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Painted Fish Studio: She’s from the heartland. She finds pretty things. And she’s crafty. Note: Paper Bead Bracelet, Trip Collages, & Fern Prints, for starters.

3-Day Weekend: Found this one when searching for ways to hang cork trivets on the wall without necessarily damaging the wall. They use self-sticking foam mounting tape. (Do I know what that is? And can it be removed later?)

At Home with Kim Vallee: I don’t know who this is, but lots of pretty household goods there.

Ugh, more later. I have to go officially boycott the decision to have Subway for lunch.

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  1. kikimonkey says

    Regarding the foam mounting tape: I’m pretty sure I know what this is, and I’m pretty sure it’s the same stuff I spent days trying to remove after the previous owners used it to attach a cardboard-mounted map to a bedroom wall. Not a good idea. I tried everything: heating it, dissolving it, scraping it. Eventually I just chipped it away the best I could, patched, primed, and repainted. And if you look closely, you can still see where that crap used to be. I’d steer clear. Just thought I’d share 🙂

  2. Danielle says

    Oh dear. Yeah, thanks for the tip. I had vague memories of a strip of something foamy on a wall at my Grandma’s house and feared it might do that.

    It’s been sort of implied that we aren’t to put nail holes in the wall here, so I may resort to using those 3M strips. (Of course I haven’t even sourced my cork yet, so this project will probably make its way to the bottom of my to-do list, and then I won’t have to worry about it!)

  3. Tash McGill says

    the 3M command strips are great though – whether in the hook versions or whatever – i recommend going to the largest hardware store you can though – for the biggest range!


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