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  1. Updates

    We’re still playing our little game, and that’s quite addictive. I did stop briefly to talk to my Tash and to go to Hubby’s show the other night. (We are way too old for these headlining gigs and have been suffering from the sleep deprivation ever since.)

    This weekend? Sleep. And LOTRO. And maybe laundry. Also planning our upcoming daytrip to Boonah.

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  2. Cheap Things I Miss Most
    I’ve had a couple dear hearts ask me lately if I need/want/miss anything in particular from America. So in no specific order, here are a few things off the top of my head that I can’t seem to get here.

    Conair Curved Bobby Pins: Brown – I picked up a container of these once upon a time. I usually keep a couple in my pocket or purse in case of hair emergencies. However, my stock has been depleted due as bobby pin collections do. Have they been vacuumed? Bent? Lost? Destroyed by the bobby pin monster? I don’t know. But I miss them.

    Covergirl Wetslicks in Sugar Maple – They may have this here, but I have never seen it. And I can’t imagine the price I’d have to pay if they do have it. I’m rationing the two tubes I bought earlier this year. How did I ever think that was going to be enough?

    Neosporin + Pain Relief – I know they have antibiotic gel things here, but none quite make owwies feel better like a squirt of Neosporin before the band-aid.

    Red Hots – Cinnamon flavoured candies are starting to make their way into stores here, but not these little guys. I really just need a handful to make homemade apple grandes… since you can’t get Taco Johns here, obviously.

    Hmm… that’s all I can think of at this moment… but perhaps more will come to me later.

    We’re still playing our little game and that’s quite addictive. I did stop briefly to talk to my Tash and to go to Hans’s show the other night. (We are way too old for these headlining gigs and have been suffering from the sleep deprivation ever since.)

    This weekend? Sleep. And LOTRO. And maybe laundry. Also planning our upcoming daytrip to Boonah.

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  3. This is Going to be a Problem

    Oh dear. LOTRO is probably going to take over my life. It’s brilliant. And it doesn’t make me carsick. Complete addiction is around the corner.

    ** For more geekery, check out the Hadhafang: The Sword Of Arwen Replica at Amazon.

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  4. Waiting for a Star to Fall

    Ohmygoodness… loved loved LOVED Stardust. What a clever movie. I don’t want to say any more about it, but that it’s a lovely realistic fairy tale, if that’s possible.

    I swear the king called one of the brothers Optimus Primus… is that true? Ugh, I can’t wait to see it again.

    And now that I have the song in your head, watch the Boy Meets Girl Video of Joy:

    ** Check out the Stardust [Blu-ray] at Amazon.

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  5. Weekend Update
    Miss Saigon was spectacular. I’ve had a bit of a theatre void in my life in recent years, so it more than made up for the gap. I think my only disappointment was the helicopter (which was the only scene I remember anyone telling me about) ended up being digital instead of being a massive set piece. So yeah, I knew it wasn’t a happy tale, but dang… wasn’t quite expecting the end.

    The rest of the weekend has gone by in a bit of a blur. A bit of cleaning. A bit of grocery shopping. A bit of laundry. New neighbours have moved in across the street today; I’m anxious about whether to introduce us or just cohabitate on the street until they make a move.

    Last night we had the first thunderstorm to speak of for the season. I love thunderstorms… and even more so because here you don’t have to worry about an accompanying tornado.

    * We are going to a preview of Stardust tomorrow night which opens on Thursday here.

    Linky Links
    Pixel remix: the Ann-alog: I don’t know where I came across this, but I need to put it here to check more later.
    Practical Polly: love this girl’s creativity. (found via Web-goddess when she linked to the amazingly awesome Wonder Woman Sweater)

    Gamer Widow
    My husband has downloaded a one-week trial of the Lord of the Rings Online game. Yeah, I don’t expect to see him much until next Sunday. (Though we have made a female elf profile for “Kathedral” should I feel compelled to give it a whirl.) 🙂

    I don’t know. Kiwi rappers. Who knew? Saw this video this morning and can’t get it out of my head.

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  6. Viva Italia!
    Last night we had Italian night. I don’t know what drives me to do it, but sometimes I feel compelled to go completely overboard. For example, when making chalupas, I pull out the cactus…es… (cacti?) and put candles in sand and call the place EL GATO’S complete with little menus with a blue cat on them.

    Right, so for Italian night, it was a bit disappointing to learn that “cat” is also “gato”… but it is “il gato’s” instead. Fine.

    After getting some inspiration from eHow’s How to Host an Italian Night, we picked up some decorations from the cheap shop. A little ivy and grapes…


    A $5 work of art and flowers from the market…

    I also got a plastic red-checkered table cloth and an oil jar from the cheap shop. I got to use my little canapé plates for the first time. We had mini dishes with Italian seasoning, salt & cracked pepper at each setting and added olive oil just before the bread came out.

    I managed to hunt down a chianti in the wicker-bottomed bottle on Friday to my delight. I really just wanted it for the look, never having tasted it before. It was a nice compliment to the food.

    After the olive bread and olives/sundried tomatoes/artichokes, we whipped up the main dish — my mom’s simple yet spectacular fettuccine alfredo dusted with nutmeg and steamed asparagus. (Yes, that’s butter. And no, it’s not exactly a low-fat meal… but delish!)


    We finished off with tiramisu cupcakes from the markets and a lovely Italian moscato d’asti recommended by the friendly man at the bottle shop. (Speaking of whom, I believe he even gave us the chianti for free after looking at our receipt later.)
    tiramisu cupcakes

    So it was a really fun night. There was lots of laughter and good conversation. We were serenaded by Josh Groban and Pavarotti and good ol’ Dean Martin. Good times.

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  7. Linky Links
    I have spent the bulk of the afternoon looking at all the crafts a Tacky Living. Now I have to get to a craft supply store so I can make Ugly Flower Pens, a Gingerbread Outhouse and a Travel Trailer Toy.

    Maybe someday I’ll talk about why I spent a third of my car budget on shoes last night… but until then, have a great weekend!

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  8. Hail to the Chief
    Last night they interrupted regular programming to cut to live footage of President Bush landing in Sydney. Believe it or not, Hans and I almost got into a heated discussion about it.

    My issues: The press here take every opportunity to take potshots at him, and yet this warrants going to live coverage? And the reporter kept rattling off little tidbits that sounded, to me, like he was pointing out the excessiveness and possible needlessness of the advance preparations that were made. Going so far as to point out that Bush travels with a chef. (So what? Love him or hate him, I like to think that having an entourage is sort of one of the vocational perks of being the freaking president.)

    Hans’s claims: Australians, in general, love to hate people, and yet they are easily impressed with the celebrity of a person at the same time. And he’s still the leader of the most powerful country (his words, not mine), so it is kind of a big deal.

    I think my point is that world leaders travel to and from the U.S. with hardly a bat of an eye. His point is that this is the reason why people think Americans are arrogant. And it went on like this until we called truce.

    (Though when the news came on later and they showed footage of the Chinese president landing in Canberra, I couldn’t suppress a “why didn’t he get live coverage?”.)

    The Heat is on in Saigon
    I didn’t mention that my wonderful husband bought tickets for Miss Saigon in Brisbane. I have never seen it and am really looking forward to seeing it next week. They won’t have Australian accents, will they?

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  9. Extremely Important Information
    Project Runway: Australia is currently in development! Hooray! Twice the PR to get us through the year. And hello, Megan is the obvious choice.

    Less Important Information
    I went into something of a homesickness-inspired downward spiral the last couple weeks which peaked pretty much last Thursday night. Gosh, I get teary thinking about it. But yeah. A lot is going on back home. It’s my niece’s birthday today. I feel like hanging out with my mom. I need a free haircut from my sister. I want to go shopping and don’t know where to find anything here. If I know you in real life and you read this, I’m missing you. I just want to go “home”.

    But things picked up on Friday. We had a much needed time out with friends over dinner and games. (♥ Laydes) We had an impromptu campout in the living room that night, because the neighbors were having a loud party outside our bedroom window. (There were still people outside talking when we got up in the morning.) And we had a low-key night in on Saturday watching Last Holiday. (Yes, it’s a crap chick-flick, but we saw it on the plane to America and have been talking about it again lately.) I had no idea it was a remake.

    There’s probably more to talk about, but I’ll just leave you with this ad that Hans sent me:


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