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  1. But I Still Love Technology

    If you love me and/or my husband, download this little game for your fancy-schmancy iPhone. It’s the free version. (Though if you like it, buy the real version.) His friends did the game. He did the music. And in the future, you may, just may, see them release a game based on my idea of a mail-order toy company gone wrong.

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  2. Out and About

    The in-laws have a Dutch backpacker staying with them at the moment. She’s cutting her trip short and is going back to Europe soon. So we told her we’d take her out to somewhere that she still wanted to visit on the weekend. Looks like we’re off to Byron Bay. My first time! Should be lovely if the thunderstorms stay away.

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  3. Since Last Time…

    … my Tash has been here;
    … we got a new tv and Lego: Batman, which consumes us;
    … one or both of us has been sick almost every day;
    … I have barely looked at websites not news or weather related, except Facebook. There’s always time for Facebook, yeah?

    I’m Excited About…
    Coles Online: this is going to change my LIFE! Shopping for groceries FROM MY COUCH, and then they will magically appear at my door at any time I desire??!! I love you, Coles. If only you stocked Method, I would never go anywhere else again.

    … our new chook pen. Frida is completely too big for the cage set-up we had on the veranda, so we bought her the super-deluxe, A-frame chicken tractor. She is spoiled.

    … but she is LAYING EGGS. Did I mention this before? We’ve got eggs coming literally and figuratively out the wazoo. So if you’re in the Brisbane area and want some yummy eggs from a happy chicken, let me know. We can work out some sort of drop off action. EGGS!

    ** Check out the fancy chicken coops at Amazon.

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