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Tuberculosis Testing

Fined for Resisting Tuberculosis Testing
John Vander Maaten, of near Boyden, was brought to Orange City and assessed a fine of $25 and cost for refusing to let the state veterinary proceed with the tuberculosis eradication work on his farm. This is the first case of this kind in Sioux County.

The T.B. test had already been made once, and when the second test was about to be made it is alleged that Mr. Vander Maaten refused permission to do so.–Tribune.
Boyden Reporter
10 Feb 1927

According to Ed Ver Meer, Jr., our Court News correspondent was slightly misinformed as to the case of John Vander Maaten, who was recently arrested for refusal to have his cattle tested the second time. Mr. Ver Meer declares that Mr. Van der Maaten did not pay a fine, but only paid the costs in the case, and that Andrew his son was not at all implicated in the matter. He also says Mr. Vander Maaten demanded a guarantee that should any of his cattle re-act, that it would be proven to him that they had tuberculosis. This he claims was refused him. He also says that out of the eight re-actors that Mr. Vander Maaten had in the first test, that none of them showed T.B. when they were slaughtered at Sioux City and that he (Mr. Vander Maaten) was there to witness the slaughter. The second test of this herd of cattle will be made soon. The Reporter is always glad to correst[sic] any erroneous report that may appear in its columns. We do not make the news, we just print it, and some times our information is not correct.
Boyden Reporter
17 Feb 1927

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