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The Bitchin’ Kitchen

This weekend I dove into my latest Donna Hay Magazine, and we have been eating like royalty. Friday night we had the slow-roasted chicken pictured below. I put my version of the recipe up at TastyPlanner. Seriously, this one was SO easy and SO delicious. The aroma will start to kill you with hunger about 35 minutes into baking. I wanted to go sit in the kitchen for the next hour just to SMELL it!

Tuscan Chicken

We had the Puffed Cheese Omlette (below) yesterday along with toast and yummy maple baked beans. This morning we had Creamy Scrambled Eggs with leftover beans. Yum! And tonight we’re having the Sage & Cauliflower Risotto.

Puffed Omlette & Maple Baked Beans
I don’t mind being domestic when it involves food.

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  1. Tash McGill says

    domestic danielle… so strange…

  2. addie_joy says

    i LO-OVE your food photos. that omelette looks so delish! i’d have to agree, the food domestic stuff is pretty fun. 🙂
    keep posting more food…i’m an addict.
    wish i could help with the neck thing…steve is the one who’s always helping me…he should be able to offer you some advice. 🙂

  3. Felicia says

    I’m the same way! I’ll cook up a storm and play with ingredients and flavors, but give me someone else to do the rest of the domestic chores any day!!!
    Everything looks so good!

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