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Sew What?

I finally replaced my sewing machine in this past year. I can’t remember when exactly… because I haven’t actually USED it. It’s criminal really. I was so gung-ho, and then I lost my motivation to do everything. And there it sits. In its box. At the foot of our bed. The cat uses it as a step to get up without having to needlessly exert himself, so I guess it isn’t a complete waste.

Well, I came across this blog today, and I must say that I am inspired. It’s called New Dress a Day, wherein Marissa makes a new outfit from a thrifted garment. All for less than a dollar a day.

She turned this:

Into this:

I mean, wow.

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Well, it sure has been a while, huh?
I was in a bit of a funk, if you will.
But I’ve got some plans now and hopefully there will be some changes around here.
It’s time for a bit of redecorating.

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Links for Later

I’ve been hanging on to these for a couple weeks while looking for inspiration of classic illustration for a project at work.

Stickers and Stuff: lots of great inspiration and illustration

Kevin Kidney Blog: Long-time Disney designer

Kevin Kidney Portfolio of Sorts flickr set

Animation Treasures: Blog of Hans Bacher, animator of 40 years. What I love is he’ll analyze classic animation background plates and colour choices.

Remodelista: Sourcebook for the Considered Home (I want a house, I want a house, I want a house.)

Hindsvik Vintage: “Daniel & Valeria are a young couple who run an online vintage store called Hindsvik. Renovating and redecorating their 1940s home on a budget, they share DIY ideas, design favorites and spaces with shop updates in between.”

Departures: We’ve been on a foreign film kick lately, and this has been one of the best. Such a beautiful movie.

Lord Of The Rings prequel made by a fanatic using her £25,000 life savings scores 500,000 views on the internet: Need to watch this when I get some time! (Born of Hope YouTube link)

♥ Not long know until The People vs. George Lucas makes its debut at SXSW. CANNOT wait to see that one! (YouTube Trailer link)

♥ We received a free pass to Daybreakers, so we’ll probably go see that this weekend… if only to see the Brisbane CBD on the big screen.

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Oh Canada…

I’m getting ready for our Vancouver Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony dinner on Saturday night. It’s probably the most excited I’ve ever been about Canada.

For the Beijing Summer Olympics, I put together a stir fry and made fortune cookies and paper lanterns. It was hard to come up with a Canadian theme, but I’m quite pleased with what I’ve got to work with this time. There are some surprises, but I will say that there was paper-mâché and also flowers…

Flower Flag

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