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  1. Providence of Playlists

    I’m sitting here adequately stressed out while putting together the finishing touches on my gigantic package of photocopies and documents to submit with my Stage Two Partner Visa application. I’ve had the MP3s on shuffle and couldn’t ask for a better soundtrack of mellow and moving tunes to keep me going.

    ♥ “Wonderful” – Adam Ant
    ♥ “I’ll Fly Away” – Gillian Welch & Allison Krauss
    ♥ “Mojo Pin” – Jeff Buckley
    ♥ “Fast Car” – Tracy Chapman
    ♥ “Crazy” – Seal

    And then “Just a Friend” by Biz Markie came up and ripped me out of my happy bubble. Hmm, where’d that come from?

    (Also my intense love for Adam Ant has been rekindled, and right now I’m kicking myself for bringing my Manners & Physique album to work.)

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  2. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

    I decided that I needed a freshen-up before our holidays. I finally found a Redken salon, and it was close to work. So I went in yesterday armed with a photo of Heidi on last week’s Project Runway. Finally got my old Shades EQ color done and chopped a lot off. Can’t say I look like Heidi Klum, but I’ve got bangs again for the first time in over a decade.

    ** Check out the Project Runway store at Amazon.

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  3. Working Best Under Pressure

    I am finding myself wishing that my parents would stop by a little more often, because dang, it’s motivational. We’re achieving things these days that I haven’t managed to do in the last two and a bit years that we’ve lived in this house… specifically unpacking a box of my stuff that I haven’t opened since we moved. Found $400 in travellers’ cheques, too. I mean, awesome, right?

    So as a bit of a pat on my own little back (and that of my dear husband), here’s a bit that we accomplished today:

    • Wiped down the adirondack chairs on the veranda so we could eat breakfast outside.
    • Dusted the ceiling fan blades in the bedroom.
    • Changed lightbulbs in places we’ve been stumbling blindly through for quite some time.
    • Massive dust and purge in the bathroom. (Thanks, sweetie!)
    • Bought a new washing machine, since our other one completely died after the Great Power Outage of 2008.
    • Bought and changed fuse on our stereo, which also was a result of the aforementioned power issues.
    • Had lunch at a cute little place called Fig Jam. It was an Entertainment Book find, and it was quite lovely. The chips are scrumptious.
    • Went to Bunnings. It’s like the Home Depot of the southern hemisphere. It was familiar and great. Bought pavers, because we’re crafty like that.
    • Purchase and built a shelf unit thingie for the corner where the unpacked box used to be.

    Overall, I’m feeling pretty good. Just 12 days to make the rest of the house immaculate.

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  4. Moist Slices

    The phrase “yummy mummy” repulses me to the core.

    ** Check out the cute board book Yummy Yucky by Leslie Patricelli at Amazon.

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  5. For Future Perusal

    For the next available free moment between now and October.

    Earthlust: stainless steel water bottles

    Kir De Vries: online store with Earthlust products… and also Shinzi Katoh bento boxes?! links to pretty things

    Write On and More: even more links to pretty things, including the beautiful Blue Leaves

    Expat Women: misery loves company, I guess?

    Wists: Make your own wishlists… if you want.

    All these are brought to you by a sudden urge to find a new handbag before we go to Perth. (Though, maybe I should just get one there — even I can’t resist their shopping opportunities.) However, as you can see, there are no links to handbags. Oops. Back to work.

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  6. Flower Photos

    A couple of weeks ago, we had a picnic at the Botanic Gardens at Mount Coot-tha. It was such a lovely day. (And then we came home to find out about Dixie, so I wasn’t really excited about posting the photos.) A sampling of the photos are below. You may click for more.

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  7. Gamers and Those Who Love Them

    The other day I came across the webcomic The DM of the Rings. It’s about a bunch of gamers playing a D&D-style; game to the story of Lord of the Rings. After a quick debate about whether to admit how much the geek in me loved this, I feel compelled to say that there are points where I nearly died from laughter. If you or someone you know is into gaming and LOTR, you simply must read this one.

    ** Check out Monopoly – The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition at Amazon.

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  8. Hmm…

    Until this week, I was unaware that “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee” was to the tune of “God Save the Queen”. Is it wrong to suggest there was some sloppy lyric-writing when it results in “Queen” rhyming with itself FOUR times?

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  9. Wondering

    Do I need to notify anyone at the national mint that we’re about to release $800+ in COINS back into circulation?

    We’re finally clearing out our change drawer, and it was, um, well overdue. I am really sad to learn that we can’t pay for anything with it though. (See Question 13.)

    ** Get a Classic Silver Piggy Bank at Amazon.

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  10. Rock Down to Electric Avenue

    While I was tempted to feel rich with all this newly counted wealth we’ve been hording, that was all before the Great Blackout of 2008. Last Saturday night, we were going to bed when I noticed the lamp kind of fading in and out. Finally the power went out in that half of the house altogether, but as we were already in bed, it didn’t really matter.

    We called the power company on Sunday morning. The guy came out and said that there was a faulty switch and that we were lucky it hadn’t caught fire. So he disconnected the power to the whole house.

    Monday, we called a wonderful electrician who came out to change the switch that the power company had disconnected. However, since we were at work, he couldn’t check the switches inside. We got home and the lights worked, but the powerpoints did not. The freezer was thawing.

    Yesterday, he came back out and changed a bunch of stuff and whatever they do. He stayed until almost 7pm to get it working for us. All was good until after he left, and I went to turn on the dishwasher. That’s when we realized that the major appliances would still trip the safety switch.

    So this morning, he came back one more time and found a stray wire from our original bungled wiring that was the issue. So hopefully we’re good to go now. Today we eat meat and lots of it to avoid wasting everything that was in mid-thaw yesterday. *sigh* Not looking forward to the bill.

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  11. Roadtrip!

    In an effort to raise my comfort level behind the wheel, we decided to take a little roadtrip today to a few more miles (kilometers) under my belt. We headed West and ended up in Laidley. I’m too tired to write about our adventures at the moment, but after today, I have a renewed love for Australian scenery.

    Cunningham's Lookout

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  12. Sadness

    The in-laws’ dog killed my chicken Dixie yesterday. I wasn’t a fan of the dog to begin with, but I pretty much hate him now. I’m quite sad.

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