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  1. In General

    Things are picking up. We still have no Christmas decorations out to speak of, but I’m feeling a little more interested in the holidays. We braved the mall on Sunday, and I’m feeling very confident in my gifts for He Who Buys All He Wishes For. He may not necessarily know that he wants what I’ve gotten, but I’m meeting his needs in one way or another.

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  2. Artsy-Fartsy

    I’m loving this: Obsessive Consumption: What Did You Buy Today?. She draws what she buys. Simple as that.

    Short of making a resolution for the new year, I really would like to do more drawing in 2009. I seem to remember saying that a couple years ago too. Hmm.

    On that note, for future reference: Doodlers Anonymous.

    ** Get the book Obsessive Consumption: What Did You Buy Today? at Amazon.

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  3. This is Your Birthday Song / It isn’t Very Long

    Hubby is the magic number today. We woke up and opened presents in bed. Then we raced to get ready so we could play Little Big Planet before work. (He has rehearsal tonight. I don’t. Hehe!)

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  4. Methodology

    I just found out about Method Lust over at The Dieline. Even though we have some Method products at the grocery store here, I do have their holiday air fresheners on my Christmas list for my parents.

    ** Stock up on Method goodies at Amazon.

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  5. Mmm… Creamy

    I made these creamy carrots for dinner tonight. I’m officially making every vegetable creamy from now on. YUM!

    Belated Thanksgiving greets to all ya’ll. I’m homesick or something and not coping super great at the moment. The hot weather and the onslaught of Christmas “cheer” isn’t helping.

    Bah humbug.

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