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  1. Busy Being Silly
    Sometimes it’s good to just go completely over the top… that’s what I think anyway. So three months ago, when I started looking at the footage of our little holiday, I thought it could be edited down into something watchable. Over the months, it has gotten a little… out of hand. And now it is 30 minutes of pure cinematic greatness including interviews, cut-aways, and a musical montage to A-ha’s “Take on Me”. And then there is also the bloopers and cut scenes and the slideshow.

    Yesterday Hans color-graded the whole thing and did an animated intro and animated supers. It’s heading into ridiculous territory considering it’s a home movie. But we’re production company people, and this is now apparently what we do.

    So umm… tonight we’re having the premiere, since Dan & Lisa haven’t seen it at all yet. We’ve got a make-shift red carpet. We’ve got a bottle from our champagne stockpile. (For some reason people seem to give us champagne, and we don’t really care for it… so it just gets added to the stash.) Hopefully it will be met with 5-star reviews.


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  2. Redhead Demise
    Redheads set for extinction. Makes me feel just a little bad about being so grateful for my black-haired husband. Gotta love those dominant genes.

    The other night I was home alone and happened to switch to a channel halfway into the documentary called Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple. I really had no idea. Being only one and a half when it happened, I probably heard references to the Jonestown Massacre when the Hale-Bopp thing happened. But I truly had no idea. If you have any way of seeing the doco, I’d highly recommend it. I watched horrified and even cried at the end when they showed actual photographs of bodies… hundreds of bodies lying face-down on the ground after having consumed the cyanide.

    But in much brighter documentary news, be sure to see the trailer for the Sigur Rós doco titled “Heima”.

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  3. And Just Like That, Things Change
    ♥ Forget that drought I mentioned. It’s been raining nearly non-stop for the past three days. It’s the perfect excuse to get some cute wellies. (Why, oh why can’t we have real Target??)

    ♥ I had scallops for the first time last weekend. Maybe I don’t hate all shellfish after all. Or maybe I just love things smothered in lemon grass. It remains to be seen.

    Site to Peruse Later
    Mainstream Isn’t So Bad… Is It?. Mostly you should go there for this post and listen to the songs. “Bathe in the River” was playing almost every morning while we were eating breakfast at the hotel on our honeymoon in New Zealand, so it has a special meaning for me. But it’s an amazing song aside from that.

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  4. The Name-It Burger
    McDonald’s here has released a burger without a McName that is temporarily called the The Name-It Burger. It has “homestyle beef, tatsoi salad mix, tomato, tasty cheese, grilled onions, and steak & onion sauce”.

    And while it was different and somewhat interesting, we decided we are going to call it the Aftermath Burger. Yeah. I wish I had just gotten the new warm cookie sundae instead.

    Wheels of DEATH, I Tell You
    I don’t feel like I need to justify my adamant refusal to get on ferris wheels. Seems like the tamest ride at the carnival, right? But even thinking about being on one makes me woosey. And then I find articles like this one: Family in death plunge from ferris wheel. Turns out I’m the smart one.

    Our State Fair is a Great State Fair
    We have today off because of the Ekka. I believe “ekka” is Australian for “exhibition”, and it’s basically the equivalent to the state fair. It’s where you go to see the animals, go on rides, have sugary treats, and catch the killer flu that’s going around. In fact, health officials told people to stay away this year, and they are handing out antiseptic wipes and face masks at the gates.

    We went last year, and that is good enough for me. Besides, we’ve got a show to go to tonight.

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  5. Go Blue Tongues!
    I have figured out where to find North Americans on the weekends. Much to the surprise of pretty much everyone I know, Brisbane has an ice hockey team called the Brisbane Blue Tongues. (I had to specify “ice hockey”, because the average Australian mind defaults to field hockey if one just says “hockey”. Pttht… I KNOW.)

    At just $8 a ticket, this was the cheapest event I have dragged people to. I was quite impressed with our group of seven including family and extended family. All ice hockey virgins.

    Now, I wasn’t expecting it to be quite up to Predators standards, but it really did feel a little amateur. Even the college rink in my hometown has glass instead of a giant net surrounding the entire rink.

    But we made the best of it. I did my best to convey my less-than-expert knowledge on to the rest. Dan & Lis brought along these Kabluey lollies that turn your whole mouth blue. So we got to show off our blue tongues to the Sydney team who were sitting just in front of us.

    Even so, they lost. But I had a good time, at least. We were sitting next to a bunch of Canadians, and I heard at least two families with American accents in the lobby. It just felt very normal in a weird way.

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  6. A Hooker Worth Every Penny
    Yesterday I spent some of my cash stash on a Handbag Hooker. They are these little hooks that you keep in your purse which enable you to hang it from the edge of a table when you are out to eat. I don’t know about you, but I hate to think about sticking my bag on the floor by my feet (where dropped food and who-knows-what linger). And if that’s not an option, then I end up with a lump as I put my napkin over my purse on my lap. These cute little gems fix that problem. Mine is silver with the white crystal.

    I haven’t really used it yet, but I’m looking forward to my first out-of-the-house dining experience so that I can! Thanks, Olive Home!

    And I Still Love Hate Technology
    I spent all of yesterday afternoon and two-thirds of today at work trying to figure out all the error messages that were coming up on my computer before someone bothered to tell me that my tower got knocked over on Tuesday when I wasn’t there. Gee. Maybe that’s the problem. So I aborted my spyware scan and went to a diagnostic test. Yeah, my hard disk is pooped. Great. Love it.

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  7. Tidbits

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  8. Cork’d
    Today I joined a place called Cork’d. It’s a place where you can review wines you’ve tasted… even keep track of the ones you have on hand. I keep my labels in a book, but this is a nice little place to keep notes and see what others think. This is me. (Plus the site is really pretty.)

    I’m home alone today. The boys have gone to play the bro-in-law’s new Wii.

    All the cool kids went to see Gotye last night. Sadly, we’re not cool. I hope it was awesome.

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  9. A Series of Unfortunate Events
    1. Due to circumstances somewhat beyond my control, I have deleted all but a very few MSN contacts. Oops. Come back!

    2. I bent my fingernail almost completely backwards yesterday resulting in much ouchiness. I used duct tape to try get it to reattach. No word yet on whether it is working, because I’m afraid the peeling of the tape will also cause another repeeling of the skin.

    3. You grow up in a small town, and suddenly after you’ve left they make the USA Today. I could have written about this yesterday, because my sister was giving me up-to-the-minute reports on the latest happenings. My brother was evacuated. My dad was at the scene. So much excitement.

    Today I’ve been going to all the news outlets I can find. It’s weird to see my old neighbor (now fire chief) on television. One of my favourite teachers was on there too.

    I particularly liked this article, and more specifically, this quote:

    Four and a half hours after the blast, the firefighters put the flames down. Another two hours, and they stopped the rail tanker’s leak. The firefighters – SiouxlCenter residents with regular jobs who volunteer to protect their community.

    “It’s very courageous when you have volunteer firefighters willing to go down and do these sort of of things,” Schipper said.


    Geekery at its Finest
    I got a mobile yesterday. I am finding it hard to believe, but at the same time, I think it will give me a little more peace of mind when out and about on my own.

    The one I got, after tons of review reading, is the HTC Touch. So far it is great. Yes, I know it’s like the iPhone. But as I’m telling the Mac snobs at work, I’m just going to go ahead and enjoy this phone until your little iPhone gets released here in 2009.

    I haven’t really had a chance to mess with it much. And I certainly don’t have many people to call. And I have no idea what my number is.

    But I can say that all the reviews that complain about needing to use the stylus for typing and stuff must come from idiots who have never used a pda phone before. If you wanted a dang number pad, go back to your stupid teenie-bopper Razr and leave the pda’s for the adults.

    It runs Windows Mobile 6.0… and my, it’s PRETTY.

    More Geekiness
    It’s my brother-in-law’s birthday, and tonight we’re going to High Octane. I’m really nervous in case we’re racing against some really hard-core people. But I figure someone has to lose, may as well be me. (I just don’t want to crash into people and have them get all mad.) Eeep. But I’m totally excited.

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