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  1. Te Slaa Children: 1-5

    Children of Gerrit Jan Te Slaa & Janna Geertruid Kruisselbrink: 1-5

    1. Johanna Te Slaa (grave), first wife of Evert D Vermeer (grave)

    Mrs. E. Vermeer passed away Monday morning after a short illness of pleurisy. She was a daughter of G. J. Te Slaa, and leaves to mourn her departure her husband and four small children, the youngest being only 14 days old.
    Sioux Center News
    16 Aug 1905

    Obituary of Mr. Evert Ver Meer
    Early Friday morning, Oct. 7, Mr. Evert Ver Meer of Boyden passed away. He had reached the age of 68 years, 6 months and 5 days.
    Evert Ver Meer was born the 2nd of April, 1870 at Alto, Wisconsin. At 21 years of age, he came to Sioux Center, IA. where he made his home with brothers and sister. For about 5 years he worked in the neighborhood of Sioux Center. In 1896 he was united in marriage to Miss Johanna Te Slaa. Six children were born to them of which two only reached the age of approximately two years. The four children still living are Ed of Hull; Gertrude, Mrs. Andrew Vander Maaten; Jennie, Mrs. Bert Bosma of Sheldon and John, of Boyden. The 13th of August 1905, his wife was taken from his side. In 1909 he was married again to Miss Gertrude Ter Horst. This marriage was blessed with three children; William of Boyden; Priscilla, Mrs. Andrew Geels of Sheldon and one child who died at the age of approximately one year. Even before this child passed away, on the 27th of February 1920, the Lord again took his wife away through death.
    On May 12, 1921, he was married for a third time to Miss Johanna Straus who now mourns his loss. To this marriage was born one lifeless child.
    He had been sick only a few days with flu, when a heart attack suddenly took his life.
    Besides his wife he leave to mourn six children, Ed at Hull; Gertrude, Mrs. Andrew Vander Maaten, Sheldon; Jennie, Mrs. Bert Bosma, Sheldon; John and William, Boyden, and Priscilla, Mrs. Andrew Geels at Sheldon. Also he leaves 17 grandchildren. Also surviving are four sisters, Mrs. W. Gerrits, and Miss Rena Ver Meer at Waupon, Wis.; Mrs. J Vander Kieft at Grand Rapids, Mich. and Mrs. John Joling of Vesper, Wis.
    The funeral services were held on Monday afternoon Oct. 10 at 12:45 at the home and 1:30 in the Reformed church at Middleburg, which was used on account of its larger seating capacity since Mr. Ver Meer was a member of the Christian Reformed church at Middleburg. Rev. Mr. F. Schuurman former pastor of the deceased spoke on Job 14, verse 1, then Rev. Mr. C. Groot, present pastor spoke on Rev. 14, verse 13 after which the body was laid to rest in the cemetery at Middleburg where Rev. Mr. C. Groot once more spoke words of comfort.
    Sioux County Capital
    13 Nov 1938

    2. Henry Te Slaa (grave), husband of Hattie Huitink (grave)

    Well Known Hull Man Passes Away
    Henry Te Slaa of Hull passed on at his home Wednesday, Oct 13th, at the age of nearly 66 years. He was well known at Hull and also at Middleburg where he served as deacon and elder in the Reformed church. Services were held in the Middleburg church Saturday in charge of the pastor, Rev. Kolenbrander, assisted by Rev. Mansen of Orange City. Interment was in Hull cemetery.
    Mr. Te Slaa was born Oct 18, 1877, in Gelderland, the Netherlands. At the age of 16 years he came to the United States. On May 3, 1906, he married Hattie Huitink at Sioux Center. Surviving are his wife and four children: Gerrit, Mrs. Gerald Zylstra (Dora); Mrs. Peter Pollema (Gertrude); Mrs. William Hoksbergen (Henrietta); 13 grandchildren; two brothers John and Will; four sister; Mrs. Cynthia Ver Meer, Mrs. Dora Vander Schaaf, Mrs. Lammert Kooiker and Mrs. Dena Hospers.
    The Alton Iowa Democrat
    21 Oct 1943

    Mrs. Hattie Te Slaa was born January 5, 1885, at Sioux Center, and passed away at Hull Wednesday, October 2, at the home of her daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Pollema. She had been ill with a heart ailment for two weeks. Funeral services were held Saturday at the Middleburg Church at 1:30 p.m., with Rev. Kolenbrander officiating. Burial was in Hope Cemetery.
    In 1906 she was married to Henry Te Slaa of Hull, and they lived in the Hull vicinity until 1920 when they moved to Middleburg. Mr. Te Slaa died October 13, 1943. Surviving are four children, Gerrit H. Te Slaa, Dora (Mrs. Gerald Zylstra), Gertrude (Mrs. Peter Pollema), and Henrietta (Mrs. William Hoksbergen), all of the Hull vicinity. There are 16 grandchildren.
    Also surviving are three brothers, Gerrit Huitink, William Huitink, both of Ornage City, Henry Huitink of Sioux Center, and three sisters, Mrs. Jake H. Vermeer of Holland, Mich., Mrs. Albert Mulder of Hull, and Mrs. Nick Huisman of Orange City. One sister, Mrs. William L. Vander Berg of Sioux Center died in 1935.
    Sioux County Capital
    10 Oct 1946

    3. John G. Te Slaa (grave), husband of Hattie De Vries (grave)

    Jno. G. Te Slaa passed away very suddenly Saturday morning, June 25, due to a heart attack.
    At the time of his death Mr. Te Slaa was seventy years, 3 months and 29 days old, and lived in this community for over 56 years, ever since coming to this country from the Netherlands.
    He is survived by a family of four children and thirteen grandchildren and by his wife to whom he has been wedded for over 44 years.
    Mr. Te Slaa was a kind and loving husband, father and grandfather. He was a great reader and a lover of music and song.
    Jno. G. Te Slaa was born February 27, 1879, at Aalten, Prov. Gelderland, Netherlands, and was from a family of four brothers and seven sisters. At the age of fourteen years he immigrated to this country with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.J. Te Slaa, and settled near Sioux Center. First the family lived around Sioux Center and later moved to a farm three and one-half miles south of Hull.
    He was married on February 23 1905, to Hattie De Vries. They settled on a farm southwest of Hull where they lived for 26 years. In the year 1931 they moved to a small acreage on the west end of town. In 1941 they moved to the present home.
    To this union five children were born: Gerrit, Sadie (Mrs. Joe Wolfswinkel), Gertrude (Mrs. Henry Zoet) and Gerben. One child died in infancy (Gerben) at the age of 17 months.
    Besides his wife, four children and 13 grandchildren, he is survived by one brother, Will, and four sisters, Mrs. J. W. Vermeer, Mrs. Lambert Kooiker, Mrs. Dora Vander Schaaf, and Mrs. Dena Hospers.
    He was preceded in death by one grandchild, John Kenneth Te Slaa, who died at the age of 3 1/2 years, and two brothers and three sisters, Mrs. E. D. Vermeer, Henry, Mrs. Harry Miersma and Gerrit. One sister died in infancy in the Netherlands.
    The funeral was held Tuesday, June 28, from the home and from the First Reformed Church, Rev. Wm. C. De Jong officiating. The remains were laid to rest in the Hope cemetery, Hull, Iowa.
    Pall bearers were six nephews of Mr. Te Slaa, namely Eddie Vermeer, Gerrit H. Te Slaa, Gerrit Vermeer, Wilmer Miersma, Ralph Kooiker, and Dowie Vander Schaaf.
    Sioux Center News
    28 Jul 1949

    4. Cynthia Te Slaa, wife of Jacob W. Ver Meer (graves)

    Funeral services for Mrs. Cynthia Ver Meer, 76, who died of a heart attack late last week, were Monday at Hull and at the First Reformed church. Rev. R. Rozeboom officiated.
    Her body was found at her home Saturday. It is believed she may have died the previous day. Mrs. Van Meer was born in The Netherlands, April 9, 1880. Her husband, Jake died in 1936.
    Survivors include six daughters, Mrs. M. Intveld of Hull; Mrs. Joe Van Omeren of Orange City; Mrs. Harry Stientjes of Doon; Mrs. John W Kooiker of Ellsworth, Minn; Mrs. Peter Van Omeren of Maurice; and Mrs. Harvey Vink of Worthington, Minn.; two sons, Gerritt and Edward both of Hull; three sisters, Mrs. Dora Vander Schaaf and Mrs. Lammert Kooiker, both of Hull, and Mrs. Dena Hospers of Denver; a brother William Te Slaa of Hull, and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
    LeMars Globe Post
    16 Aug 1956

    J. W. Ver Meer of Hull died in the local hospital Tuesday, following an illness of two months. The funeral was held last Friday at the home and from the First Reformed Church of Hull, Rev. G.H. Douwstra officiating. Interment was at Hope Cemetery.
    Mr. Ver Meer was a kind and loving husband and father, a good neighbor and friend of all mankind. His memory will linger long in the minds of all who knew him.
    J. W. Ver Meer was born February 8, 1874 at Alto, Wisconsin, and was from a family of two brothers and six sisters. He settled in Iowa in 1899, and was married to Gezina Te Slaa, March 21, 1901. The first fourteen years they lived on a farm southwest of Hull. In the year 1915 they moved to a farm north of Hull, where they have lived since.
    To this union were born eight children, six girls and two boys. The children are: Louise, Mr. Marinus Intveld; Gertrude, Mr. Joe Van Ommeren; Effie, Mrs. Harry Stientjes; Johanna, Mrs. John Kooiker; Priscilla, Mrs. Peter Van Ommeren; and Hattie, Gerrit and Edward, at home. There are also seventeen grandchildren surviving.
    Mr. Ver Meer was a member of the First Reformed Church and served the church as a deacon and elder for many years. He was also teacher for Bible and Sunday School classes. His trade was that of a farmer and he followed this trade for over thirty-five years. He also served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Lincoln Township Schools and as a director of the local creamery.
    Beside his wife and children he is survived by one brother and five sisters.
    Sioux County Index
    29 May 1936

    5. Hendrika Te Slaa

    Death Registry search results on
    Bron Burgerlijke stand – Overlijden
    Archieflocatie Gelders Archief
    Algemeen Toegangnr: 0207
    Inventarisnr: 6688
    Gemeente: Aalten
    Soort akte: overlijden
    Aktenummer: 21
    Aangiftedatum: 06-02-1884
    Overledene Hendrika te Slaa
    Geslacht: V
    Overlijdensdatum: 05-02-1884
    Overlijdensplaats: Heurne (Aalten)
    Vader Jan te Slaa
    Moeder Janna Geertruid Kruisselbrink
    Nadere informatie geboortepl: Aalten; oud 1 maand; beroep overl.: zonder beroep; beroep vader: landbouwer; beroep moeder: zonder beroep

    The first few lines state which record book is the source and where that is located and the date of the record.
    Then it says that the deceased is Hendrika, who was female (v), and died the 5th of Feb 1884 in Heurne. Her parents are listed. And then further information is that she was born in Aalten, was one month old, and her father was a farmer.

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