying to figure out where to buy the stuff she was used to having over there. (Oh, how I relate!) But they’re great fun, and that was nice. She got her spouse visa years ago knowing they’d eventually end up here, so they wanted to celebrate my visa-getting with us.

    And then when we got home last night, there was a present by the door. It was a Welcome to Australia present from Dan & Lisa… The Man from Snowy River on DVD. (JESSICAAAAAA!) It has sort of become an inside joke between the four of us, but Lisa has never seen it — which seems criminal to me. It’s a classic! (Little do they know that I’m going to make them take me to the Man from Snowy River Festival some year!)

    Though as usual, with so much going on, we’re both starting to get sick. Bleh.

    You’ve Got Hail
    Yesterday we had a little storm.

    The local paper has some great photos. Hans and I had just walked out to get lunch when gigantic drops started to fall. We had marble-sized hail. Pretty spectacular overall.

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  5. Now is the Time We Must Do the Happy Dance
    I just checked my email for the first time today, and there was one from my immigration officer. Three months and four days later, I GOT MY TEMPORARY SPOUSE VISA!!!!!!!

    A Breakdown
    Passport Photos: $24
    Certified Marriage Certificate: $25
    FBI Background Check: $34.50
    Medical Exams: $592
    Application Fee: $1990
    Being able to come and go from the country, get a paying job, getting medicare benefits, and most of all getting to stay with the man I love: Priceless

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  6. It’s a Love/Hate Thing
    The restroom at Hans’s office has a giant print of David Hockney’s Pearblossom Highway, and I hate it with a burning passion. I think it goes back to litter being one of my major pet-peeves. There are also some underlying personal issues, but mostly I just hate being forced to stare at that when I’m there taking a potty break.

    But then I saw this tutorial for panographies at photojojo, and I fell in love. It’s along the same lines as Hockney’s work, but it uses photos at 50% opacity, and it makes for really lovely collages. Inspired, I made a couple of my own.


    veranda panography

    One was out the back door this morning, and the other was the sunset last night from the veranda. (The larger versions are more exciting.)

    Through the Grapevine
    We went to the markets this weekend, and instead of fresh flowers for my table, this week we bought a grapevine. I have always wanted one. There’s something so romantic about it. Hans was a bit skeptical at first, but I argued that it is biblical. 🙂

    He is so cute. I have named him Luc, since we just watched French Kiss recently.

    We haven’t planted him yet. I am hoping to do that this afternoon when my father-in-law gets home. He seems to have a good idea of where to plant it where it will survive.

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  7. Theme for the Afternoon
    “Everytime you open your mouth, I hate you a little bit more.”

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  8. A Day at the Races
    The horse race that everyone seems to care about happened again this week. I was only slightly more interested this year than last, but that’s because I seem to be a gambler at heart.

    I got in on a little pool. $2 a horse. I drew Dizelle, Pop Rock, and Delta Blues. (I feel a little Marc Cohn coming on.) But yeah, it was a photo finish, with Delta Blues just beating out Pop Rock. And I walked away with $36. Woot!

    I determined this week that… I don’t want to be a writer anymore. I know that NaNoWriMo is a challenge to do something that lots of people dream about doing, but I don’t think I do anymore. At this point in my life, I’d rather be doing DrawMo!… or maybe I’ll do NaArMaMo next August. My passion is for a different art at the moment, though words may woo me back someday. For now, I think I’ll sit on the NaNo sidelines and cheer on Barry and Tommy.

    Lost in Translation
    muso (muze-oh)
    n. musician
    “Allison, Brandy and I are married to musos.”

    Bad Sleep
    At some point in the middle of the night, one of the smoke detectors let us know that its battery was low… and continued to tell us about every half an hour with a loud BEEP! I need a ladder to reach it, so I didn’t bother trying to get up to take the battery out, but I think I woke up every single time it went off. And then when I was sleeping, I had a dream about my brother’s accident. Gosh if that wasn’t one of the suckiest nights ever!

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  9. They Say It’s Your Birthday
    So happy birthday to ya. I know I’ve already mentioned it, but I hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration, dearie! 27 isn’t bad, it’s 28 when you start feeling 30 staring you in the face!

    God Bless America(n Prices)
    Today I bought a single string of white Christmas lights… 100 bulbs… for $6.99. SIX NINETY-NINE! Aren’t they like $1.50 at Walmart, or am I making that up?

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  10. Little Miss Sunshine
    Last night after a somewhat disappointing afternoon, Hans took me out on a little date to our favourite Japanese restaurant. We had a walk along the river and browsed the South Bank Markets. We bought $17 worth of Jelly Belly’s from the Great Aussie Sweet Shoppe. And then we went to see Little Miss Sunshine.

    I haven’t laughed and cried so much at a film in a long time. At one point I laughed until I cried and nearly fell out of my seat… only because I’ve driven faulty vehicles in the past.

    I loved it and would recommend it highly if you haven’t seen it already. But I don’t want to overhype it. If you don’t love it, then blame your own cold heart and not me. 🙂

    Oh, I almost forgot, but he also bought me the cutest mug in the whole world. Since I carried orange gerberas at my wedding, they’re a little special to me. So this mug is bright orange with three orange gerberas in various stages of bloom, and then it says “I wake up for you”. So cute.

    Service for Google to Purchase Sometime in the Future
    Zamzar: Free online file conversion (via The Copydesk)

    NaNo Progress, or Lack Thereof
    I didn’t write at all yesterday. Hans just left to go to a surprise birthday party for his old bassist who I never knew, so I get to stay home and do my thing if I can crack down and do it. I’m so unmotivated. I’d rather be vacuuming!

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  11. NaNoWhat?
    I’m going to give NaNoWriMo another go. This will be my fourth year starting, and I’ll keep you posted on the progress until I drop out. (Yeah, I have little faith in my finishing, but sometimes it’s the starting that’s the big accomplishment.)

    Actually, November really snuck up on me with Halloween being essentially nonexistant here. I would have forgotten about the holiday completely if someone else hadn’t reminded me. Needless to say, we didn’t have any trick-or-treaters, and this was the first year in the history of my owning the CD that I didn’t play the Edward Scissorhands soundtrack on repeat for the whole day. Sad.

    Linky Links
    I found a whole heap of great links yesterday through other people’s sites, but I’m too lazy to go back and find them.

    Well all except this one which has alternate uses for ordinary things found at Rachel’s. This one would have been particularly handy for me on the train this morning. (I’m sleepy!)

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