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  1. Stuff and Things

    ♥ My Adirondack chairs from the porch came on Monday. I put them together on Wednesday. And tomorrow I’m going to spend the entire day sitting on the veranda. LOVE THEM!

    ♥ Hubby had his album mastered last week, and I feel one step closer to that enormous exhale of relief once it’s finally OUT. It sounds great. Someone at the office said, “It sounds like a real album, you know?” Yes. That’s the point. 🙂

    ♥ We’re still battling the flea thing at our house. That Darn CAT! I’m not keen on bombing the whole place with pesticides, but I’m getting close to doing so. I have ordered a product from the UK that is pesticide-free that hopefully will solve my problems — if it ever gets here. It’s called Skoosh. I mean, really. How can it not be awesome?

    ♥ We got a Christmas card on Monday that was posted November 27th from Virginia Beach. I think it swam here.

    ♥ I can’t wait to get home to see if my old Saso cd made it along to this country. I’ve got a hankerin’ for a Big Group Hug.

    ♥ Looks like we might be doing a little get-away on the Easter 4-day weekend. Though it won’t likely involve seeing all the Nashvillians who will be around. (I canNOT believe I’m passing up the chance to see Geoff Moore. Due to becoming friends with his old merchandise manager, I have been to more of his shows than I can count. Oh well.)

    ** Check out the Geoff Moore store at Amazon.

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  2. New Method to My Cleaning Madness

    I almost broke down into tears at the grocery store just moments ago. They have Method at Woolworths! Not the whole line, but it’s a start. I could hardly believe my eyes. They have the eucalyptus bathroom wipes and the cucumber and the grapefruit all-purpose wipes. Hooray!

    A couple of my quotes from the shopping aisle:
    “You used to only be able to get it at Target. MY kind of Target, not your crap Target.”

    “I can’t believe I’m so excited about a cleaning product… that I’m never going to use. But you’re going to love them, babe.” 🙂

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  3. Fritterin’ Away Their Noontime, Suppertime, Choretime, Too

    I received a subscription to Donna Hay for my birthday, and I’m realizing how much I love cooking. I also got the Donna Hay 2008 diary which has two recipes at the beginning of each month featuring fruit or vegetables which are in season at that time.

    I’ve meant to post about January’s recipes, both of which were wonderful — raspberry bircher muesli and blueberry muffins. (I know, I used to claim that I didn’t like raspberries. But being 31-year-old, I thought it was time to try them again. Turns out I might just not like raspberry flavoured things.) But anyway I’m just posting now to say that tonight we’re having the corn fritters. I’ve never even made a fritter in my life before, so it will be exciting.

    **Get your own cookbooks by Donna Hay at Amazon.

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  4. Go, Canada!

    In my hometown high school, there was always a bit of a traditional ribbing of Canadians due to the large influx of them every school year. Who knows why my rural Iowa hometown has the college of choice for them? They DO have a hockey team, but until recently they had to practice nearly an hour away for lack of a local indoor rink. While I took classes there with some very lovely Canadians, I’ve never considered myself to be much of a Canada fan.

    Until today, that is, when I found out that several of their cities have a Green Bin Program for organic waste. Everything from food to soiled food papers to plants to kitty litter. Brilliant! Then they turn it into biogas and free compost.

    I had wanted to compost for years but never had until I moved here. Now I don’t understand why more people don’t. Between our recycling bin and the compost, we barely throw anything out. It’s so wonderful, and I love them for making it so easy.

    ** Compost indoors with bokashi bins from Amazon.

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  5. It’s My Turn

    Since I lived the greater portion of my life without a valentine, dang-it, I am milking it for all it’s worth now! I am so excited about the little gift I ordered for Hubby today. I know the 14th is tomorrow, but we’re celebrating in March. He got tickets for Phantom the last week of March, so hopefully his gift will be here by then.

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  6. My New Greenery

    My new plant from my thoughtful husband.

    Last Tuesday I had a really bad day. It was my day off. I had a phone-date with my parents planned. It was going to be lovely.

    Instead, I woke up to find fleas. ON MY BED. Fleas. I love my cat, but I wanted to kill him. Perhaps there was a lack of prevention on my part, but I know he’s been cavorting around with the neighborhood cat-hos lately too.

    So I was going to wash all the bedding, including the gigantic king-sized bedspread that barely fits in our washer. I went downstairs thinking it was about time to move the bedspread to the dryer only to find it soaking in a washer filled with water. Hmm, washer is broken. Won’t even spin my blanket dry.

    Call the repair place who fixed our gas tanks. Lady treats me like a stupid person just because none of the words I can find on the entire machine match any of the apparently well-known brands of washing machines in this country. Sometimes I just hate people here.

    It all ends well. I was able to drag my water-logged bedding over to the in-laws and used their machine to finish the cleansing. Repair people, from a different company out of pure principle, are coming on Monday.

    And then I called my folks. Dad said that he just fixed my mom’s washer — he bought her a new one. I told him he needed to teach my husband how to fix washing machines!

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  7. Stuff and stuff

    I am so glad to hear I am not the only misunderstood American when it comes to the Bob/Barb issue! I don’t like the idea of having a drawl; makes me feel like I should be a gunslinger.

    We have a show tonight at the Zoo. Don’t be square.

    I joined Twitter – see sidebar. I am a lemming.

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  8. Links So I Can Finally Close Firefox without Losing Them All

    Dining Down Under: Australian Recipes
    Craftzine: Bird Quilt – should I ever find the time and patience to take up quilting
    State Bird Patterns of Martha Stewart
    Dacia Ray maker of above quilt and crafter of greatness
    Mizuhiki Heart Knot at Craftzine – for Valentines?
    Zakka Life – maker of hearts and other things
    Decor8 – right up there with Design*Sponge in terms of home lust
    Visualizing the Bible via
    notmartha – I always stumble across notmartha and then forget and then restumble and forget
    Tiny Choices – It’s true. Their posts about water bottles are just feeding my own paranoia.
    Brownie Points Blog – food blog with beautiful photos and great ideas
    Miss Ginsu – more food blogging and other stuff including a homemade bitters recipe. I’m so making that.
    Broccoli Beef Recipe – I used the ingredient search on the other night to find something different to make with the items I had on hand, and it turned out to be really tasty.
    Invent Your Own Casserole – the basic steps to making a casserole
    What on Earth – a catelog I used to get

    These were probably all found via the site one or two above it, so sorry for not giving props if you were the one who led me there.

    ** Get issues of Craft Magazine at Amazon.

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  9. Lost in Translation: Bob

    This afternoon I ran upstairs to the office above us to drop off something for Bob. How difficult can that be to understand, right? But the guy who met me at reception had this look of “there’s no one by that name here”. The guy owns the place; I know he works there. So I said again that it was for Bob… Bob [last name]. That’s when he realized who I meant. He said that my American drawl had him confused.

    Hans happened to be with me. When we got outside, I asked how I could have possibly been misheard. He said that the guy thought I was saying “Barb” and then proceeded to demonstrate the proper Australian way of saying “Bob” which I cannot replicate in written form. We had a really good laugh.

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  10. Touched by a Child

    I’ve been feeling a bit tenderhearted lately for various reasons, but this is one of those things that has moved me.

    Sunday we watched an episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition featuring the Byers family of Oregon which apparently aired opposite the Super Bowl (Cheese Fest ’08!) as well. Their little girl Jenessa had fought cancer before, but it had returned. She was such a charming articulate 8-year-old girl, and when they said that the cancer was now in her bones, I was overcome with sadness. I think because whenever I have lost someone to cancer, the bones was always the indicator that the end was near. That show is always tear-jerking, but I sobbed more than once.

    They had mentioned that the little girl made videos and posted them to her website to help other kids with cancer. After the program was over, I naturally went to find it only to learn that she had passed away just this past December 28.

    That family may never know the impact that they have had on people, not just me, but others too. Seeing the love spilled out and their great faith has inspired this household to shine a little brighter.

    What’s more, her nickname was “Boey”, just like the song I wrote about below that has been stuck in my head. So perfectly orchestrated as a reminder.

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