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  1. Welcome to the Neighbourhood

    We have some new neighbours. I’ll give you a cute, little hint.

    Goat Tail

    Not just one. No, more like 13 and possibly more. Here’s a small sampling:

    Hi Goat

    Goat Munch

    Billy Goat
    I kinda love these stinky little goats. One was extremely pregnant, so I expect we’ll be seeing a little one soon. Frida seemed a bit skeptical. She was ready to defend our jasmine with a peck on the nose if need be.

    Frida & the Goats

    (P.S. Feel better, Tash!)

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  2. Since Last Time…

    … my Tash has been here;
    … we got a new tv and Lego: Batman, which consumes us;
    … one or both of us has been sick almost every day;
    … I have barely looked at websites not news or weather related, except Facebook. There’s always time for Facebook, yeah?

    I’m Excited About…
    Coles Online: this is going to change my LIFE! Shopping for groceries FROM MY COUCH, and then they will magically appear at my door at any time I desire??!! I love you, Coles. If only you stocked Method, I would never go anywhere else again.

    … our new chook pen. Frida is completely too big for the cage set-up we had on the veranda, so we bought her the super-deluxe, A-frame chicken tractor. She is spoiled.

    … but she is LAYING EGGS. Did I mention this before? We’ve got eggs coming literally and figuratively out the wazoo. So if you’re in the Brisbane area and want some yummy eggs from a happy chicken, let me know. We can work out some sort of drop off action. EGGS!

    ** Check out the fancy chicken coops at Amazon.

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  3. Sadness

    The in-laws’ dog killed my chicken Dixie yesterday. I wasn’t a fan of the dog to begin with, but I pretty much hate him now. I’m quite sad.

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  4. In List Form

    • The CD Launch is in 8 days. The CDs arrived today. I’m pooped and can’t wait for it to be over. Next time we hire event-planner extraordinaire Miss Tash.
    • We are in the middle of changing banks. Very un-fun.
    • Our chickens are getting so much bigger. So are their poops. But they are irresistible, and I sat on the kitchen floor until after midnight last night holding them as they tried to eat my freckles.
    • I’m still in love with putting my recipes on The pea soup looks terrible due to bad light.
    • One of these days I’m going to finish the post I started about our recent truffle experiences. (The gourmet deli by our work is now ordering fresh truffles from a farm in Perth — delish!)
    • We know the guy who is the voice of Big Brother during the nightly shows, and that’s my excuse for watching. I’m so lame.

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  5. Pre-Sadness

    I was also given some bad news on Saturday. I seems that one of the little chickens CROWED on Saturday morning, making it less of a girl than the others. We suspect it’s Pepper because s/he’s got a lot bigger comb than the others.

    Apparently there is a chicken exchange program at the grain place, so I may trade him/her in for another little bub. I’m still holding out hope that it was one of the others before we go to such measures.

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  6. Cheep Cheep Cheep

    So my mother-in-law gave me a baby chicken. I’m not 100% sure I ever WANTED a baby chicken, but I now have one. (I think this is why the RSPCA doesn’t recommend giving animals as gifts… of course, you can’t eat a kitten if you decide you don’t want it after Christmas is over.)

    Her name is Pepper (or Pepertje), and she is an Australorp. And she is going to be big and black and is apparently going to be laying lots of eggs for me. (Again, I’m not sure I ever wanted to have an intimate knowledge of exactly where my eggs come from, but mother-in-law knows best.)

    I’ve never been much of a bird person for many of the same reasons that I’m not a moth or butterfly person. Not so much a fan of things flying at my face. But I have to admit I’ve fallen in love. I mean, how can you not love this face?

    Or this tookus?

    I’m now a faithful reader of, and I worry about her while I’m gone during the day. She’s my little chickie!

    ** Check out The Joy of Keeping Chickens: The Ultimate Guide to Raising Poultry for Fun or Profit at Amazon.

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