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In Other News…

* It’s fricking FREEZING.

* Hans’s tante and oom from Holland are in town this weekend. I can pick up only the slightest bit of their Dutch, but they are such a hoot. We’re arranging a visit with them in 2010 when we go for Sail Amsterdam.

* As a thank-you for watching my in-laws’ pets last week, I was given some Soul Food Kitchen Cajun Spices. So last night we made red beans and rice. With the Cajun blends that I’ve found here, I usually put in two Tablespoons to get it to my heat level. So I did the same with my new stuff. OMG. We nearly died. I thought my lips were going to swell shut. I think Hans was hallucinating. I’m scared to try it again. It definitely is NOT the Australian version of spicy; it’s legit.

** For some authentic cajun recipes, check out Real Cajun: Rustic Home Cooking from Donald Link’s Louisiana at Amazon.

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  1. Brandy says

    oh.. .. Jay and I are so at Sail Amsterdam. We wanna try the “legit” Cajun blends. Hans hallucinating after tasting it?! That’s just crazy talk.

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