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Things I love from around the web

  1. Theme Night Inspiration

    Ooo, just came across this wonderful site, Hostess with the Mostess. So much inspiration for dinner parties. I get really nervous about entertaining for outsiders, but I love putting together a theme night when it’s just family. Below are a few of my favourites that I’ve gotten around to uploading:

    Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010

    Beijing Summer Olympics 2008

    Il Gato’s Italian Night

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  2. Impressed

    Dear, how you distract me. In my dreams, I have the ability to make my own beautiful letterpress creations. In reality, I just need to read you more often. Love, Danielle

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  3. Wishes

    I’m pretty much in love with these Merimekko Lettinauha Tights. There’s also these ASOS Heart Suspender Sheer Tights — and while they’re a little saucy if you’re wearing them with a mini, I’d like them as my own little secret with my longer skirts.

    And what’s new socks without new shoes… I think I’d like these cute little numbers. I am such a sucker for shoes that tie with ribbons.

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  4. Links for Later

    I’ve been hanging on to these for a couple weeks while looking for inspiration of classic illustration for a project at work.

    Stickers and Stuff: lots of great inspiration and illustration

    Kevin Kidney Blog: Long-time Disney designer

    Kevin Kidney Portfolio of Sorts flickr set

    Animation Treasures: Blog of Hans Bacher, animator of 40 years. What I love is he’ll analyze classic animation background plates and colour choices.

    Remodelista: Sourcebook for the Considered Home (I want a house, I want a house, I want a house.)

    Hindsvik Vintage: “Daniel & Valeria are a young couple who run an online vintage store called Hindsvik. Renovating and redecorating their 1940s home on a budget, they share DIY ideas, design favorites and spaces with shop updates in between.”

    Departures: We’ve been on a foreign film kick lately, and this has been one of the best. Such a beautiful movie.

    Lord Of The Rings prequel made by a fanatic using her £25,000 life savings scores 500,000 views on the internet: Need to watch this when I get some time! (Born of Hope YouTube link)

    ♥ Not long know until The People vs. George Lucas makes its debut at SXSW. CANNOT wait to see that one! (YouTube Trailer link)

    ♥ We received a free pass to Daybreakers, so we’ll probably go see that this weekend… if only to see the Brisbane CBD on the big screen.

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  5. Cute, Crafty, or Otherwise

    Retro Renovation: “your daily dose of mid century renovation resources… design inspiration… fun finds… and a growing community of people all interested in restoring, preserving and cherishing their 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s homes.”

    Tonic Living: Amazingly beautiful retro fabrics. Love, love, love.

    2009 Christmas Candy Box: A downloadable template for a cute little gift box. Check out the ’08 & ’07 editions as well.

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  6. Links for Later? Yes, Please

    Mouse: Pretty photos, lovely handmade things. Will have to look through archives later!

    Kay Loves Vintage: Jealousy-inducing photos and inspirational ideas. And proof that Aussie IKEA is completely missing out on the good stuff.

    Handmade Typography Flickr Group

    Start to Draw Your Life & 75 Ways to Draw More

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  7. Links for Later

    Time to restart Firefox clean, but I’ve been hanging on to a dozen tabs I keep thinking I’m going to look at later.

    Ruby Slipper Bride: South African Wedding Photographer
    Once Wed: Another pretty wedding photography place

    Scrumptious Banana Cake Recipe: I may have posted this before, but this one is SO yummy and SO easy.
    Recipe Girl: Recipes including how to make adorable marzipan carrots.
    Urbanspoon: Restaurant guide
    Sugar Snap Pea Soup with Parmesan Cream: from my hero Lynne Rossetto Kasper

    The Handmade Expo: Ipswich crafty show blog
    My Paper Crane: Super-fun, crafty person’s blog
    Tubby Paws: Cute papercraft

    Mimicking Birds: Good music. Free downloads.

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  8. Linky Links and Pretty Things

    I click on one link from a Twitter feed, and now I’ve got so many windows open of pretty places that I don’t have time to explore. Oh Mondays!

    Bluebird & Trees Carafe by Shinzi Katoh: it all started at 3 Potato 4. I love Shinzi Katoh.

    Kikki K Easter Sale: voucher or coupon code at link. Hmm, 20% off means I can buy 20% more, right?

    Misha Lulu Blog: lots of pretty finds and interesting links.

    Design Crush: Seriously, link overload and so pretty. Particularly loving the Printable Mailing Label tip and the Design*Sponge DIY tax receipt holder.

    Creature Comforts: Turns out I love the whole site that the mailing labels came from.

    Black Eiffel: Another. I don’t have time for all this greatness.

    It’s time to WORK, people. Work.

    ** Check out this pretty Scroll Mailing Label Tape at Amazon.

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  9. Shoes Cure the Blues

    After a breakfast meeting yesterday, we saw a friend working at a nearby vintage clothing store. As we were talking, my eye wandered to a wall of shoes. I finally couldn’t resist trying a few pairs on and ended up buying two pairs. ♥


    They’re both size 6, and a little itty bit tight. But they are also leather and hardly worn, so I’m hoping they’ll stretch slightly. And if not, I will grin and suffer.

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  10. Links for Later Perusal

    Painted Fish Studio: She’s from the heartland. She finds pretty things. And she’s crafty. Note: Paper Bead Bracelet, Trip Collages, & Fern Prints, for starters.

    3-Day Weekend: Found this one when searching for ways to hang cork trivets on the wall without necessarily damaging the wall. They use self-sticking foam mounting tape. (Do I know what that is? And can it be removed later?)

    At Home with Kim Vallee: I don’t know who this is, but lots of pretty household goods there.

    Ugh, more later. I have to go officially boycott the decision to have Subway for lunch.

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  11. Inspirational Thoughts

    I came across this site with all sorts of ideas to motivate people to go out and do something beautiful.

    For example: “Start a worm compost. Use it for your paper junk mail. Use the soil regenerated from the decomposition of your junk mail to grow flowers. Pick the flowers and give them away to people. If anyone asks you why you are giving them flowers, tell them that it’s junk mail.

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  12. Camera Bag Tips, Anyone?

    I’m already thinking about packing for America and trying to decide how many of our gadgets need to come with us. I’m obviously bringing my camera, but the thing I don’t love about it is that the bag is big and bulky. It seems ridiculous to pack the whole bag inside my carry-on… but I’m going to need more than a camera bag to carry on with me.

    I need a camera bag that can double as a purse. No. What I really want is a purse that can double as a camera bag. Can anybody help me out?

    Must hold camera body, medium size lens (preferably attached), small external flash, cords for charging & connecting, extra disks and lens cleaner, etc. Must also fit make-up bag, wallet, travel papers, and other purse-like items.

    I’ve been looking at Crumpler, because I’ve wanted one for a while, but the only one that seems like it’s along the line is the Brazillion Dollar Home. But is that too honking big to lug around? I don’t know.

    Other cute bags…
    Acme Bowler Bag… adorable, but no spare room.

    Jill-E… well I don’t super love this one. It’s a bit “nashville soccer mom” to me, but I like the polka-dot inside. But again… where do I put the rest of my stuff?

    ♥ Or maybe I should just make my own, like this person.

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  13. Herbie!

    On a happier note, I am loving this French herb dryer. Le sigh. If I had that, I would definitely use Straight from the Farm’s advice on preserving fresh herbs.

    By the by, Australians say the “h” in “herbs”, and I think I say it now too. But anytime I consciously say the word, I have a hard time remembering which way to say it.

    ** Check out the Chia Gourmet Herb Garden at Amazon.

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  14. Linky Links

    Spoon Sisters: I <3 that “Home is Where Your Mom Is” tea towel. (I think we’re buying plane tickets to go “home” then this week. Yay!)

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  15. Arty Links

    St!#ch Out Loud: subversive cross-stitch and crafty stuff… may not be safe for work.

    Artista Blog: I just found this one back. She makes such adorably cute watercolours. Love!

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  16. I ♥ BioBags

    MaxAir bin & BioBags
    We got this bin ages ago to resolve our stinky compost issue. At the time, Biome was offering the bin free with the purchase of all the bags or the other way around. That’s they only way I can explain the pile of 210 bin liner bags.

    The BioBags are made from corn and are completely compostable and biodegrade in a matter of weeks. They are also breathable, so the waste inside the bin dries out making it less stinky. And since the whole bag can go into the compost, there’s no slimy container to wash out afterward.

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  17. Bragging Rights

    Rave’s got a very complimentary review of my bearded soul man’s show a couple weeks ago. And they are also right about ME being incredible. Can’t wait to see them again!

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  18. Link Dump

    There are some tabs I have been saving and reopening obviously since November, and it’s getting a bit ridiculous when I have to scroll for miles to get to my most recently opened ones. So here you go, my links to you:

    Wild Rice Stuffing: This was the recipe I used for our Thanksgiving dinner. It was really yummy, even without the acorn squashes.

    Chow Thanksgiving Ideas: Those creamy carrots… DELISH!

    Chow Entertaining Ideas: Theme Nights!

    ♥ Cool It Down: Chow’s Cooling Off: Icy desserts and good things like Chocolate Icebox Cake with Mascarpone and Blackberries (which we had over Christmas break). Then there’s Lemon & Mascarpone Sorbetto, which I have yet to try. And also sweet cherry sorbetto.

    DIY Macro Photo Studio: I always see these around the place, and I’m sure I’ve probably linked before… but here you go. just a random beauty site in Australia that carries Phyto.

    French Fried Onions Recipe: You have to give up your firstborn to get your hands on a can of french fried onions around here, so I broke down and made my own last weekend using this recipe. (I practically didn’t have any left for the green bean casserole, because they were SO yummy to snack on!) I used self-rising flour and have the theory that it helped puff up the crust a bit. Who knows.

    HTML colour chart and Color Shader. Guess who was working on websites last weekend. (If you know where to find the hubby’s homepage, have a look. WordPress kicked my ‘a’, but it’s semi-mostly done except if you’re using IE6. But then I’d like to introduce you to 2009 and tell you to update.)

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  19. I <3 Kikki K

    It seems like hardly any Australian vendors have websites which show the majority of their stock. Most post a PDF of their latest flyer and call it good.

    So I was thrilled to discover that my favourite office supply place kikki.K has a simple site with products to behold. I am allowed to buy one product every time we are at the mall, which is rare for us. So now that I can see what they have that is new, I can make plans to visit the mall more often. 🙂

    My Christmas list read “anything from kikki.K”, and he delivered. In fact, tonight I am going to start going through my Donna Hays from last year and use my gifts. He got me the recipe sticky notes, this recipe box, recipe card refills, and finally the magnetic shopping list in case I decide I need some more ingredients in the house after looking at all that food!

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  20. Anthropologie Does Gardens?

    In recent years, I have grown very attracted to the idea of tending the earth and nurturing plants and generally being more of a green thumb instead of a brown thumb(?). I have two plants thriving indoors even though I just discovered that the root system of my third was eaten by worms. I also have several on the veranda that haven’t died yet. I can’t wait to start my herb garden. Et cetera, et cetera.

    Today I was getting some of my Daily Danny, and he posted about terrariums at a store called Terrain:

    Terrain is a new concept store by the people behind Anthropologie, with a focus more on gardening, household plants and all the lovely accessories that go along with raising and growing plants at home.

    If ever I need another reason to move back, I think this might just be it. I love (and I mean loooooove) Anthropologie, so I can only imagine what Terrain is like. Danny’s posting photos soon. Eee!

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  21. Methodology

    I just found out about Method Lust over at The Dieline. Even though we have some Method products at the grocery store here, I do have their holiday air fresheners on my Christmas list for my parents.

    ** Stock up on Method goodies at Amazon.

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  22. Linky Links

    The Paupered Chef – I may have put this one before.

    Oh, Sunday School – cute

    Red Bubble – for all you artsy folk, they’ll make cards and t-shirts and prints of your work for your customers.

    Quick Indian Cooking – because someday I’ll make it from scratch.

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  23. For Future Perusal

    For the next available free moment between now and October.

    Earthlust: stainless steel water bottles

    Kir De Vries: online store with Earthlust products… and also Shinzi Katoh bento boxes?! links to pretty things

    Write On and More: even more links to pretty things, including the beautiful Blue Leaves

    Expat Women: misery loves company, I guess?

    Wists: Make your own wishlists… if you want.

    All these are brought to you by a sudden urge to find a new handbag before we go to Perth. (Though, maybe I should just get one there — even I can’t resist their shopping opportunities.) However, as you can see, there are no links to handbags. Oops. Back to work.

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  24. Linky Links

    Dutch Word of the Day — I’m newly recommitted to learning the Dutch that I abandoned quite a while ago.

    CraftGossip — lots of crafty ideas, and from there I found Jon’s Thread Escapades, a blog about tatting. I started learning to tat from my Grandma years and years ago. That’s another thing I feel like I should consider taking up again.

    Vinyl Record Headbands — here’s a craft for Alyda!

    Cake Wrecks — I can’t remember where I found this one, but it shows when cake decorating goes wrong, all wrong.

    Basic Instructions — Another one I’ve had open for a few days, so I can’t remember where it came from. But it’s a pretty funny webcomic. (Even though I hate them for not having their top banner return to the home page. Who doesn’t do that?)

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  25. Linky Links

    The Traveler’s Notebook and The Nine Commandments of Travel Writing via Write to Travel.

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