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I ♥ BioBags

MaxAir bin & BioBags
We got this bin ages ago to resolve our stinky compost issue. At the time, Biome was offering the bin free with the purchase of all the bags or the other way around. That’s they only way I can explain the pile of 210 bin liner bags.

The BioBags are made from corn and are completely compostable and biodegrade in a matter of weeks. They are also breathable, so the waste inside the bin dries out making it less stinky. And since the whole bag can go into the compost, there’s no slimy container to wash out afterward.

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  1. kikimonkey says

    I just have to say that I too love BioBags, though I’m totally jealous of your bin. Ours doesn’t allow enough air for the waste to dry out, so we still end up with a stinky mess…but the bags are awesome.

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