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Food for Thought (& Food)

I came back to my desk after lunch and found a present on my chair from my very sweet, very naughty husband. It is a sort of book/cookbook called Maggie’s Harvest by Maggie Beer. I had been admiring it a few weeks ago, because the book itself is just beautiful. The fabric cover, the teal and orange embroidery, the overall girth, the heirloom potential… it was so ME. (Make sure you look at this review with its gorgeous photos of the book.)

One look at the price tag, however, and I had exactly one hundred and twenty-five reasons not to need it anymore. (The cover will just get dirty in a kitchen… who has room for a 736-page book these days… etc.)

But now it’s mine, and I can’t wait to spend all day tomorrow out on the Adirondack thumbing through it with my baby chicken chirping at me. I’m excited, because she is an Australian cook, even though Australian food isn’t SO different from American food (despite the obvious kangaroo meat, general blandness, and bacon on everything). I’m interested on her take on food, because she writes about the ingredients and the recipes instead of just rattling off recipes.

I don’t know. I’m into food these days. I even got an “ooo-la-la” in response to my white truffle popcorn we had for the Project Runway Finale Party.

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  1. Brandy says

    OooOoo… I am so happy you posted the link to “not your run of the mill” ( white truffle ) popcorn recipes. I think I’ll try the bacon-cheddar version. Yumms.

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