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  1. We seriously haven’t done anything this past week except play with our DSs. I’m completely addicted to Animal Crossing: Wild World. And Mario Kart online. Dang. I practically majored in Mario Kart when I was in college, but I’ve lost a little bit of my touch. That’s why I’ve been practicing for 13 hours a day this week. 🙂

    Tomorrow we’re having a little post-wedding reception thingie, and we’ll find out once and for all whether I still fit in my dress.


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  2. I forgot to mention that we have continued our B-list (C-list? D?) Celebrity Sightings with Carrie Underwood at the Nashville airport. The only reason I recognized her is because I saw that Faith Hill CMA fiasco video.

    Then on the Orlando to Chicago flight, we were a few rows in front of Willie Aames. He actually sat down in front of us while we were waiting to board, and it didn’t really connect who he was until later. Side note, I think I stood a head taller than him. Weird. The camera is so deceptive.

    Christmas in January
    For whatever reason, Hans bought us matching Nintendo DSs today. Well, his is black, and mine is white. Now we’re going to play games the whole way back to Brisbane. We’re so entirely geeky.

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  3. Jesse took some neat pictures of us in Nashville.

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  4. Castillo de San Marcos

    My, how I love St. Augustine. We drank from the Fountain of Youth, sipped from the offerings of San Sebastian, and walked around the Castillo de San Marcos. That was our exciting conclusion to the Week of Fun, Joy and Walking.

    Now we’re back in Iowa where it snowed 5.5 inches and struggled to get up to -1 degree this afternoon. Brrr.

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  5. Floridian Adventures
    We had a great time at EPCOT on Wednesday, and an even better time at Universal yesterday.

    With the Sheriff of Nottingham.

    In the Nemo shark.

    We had lunch in Japan.

    And made calls from the UK.

    Took a lot of squirrel pictures for Hans’s sake. No squirrels in Australia, you know.

    In Jurassic Park.

    My best score on the Men in Black ride.

    We ended the day at Margaritaville… wooo!

    Tonight we’re going back to the Pirate’s Adventure, because Manda got called in at last minute. She’s playing a pirate hussy this time though so it will be interesting. 🙂

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  6. The Most Wonderful Place on Earth
    We’re in Florida. Got in yesterday and suffered greatly from jetlag for whatever reason. (Well, the reason may have been the wine and late night visit with my friends in Nashville the night before, but still.)

    We got to see Manda as the Princess last night at the Pirates dinner theatre. I assisted the purple pirate as flag waver and cannonball thrower. It was pretty fun, I must admit.

    Tonight we watched Jack coach a basketball game in Daytona Beach and went to Outback Steakhouse afterwards. It was a hoot to me now after having lived there.

    Tomorrow we go to Disney and then on to Universal the next day. Wheeeeee!

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  7. We’re in Nashville — woo! I don’t know if there will be any time for sight-seeing touristy stuff between catching up with people, but it feels so great to be “home”!

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