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  1. Stuff and Stuff

    I’ve got some transcript work again which is keeping me busy. Today was filled with the discovery of Heracleion. Next up a doco on the seven wonders of the ancient world. Woo!

    Ahead of a busy weekend, we decided to head to South Bank for dinner at Ginga, our favourite! Then we had a stroll through the markets, and I ended up buying a big, floppy sun hat from this beautiful Serbian woman.

    And I’ll leave you with a song I can’t stop playing. Some say it’s very Kate Bush. Hans says it’s Clannad-y. And I hear Fleetwood Mac. Whatever it is, I like it.

    Bat For Lashes – Daniel (HD) on Vimeo.

    ** Check out the Bat for Lashes Store at Amazon.

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  2. Links for Later Perusal

    Painted Fish Studio: She’s from the heartland. She finds pretty things. And she’s crafty. Note: Paper Bead Bracelet, Trip Collages, & Fern Prints, for starters.

    3-Day Weekend: Found this one when searching for ways to hang cork trivets on the wall without necessarily damaging the wall. They use self-sticking foam mounting tape. (Do I know what that is? And can it be removed later?)

    At Home with Kim Vallee: I don’t know who this is, but lots of pretty household goods there.

    Ugh, more later. I have to go officially boycott the decision to have Subway for lunch.

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  3. Perplexing Packages

    My mind is exploding from two packages sent in the mail — one received and one not.

    First, I woke up this morning to find a package from my uncle. Inside was a DVD. Cannot get the DVD to play anywhere. Suspect a bad burn, but am dying to know what was worth sticking in the mail. My mom said that my grandma also got one which didn’t play, however neither they nor my siblings got one. Hmm…

    And then the other package was an order I placed in January for the non-toxic flea spray that we have tried in the past. It still hadn’t arrived as of this week, and I thought I had given it enough time to make it through customs and all that. So I emailed the company to see if they could look up the tracking information for me.

    This morning I had an email saying that they had credited my card back and asked to let them know if we eventually receive it, and they will charge my card again.

    Umm… but… I kind of just want the flea spray.

    So now I’m weirded out. I feel like our relationship is over, like we’ve broken up through email. Do I place another order? Do I have to source another company who sells it? Do I write back and clarify? Did I ever imply that I didn’t want my order? Is it because they’re British?

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  4. Breakfast & Bushwalk

    We had talked about going out for a picnic today. I found the Anstead Bushland Reserve online but couldn’t find out too much about it exactly except that there was a picnic area and walking track. Good enough for me.

    We decided to make it a breakfast picnic to save ourselves from the heat of mid-day. And it turned out to be absolutely lovely. There are three covered picnic table areas. Once we had finished eating, we set out down the walking track. I didn’t have a watch to see how long it took us, but it was a good distance for us, not being exactly in top form these days.

    There isn’t much overhead cover though, so be sure to cover up if you go. We keep sunscreen in the car, but a hat would have been good.

    It was gorgeous with lantana thickets covering most of the area. It was neat to see the old quarry spot. The breezes were cool off the river from the lookout. (There’s also a drinking fountain there, thankfully!) Walking through the eucalypts was my favourite part though, because it just SMELLS Australian. We only saw one snake, and I don’t think he would have killed us.

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  5. Try This Recipe!

    A while back Kris in Sydney posted a recipe for Spicy Shredded Pork. I was quite interested, because pork has become like a new friend to me ever since we started going to our little butcher. (Seriously, I love the women there as much as the meat. They’re all of Eastern European descent and are boisterous and such a hoot!)

    So yesterday we planned to have dinner with the brother- & sister-in-law (who just broke her foot), and I said I would go to their place to cook and keep her company. That was just my sneaky way to try this recipe in a fully air-conditioned home, instead of baking myself out of our house. Teehee.

    I must say, that I am now in love with Spicy Shredded Pork. It’s dreamy. It’s so delish. We had it on tortillas with homemade pico de gallo and guacamole. I also had lettuce, tons of cilantro/coriander, lime wedges and sour cream on hand. A-MAY-ZING!

    Also, for those who cower at the word “spicy”, I’ll just add that it is spicy in that it has spices in it, but those couple dashes of chili powder won’t give it much more than a completely mild rating. I’d serve it to children, no problem. I’d also look into adding some chili peppers if you want any sort of heat.

    ** Check out these Mexican Cooking Utensils by La Cocinera on Amazon. (Or get them for me!)

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  6. Computer Woes All Over Again

    Remember a couple of days when I broke my computer? Well, I thought I had tricked it into working by creating a new user profile. And for a few days, it magically worked with no issues. Until it realized it was being fooled, and now it doesn’t work again much at all. iTunes and LOTRO are the only programs that don’t seem to crash it… which is great if I was after a gaming/music-listening machine, but I have needs, people. Internet needs.

    Hubby is gung-ho about getting me a new laptop, but the one he’s looking at for me seems to have some heat issues. (As though my other one didn’t already have heat issues, this one gets up to 10 degrees hotter in some places.)

    While I ultimately just want a computer that works, I’m finding all kinds of joy in finding the hilarity in the situation.

    Me: Hey, can you preheat the oven to Dell Laptop for me?

    Him: Do you know if it’s supposed to be cooler today?
    Me: It’s going to be Dell Laptop until this afternoon, unless it rains.

    Him: But it’s so much cheaper than the other ones with the same specs.
    Me: Yes, but have you considered how much the skin grafts for my legs are going to be?

    *sigh* I laugh, because otherwise I’d cry. My poor baby is dead.

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  7. Inspirational Thoughts

    I came across this site with all sorts of ideas to motivate people to go out and do something beautiful.

    For example: “Start a worm compost. Use it for your paper junk mail. Use the soil regenerated from the decomposition of your junk mail to grow flowers. Pick the flowers and give them away to people. If anyone asks you why you are giving them flowers, tell them that it’s junk mail.

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