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  1. And We’re Done

    I have to say that the launch was so much fun and so unbelievable. People came! You know how you plan something big, and then you start to wonder if anybody will even show up? Well, over 250 people did. It was so wonderful.

    I didn’t even take my camera along. Knowing I would be running around the whole day, I didn’t want to have to worry about lugging it with me. (That, and it’s not on our insurance yet… oops.) Plus I knew there would be way-more-competent photographers there. *ahem*McGaws*ahem* So I haven’t seen any shots yet, but he looked pretty hot if I do say so myself. (Although, I think the girl who was bummed to find out that he was married would agree.)

    And then it worked out that a friend was able to come and shoot the set on a Red, which should make for some really great footage. I can’t wait to see that either.

    So we’re just floating in a haze of post-show afterglow. It’s nice.

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  2. The Tax Man Cometh

    Probably the worst part about being in Australia, besides the obvious lack of Dr. Pepper, is their financial year ending June 30. And because I’m never good about doing these things in a timely manner, it seems like I am under the constant weight of having to hurry and get my taxes done for one country or the other.

    So this year, I’m making a vow that I am going to stay on top of this so that when it comes time for somebody to know what I’ve earned, I can just fill out the form and be done with it instead of having to dig through files and folders and making phonecalls. It will all be right there.

    I spent the afternoon modifying the PearBudget Spreadsheet to suit my needs of tracking deductibles and things like that. While I would really love for us to be a by-the-letter budget-keeping family, we’re not quite to THAT point. But baby steps, right?

    ** For financial peace, check out the Dave Ramsey store at Amazon.

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  3. We Are All Made of Stars

    Allow me to brag for just one moment. My hunky man has a little article right here. (Also, he got a really good haircut last week, and it’s like he’s my hot new boyfriend or something. *rawr* Is that weird?)

    And also in the Proud Wives Club this week is Brandy, and rightfully so. Waltz for Venus had one of their songs featured on MTV’s Real World. Check it here. (And with the number of RW marathons they have, that will be a sweet little royalty check, I would presume.)

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  4. We’re Cute!

    A couple weeks ago, we met a friend of a friend. It just so happens that we ride the same bus as her. The first thing she said was, “Oh, you’re that cute couple who rides my bus.”

    Yesterday at the markets, the Yugoslavian woman who sells eggs could not stop gushing about how happy we look and how nice we look together. We practically had to give her our life stories with all her questions about how long we’ve known each other and how long we’ve been married. It was really sweet.

    I’ve always hoped that we would be a cute OLD couple. You know, the little oldies who still hold hands and are just so cute you want to squeeze ’em? So I’m happy.

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  5. In List Form

    • The CD Launch is in 8 days. The CDs arrived today. I’m pooped and can’t wait for it to be over. Next time we hire event-planner extraordinaire Miss Tash.
    • We are in the middle of changing banks. Very un-fun.
    • Our chickens are getting so much bigger. So are their poops. But they are irresistible, and I sat on the kitchen floor until after midnight last night holding them as they tried to eat my freckles.
    • I’m still in love with putting my recipes on The pea soup looks terrible due to bad light.
    • One of these days I’m going to finish the post I started about our recent truffle experiences. (The gourmet deli by our work is now ordering fresh truffles from a farm in Perth — delish!)
    • We know the guy who is the voice of Big Brother during the nightly shows, and that’s my excuse for watching. I’m so lame.

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  6. Spaced Out

    Last Monday we were both home sick. I happened to discover the news article about Phoenix landing on Mars. I don’t know why I care about that stuff, because I tend to think that money could be better spent trying to save life on THIS planet instead of trying to find life on others. But yeah, there is still a sense of mystery and adventure that consumes me. Witness:

    I only have this picture because the person who is supposed to love me most in the world thought I looked hilarious and wanted to show me. That’s our marriage in a nutshell.

    And yes, I’m wearing a scarf and sweater. And yes, that is my stocking cap on the couch next to me. What can I say? It’s cold in our house in the morning.

    ** Check out Phoenix Mars Mission: Onto the Ice at Amazon.

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  7. A Late Celebration

    Our second anniversary was on Tuesday. Hubby was sick. I was a little bit too. We even debated not going in to work but did anyway. We did go to the French restaurant near our work, but honestly, the best part was the dessert. I wouldn’t go back for any of the mains.

    So we had intended to truly celebrate on the weekend. We have a little wine box where we kept the wine that we got from the hotel on our wedding night. We saved it for our first anniversary since we didn’t have the traditional top tier of freezer-burned wedding cake to eat. Then we replaced it with a new bottle to have on our second anniversary, and so, I’m sure, the tradition will continue.

    I thought we needed a bit of a fancy meal to go with it, and I saw this recipe for Truffle and Cognac Macaroni and Cheese on Serious Eats this week. I knew we would have to try it.

    First off, I may be Dutch by decent and therefore cheap in general, but I am not one to skimp on my ingredients. (I keep hearing about the joys of bargain shopping at Aldi’s, but I really just want the food I’m familiar with and like.) But anyway, this was probably the most expensive meal I’ve ever made based on the price of the ingredients from the truffles to the cheeses to the cognac.  It ended up tasting incredible… but it was soooo rich. Definitely not your every-day mac’n’cheese!

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