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  1. Tripod Lovin’

    Last week I discovered Catch of the Day, which is like the Australian version of Woot!. The idea is the same for both. One product per day offered at bargain prices. COTD also has a section called “Small Fish” where they feature what I believe to be the leftovers. That’s when I saw the tripod I’ve been desiring… and for just $20AU — insanity!

    I told Hans about it, and he bought it for me. It came yesterday. Oh you know there’s going to be all kinds of self-portrait taking in our future! I had it hanging from the side of the doorframe in the kitchen the whole night, and it didn’t slip a millimeter.

    ** Get your own bendy Gorillapod Tripod by JOBY at Amazon.

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  2. Too Long for Summer

    It’s cooler, lighter, and maybe six inches shorter.

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