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Why Someday I Will End Up with Claw Marks Across My Face

Last nightlHubby was doing some recording. At one point I went in to talk to him, and Chucky followed me in. I had this moment of genius and asked if he wanted to sample the cat. Brilliant, right?

Yeah, Chucky doesn’t like to be held except on his own terms. So dangling him in front of the microphone wasn’t really the brightest of ideas. I would, however, like to point out that the rumbling you hear is purring, so he still loves me. I think the reverb adds a particularly nice touch.

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(Yes, when we address the cat, we use this high, squeaky voice that comes from an old ventriloquist show by Ronn Lucas called “Who’s in Charge Here”. If you know it, you are awesome and probably had The Disney Channel in 1983.)

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  1. alyda says

    hahaha thats awesome…….and kind of spooky.

  2. Danielle says

    I keep not responding to you, because I was going to send you a postcard of “Bride Wars” and just write “For a good time call [our phone number]” on it. But I can’t find the postcards anywhere anymore. 🙁 So anwyay, the point is, yes, we should definitely get together sooN!

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