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  1. Sew What?

    I finally replaced my sewing machine in this past year. I can’t remember when exactly… because I haven’t actually USED it. It’s criminal really. I was so gung-ho, and then I lost my motivation to do everything. And there it sits. In its box. At the foot of our bed. The cat uses it as a step to get up without having to needlessly exert himself, so I guess it isn’t a complete waste.

    Well, I came across this blog today, and I must say that I am inspired. It’s called New Dress a Day, wherein Marissa makes a new outfit from a thrifted garment. All for less than a dollar a day.

    She turned this:

    Into this:

    I mean, wow.

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  2. *crickets*

    Well, it sure has been a while, huh?
    I was in a bit of a funk, if you will.
    But I’ve got some plans now and hopefully there will be some changes around here.
    It’s time for a bit of redecorating.

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