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  1. A Travel Journal Reflection

    The other day when I wrote about hanging my bulletin boards, I mentioned a “couple” crafty projects but then only talked about the one.

    The other crafty project I’m working on is a travel journal for our upcoming trip to the States. I made one for our last trip back home in 2006 after seeing a lot of examples on websites that brilliant craftspeople had created. I especially liked the idea of taking an old book and refunctioning it for use as a journal.

    In particular, I was completely inspired by these three journal/sketchbooks (Paris, Italy, Provence) by a lovely lady named Jan. She even replied to my inquisitive email and gave me some tips on how to rebind my own.

    I picked up a book at the Lifeline Bookfest called This is Your America. It’s navy blue and has the capital building embossed on the front cover. I thought it would be perfect to pull apart for this project.

    I took out the book I did the last time to recall what papers I used and how I put it all together. And while I had it off the shelf, I took photos of the pages. There were quite a few blanks that I thought I would go back and fill when I got back. I added a few, but I’m definitely going to be more proactive in using it along the way this time!

    See the full set here.

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  2. Welcome to the Neighbourhood

    We have some new neighbours. I’ll give you a cute, little hint.

    Goat Tail

    Not just one. No, more like 13 and possibly more. Here’s a small sampling:

    Hi Goat

    Goat Munch

    Billy Goat
    I kinda love these stinky little goats. One was extremely pregnant, so I expect we’ll be seeing a little one soon. Frida seemed a bit skeptical. She was ready to defend our jasmine with a peck on the nose if need be.

    Frida & the Goats

    (P.S. Feel better, Tash!)

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  3. The Bitchin’ Kitchen

    This weekend I dove into my latest Donna Hay Magazine, and we have been eating like royalty. Friday night we had the slow-roasted chicken pictured below. I put my version of the recipe up at TastyPlanner. Seriously, this one was SO easy and SO delicious. The aroma will start to kill you with hunger about 35 minutes into baking. I wanted to go sit in the kitchen for the next hour just to SMELL it!

    Tuscan Chicken

    We had the Puffed Cheese Omlette (below) yesterday along with toast and yummy maple baked beans. This morning we had Creamy Scrambled Eggs with leftover beans. Yum! And tonight we’re having the Sage & Cauliflower Risotto.

    Puffed Omlette & Maple Baked Beans
    I don’t mind being domestic when it involves food.

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  4. Pain in the Neck

    Two days ago I woke up with a horrible pain in my neck. I don’t know if I just slept wrong or if the new chilly weather at night cramped me up, but I haven’t been able to turn my head for two days. I’m starting to feel kind of silly. Any of my chiropractor and/or massage therapist friends out there have any advice?

    ** Check out Sonoma Lavender Heat Wrap at Amazon for your aches and pains.

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  5. Crafty

    I’ve had a couple of projects set aside that I finally took action on this week. I’ve been wanting a bulletin board in the kitchen for quite a while for two reasons. One is for the obvious use of tacking up notes and photos. The other is to showcase my pins.

    Back when I was on the road, I tried to get a lapel pin from every area where we stopped and put it on my backpack which went everywhere I did. Some were the touristy type which said specifically where they came from, and others were a bit more generic. But each one invoked a memory.

    I have picked up a few so far over the last few years, so I thought the cork boards would be a good place for them. I originally wanted to get the cork trivets from Ikea, but I found these at Bunnings. They fit perfectly between the picture rail and the top edge of the kitchen nook, so I settled. I gave them a light mist of white spray paint, but I may go over them again to make them a little more even toned and whiter.

    Kitchen Boards
    Now I just have to find the rest of my pins. Hmm…

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  6. Linky Links and Pretty Things

    I click on one link from a Twitter feed, and now I’ve got so many windows open of pretty places that I don’t have time to explore. Oh Mondays!

    Bluebird & Trees Carafe by Shinzi Katoh: it all started at 3 Potato 4. I love Shinzi Katoh.

    Kikki K Easter Sale: voucher or coupon code at link. Hmm, 20% off means I can buy 20% more, right?

    Misha Lulu Blog: lots of pretty finds and interesting links.

    Design Crush: Seriously, link overload and so pretty. Particularly loving the Printable Mailing Label tip and the Design*Sponge DIY tax receipt holder.

    Creature Comforts: Turns out I love the whole site that the mailing labels came from.

    Black Eiffel: Another. I don’t have time for all this greatness.

    It’s time to WORK, people. Work.

    ** Check out this pretty Scroll Mailing Label Tape at Amazon.

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  7. Shoes Cure the Blues

    After a breakfast meeting yesterday, we saw a friend working at a nearby vintage clothing store. As we were talking, my eye wandered to a wall of shoes. I finally couldn’t resist trying a few pairs on and ended up buying two pairs. ♥


    They’re both size 6, and a little itty bit tight. But they are also leather and hardly worn, so I’m hoping they’ll stretch slightly. And if not, I will grin and suffer.

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  8. Funny Business

    A couple weeks ago, after months and months of meetings and coffees and chit-chats and note-making, we finally (mostly) launched our business. It has kind of gone without fanfare, because nothing has really changed. We are just now in charge of making the graphics department grow wings.

    I’ve been a little busy with all that, but I think we’re all starting to breathe a sigh of relief. Yay.

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