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  1. Open That Bottle Night

    I was just reading about OTBN on Serious Eats. The idea started 10 years ago to make February 28 that “special occasion” for which you’ve been saving that one particular bottle of wine. Not all wines can be saved forever, so tonight’s the night to open that bottle. There’s even going to be a live Twitter tasting.

    I think we have a bottle off sparkling wine that we got for our wedding. Neither of us are super sparkling fans though, so it went into the cupboard. Maybe I should get that one in the fridge!

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  2. February Finale

    Well the album writing challenge is complete. The guys are off mastering it today… which means I get to use the computer that works!

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  3. Camera Bag Tips, Anyone?

    I’m already thinking about packing for America and trying to decide how many of our gadgets need to come with us. I’m obviously bringing my camera, but the thing I don’t love about it is that the bag is big and bulky. It seems ridiculous to pack the whole bag inside my carry-on… but I’m going to need more than a camera bag to carry on with me.

    I need a camera bag that can double as a purse. No. What I really want is a purse that can double as a camera bag. Can anybody help me out?

    Must hold camera body, medium size lens (preferably attached), small external flash, cords for charging & connecting, extra disks and lens cleaner, etc. Must also fit make-up bag, wallet, travel papers, and other purse-like items.

    I’ve been looking at Crumpler, because I’ve wanted one for a while, but the only one that seems like it’s along the line is the Brazillion Dollar Home. But is that too honking big to lug around? I don’t know.

    Other cute bags…
    Acme Bowler Bag… adorable, but no spare room.

    Jill-E… well I don’t super love this one. It’s a bit “nashville soccer mom” to me, but I like the polka-dot inside. But again… where do I put the rest of my stuff?

    ♥ Or maybe I should just make my own, like this person.

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  4. Herbie!

    On a happier note, I am loving this French herb dryer. Le sigh. If I had that, I would definitely use Straight from the Farm’s advice on preserving fresh herbs.

    By the by, Australians say the “h” in “herbs”, and I think I say it now too. But anytime I consciously say the word, I have a hard time remembering which way to say it.

    ** Check out the Chia Gourmet Herb Garden at Amazon.

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  5. I’m Not Down with the Sickness

    Because I am totally awesome and stuff, I got me a computer virus last night. Fun times ensued. And though the virus is now gone, a possible pre-existing condition has flared, and the computer will no longer boot on command. It’s more of a “I’ll start when I’m good and ready, thank you very much, and that may not actually be today” sort of situation.

    So I pretty much want to die, because I have three years of non-backed-up photos and video on there. (I AM aware that this makes me a stupid person. Please don’t leave comments to remind me.)

    There is hope, because the one time it did start again, I was able to burn off one year of photos. So at least I know things are still there and in tact. I just won’t breathe easily until they are all safe and sound on a drive that ISN’T going into self-destruct.

    I was going to get a little Lacie Rugged drive to take to the States, so I can copy over all my cds. Looks like I may get it sooner than later. (Plus it’s orange. How cute!

    ** Check out LaCie backup drives at Amazon.

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  6. The Mystery Mystery

    I have probably mentioned “our” horse before. She lives in the paddock next to us, and we feed her apples and carrots and bread. We call her Mystery even though that’s not her name, and the lady across the street corrects me every time she hears me say it.

    So the other morning I got called outside to see quite a surprise.

    The Mystery Mystery
    Mystery Indeed Not a Mystery


    We’ve named the other ones too. (Suck it, Across-the-Street Lady!) So in the top photo, it goes Sugarplum(p), Gossamer, and Mystery. We’re gonna need more apples.

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  7. Next to the Noise

    We’re officially halfway through the album-writing challenge. I say “we”, because it’s a challenge for me too. A challenge not to go completely crazy.

    That’s not true. There is some stuff I really love coming through the wall, and I’m actually quite looking forward to seeing them work it out live.

    If you’re of the curious sort, you can hear some snippets here. My favourite at the moment is Day 12 Song 8 Version 4 because of its 80s-licious synth line.

    If you really want to experience what I am, you can try cranking that up as loud as you can in one room, and then go into the next room and try do anything that requires any sort of concentration. Fun times.

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  8. Let’s Hear it for the Boys

    Due to that aforementioned lack of concentration, I have been watching a bit more television… at volume levels so low, I am becoming an expert in lip-reading… but more television than I might otherwise, nonetheless.

    This is the reason I watched the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal from beginning to end the other night. I’ve mentioned before that my grandpa was and my dad is on the volunteer fire department. My brother was going to go for it as well before he lost half his hearing in the accident.

    That said, I have such a heart for those out there putting their lives at risk to help try and save others. Not just them, but their families too. The people who give them a kiss as they leave the house, knowing the danger their loved one faces head on.

    When we heard that Coles was donating their profits last Friday, we rearranged our grocery shopping day. We don’t even usually go there, but it was great to stock up on pretty much everything we normally use knowing that the profit was going to the Red Cross. (Granted, my pantry overfloweth now, but we’ll deal.) So anyway, I just read that they made $4,870,889. So great. Press release PDF.

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  9. A Conversation

    Him: Oh look, Flying High is on.
    Me: Uh, no. It’s Airplane!
    Him: What was your sequel called?
    Me: Airplane 2?
    Him: Yeah, ours is called Flying High 2.

    So I look it up. Sure enough, it has two names. Then I proceeding to rock myself and think of my happy place. It’s times like this when the subtle differences between our countries make me think I’m losing my mind.

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  10. Linky Links

    Spoon Sisters: I <3 that “Home is Where Your Mom Is” tea towel. (I think we’re buying plane tickets to go “home” then this week. Yay!)

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  11. Safe and Sound

    We are completely safe here in Brisbane. We can’t see or smell smoke. While we are saddened and shocked like the rest of the world, we’re not really affected by it more than most of you are.

    And just FYI, according to the map below with the comparison of Australia to America, we’re over there in that eastern part of North Carolina. The fires are down in the Gulf of Mexico there. And the massive floods that you may or may not have heard about are up there in Ontario somewhere.

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  12. Arty Links

    St!#ch Out Loud: subversive cross-stitch and crafty stuff… may not be safe for work.

    Artista Blog: I just found this one back. She makes such adorably cute watercolours. Love!

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  13. February Failure

    So that self-imposed, nightly photo sorting challenge went by the wayside on Friday and didn’t happen again yesterday. And today I don’t feel like it anymore. But it was fun while it lasted.

    Friday night, Wolfmother were just walking off the stage when we made it to the venue, so I’ll never know. Judging by the sweaty mess of people leaving, I don’t think I would have wanted to be in there anyway.

    Last night we went to the CD launch of a friend, and it was so amazing. I don’t really like watching music much anymore, but I’d even go back tonight for a second performance if they decided they wanted to do it all over again.

    The other big news of the weekend is my new shoes. You can tell I’ve been here too long when I look at a pair of $35 flip-flops and think, “Hey, those are cheap!”

    But they’re called Swamisz. They’re purple. They neither flip nor flop. And best of all, they haven’t given me blisters… yet.

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  14. Shows and Secret Shows

    We’ve got a gig at the Troubadour tonight, but then afterwards we (or at least I) will be sneaking over to the Wolfmotherlnot-really-secret-anymore show. I don’t really care much about them (him?), but I’m just dying to get the scoop from our friends (and venue owners) on whether Andrew’s a prima dona and that’s why the other guys split.

    ** Check out the Wolfmother store at Amazon.

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  15. I ♥ BioBags

    MaxAir bin & BioBags
    We got this bin ages ago to resolve our stinky compost issue. At the time, Biome was offering the bin free with the purchase of all the bags or the other way around. That’s they only way I can explain the pile of 210 bin liner bags.

    The BioBags are made from corn and are completely compostable and biodegrade in a matter of weeks. They are also breathable, so the waste inside the bin dries out making it less stinky. And since the whole bag can go into the compost, there’s no slimy container to wash out afterward.

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  16. My Mexican Valentine

    I’m not really one to need a big Valentine’s to-do. But we’ve been throwing around the idea of hitting our favourite (and, in my book, the ONLY proper…) Mexican Restaurant in Brisbane for Valentine’s Day.

    Then today, I came across this recipe for Mexican Chocolate Pots de Crème, and I think we have ourselves a Valentine’s dessert. MMMM!

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  17. Bragging Rights

    Rave’s got a very complimentary review of my bearded soul man’s show a couple weeks ago. And they are also right about ME being incredible. Can’t wait to see them again!

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  18. February Photos

    I got partway through one of the days that we were in Albany last year with my aunt & uncle and parents.

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  19. Photo February

    I’m a music widow this month thanks to The RPM Challenge. Since he’s being very disciplined, I figured the least I could do would commit to getting something done this month as well.

    I have several SD cards filled with photos from back to when my parents were here. Few have made it to the harddrive, and even those that have join several years’ worth which haven’t been backed-up.

    So every night I’m going to try and do something to remedy that issue. Here’s a couple from our SeaWorld trip in December.



    ** Post Script: Since the original posting, I have a different stance on SeaWorld now. Please watch The Cove, available at Amazon.

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