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A Late Celebration

Our second anniversary was on Tuesday. Hubby was sick. I was a little bit too. We even debated not going in to work but did anyway. We did go to the French restaurant near our work, but honestly, the best part was the dessert. I wouldn’t go back for any of the mains.

So we had intended to truly celebrate on the weekend. We have a little wine box where we kept the wine that we got from the hotel on our wedding night. We saved it for our first anniversary since we didn’t have the traditional top tier of freezer-burned wedding cake to eat. Then we replaced it with a new bottle to have on our second anniversary, and so, I’m sure, the tradition will continue.

I thought we needed a bit of a fancy meal to go with it, and I saw this recipe for Truffle and Cognac Macaroni and Cheese on Serious Eats this week. I knew we would have to try it.

First off, I may be Dutch by decent and therefore cheap in general, but I am not one to skimp on my ingredients. (I keep hearing about the joys of bargain shopping at Aldi’s, but I really just want the food I’m familiar with and like.) But anyway, this was probably the most expensive meal I’ve ever made based on the price of the ingredients from the truffles to the cheeses to the cognac.  It ended up tasting incredible… but it was soooo rich. Definitely not your every-day mac’n’cheese!

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