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Well, due to a series of circumstances mostly out of my control, I ended up buying this little guy last week. I was really wanting the D40, but my colleague bought the D40X. And if we both got the same thing, we would get a better deal. And blah, blah, blah. So I caved. We splurged on the 18-135mm lens, but now I’m going to end up forking out more dosh for an external flash, methinks.

I took it with us up on our glorious mountain holiday this past weekend but left it on auto the whole time, because I didn’t have the time to go through the manual and mess with the menus. I haven’t touched my Minolta SLR in years. (I believe the film that’s in there is from my first visit to Australia, in fact.) So it’s taking a bit of reacclimating to the options and overall girth.

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  1. alyda says

    Mar 24 2008, 04:24 pm
    wooohoooo!! Welcome to the Nikon family Yay


  2. Brandy says

    Mar 24 2008, 04:23 pm
    Yay for your new D40! After I bought my Canon, I spent two afternoons reading the manual. Feeling good about the quality time I invested, I figured I didn’t have to refresh my memory on taking action night shots. Thus, resulting in the bad photos of Ben was hard to hold still and not sing/dance! Better luck to you my friend!

  3. erin says

    Mar 25 2008, 03:36 pm
    Yay for you and your new camera! I am slightly biased toward Nikon, having a D70 myself. And I’m glad you splurged on a good lens.

    I hope to upgrade to a D80 at some point this year…

    And as for our little “bun”, he’ll be here tomorrow!!


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