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Travel and nice spots

  1. Less Than a Week

    Other than that, I’m just looking forward to our trip to Sydney next weekend. Our week is a bit busy with a wrap party on Thursday for a show our company was working on, and a few other evening commitments. Hopefully Saturday won’t creep up on me before I get some laundry done!

    I’m trying to put together a list of agenda options, but it sounds like we might be catching the ferry to Taronga Zoo. (I just want to see these little guys. Oh. Em. Gee. Too CUTE!) I’m sure there will be an obligatory stop somewhere near the opera house, but I don’t know if I feel the need to do a tour. The Museum of Contemporary Art is near our hotel too, so maybe that would be a good afternoon stop. I think we’ll also have to take the cousins to Wildlife World to get the true Aussie animal experience.

    Any other recommendations from anyone?

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  2. Cousins are Coming

    Relations will be on Australian soil Thursday night, spending one night before leaving on their cruise. In the meantime, I am booking flights to Sydney so we can spend a couple days with them after they dock and before they go back to Texas. Wanting to be at the same hotel, it looks like we might be staying here. Love it!

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  3. Veni Vidi Vino

    Of course, last weekend was our Berry to Bottle Wine Appreciation day at Kooroomba Vineyard down south in the shire of Boonah. (A shire! I know!) It was such a lovely day. We had a tour of the vineyard. Had a gorgeous lunch. We were seated by the afternoon speaker, winemaker Dylan Rhymer, who indulged us by answering all our wine questions in between bites. Then after a walk around the lavender field, we came back to learn about wine tasting. I think we’re officially wine snobs now.

    It was fun. And we had a good time trying to really describe the smells of the wines. I know I used “freshly mowed lawn” and “dry-erase marker” at least once. Okay, so we might not have it down to a science yet.

    I’ll upload some photos soon.

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